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Dont post major spoilers\uncensored spoilers in the comment section. These messages will be deleted.


This game is a "demo release" that means it is far from perfect, but it has quite a lot of stuff to play with and to look at. It demonstrates basic mechanics, gameplay elements, graphics etc.
You can support the game on Patreon and give it more chances to get into release state.


You work as a scientist in the isolated research lab in the mountains of Switzerland. Your task is to gather signals from space, analyze them, process them and sell them to get points.

You can get regular signals and objects like dwarf planets and stars, or you can get something "unusual" or "strange"

The game has 30+ days and events, 80+ possible signals, and some easter eggs and secrets.

You can report problems and give ideas\suggestions on Discord Server

Tip: for more immersion disable music in audio settings



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StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(259 total ratings)
Tags3D, Aliens, Atmospheric, First-Person, Horror, Low-poly, Sci-fi, Space, Unreal Engine


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vr support would be so cool, but probably not possible :(

when does rufus go away? D:

Who can help me please? 

I just want to import a save file into the game who can tell me how to do it?


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I've been playing this game for a while, and it's pretty good, however, my only complaints are that for some reason it puts a massive load on my GPU, an NVIDIA GTX 1660 Super, and the temperatures can rise up near to 90 Celsius, which is close to pushing the card to it's limits. Another is that during daytime the framerate drops by quite a bit, though that could be on account of the GPU throttling

shit, i got nivedia 760 . i play it with mid settings but turning on the lights in the base drops my frame rate to 45 so i just use all the other 3 light sources, maybe turn down your graphics settings 

in other words figure it out or deal with it 

I mean the game may not seem like it but it is made on a modern engine. The Unreal Engine is not kind to mid range card temps at all. A way to mitigate this is to have more air flow from your fans by either cleaning them or moving the pc to a less enclosed space. I got a 1650 Super and it doesn't reach those temps at all. The frame drops you are experiencing is most likely thermal throttling as cards usually throttle at around 90-93 c. Other than that, there is really no way of fixing this issue other than lowering the details like what I have done.


I'm having an issue with the whole game, when I try to start the tutorial all I get is the message "node graph out of date. rebuilding" and a grey screen. Ive tried reinstalling the game but the issue still persists.


Go to appdata\local\votv\saved\savegames and delete data.sav


Awesome thanks 

hey question, the tv currently does not work at all, any youtube link brings an error when it gets processed. no more anti alien alarms :(


It requires a direct video source. YouTube links won't work. https://en2.onlinevideoconverter.pro/54JC/ Try using this to do it. Click on the 360p button to get the direct link to the source of the video.
Another way you can do this is by downloading the video and from the file explorer, copy the path and input it on the top bar of the TV and it should work.

This may seem a bit convoluted but it is the best way to avoid pissing off YouTube. They don't like it when the video is playing from a third party source and without ads. This is why the functionality isn't there.

yeah no the site you linked looks shady as hell

(1 edit) (+1)

I mean I got another one here. https://co.wukko.me/

This one does have a limit to the size of the video but is less shady. The other one I use is to get links for like 3-5 hour streams because it really doesn't have a limit. Hope this satisfies what you are looking for.


Wanna try this game out, but have trouble with jumpscares and such. Are there any jumpscares or anything throughout the game I should know about beforehand?


In the traditional sense, no. There aren't gonna be monsters that jump at you outta nowhere but the game itself is tense and the experience is heavily driven by  the feeling of knowing you're not alone. The only thing that you can really consider good enough to make you jump are like ~2 different events. Both are from just loud sounds, not because some creature is entering your base(maybe).

The game doesn't rely on cheap tricks to scare you. It wants to make your heart pound the whole time you are playing, not at certain moments.

alright, thank you!

