"Voices of the Void" Pre-Alpha 0.6.3b

Serious update this time, quick bug fix and stuff

>Nav mesh
    -Kerfur (normal + omega)
    -Pink and red skins (omega)
>The funny
>Kerfur Manual dupe
>Gape between the pipe and the column of the server part of the base
>Kallaks shelves
>Erie and Keljoy Kerfur skins sounds
>Hell portal and altar portal particle effects
>Kerfur Omega holding an EMF detector creating collision issues
>LSD effect makes first person model visible
>Keypad lock password can't be changed to zeros
>Foliage texture
>Servers are still glowing if power is off
>Fax collision
>Stickers doesn't stay attached after save&load
>KerfurO's face color changes after save&load
>Drawings disappear after taking out of the inventory
>Kerfur paper issues

>Kerfur (normal + omega)
    -Removed unfunny skin
>The funny setting
    -User-friendly item and craft names
    -Flipped in a correct way
    -Added 3 objects
   -Displays eaten slices
>Zombie deer
    -Added 3 new settings

>6 craft recipes
>1 object
>First Person animations
>1 upgrade
>1 event


[OUTDATED] Demo 0.6.3b 877 MB
Nov 03, 2023

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ребят скажите как именно эту версию скачать просто когда нажимаешь скачать то там только 7 версия 



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Почему я немогу скачать конкретно эту версию, я хочу поиграть конкретено в эту, пожалйста подскажите как скачать, буду презнателен!  


how to get a radioactive fuel rod in sandbox


what version should i play? 0.6.3b or 0.7?


(2 edits)

(spoilers) 0.6.3b , Press "view rest", it will have spoilers, but i will explain why is it better.

0.6.3b. It's base is more simple, so, that means you wont need to go through floor, and dont need to go to basement to sart up electricity if it'll be disabled during an event.
I mean, you can choose between them, but i still prefer the old one.


New:New Events, Secrets and leaks in Voices of the void 0.7 - YouTube(couldn't get a normal image)


Топ хоррор, помимо того что тянет на слабых компьютерах так и много разнообразия и режимов, с не терпением жду новых фиксов багов и обновлений)

How to download 0.7?/как скачать 0.7?

он готовит хотфиксы, сегодня-завтра будет залито


give me my broken map or compas back, i thjught that this is like good aspect of the game, everybody doesnt care about you on this station, so they made a shitty map

как скачать

what is the funny?

Open settings and search for "funny". It will unlock meme stuff

ребята скажите почему не отображаются модели ариралов

Они невидимые просто, если приглядется, ариралы будут немного искажать изображение в том месте, где они находятся.

не ну есть от игры скриншот где их нормальные модели не прозрачные

это арты


I downloaded the game, but when i turn it on settings are completely on the 0. EVERYWHERE
when i reset settings it doesn't help. I deleted folder and downloaded it again, BUT IT DOOESN'T HELP UHHHHH HELP??????
when im trying to enter on tutorial everything is black and nothing works (flashlight or smthn else). BUT FIRST TIME I ENDED TUTORIAL AND THIS HAPPENED HELP PLZ

Блин чел тоже самое. Ты не нашел выход из ситуации? Если да то скажите пожалуйста.


ummm! where is the bed?? lol love the new place but totally lost



ребят! помогите, что делать если игра не скачивается, а скачивается ссылка на на сайт?



расскажи подробно пожалуйста.


How do you find the code for the bunker? How do you dig after you find a strong beep with the metal detector? What do you use the building materials for? What is the purpose and how do i use the industrial printer? Where is the transformers? These are some of the questions i have

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There is no actual code for the bunker, considering its 5 digits compared to the rest being 4 digits, you have to either get the keycard inside the bunker with a hook or change the keypad with a password changer. The Industrial Printer is used to put custom 3d models into the game that you add in the local appdata folder. Two transformers are near Romeo and Papa, and the other one is between Yankee and Xray; You can also find them using the cable poles, as they lead directly to them.


You need use a password changer to open the bunker. You need shovel, if you have it just is RMB. Use command tr.check for check the transformers, then use command sv.target (example sv.target TR_0), it will navigate your compass at transformer. 

(Actually idk how to use industrial printer)


How do you use the folded trash bags? I've done everything I can think of and nothing works


right click on the trash

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Could you add some sort of texture filtering setting like the one used in Half-Life 1 to blur the pixels of textures together? I think it would really add to that late 90s vibe


Considering how a lot of the texture are pretty low quality and pixelly, I think this would screw up a lot of textures if that was done

(2 edits) (+1)

That's what the point of the feature was to begin with in the late 90s. HL1 had this setting because the textures look really pixelated (very similar to voices of the void) and it was used a lot in that era to give the illusion of higher fidelity textures (many N64 games do this for example), I just really like that blurry old look lolSteam Community :: Guide :: How to remove texture filtering in OpenGL


You can definitely get a *sort of* this effect by just toning the texture quality down, but it's definitely not going to do graces for comprehensibility for textures


I was able to fix this problem if you have the same problem then change the screen resolution


GUYS! please help me I’m new to this game and I really want to play but when the game is paused and when I’m at the computer the buttons are displayed but not pressed but there are invisible buttons that are under the buttons that are displayed and they can even be behind the screen and because of this it is impossible to work and put something in the settings


Turn automatic screen resolution off in the main menu?

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