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This game is a "demo release" that means it is far from perfect, but it has quite a lot of stuff to play with and to look at. It demonstrates basic mechanics, gameplay elements, graphics etc.
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You work as a scientist in the isolated research lab in the mountains of Switzerland. Your task is to gather signals from space, analyze them, process them and sell them to get points.

You can get regular signals and objects like dwarf planets and stars, or you can get something "unusual" or "strange"

The game has 7 days and 7 events that occur at night, 48 possible signals, 15 specials ones, and some easter eggs and secrets.

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Updated 13 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, Aliens, Atmospheric, First-Person, Horror, Low-poly, Sci-fi, Space, Unreal Engine


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[RECENT] Demo 0.3.1e 553 MB

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you can't take me to the ska dimension anymore, game, because I have discovered the COFFEE MACHINE and I am now invincible

im having a weird issue. the game crashed few minutes ago and now im unable to play the game at all. everytime i launch the game, everything looks pixelated, i got no sounds i cant change anything at all i lost my save files too and for some reason when i try to do the tutorial i get a grey screen saying "node graph out of date, rebuilding" and nothing happens still grey screen.

How do you use the protection kit CD? There's a slot on each servers but it won't snap into it.

How do you file a report?

Just comment here, or in a version release log

Alternatively if there's more disgusting spam advertisements here, just press the Report button underneath (while logged in), enter the details and submit some, and post a new comment with Heading 1 formatting telling everyone to scroll up immediately, followed by a lot of new lines and then more text at the bottom

seems very cool but it wont allow me to start the process when like extracting/opening the file

When I launch the game I have absolutely no Audio. The game won't even show up in the Volume Mixer in Windows.

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Hello, I'd love to help with a bazilian portuguese translation. I've already worked with the devs at Supragames to translate their game "Supraland" and the reviews were very good. So, if you're interested, add me on discord Klausbdl#7091. I see the game was made in Unreal, so I'm pretty familiar with the localization process, since Supraland was also made in Unreal.

I didn't finish the game yet, but I think its pretty cool and unique.

So when I started playing I took my ATV over to Vanessa but when I fixed the server it was no longer there, it won't respawn either, any solve?

Deleted 2 days ago
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Bro PLEASE make the computers save their data between game saves, I've lost so much data to stupid shit.


add multiplayer or co-op that would be cool


Any way to unlock cheats/sandbox mode?

Just wondering because I love the game and want to screw around with some stuff



to unlock sandbox you need to get to day 14 in story mode. cheats are available in sandbox mode


Is it hard to get to day 14 or is it easy

i don't think it's hard but it takes a while

Alright thanks

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How do you use the cheat menu? Or is it developer only. I've kinda run out of things to do other than decrypt tapes and make a mess.

you can only use the cheat menu in sandbox

how do you unlock sandbox? Do you have to complete the story?


What's the main menu music? I couldn't find it in the credits.


Funeral march for the death of queen mary, by Henry Purcell.


I would love if this game had an option to be windowed, rather than being locked to fullscreen


press f11

oh my god please please please please please make mac

I'd love an extra level of decryption to keep me engaged while i wait for the other two sections to auto-complete, especially late-game when things are maxxed or near maximum. Maybe a quick time event/button input minigame that results in either success or failure, or a varied level of decryption success requiring subsequent attempts, like random key input or phrase input within a timeframe.

Also, it's great that the servers reset to operational between save-exit-load for ease of gameplay, but it really stopped me exploring as i was playing when i realised that was a thing. It might be an idea to maintain the server statuses when saving to keep up the need to explore, or implement varying difficulty levels that maintain your server levels or reset based on difficulty.

If you take the difficulty route, I'd definitely recommend a hard mode mechanic that wipes your station of all stored recordings on a solar boom/flare/power outage event (with warning of course), it would be a novel mechanic to add a faraday cage storage box so you have to download your files and store them in the cage otherwise you lose your data when the event happens.

Also, having a generator to circumvent power outages would make another great mechanic, and act as a secondary use of fuel!

Anyways, enough of my wishlist, I have more signals to decrypt!