Non-specific spoilers, and some actually specific spoilers, for the game's content, so read ahead at your own risk:

The majority of the game's horror is based around atmosphere - it's very much a slow burn kind of an experience that you can easily sink dozens of hours into - but there ARE some sudden things that can happen. There are a few world events that can occur without warning that, although I personally wouldn't call them particularly frightening, can happen suddenly. Then there are a LOT of events that can happen in and around the base which, although they aren't "jumpscares" in the sense that it's a sudden pop-up with a loud noise or anything, can also be rather sudden and jumpscare-adjacent? A few examples (these are specific spoilers so don't read these if you want to be surprised):

(SPECIFIC SPOILERS) There's a chance while walking around your base that the vent can give out and fall in front of you, making a loud clang. Sometimes this happens because an alien just broke in and is about to kick your ass. Sometimes while you're in your base, you'll hear something try the code lock. There are multiple events where the power suddenly goes out in your base, playing a sudden noise and shutting off all the lights. Whenever you sleep, there's a chance of having a nightmare that suddenly teleports you into a gameplay sequence. I think it was fake but I saw a video earlier this evening of a certain creature appearing at the camera that your view goes to while sleeping and trigger a creepy video. A certain signal you can find in the world actually DOES end with an auditory jumpscare if you process it to level 3. (SPOILERS END HERE)

In general, I would call the contents of this game more like Amnesia The Dark Descent's horror rather than jumpscares.

One more thing: signals can be loud and rough on the ears. Be ready for level 0 and level 2 signals to be loud.

Thank you!

No jumpscares except the ones you give yourself by mistake

yes there is jump scares . i dont know why people tell you there isnt , probably because they think jump scares means some witch ghoul face gif shows up in front of your screen when you least expect it. i havent seen that but you should expect just that 

don't make a new game with an absurdly long name when your first game has a short name. it doesn't like that.

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How do I get out of the pool of water? Also, is this horror? I'm scared.


It's kinda spooky, but relies more on ambience than anything else. Experience may differ depending on person but if you're spooked already then it's gonna be scary for you.

As for the water pool, crouch jump out.

I can't get the cheat menu open i need help

Congrats! You're one of many people to not realize that the cheat menu is in Sandbox Mode only. (But for real the game doesn't really say that. I just see this alot.)

You need to unlock sandbox mode by playing story mode to day 35, then when in a sandbox game, press Q and/or numpad 0.


I don't like using a comment section as a psuedo-forum, but the subreddit is seemingly inactive and I prefer not to join Discords that I won't be active in, so here goes. Minor spoilers about some content of the game up ahead:

How many accessible Argemia plushies are there, or how many do you all think there are? I've found 5 of them so far around the world, but I wouldn't be shocked if there was a 6th hiding somewhere. I've gotten the red one (in a pit,) the blue one (in the river,) the green one (in the far corner of the map beyond the fence,) the light blue glowing one (in an unmarked spot on the map with the shovel) and the dark blue glowing one (on top of a cube in the sky via the drone.) Those are as many that I've found documentation about, but have any of you found any more? I ask because apparently there's a haunted argemia plush in one of the test maps from a version of the game that moves when you aren't looking, and I wouldn't be surprised if that is actually hiding somewhere in the world too.

I don't think anyone has found more beyond that, but at the same time this is the kind of game where something could go for months undiscovered. We'll just have to wait and see.


crazy idea i had, very crazy. its insane actually. MASSIVE spoiler for crazy idea


   ariral friend   :)

ideas for friend abilities

  • can play catch
  • can see them
  • observes
  • observes
  • follows

i love this game sm, however i kinda ran into a couple of problems that i couldnt find anyone else having here

for whatever reason the primary mouse button stops working in the game. like it works perfectly fine in the pause menu but it doesnt work anywhere else. i cant click anything on the laptop, and i cant break things

interestingly enough whenever i go into the main menu right after this happens these two weird rings appear?? they look and behave like those circles that you use in mobile games to move your camera and character around, but obviously in this game they dont really do anything

my only real fix for this bug is to just reload the game but it gets tiring to do so everytime it happens

Will We be able to make mods?

This is an unreal engine game, there will most likely be a way to mod it, even unofficially. But as of now, we can only hope a mod developer is willing to make mods for this.


i hope there will be multiplayer in the big update


It's been asked multiple times before, the answer's always no.


