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Just gonna leave this here.

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I recognise that glitch though...

I'm partially convinced no-one, not even Devon-WH47'5H15NUM83R, actually got through Brainiac without unknowingly exploiting at least one glitch. And that one, right there, might be one of them...

somebody please stop the trashbag collisions

What glitch? That brainiac run was done completely glitchless.

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Sigh. Well I'm pretty sure Viktor would've caught you by then or at least got stuck at the door if he didn't get stuck on the trash bin just before the classroom you were in while you were at 10/11. One time I saw him get stuck after getting a soda there and decided to try playing a harder level while he tried to escape the path barrier but I didn't really go and do all of it.

You know what actually, I'll go and recreate it just to be sure it isn't anything new.

How would you know? Also there was a magnet. He would have to strike it down first.

Also even if he was stuck, give me a break man. Him getting stuck prolonged me beating brainiac from 1 month to 3! 

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I know, I know. Just saying. I just knew because he was at the trash bin before the door when you completed the notebook, and he would've gone REALLY fast after getting all those problems wrong.

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Thank you for visiting this game. This message is intended for people that are new to Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski; specifically, people that have had past experience with Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning (or even Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski itself, but an older version). It is meant to provide information about what to expect from playing the game. You're welcome mrdrnose.

So, what's different about AEWVS compared with BBIEAL?

At first glance, it just looks like a fan remake of BBIEAL and it's concept: there's a math teacher, there are notebooks, there's a detention/punishment room, there's a janitor, soda is good, chocolate is good, et cetera. A fangame, if you will. The main "difference" is that there are more mechanics, more school rules, more notebooks, more violence and generally just many more things to make the education "advanced". If you've watched any of the big YouTubers play some of the very first versions of the game, you'll know that it really was one.

That's the problem, too. AEWVS is over a year old, but since it stood out, it gained attention too early. It didn't seem to be much other than just another fangame to be tossed back, but it's not anymore. It still starts roughly the same way as BBIEAL, but it starts following a much different and longer story, with more levels, more subjects and a lot more branched-out lore-related deep secrets to find, and starts becoming - and even does become - something one of it's own.

And since I need to address this...YES, IT IS ACTUALLY OFFICIALLY A FANGAME, BY DEFINITION. But you know what? That doesn't matter. At all. Don't judge AEWVS solely as a fangame of BBIEAL, the nostalgic edutainment horror parody that got over a million downloads and it's own Steam version in the works. AEWVS doesn't even have that atmosphere in general. It is definitely worth playing (or replaying, if you don't have the latest version), regardless of whether you've played BBIEAL already or not, though there are some things certain people have to watch out for, which will be detailed just in the next section.

What are some things I should be aware of when I start playing AEWVS?

Firstly, unlike BBIEAL, it's not a "clean" game. Its pretty messy, actually. Here's Viktor's scrapped warning about AEWVS:

"Hello. Thank you for playing this game. But I should to warn you before you click play button: game contents loud noises, fast brightening lights, violence, swearing, offensive language, weird speech, weird English, crooked Photoshop, high-poly super mega HD graphics, and spooky moments. So, I warn you. Click "PLAY" button, and let's studying together, because knowledge is power."

Basically, the main thing to be aware of is that the game is intended for mature audiences. Don't get me wrong, 10 year olds probably play this, and personally I think that's fine enough.  But something that's unlisted to be aware of is the, um, sexual references. I didn't know how else to say it, but there are quite a few moderate sexual references throughout the game. Another unlisted thing you should probably know is that parts of the game are connected with satanism. So if you're a Christian like the person that created BBIEAL, you should know to prepare for satanic content and stuff. To be honest, I don't even understand the views of religious people but whatever. Oh and it has memes.

