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This is the official end of aewvs and abibaz, the channels in the discord has been deleted, the only ones left are udagame and votv channels

what happened? i was looking forward for that creepy smiling bastard to get his remake but last shenanegins we got from him was on 2022 then it was dead

how can I run this game on windows xp?

I downloaded alpha 12 (32bit), but it does not work. 

"STROBOVSKY.exe isn't Win32 app"

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Has it 32bit version? Pls. 

Alpha 11 has 32bit version. Can you public it?


im pressing wasd and i cant move what do i do

When you start a new game press Q to pause the game and go into options to put wasd into your key bindings.

I can't move in the game! Help?!

Go in the settings and make the mouse sensitivity >0 \(-_-)/


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What an experience

(NQS why I'm still here)

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Plz android...


He isn't just gotta make a android version by just saying that plus stop begging


Remember what Helpscreen used to be like? I imagine Angellica just walking around the room like Filian being exasperated and indignant while he does the big speech XP



If you keep posting random messages on this page like its your personal twitter account ill ban you.


don’t you Freeking dare i can Say Anything Ever I Want If You ban Me it Will be Hell on I an Freeking 19 YR old European-Cambodian if You Ban me I delete my game I An Freeking Military Commander.


Виктор, а про что эта игра?

Математика и другие виды углубленного обучения


Here is AEwVS Fix Version, include bug fixes and original story.

Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski by MTC (



We have all the time until he's dead for this statement to be proven or disproven so have patience

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Hey bro, you watched alphabet lore, already

Number lore


Aram zam zam aram zam zam guli guli guli guli guli aram zam zam aram zam zam guli guli guli guli ram zam zam

Its music for  Viktor Strobovski


I Not suprised



Honestly this game went down in a pretty sad way but honestly it was probably for the best. The game started out as another ""Baldi's Basics Fangame"" type of game that was trying to be more original but how original can you truly get with a Baldi Fangame? Well, MrDrNose pushed this to the extreme and made one of the best fangames known in the Baldi's Basics community. However Nose didn't really like his reputation of "a dude that made a cool Baldi game" so he decided to keep improving the game (for whatever that's worth) and the game reached a state that we can still see today. However there's an underlining issue. Nose made this game when he was 16, a teen, looking to make a fun game for the fun of it. Now he is a 21 year old and this game has taken over his life basically. What's more, the game was 5 years old and the code extremely dated. Nose hated working on the game as the code was an absolute mess and it was really difficult to work with. So he decided to work on another game to relax from the madness that was AEwVS. So he developped GDDgame, or how it will later be called, UDAgame. This game proved to be very successful among the advisers of his discord server but most of the community there were hardcore AEwVS fans and they didn't really care about UDAgame. I personally played a bit of GDDgame when it was relatively new to check out what it was about and the game did not under deliver. The game was pretty cool and I loved the concept but the game was really hard for me to play. It would cause me headaches due to the repetativeness of the game, the bitcrushed audio and the overpixelation of the game. I know that was meant to be the style of the game but I just couldn't play a game like that for long periods of time and as Nose's games tend to do, they tend to take a long time to complete. Nose generally does this with his games and on top of that his games are complex with all sorts of mechanics. UDAgame was becoming the next big thing in the AEwVS server as Nose was finally publically announcing it as until that point it was adviser only content. It looked like the game was going to take over the server but it ultimately didn't. I am not sure what happened during this period as I believe I left the server due to the new system and the fact that Nose was not too keen on AEwVS sticking around anymore. What was created as a game Nose could use as a break from AEwVS, became the main game in the server. After most of my friends left the server due to the server growing more and more away from AEwVS, I did the same. I returned pretty shortly after (like a few months after) to find the server was in a pretty similar situation to what it had been before we all collectively left. It was just more empty. The general chat was rarely ever interacted with and most focus was put onto UDAgame. I managed to become a developer adviser again and got an inside look at UDAgame. The game had changed dramatically and I couldn't keep up with it anymore, so I gave up on UDAgame. Nose was also not too happy with the game as he wanted to replicate the success of AEwVS and it just wasn't working. Every day, it was Nose just banging his head against a wall hoping UDAgame will finally get recognized but it never did. The server was still majority AEwVS fans and, though there was a minority of UDAgame fans, the top was always AEwVS. It was around this time that Nose was trying to bring attention to his Patreon page, at the time only having about 60$/per Month. So Nose laid down some rewards for certain goals in the patreon. Goal #1 was the Alex Basics project open source standing at just 100$, while next was the alpha 13 version of AEwVS project open source standing at 200$. There was also the open source of the latest version at 250$ if I remember correctly. One day, me and my friends decided to make a server dedicated to finding a way to reach 200$ because we really wanted the old AEwVS project in order to boost the creation of our own fangames. Long story short, we managed to succeed to push to 200$ and he finally gave us the project. But this also had a big implication for his patreon as now it was being even more promoted than before and soon after reached the 250$ goal. The next goal was at 300$ and that was the creation of Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski Remastered. However, as we will soon see this goal will become irrelevant. Now we are entering into the "EternityDev dark age" as this is the time when the server started to become really inactive. AEwVS had been completed by the majority of the fanbase and as it became clear that AEwVS was not going to be getting more updates, many people left. Not to mention the whole "New VS Old AEwVS" debate that was going on on the server. It's generally a lot and I can't really summarize all of what happened at the time. But basically, I was on the server just to check and I was relatively active too. Around this time, Nose created ABiBaZ:R, to possibly gain the support of old members too. The game was a remake of the original game, ABiBaZ, with new features and brand new graphic style. New items, new robots and a lot of new stuff were added to this game. It looked like it was going to be a great game but Nose stopped working on it, or at least stopped actively stopped working on it as the Patreon page of his says he passively works on it, however I am not sure to what extent he works on the game really. Some time later, Nose created a new game called SS:AD. Nose was passionate about that game. I personally wasn't really keeping track of that game's progression, however it soon also became the new "big game" on the server and it looked like it was going to take over UDAgame, just like UDAgame did to AEwVS. I wasn't really interested because I was expecting it to be like the UDAgame situation but oh boy I was dead wrong. Soon after the game was getting renamed and the possible names were: 1) Voices of the void 2) The space is loud 4) Echoes of space 5) The Space has a voice. Voice of the void ended up winning out in the end and the game would come to be known like that. After that I wasn't really keeping track of the server. That's when all of the events that would lead to the eventual takeover of VotV would take place. Around this time the YouTuber/Streamer Vargskelethor Joel would play VotV and with that Nose had achieved what he wanted. VotV was the one to succeed. Soon, many many many new members would join the server, specifically adults as VotV was targetted at an older age ground, and the server would finally become active again. After the massive success VotV was, Nose needed to rebrand the server to fit with the VotV aesthetic. Most of the server channels became VotV centric, while AEwVS and ABiBaZ became obscure games with very few people even knowing what those games are, as majority of the members left including me after the VotV takeover. VotV is a nice game, I just found it overly complicated and again, the game was meant for older audiences so I was not too keen on staying on a server that was hostile towards me as a minor. However, during this time Nose would add Erie, Antibreather and Thiccobreather from AEwVS into VotV for no "clear" reason. Well, in reality the reason is pretty clear but I don't want to talk about the whole NSFW drama that was and still is going on about Erie and the Ariral alien from VotV. I don't really care enough to talk about this and also it's a topic I am not too researched and I don't want to accuse Nose of anything right now. Today the AEwVS chats are almost completely dead, with the occasional message here and there. We feel betrayed as the patreon of MrDrNose has reached over 4000$ and the goal for AEwVS:R was at 300$. I don't really know how much VotV would last as the game has been out for over a year and it's still in its demo phase. I wonder if VotV is just another UDAgame by extension or if it will be the first of these games to finally get finished instead of being thrown to the side for another project to takeover. Well for that, only time will tell. 