Yo I've got this question that probably thousands of people have already asked:

Will this spicy gem of a game be multiplayer? 


It's been asked multiple times before, the answer's always no.


probably not




Send it to space.


Has been done, and now we are safe!


I've been enjoying this game a lot but I need help with something and it's kinda SPOILERey I think but...

... I found a signal that was one of those Unknown object things and processed it all the way to level 3, but it had a really creepy face in the static (not the red skull one) and said something like 'Come to me'.  It spooked me a bit before I sent it in since I was low on money and wanted to know if that was was anything, but Dr. Bao said to delete it immediately.  This isn't going to mess up my game is it or is that just flavor to make it more creepy?  I saved it to the laptop I think but no other drives and closed the game down after that.

The game is really good but I don't know if I could handle this causing anything really horrible.


That signal is perfectly safe to keep.  Dr. Bao usually says that to any signal containing anything 'creepy'.


Generally speaking, if the game lets you save, then you're probably not in a dangerous situation.

im stupid but can someone explain how do i use downloading panel??? Idk what to do it not working for me...

First locate a signal and ping it using the coordinates panel. Then, once the satellites have all moved into place, find the right filter offsets using the dials to start downloading the signal proper.

You might want to replay the in-game tutorial to get the hang of it.

how do i process signals?

You need to upgrade Computer Level first. You can get enough points for it by filling out satellite hashcode reports and sending in enough tapes to meet the daily task given at midnight after the first day.


I really hope this game doesn't get abandoned...

It doesn't seem like it. According to Dev on Discord, the next major update is rapidly approaching, like in a month or two

Meanwhile Joel craps a house.

BUG! the radio player does not like anything longer than 10minutes, the game imports them but there is no way to play them in game. 

One thing i would like to know will this ever end up on steam?

I would expect it to


I hope there will be an update very soon. The project is very good indeed!

Mrdrnose said it would be big

Maybe a big update to the story/lore? Be fun.

Yeah, I agree. I'd love to see how the story goes in this game. Me and my friend all do is theorise what could the lore be.


Why is the backpack so expensive? You can't wear it, and it doesn't even have the biggest carrying capacity. I don't get it.

you can put backpack in inventory with items inside it makes infinite storage because things in backpack don't count, only the weight of the backpack

There's a button when you put it in your inventory on the right that says equip. It puts it in your equipment slot and removes the inventory weight. 
That menu is on the top left. 


One last completely hypothetical question that an expert gamer totally would never need because my game sense is so defined. Let's say hypothetically that someone playing this game happened to lose power and couldn't find a way to turn the lights inside the satellite dishes back on. How would this totally completely hypothetical player be able to fix this, assuming that they've also looked online and have not found any answers? Again, totally hypothetical, I would never be such an incompetent gamer unable to figure these things out myself.

There's no way as of right now.

This would be rather upsetting to this completely hypothetical person if they existed, I think. But thank you for answering.


in this game you yourself learn and explore everything, I spent 17 attempts to start playing normally


Thank you for the response! Unfortunately, it does not answer the question, and in fact comes off as incredibly snobby considering that I was asking for help and your response was "figure it out yourself." Subsequently, I will be ignoring your responses from here onward. Goodbye!


jesus christ you're obnoxious


If I can't tell a pretentious jerk who only showed up to act high and mighty that they're being a pretentious jerk without being "obnoxious," then sue me. Much like yourself, they had no reason to come here and start spouting nonsense when I was only looking for help.


On 0.5.2, the game crashes every few minutes with an error:
"Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. Error: 0x887A0006 - 'HUNG'".

Your video driver crashes too often. Try to figure out why and prevent it.
You can also try setting game to windowed mode

you can put this game in windowed mode?!???

Alt + Enter ingame, OR

Right click on the .EXE -> Create Shortcut -> Right click the shortcut -> Select Properties -> Select Target -> ad this: -windowed -> dont forget the space at the beginning -> Run shortcut and profit lol

(On Windows 11: Create Shortcut is located at "Show more options" when you right click the exe)

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I've tried windowed mode. And I know my video drivers don't crash because I have no problems in other games.