Content warnings out of the way, the game is intended for highly dedicated, creative and strategic players that are okay with lots of trial and error and always try new things, and are also good at analysing and considering hints. Plus, if you're not already a natural at quick, repetitive problem-solving already, the game will make you one. The game also has quite a bit of RNG, so please take that into consideration. Overall, the game really is advanced education,  letting aside the fact that it doesn't fully teach students about subjects (in fact the curriculum is rather shallow).

The game also gets updated regularly, so always come back and check for more updates. (If you've played AEWVS before, but at a much older version, try to see everything in a new light with a fresh perspective. A lot of things that may not have made any sense in an old version will work or make sense in a new one.) Yes, the development is slowing down, but we really are trying to encourage him to keep building on the levels. It might have even come to a halt had I not suggested making a Discord server to bring the community's remnants back together, so you should probably join that. Be careful though, because since it's a realtime general community chat room with new posts on the regular, people have started to become a lot more open and be weirdos. (I said that before by the way, but I said something else "deterring.")  Basically, be ready for literally anything, OK?

That's all you need to know! If you haven't noticed yet, they also have a Christmas Curse DLC, so go check that out. Also if you've seen the wiki about it, please help moderate it again so we can get back mrdrnose's trust on it. (Only canon content in articles please!) The comments will now be displayed below. If there's any above this one, this post will always be deleted and reposted at the top. Bye!

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I uncorrupted and saved Viktor and Marzia from the school's curse. I'm the school's messiah, not Angell. 

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I have no words.







Seriously, what the hell just happened? I...

I'm gonna go now. No time for explanations. Well actually, I wonder...What would happen to the rest of the faculty?

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I imagine Cleany and Head-teacher being reverted as well, but not Alice or Mr. Mix. I don't know how to help them. They look too far beyond being physically restored, if they ever needed to be in the first place.

By the way, on a meta note...Did you use an image editing program or some kind of modder?

This was expertly made purely with Adobe Photoshop. I took a screenshot of the teachers, downloaded their original unedited human forms from Mrdrnose on Discord in the deleted-and-original-images tab (like how head-teacher had an original form), mosiac-pixelated the humans, matched their color tone with the atmosphere, and voila. I'm the messiah. I'm so happy I finally was given graphic design as a class for 11th grade instead of some stupid elective that I didn't even want nor asked for, like choir for the fourth time, or theatre-arts for the fourth time, or interpersonal-studies for the first time. It really paid off.

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I...I think this feeling is shock, surprise, awkwardness and apprehension...I feel jittery now.

Genuine Positive Amazement, or Amazingly Cringed-Out?

Neither, to be honest...


please make a macbook version

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh... okay.

wait can't he literally just change the settings of the project so that it can be exported into a mac-supported format


Imao no

Oh. Thought I saw an option to just add every console supported by Unreal Engine when I had it installed

Whatever, Mac probably needs different controls anyway since they have different keyboards and you probably wouldn't know much about that or how to not let things get in the way.

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After watching some Kindergarten, I think I can safely say that AEWVS reminds me a bit of KG with it's multiple endings, time-travelling and trans-temporal item storage. In fact, even if mrdrnose has no idea about KG, I'm convinced AEWVS in a nutshell is KG, but it works like BBIEAL and has pseudo-original characters, along with a lot of effort put into it. Just saying, lol.

Uh, let me try modding this game...


Well, mrdrnose didn't give anyone permission to mod the game because that would lag too much. Like, seriously. Do you have any idea how much the game lags already without dragging the blueprints and menus with it?


I’m done with my Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski Baldi‘s Basics Mod

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Oooooooookay. Well since we're still here, I guess I should be constructive for once and tell you exactly WHY (I think) that duplex fangame is one of the numerous fabled epitomes of cringe.

For one, the graphics look very half-bothered.

Also, it's yet another one of the endless stream of Baldi's Basics fangames where it's literally just BBIEAL, but the characters and textures are changed. It just feels like mockery on the characters' and Baldi's parts. Are they seriously participating in such a silly...trend? I mean obviously, because they have no choice and they are pieces of automata trapped in a modification, but are they really deciding to be like the rest of the people out there who had no choice but to make awkward fools out of themselves by playing parts in Baldi's school?

