"Voices Of The Void" Demo 0.6.2: "de-source-fied" pt1 + random bs + fishing update

New update, came up larger than it should, added some stuff
!!!Objects and events reset are highly recommended for new stuff to spawn!!!

>Sometimes nails are impossible to detach
>Using hammer on a nail spawns a nail
>Burried items spawn glitch
>Incorrect button\knob labels on downloading panel
>Ariral treehouse item dupe spawn (?)
>Basketball hoop attachment
>Kerfus path finding (slightly)
>First EMF detector light isnt working
    -Softlocks the pause after despawn
>Warp box inside render
>Chair bought from the store cant be sit on
>River rendering
>Object actions goes off screen if the object is too close\too big
>Alarm lamps
    -Attached objects can collide with each other, resulting physics glitches (especially if one object is static)
    -Objects attached to walls will detach on save&load
>Cables visuals (balloon rope, hook cable)
>Footsteps in noclip\in the ATV
>Haunted Kerfur
>Vargshroom starts screaming right after getting ordered
>Paper attached to a drive disappears on sale
>Footsteps on moving objects
>Exploding fire extinguishier at the start of the save file

>Objects volumes
>Container inventory
    -Added 18+ objects (NO SUS)
    -Doesnt spam notifications after selling item box
    -Items from the store can be sold for 75% of the price
    -Added temperature
>Damage system
    -Bad food deals damage
>Test trees
    -Added collision
    -Added more deco objects
    -Spawn delay
    -Center of mass
    -Easier grab
    -Added cord
    -Added cord
    -Can look around while in ragdoll
    -Water damage
>Object buoyancy
    -Changed force
>Map textures
    -Concrete textures
    -Dirt texture
>Terrain texture placement
    -Can contain water
    -Isnt active when player is sleeping
    -Saved as object (keeps brake and lights after load)
>Gamemode select window
    -Added description
    -Added energy
    -Added cord
    -Strength +25%
    -Increased stability after save&load
>The Evil model
>UFO size
>Order crate doesnt break instantly on impact
>Backpack can be equipped from the ground
    -Can be rehydrated
>Credits section
    -Changed axis nail model
    -In hands object orientation
>Mushroom dont despawn after being harvested
>Mannequin spawn rate
>Player inventory
    -Added items name text
    -Added hotbar
>Alpha bunker
>Obelisk landing force
    -Drops dead roach on kill
>Sound volume
-Prevents the pause
    -Walk slope angle
    -Added new function
>Kerfus event
    -RMB use to recharge
>Day time dependent ambience
>Printed models uses color alpha channel as transparency


>Arirals back
>53+ objects (15+ garbage)
>12 signals
>Climbing mechanics
>Crafting (experimental)
>Food spoilage (experimental)
>Food tolerance (experimental)
>Fireflies effect
>New gamemode
>4 dreams
>d i r t
>Effect for footsteps in the water
>fish (wip)
>1 threat
>2 events


[OUTDATED] Demo 0.6.2 827 MB
Sep 12, 2023

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How can I use the radio ??

The Skeleton Appears

Can you add a way to copy save files from in the game? I don't like fumbling through my Appdata folders to do it. Thanks

Just add a shortcut to the savedgame folder somewhere and then you only have to find it once.

Максимка гений!

From watching Vargskelathor play, it seems there's a bit.. too much, garbage.  You shouldn't require 50+ garbage bags, to earn hundreds of credits - Maybe multiple garbage-per-bag would make that more balanced.   The trash pile just seems like a money pile, lol!

Also seems like dirt respawned if you loaded, but i'm betting that's a known glitch


Love the update, and I thank Mr.Dr.Nose and everyone else who's helped this game come to be. Big fan of Arirals, now for my take on the update. I enjoy cleaning the base on downtime especially now that we can buy bag bundles and they're cheaper. The food tolerance system is a bit rough to deal with sometimes, I like the concept but it needs to be workshopped or at least make crates drop more than MREs, maybe a new food item that'd make sense. I will say going in to the update the physical trash and food tolerance system did take a bit getting used to and the broom and bag bundle are amazing. I enjoyed cleaning grime even with the epileptic sponge method but the new way is much nicer and I'm wondering if the soap might affect cleaning in the future or if it will just stay as a tasty snack. Haven't really gotten into any fishing/crafting yet but those are more/less a WIP anyways. Really hoping we can catch some funky fish as I love collecting weird stuff.


My MRE's are restoring 0.1 hunger per bite, was there a reason to reduce em so much?

I've tried heating them up in the microwave, eating them fresh, still only 0.1.

that definitely seems a little low..

eating too much of the same food will devalue it, eat a vareity of foods


I definitely like the concept of the base being more messed up now, but it feels like a bit too much right now, I think it really adds to the coziness of the game coming in and fixing up the base but right now it's a really overwhelming amount, I feel like it should probably be toned down on the inside, and maybe no or just a smaller landfill out the front window?

the landfill in the front might as well be a giant pile of money, which isn't really any better. 


base being dirty sucks early on but learning you can sell trash for lods of emone is a good tradeoff


Yeah, most of my frustrations with the trash faded rather quickly once da money started rollin' in.

Also you can make a garbage-tower float by removing the trash at the bottom. Pretty funny imo. 


Wait, p1? ok that makes more sense.

Thought you were just gonna hit us with a unfinished update & bail like with 6.0. Nice!


This game really russles my jimmys in the best way possible.


New game> have a crisis upon seeing base covered in poo and trash> spend 45 minutes to an hour throwing trash into river outside> realize base is still covered in poo and I don't know how to clean it> realize its been 2 in-game days and I havn't processed any signals in signal game

Yeah idk about this one, that base is vile! xD


My comment was "it looks like a nuke went off in here". The base actually looks nice beneath all the grime too, so it's a shame. (The textures may actually be the same, but with a different brightness/hue.)

Use a sponge to clean the dirt around the base, either dip it in water and hold it with left mouse button, or use right mouse button on a filled bucket. The cleaning is pretty satisfying in my opinion, gives you something to do when your signals are processing and no servers are dow.



[SPOILERS (maybe)]

Now maxwell&argemwell explodes if you "toggle" them.
Very good update, the best of the best.

For some reason all of my settings are on 0 (video,audio,render etc.) when i try to reapply them they just reset back to zero and my screen is black when i enter the game anyone know how to fix this???

(1 edit) (+2)(-2)

Me: I would never kill myself because of losing everything in game! It is terrible!

MrDrNose with his new big update: Something is in the way... ;)
(It is all joke rofl haha haha)

For some reason, WinRAR says the file is corrupted and can't be extracted (and to those who might tell me to use 7Zip, it dosen't work either).

So i cannot update the game.


how to enable crafting

there's a workbench in garage. find blueprint at the other bunker, put it on the workbench and follow instructions

(1 edit) (+2)


The bunker has a 5-digit passcode now. The 2nd keypad is still 4 digits, but it has a new layout with breakable supply boxes in it. It also has a walled off with planks, seemingly inoperable door with the same door model as the hidden tutorial door in the previous update.

Likewise the tutorial secret door not looks different and had a 4-digit keypad. No other information is available.

Don't go back to the deer hut.


what do you mean dont go to deer hut 😨

...Buh whai naut? 


Will there be Size 2 Fish?

we can only hope

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