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Had a good Time playing the fangame of Baldi's. I enjoyed it for what it was.

I cant open file it says unable to unzip because of missing or invalid data can anyone help? Thanks!

Try redownloading the game. it sometimes cant be open due to the files not completely downloaded

I used Win Rar and found the correct file! Was able to play game Thanks for the help!

if you dont like mistakes why would you want me to play?


Loved the game. You have done an amazing job.


my channel:

watch video here:

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Mr. Mix in the creppypasta Mr. Mix

The chef character in this game

I'm not the only person who saw this, right?


Hello goiz! I've made a tutorial for items in this game. Spent all evening for it. I hope it would be helpful. 

Cool what You understand what items does.
Here's a wikia, and You can write about items in wiki:


Look What I Made Fan Art For You:


Really nice Baldi's clone. You took a lot of the stuff from that game to the next level. 


This is pretty awesome.


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Deleted post
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Thanks for comment, and original music is Overture To The Sun by Clockwork Orange:

But Blood Axis is cool music too.


This game is terrifying and, hard! Baldi has nothing on Viktor I guess that's why this is advanced education! Baldi's basics is a great game and, if it weren't for it this game wouldn't exist. I think mrdernose took something and, just made it better. I know some won't agree and, that's fine but you tell me how a bald cartoony teacher slapping a ruler is, more terrifying than Viktor and, his Jigsaw like voice and, creepy atmosphere.


You are twisted

i love it 




What was this made in?

Viktor Strobovski looks like Jeremy Clarkson in a mask... 

Anyways... Not a bad game, definitley harder than Baldis.

Hi there, I just made video about this game. I hope you enjoy the video cuz this game scares the hell outta me! 


Baldi's Basics demake

Also, I couldn’t see any credits to mystman in the new version of the game, it’s either I’m blind or yeh there’s nothing, you should put a thingy to let peeps know that this is a baldis basics fangame (like in the old version of your game) otherwise peeps will just straight up be flat out rude and harass you which isn’t good.

In menu on top-left corner written "Based on Baldi's basics and education and learning". It not visible?

hmm, on the old version it’s there but on the new one it’s not


just wanted to say that I love this game my dude. And if mystman ever sees and approves this game then that would be freaking awesome


Man, this game is a kind of rip-off BUT it displays the true feeling of horror for a Baldi's Bacics type horror game. Something the actual Baldi's Basics DOES NOT have. Be sure to check out my channel for an awesome playthrough of my experience!

I wouldn’t call it a rip off, again, it’s a fangame but, I get where you are coming from


couldnt be a more shameless Baldi ripoff lol.  And maybe check your description as it is filled with grammatical and spelling errors.

What a sad time where these terrible " horror" games are the most popular  on the site.

truly sad.


It's not a baldi rip off it's a fan game..

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Plus I think those grammatical and spelling errors were on purpose and there is not many of them


Hm I wonder what that says


So you if you didnt realise, this is a fan game based on an indie game created for a game jam, and that means, it was made to be CREATIVE, and made in few days. SO its not created to have ULTRA Graphic settings and be one more cliché game that everyone knows what is it by the title. This is a form of respect and don't need to be 'hated', i guess.


creative means literally stealing the NON game jam idea of baldi's basics? are you all 5 in this forum? Because I'm starting to think I'm the only adult here.

oh wait wait, it;s not baldis BASICS, it's ADVANCED. yeah, SUPER subtle ripped-off idea. Game jams are meant to create new ideas, not throw an existing one in the rinse cycle, for crying out loud.

Can you just take your hate some where else because no one wants it.

I mean why not post a fan game on here not much people would care

I mean just because it's on a certain website doesn't mean it's a ripoff


Dude, I am also an adult here and I think you are overthinking things. This game is simply a fan game of Baldi's Basics because he loved the game so much that he wanted to create something inspired by it but also credit the game inside the game itself. This game isn't receiving any money and neither is Baldi's Basics, so there is nothing wrong with this game. It's incredibly scary and fun at times. As far as I know, this game is not for a Game Jam but Baldi's Basics is/was.

I do kinda understand where you're coming from but think of the game and the developer about why he made this game. Criticism is always helpful but when you write it in that way, like you have, it's not much help to anyone, honestly.

I am only expressing my opinion on this.

Sadly, I don't think that was criticism.