It also feels notably like mockery on Viktor's part, for very obvious reasons.

By the way, we already know that if Viktor DID defeat Baldi (and then take over his school, as you suggest), it would take quite a lot of effort to defeat him, since Baldi, being a metapotent entity in his universe, is definitely a cursed force to be reckoned with, with his abilities to freely manipulate quantum physics and glitch his simulation of a universe. This may or may not really be a valid point, but it just bothers me in general. And all of that fighting just to be a kindergartener! Like, are you for real. You didn't even renovate his school or anything. I mean, even if Baldi just got out of the way and let Viktor do his thing, why would Viktor do that? That's kind of a dumb thing to do, just take over the school of someone lesser than you and just move your entire faculty there. Especially when you have a better school.

Also, why is Laura still a cat? That was supposed to get reverted this version but oh well. There should be like customisations or something in AEWVS.

I just wanted to say...if the people of AEWVS did see your little fangame, I can assure you with 99.999% certainty that they would cringe.

Anyway. Have a nice day now. Bye.

Wow, whoever liked that comment must not be a...normie, I guess. Anyway, I was the one who did hundreds of cringy things in the past I wish I didn't do because I was an idiot and I just want to share my wisdom. Also every time I do anything...memorable, nowadays, I always think about if I'll think it's cringy in the future.

Literally no one:

People who think this is a fangame: STOP LYING TO ME, THIS IS A FANGAME

You know, I don't even think any of us know what the qualifications are for any game to officially be classified as a fangame.

Well I just looked it up on Wikipedia, so to be honest I think this actually is a fangame. It doesn't matter how different AEWVS is to BBIEAL or how far it branches away and becomes unique, if they share critical core mechanics and concepts, then AEWVS is officially a fangame. And the main thing to remember is that fangames shouldn't be judged by their status as a fangame. This one right here is a brilliant fangame that does totally different things aside from the notebook-collecting and interval-pursuing arithmetic teachers that are deterred from something as simple as soda, as well as everything else. SO WHO CARES IF THIS IS EVEN A FANGAME AT THIS POINT? GET OVER IT. BBIEAL and AEWVS are both great; enough said. Anyway.


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this always happens when I try to play the game


Not enough context, see you later bye!!!

P.S. if that happened to me I would delete my AEWVS save files launch it again and give up after that

what save files?

Join the Discord server. I'm pretty sure someone can help you there.


The discord server has an invalid invite,I cant join,I would love to though just to see what is happening with the game

Oh. I thought we set the link so it never expires. Well, here’s another one:

The ones in C:\Users\(H0race)\AppData\Local\STROBOVSKY

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I cant find that anywhere on my computer,also when I download it do I extract it or something? the game just brings up the error message everytime I click to open it.I really wanna play this game but for some reason I can't.


Well I think you're try another computer since I don't even know what the fatal error was about

You know what actually, nevermind...

Everytime I try to download the game and open it,the game says there is a Fatal Error and crashes,pls help!

Can I have a screenshot?


fluid movement, dark ambience, a remarkable level design and interesting survival horror mechanics, this game is really impressive! Keep up the good work, mrdrnose.


Oh boy just you wait, that's just the start of it~

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Oh boy, I have even MORE things to say (including more possible bugs), but first, let me try to see what's down the hole under the elevator by repeatedly trying to throw flash mines into it:

Oh come on! That was so close!

Yay, finally, hole in one hundred! Now can I please see what's actually down there now?

Dang it! No! You can't crouch or anything! It's so stupid! I don't like things that are totally in reach but still you can only stare and imagine what might lurk within! Anyway time for a bunch of weird things that are probably just oversights.