VotV is an exception, and unfortunately I cannot play with this bug.

The game seems to crash right after I start seeing strange flickering dots of lights in my vision.

(1 edit)

Making an account just to ask this. light spoilers ahead

What's the "correct" way to get into the Stonehenge area and get the shovel? I've googled as far as I could, I checked the Wiki, and I even CTRL+F'ed my way through this entire comment section, but the only solution I can find is to glitch through the fence with the ATV. This can't be the intended method. Has a proper way just not been added yet?

pick up the ATV and put it on top of the fence, then get on it to hop over.

Area restriction is just a joke, as well as most of the game is. And yeah, this is intended way to get in here

Welp, that answers my question lol. ty

there is also two places where the fence is missing

What's interesting is there is an invisible wall around the complex that goes above the fence, so throwing the ATV over it is harder.

try to use the chat menu but it doesn't open

Chat menu? Do you mean cheat menu? If so it only works in Sandbox Mode.


Let us speak for a moment in hypothetical terms: If an individual, especially a handsome one, were to find themselves with a pair of goggles that allows them to to see in the dark - one might even call them Night Vision Goggles - how would this individual be able to remove said goggles from their head?


This handsome individual would have to go into their inventory, click on the tab in the top left that says, "Equipment" and then left-click the goggles to bring them back into the inventory


You're a champion. I'm sure that if this theoretical individual DID exist, they would be MUCH obliged.

dr breen speech

Let me remind all citizens of the dangers of magical thinking.

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where are the updates? I watch comments and updates every day, it's been 64 days without updates...

People have other stuff to do in life other than working on games.


Turn your gamma down  just by 1 point for some real spooks.

Randomly can't download signals. Tried making a new save, redownloading the game and deleting the VotV folder. Detector status goes up on its own with polarity filter output data at 0% too. Neither problems are present in the tutorial. Played normally for 9 days until it started happening.

Make sure all servers are repaired and run terminal command sd.calall

Also you must be forgetting to try different polarization by top left red button (right-left-linear) check all three and find on which one the signal is

Tried that already and like I said, it even happens on a fully new save.


My atv got stuck after i tried to throw it. Ignore the damage


My only advise is to reset the vehicle in the save file options. Be aware this puts the fuel at 0.

i know, ive resetted my atv too many times.

Yo can someone tell me how to eat in this game?

alt + e, doing e + alt will put it in your inventory, you can open your inventory using tab.

I do that, and the food just disappears, nothing changes.


are you hallucinating burgers

Oh is that what happens when your hunger hits 0?


I love how effective this actually is on players.

Try putting a copy of the game on a flash drive and physically eating it irl :thumbs_up:

Hello, could someone tell me how to open the garage door? I press the e key to insert a code but it won't let me insert it.


I know the code but for it to appear where you can put the code it is supposed that by pressing the e key you have to get a little screen but I press it and it just goes away it doesn't let me insert any code, otherwise the console screen with what key you are supposed to open it, thanks for your answers.

You can only open/close the garage from the inside, there's a button on the wall to the right

I had this bug before, I just put up with it, just constantly press E

(1 edit)

I can't seem to actually dig with the shovel. I don't know if this is a bug or I'm just doing it wrong.

My assumption is that you have to use that fire/attack/throw button when the shovel's in your hand, but that just makes me swing it around.

Edit: I'm also having the same problem with the hook

Use right mouse button

that would be my issue then
I rebound that *to* fire/attack/throw.
guess I'll have to rebind it again

for anyone else having the same issue I did:
the right mouse button is bound by default to "rotate object"
so if you bound that to a different button, use that button to dig.

anyone else keep keep getting told that a drive with data has nothing in it in an email?


I think that happens sometimes when you send level 0 signals


why are so many people getting mad over people suggesting multiplayer


Dunno, but I think either be scared alone, or be scared with a friend/s, theres also the potential of trolling


Lots of concessions need to be made for multiplayer to work in games. Also not every game has to be multiplayer, people need to learn to enjoy a great singleplayer experience without the need of forcing in multiplayer into everything.

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