"Voices of the Void" Pre-Alpha 0.6.3a

oh no, the funny

>1 signal
>Farm pots
>Halloween signals spawns on regular gamemodes
>Halloween skeleton spawns more than one time

>Daily tasks amount
    -Meow voiceline
   -Pathfinding (avoids big obstacles)
    -Added 5 settings
    -Added 7 objects
    -Added select from multiple craft options

>All the funny
>More funny
>Even more funny
>The remaining funny

>1 signal
>2 objects


Special announcement for special people (spoiler):

this is a half joke update, dont take it seriously


[TEST] Demo 0.6.3a 876 MB
Oct 31, 2023

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i really need linux version...


Hello, author of this wonderful game.


I started playing this game relatively recently, specifically about a week or two ago. I thought this game was pretty boring BUT damn how gorgeous it is. I'm used to the routine in this game: getting signals from space, fixing satellites, but here I found a huge pit covered in grids and supplies. I WAS SO SCARED OF THOSE MOVING MANNEQUINS. IT'S AWESOME AND SCARY. 

I look forward to the release of the game and will definitely buy the release version. 

Good luck. I'll wait as long as it takes


hey man if you dont like the funny in your game how about you stop adding more of it and work on the game more?


its a joke mate, the "funny" includes fairly important game assets and requires you to solve a fairly lengthy equation to turn the funny back on. The dev has a looong list of sillies they've pulled, this is hardly anything new


Lmao he only claimed it was "a joke" after people criticized the update for being broken and buggy. The guy's other joke updates were far more blazingly obvious and did not include a disclaimer.

He's just claiming it was a joke to avoid criticism.

Can someone fill me in on what 'the funny' that was criticized for being broken and buggy that was removed is?  I have no idea what is being talked about


Why tf you being rude?

how do i plant stuff and what can i plant

the funny: airal, industrial printer,

the more funny: hl2 stalker scream, duende,

the even more funny: rufus, thiccfus,

the remaining funny: maxwell, argemwell,

I created custom models in an industrial printer

After restarting the game, when trying to load a save, it gives a fatal error


I dont get the people who are really mad about this update, i mean yeah this "joke" update isnt that funny but you can still just download the regular version and the one thing it fixes isnt that big of a deal


They're mad because it's broken and the dev only claimed it was a joke to deflect criticism.


what you did with kerfur...


add me to the game


I have question what is "funny"?

can anyone explain please, thank you


the whole game :')


10/10 Epic game, my wife and kids keep asking me to go to work. They just don't understand I need to unlock sandbox mode and collect all the goddamn plushies

Microwave the radioactive capsule and put it along with 13 shrimp in the pool. You will get one you never knew existed.


New Funny Update Idea/Gamemode?. Put about 50-100 yellow orbs around the map and make them really fast and uh... make the player have to umm... fart on them or something to make them go away. I mean idk man.

P.S love the game and i would buy it in a heartbeat if it ever comes out on steam or something

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for those pissed at funni signal game. the drop down of the details says "This is a half joke update, don't take it seriously"

also, you just lost the game

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The drop down that was only added after the update got backlash for being buggy.
Dev is backpedaling and it's sad that y'all will cover for him like this because you think he can do no wrong.


weirdo, free game go brrrr


bro you spammed out 8 comments saying this I think the only person here taking this all way too seriously is you

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literally Moondrinker rn:


stupid update...


remove the furry, then you can remove "the funny"

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lmao i missed the bigger funni

edit: i love math and not knowing if i need to be extra precise or not

edit of the edit: i was stupid


Look at all these people being angry at an essentially free game.
I do miss the map poster doh, is that going to be a purchasable item ingame?


Not only am I missing a map, all the posters have been replaced with the same texture. I think it's just a bug. Fortunately, the previous bug was fixed, you can still use "sv.target" to determine the location of satellites. (google translate)


To enable posters just go to 

Settings -> Game -> The Funny Setting and turn it on


Free games are not immune to criticism.

My signal loading progress dies after I leave the game and enter later.
So each time I launch my save - signal progress is 0% or is deleted entirely

Is that a bug or is that supposed to be this way?


all my posters and stuff turned into some OBS wood texture, like, the actual base game posters? also a bunch of models and some easter eggs disappeared... is this the "removed funny"?

I just realized there's a spoiler past the changelog 


Any plans on increasing transformer cycle duration? Or at least letting us upgrade them?

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