2: It happened again, only at the bottom of the stairs this time, and even worse. It didn't even collapse after being sliced into solid strips of sections, which just goes to show how sturdy these doors really are. And what's more, doors are literally more than the sum of their parts. Once they're sliced, the strips mean nothing to barrier the door since Angell could always just step over them. Well, that's universal then, which means once a door is in strips, you can always pass through. Even if they're stacked into a door. Just saying. This bloody paragraph is too long, dang.

2.5: Speaking of doors and Erie, when I got kicked out of the library after slicing the entrance door, the door made the emergency deactivate noise and since the door was open, the absent door made an audible closing sound. I think that's a bug. Anyway,

3: I just threw a book at Erie while running straight past her, but she got me into her clutches anyway.

ahahaha look at how flat and broken she looks

4: I don't know why but the game files are calling stuff totally related to Alice about "Tiara" at some point. The more I think about it, I'm starting to get 25% sure that's going to be a name for Alice's alter-ego. Now that I think about it though, she still called herself Alice at some point while being taken over. Probably because Alice was still fighting it. Come to think of it, every line Alice says when she's taken over is red, except for the one below, which is the only one with that file name, and the subtitles are black. Boy, now I'm 33% sure about it now. Here, look at the directories.

Content > audio > alice > tiara > tiaraQuote1.ogg =
"N0W Y0U W1|| UND3R574ND MY P41N!" (something like that)

Content > audio > ████1* > diaraCutDoor.ogg

..."gread job, dude."

*NOPE1 that's what it means lol

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The game is not canceled. MrDrNose said that they will continue working on the game once they are back from their vacation. There also were no updates, because they had finals. I don’t know why they set the game on cancelled though. 🤔

oh my god i almost signed up to a second bloody account behind your backs so thank you for stopping me

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Okay, I have a bunch of things to say.

1: I have a question; does Alice still have all four arms and tentacles when she's fine and not troubled yet (and just has her hands behind her back (obviously they're too big for her pockets)), or does she just take a normal practically human form?

2: If you thought Viktor was scary, just you go in the BATHROOM!!!

3: I found what I believe to be yet another bug in the History Level. And considering how the door's hitboxes don't work's very weird and probably should be fixed.

EDIT: Many of the times I tried that since then, the pieces actually fell to the ground properly.

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Sigh. I found EVEN MORE bugs regarding Alice, Erie, clocks, magnets and doors. So, to make bug reports more interesting, I proudly present to you:

Automata Erosion with Valiant Strats, or A.E.W.V.S!

(yes I had to get creative)

Hopefully the picture explains everything already as it is. Erie stuck in place with a book, the clock motionless, the elevator stuck at the bottom floor, what more could you want out of life!? And even BETTER: softlocking the elevator is optional! That means you can complete the entire History Level with NO WORRIES!!! (ESPECIALLY if nobody reads this before the History Level is finished! TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!) No Alice, nothing! So here's what you do, in 10 easy steps.

  1. Retrieve the neodymium magnet from the table.
  2. Attach it to the entrance door of the Library.
  3. Wait for Alice.
  4. Vanquish Alice as quickly as she slices the door open.
  5. Piss off Erie.
  6. Patiently become escorted out of the Library.
  7. Return to the Library via the broken entrance.
  8. Find a book, any book to gain Erie's attention.
  9. Give it to her.
  10. Voilà! The clock will not move as Erie examines the book, so that Alice cannot catch you whilst Erie has you in her discipline. Neither will Erie, as she has already thrown you out of the library, which means there is nothing left for her. Therefore, Alice and Erie will both begone, lost forever in a personal softlock! Actually, I need to see what happens if I give Erie the book whilst Alice is present. Will she stop walking and glare at me with great creepy contempt as she waits for Erie's action which is never going to happen?

Anyway, as an optional bonus, here's how to trap yourself at the second storey, in THREE EASY STEPS:

  1. Set the elevator to level 1.
  2. Activate it.
  3. Dash out of there before the doors shut.

As the world stands still, should Angell not choose to travel back in time, starvation will ravage her body as empty packets of chips, soda cans and chocolate crumbs lay on the floor, later followed by decomposition. Hahaha, everything is so brilliant! I'll get back to you about what if I did that in Alice's presence.