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they seriously did ANOTHER ONE

Urgh that [below post] was horrible

might comment here later :P


This is the second time i delete this shit

yes i reported it...


i have installed the UE4 prerequisites but it still gives me a black screen and crashes with no error message...

please! i cant run it!

theres a video on my channel about it...


I'm not sure you need Unreal Engine 4 installed to run the game, all that was required of me was to download the file and unzip the file to start the game.

Another thing you could check is if you don't have enough RAM or Memory available to run the game.

There is also trying to run the game using Administrator instead of opening it normally and then there is also seeing if Windows defender is blocking it for whatever reason.

ah i know ive got only a Laptop so it has 3 gigs but gmod runs fine even though it requires more?

If you ever do run into the problem of not having enough RAM, it's fairly easy to replace a laptops RAM for better one(s), I know as I'm also using a laptop but one that already has 16gb of RAM, so I generally don't need to worry about it.

As for Gmod and you not having enough RAM, most game can run with less they just don't run as well, for example me running Star Citizen with less than 8gb of RAM available, I can still play the game just fine until a high stress event happens, like explosions or collisions... or going to a city, cities are not kind to Performance


quick tip:Don't make the aliens the stereotypical ones like green or grey ones... not saying you have done that yet... but make the aliens creative is all im saying

He has made a lot of creative creatures and characters already (some of them even appear a bit in this game) so I don't think he will do that

Dw votv got some nice aliens lol

They have a wiki page but idk i think it can be considered as spoilers 

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wait what (oh i see now)


i swear to fuck ive seen this guy too many times than i should


I thought this was a source game, legit straight up, it looks, feels and sounds like one.

And that made me make an autoexec file for changing the game resolution, because it straight up doesn't, i'm having performance issues and tried changing resolutions to run it better and it won't let me, i can select the resolution but it doesn't change, plus i feel like low res would feel better to play, awesome game tho, wish it didn't run so tanky.

Lmao yeah alot of people think its source, but this is ue4.25 so yeah
ue4 is quite a heavy engine plus the game has alot of dynamic stuff like lighting, shadows, day-night cycles, many foliage etc


can't wait for a full release and fully flegded story and all that stuff

would love to see this on other platforms! especially the mobile market

idk if mobiles can run votv lmao

unless on super stinky graphics idk lol, i have no xp in mobile yet


anyone found the gun yet?

I love all the source sounds.


the aliens took my atv :(

We need the MacOS version!

Idk abv macOs since it requires macOs itself to compile it for macos, and i dont have macos and idk about VM for it oof

what about linux?


Do you ever plan on releasing on steam? I'd love to buy this and have it in my library

Idk maybe when the game got at least 1 ending but ill think about it

And i think i need to replace hl2 sounds lmao

make it an option where you can pick half life 2 sounds or the new sounds when you do decide to replace them


Thoroughly spooped by the atmosphere! Nice work! :)

Can't stop thinking about this game, it's really nice, keep the good work.

I've seen videos of this game, and it looks incredible! This is probably a lot to ask, but a macOS version would be great.

So I've been loving the game but I want to see it's full potential but whenever I try to use the cheats it just says illegal action. Anybody know how to fix this?

I am getting an absolute insane amount of enjoyment from this game. I decided to really take the time to learn the mechanics and it is so rewarding. The only problem I鈥檓 having at the moment is the part after you put the signal on the drive. Every time I do a yellow button appears on the drive and when I put it in the second drive slot (forgot the name) it says idle and won鈥檛 start the process :( 

upgrade the computer in the game. you cant process the data until you unlock it.

thank you so much!

is anyone else having an issue where if you launch the game, it opens up an older version of it? I downloaded the 0.3.1e update, but when the game launches, its the 0.2.4 version running and everything in the game is vibrating and going crazy?? 

loving the update, and you finaly adding jump, will stream game btw, jsgamingstream on twitch


With all the physics and physical interactions, this would make an amazing VR title.  No pressure, what you're doing now is beyond stellar :)

Can I get a tutorial on how to download it

any plans on adding multiplayer?

I would like it too 馃槃

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I got the ATV stuck on the roof and I can鈥檛 jump help


Reset your save file, go to main menu, press Reset and select Vehicle 

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