"Voices Of The Void" 1 year anniversary🛸📡​🦐​

📡Voices Of The Void now 1 years old🛸

Its been an entire year since VotV got published, its been a fun year full of spooks and stuff, and im thankful to everyone playing and supporting the project. Separate big thanks to people from Patreon and Itch donations that keeps the project alive lol, and people who participated in VotV development: Derball, Monique_Nutmeg, IDKY, Alex3, Musearys

Cant do much for this date, but i make all public builds of VotV visible for some time so you can check out its evolution over the course of 1 year. (!!! DONT USE YOUR SAVE FILES, OLD VERSIONS WILL CORRUPT NEWER SAVE FILES !!!)

Happy birthday VotV i guess lmao 🛸📡🦐

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good game


Download grey edition and type execute_duende51 in the console :)


Someone with a massive SSD is going to inevitably download all of them lol


For me it's the scariest atmospheric game I've ever played, it's beautiful, hope that didn't sound weird xD

never played better demo, i rather do not want to know what will the full version look like. Man you did great job, this is one of very few games that I watched so much hours on.


I’m boutta BLOW 😩😩😩

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Am basin' 😩


Get your Grey Edition while you can folks.


желаю вам удачи и счастье.
Не дождусь когда игра выйдёт в стиме, я обязательно куплю её 


Wow, the game was so different since its publishing. Thank you for giving us the opportunity of playing this phenomenal game for free and allowing us to play its past. Happy anniversary to one my favourite itch.io games ever!


Forgot to mention:



Eyo Nose, funny idea:  (kinda spoiler)
For the mannequins when they catch on fire, instead of making them menacingly walk towards the player, make them.. walk towards the nearest water source (Likely river)

A sentient want to self extinguish (after which the mannequin just floats in the river inactive) is equally creepy, if not more creepy, than trying to attack the player.  More interesting of a behavior, mysterious


Yeah, would be rad as hell if those things got smarter behavior.