EDIT: Nevermind, Alice still keeps moving. Also, every other time, I was always being too late. Well, this time, I got fed up with waiting and just gave her six wrong books. I don't know why, but I got quite scared when she swore at me. Lolololololololololololol. I was kind of in a rush. (What shocks me though is that she has low enough standards to read Rule 34 comics but also higher enough standards than every other staff member to censor her own bloody profanity. Not only is she the only one able to physically censor herself, but she actively declined to swear at Viktor during the Christmas party.) By the way, I'm not sure why the bear traps appeared like this. I suppose it's to make them less visible.

Alright, I have a couple of bugs.

First, I went and waited eight minutes for Phonty to emerge so I could see him breaking the walls around the doors. (I waited in the corridor that contains the equivalent of what the Head Teacher called "the closet" (I call it "the rack room") in AEWVS: CC.) But guess what? For some reason, he just crashed straight into a nearby wall in the corner and fell into Unreal Engine's void. I don't know why, but I suppose it was because the corner was so narrow. Also I didn't get to take a screenshot before I walked too far off the edge and fell into the void with Phonty.

I took this screenshot though. He emerges from the bottom, right? I always wondered about the way he did that straight on top of the pedestal, but I guess I know now. He just phases straight through it. To be honest, I would personally consider that a bit of an oversight...I mean, if I got Phonty to emerge, I would hoist him up on a stable platform that seperates into his legs on top of the pedestal.

Secondly, I got Alice to slice a door open and guess what? Not long after, a book just randomly inexplicably levitated in the air in front of the door parallel to the bookshelf it was supposed to be on. Also at some point another book quickly flickered next to it.

I'm so far behind on my blog post about every recorded idea, suggestion and bug for AEWVS... (._.) (even excluding the ones in Discord)

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"this is not a baldi fangame"

"Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski"

*It's a mf baldi's basics fangame*

Plez stip lying to me

pls don't kill me mr. dr. nose I was just playing

(4 edits) (+1)

Look, people, even if it is actually a fangame and nobody's willing to accept that since the game is brilliant and the facts that Viktor moves at intervals like Baldi with notebooks, both of the headmasters are people in grey that like to discipline children that break the rules, the janitors both sweep the school trying to clean it up and move people, there are item slots and a green stamina bar, soda's detrimental to both of the math teachers and both of the brands of chocolate bar give you stamina fever seemingly aren't enough to make it qualify as just a fangame since it also has everything else, it's not just another dumb BBIEAL fangame. It actually has some deep meaning to it, and that's the point I want to get across. There's much more to it than "just being another (stupid) fangame". And that's all that should matter. Whether it's a fangame or not completely shouldn't, unless it's absolutely obviously just a reskin and mod of BBIEAL. Maybe it is a fangame, but it's branched out and gone on a very different path after the direct connections with AEWVS to BBIEAL, which a lot of fangames haven't done since they rather branched out and merged back with BBIEAL again, being just a mod or a remake. And besides, mrdrnose worked very hard on this. So hard he'd rather just muck around on Blender all the time than deal with all the Unreal Engine lagging blueprints, so, yeah.


understandable have a nice day


First of all I'd like to say happy (late) anniversary to aewvs! 

Now let's get to the bugs I found. 

Mrdrnose, there are bugs that I found, and some are very old and they STILL work! Even in the latest versions! 

1. When you put the magnet on a door and then take it off, the door gets completely stuck! Meaning you can get softlocked! Not you or any other NPC can open it forcing you to restart! (rare occurrence but very obnoxious) 

2. Pressing G can spit out a lockpick for free 

3. You can put a magnet on the side of a door while open (other people said this)

4. While having a door that's magnetized, Viktor's hitbox goes through the door while you're touching it! Meaning you can still get jumpscared while he's striking it down! 