Whilst looking at it, I agree with you on that.... :(

I said BALDI'S BASICS is the"CREATIVE" GAME and THIS is just a FAN GAME.


are you five? I am assuming that you are because you don't know what a fan game is. I am doubting that you are an adult because this is the comment section, not a forum...


No, I'm old enough to not play stupid bait crap liek this lol. please , downvote every post I make, It really matters! :3

this just proves how young you all are, you think disliking a comment matters. go back to RoBLOX or Fortnite, lmao

mystman approves this game btw

pretty sure the person who made this game is Russian, or just doesn’t speak English well, and it’s a fangame, pretty sure mystman would approve of this game, unlike actual Baldi ripoffs on the App Store.

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lolol m8s do you know what a fan game is? m8, a fan game is a game based off of another game. it literally says in game that it is based off of Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. and m8 I think the grammatical and spelling errors were on purpose. don't you remember the original description for Baldi's Basics? didn't it say "Oh Noes!" and "eating practice" and "noteboos"?  



why was one of the paintings blurred?



I'm actually more scared of the Chef than Viktor ;-;

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My new goal  is to be on the thanks to these people list XD

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It looks like it was copied from Baldi's Basics. But can be not, So you guys can shut up?

This is a game inspired by Baldi's Basics, which is nice, because there are a few changes, so it won't be a direct copy.

Advanced Education ASMR....what?


RIPOFF OF baldi realy!?!?!


It was inspired by it and innovates the genre of game, check your privilege child.


memix - innovates how? by looking slightly above Baldi's intentionally bad graphics? By using the same idea of a horror-themed MATH game? An educational game that has nothing to do with actual learning? GASP!

and for god's sake, don't call this a genre, unless that genre is trash.

Deleted post

This is definitely what Baldi should've been! Big thanks to the Dev you're awesome dude! Some things do need to be fixed and changed but for the most part its perfect! Everyone should give this game a try!


I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It played like Baldi's Basics, but it had enough of its own additions that it didn't seem like a direct copy. I still need to learn a lot of the game mechanics, but I still knew enough to have fun playing. The horror aspect was also really interesting, and the jumpscares were on point. I actually enjoyed this more than Baldi's but don't tell anyone. Thanks for making this :) 


This game was a WILD ride. It took me a few days to complete it and of course, by time I finish it, you already updated the game. I really appreciate difficult games like this one and winning the challenge feels WAY more rewarding than any other type of game. You did phenomenal creating this and like I said in my last review, I can definitely see this as a standalone game, not just a fan-game. I went so far as to create a map for this version and used it to complete it. I've played the newest update since recording this and I've ran into a few bugs including the janitor pinning me in a corner by Mr. Mix's room and the 'Mistress?' not noticing that I'm running in the halls sometimes. I'm super excited to explore the new build and find more secrets. Phenomenal game. I'm ecstatic that you're adding onto it and I can't wait for future updates. PS: I want a list of the character's names (including the old lady with the scythe that we almost never see) - I'm SUPER curious. Thanks again for making this!


Thank You for these videos, also cool what You drawn a map of level! but it lacks of zone behind the kitchen windows, they are important. In alpha 0.0.3 Mr.Cleany-Clean should not stuck in corners, but if him stuck just throw trash near him, and he will grab it and unstuck. And i thinking on names.

And how said PhuCats i will add scoreboard and add You and other few people. And i think patch will be aviable today or tomorrow, because i forgot "truncate" number)

oh! I didn’t know the door behind the kitchen worked! That’s really cool! I noticed I missed an entire room near cleany’s room as well. And sweet! Thanks for adding us in there! I’ll definitely make a video exploring the new patch once it releases! :D

hi jayski


It never felt soooooo good to be back in the classroom, that is until I realised my teacher was wielding an axe.

This incarnation of Advanced Education really pushes the scare factor, right in your wide eyed face. Seriously.

If you've played Baldi or if you haven't Victor Strobovski's school for scared mutants is well worth a play through.


For some reason, I cannot run this game on my computer. I had no problem with Baldi's, but this games makes it lock up as if it were a virus. It's not my antivirus software either. Anyone have a fix for this?

This is the only horror game that actually checked all of my horror boxes (which means that its at the height of horror for me) This is so good. This game is beyond scarier than baldi and was put together very nicely.

it dose not work it always says fatal error

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