5. In a secret Mr.Mix minigame, you can't get out! Pressing Esc key doesn't let you leave. So the only way out is to press the windows key and close the game from there 

6. While granny makes you lose sanity, the sanity bar can go lower than it's border without insanity death 

7. In the language notebooks: Can you help with my homework? The game thinks the "y" in "you" has to be capitalized when it shouldn't be 

8. Ever since the version 8 update, there is an unlucky glitch that makes you can't move thanks to the control bindings being empty. It only shows the bottom black line and the "DONE" key. Nothing else. Thanks to this, I can only play the versions 7c or below. This glitch is so luck based. This even happens in AEWVS Christmas Curse as well! 

9. Sometimes Marzia can just kill you out of nowhere. One second you are walking, then the next you just get teleported to Marzia and game over. 

There is probably lot's that I'm missing, but please fix them in the next update. Take the time you need. 

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Well a lot of them are just oversights on his part

1: Just wanted to say that I only remember that occurring if you put the magnet on when the door is in motion.

2: mrdrnose was probably just using that for testing and forgot to undo it

3: That may or may not be intentional. After all it would make perfect sense for a door to get stuck either way, and it might even be useful for if you want to hold a locked door open once it's in access.

4: Doors don't cut off hitboxes, and also everyone has multiple hitboxes at once for different purposes.

6: mrdrnose recently scrapped the idea of sanity killing you, saying it wouldn't really make sense. Like, is Angell gonna get a stroke from being too insane and just die? Though, I don't really think that's totally the best idea, I mean you should just faint if you get too much insanity and automatically get killed by one of the staff members.

7: Seems like You don't even know mrdrnose well enough...which is ackchuyally suprising considering the fact all the characters talked with his grammar for entire game))

(BTW it's much more obvious on Discord and also I'm planning on making a version that would make Marzia slightly more content)

8: It's a bug, but it can be fixed by hacking into the save data and deleting a bunch of files. Though, I'll have to check which ones they are.

(3 edits)

BY THE WAY. I think #9 happens when she's walking faster than you towards you straight behind you. So it's completely intentional. To demonstrate, put your speakers up to 100% so you can hear her walking...JK LOL, if you try that again you'll get treble boosted from the screamer, but seriously. She's a real quiet stalker.

(If you don't want to put your speakers up to 100% so you can hear her walking, constantly look back. If Marzia's within view though, she'll walk faster if you look at her.)

Also your angle always instantly changes when you're caught (except for in the ending of the Math Level). Probably to make it startling.

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Honestly, I can't wait to know if you read any of this at all...

I'd actually be surprised if you did.

Okay. Whoever reads this sentence, right here, gets a free gold star. (Sat here for 2 straight minutes trying to think of a freebie, so don't be deceived by that sentence.)




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WAIT, WHAT!?!?!?!? How did I not notice what you actually meant until now!?!?

nvm im just being lost have a good day


Happy 1st Anniversary. Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski is 1 year old now. Thanks Mr. Obvious.


Happy 1st Anniversary


Happy 1st anniversary, everynyan!

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Up to today, which is 9/6/2019 (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY), AEWVS has been etched SO deeply into my mind that I've had at least 15 dreams in my life involving multiple elements of AEWVS. And that's not counting the one I had today...

Oh, and yes, I counted. Kinda.

Deleted post
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How dare you. BEGONE!

I have better things to do.

K. Whatever.

I don't think I can finish what I'm doing in time for AEWVS' anniversary

Also I have an opinion: every year, AEWVS should have a different event like the Christmas one since you obviously managed to pull that one off in just a month or two. Keep expanding the History Level's map though, that's the main thing.


im interested in developing the game for you

Hear that, people? We all wanna chip in. Because we also have a bunch of requests and concepts lol and plus, even without them, screwing around on UE4 with the laggy blueprints is probably already going to be too much for him

I'm done. I'm not doing this anymore.

What are you talking about?


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