hopefully VotV will be finished, it's an extraordinary game


Gtfo with your schitzo posting


just because a text is long doesn't automatically make it schizo




AEwVS fans waiting for AEwVS:R 

Pin by Jàì Ŕòý on dogs | Pitbull terrier, Bully breeds dogs, Agressive dog

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Deleted 189 days ago

Im sure i wanna know, are you saying he's like ruined his world by making it sexual or something? Im usually good at understanding what people are talking about but i swear to god i feel brain dead when i look at that paragraph

Deleted 189 days ago

heyo man, can you tell me about it too?


Gtfo with your schitzo posting


I think I'm the first Korean to play this game. this game so fun good game

Eh, Markiplier was a Korean. But thanks for telling


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History of this comment section

It doesn't cover the pre-Brock epoch but that's probably for the best - I'd like to go off and sort out all of my dumb old comments before anyone dives into that mess :P

Could someone kindly provide me with a save file with the math level beaten so i can start unlocking the buyable levels (i kinda just wanna mess around), i cant even beat it on easy cuz im terrible, and i dont wanna do puss mode cuz i aint no pussy.

The new math is easier than the BBCR

i wish more people remembered this game

does somebody kwons the password of the a27 source code?

it's viktorStinky420

yo bro i got a new pc but i forgot to save the a27 src link can you give it to me?

thx noli

Pretty disheartening that this game was seemingly forgotten. Not many people know this game got updated.


One day... One day we'll get a new update...


The game seems to have been forgotten:(


sucks cause I absolutely love this game

Five years of AEWVS

Last year wasn't much of a year but yay

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This was my year, and it was completely stagnant.

Didn't do anything for AEWVS for a whole year. And it was supposed to be my year, too

Oh well. I'll take what the Watcher said in mind. 

It's my time. It was always my time. And until the day I die, it's always gonna be that way. Do time periods even really matter? It's society that's unreasonable for expecting timed events, not me. I need to have the flexibility to be able to reason about it.

Also, I had to think before I trusted. I guess I did, and I didn't really have any reason to do otherwise. But it's honestly kinda ironic that it was the Watcher himself who turned... apparently, not for the better. You'll know what it means in time, but I'll persist regardless.

I don't have to hurry. I just have to come to freedom



guys WHAT IS IT ????????!!!

hmmm.I think it's error mapping.Don‘t worry about it. It Won't affect the game too much

It's a character called the glitch, it damaged your sanity!

Quick question. Everytime I try and run Aewvs it pops a message saying "DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine" what should i do ?

Look it up

Do the necessary updates


I think new math is easy


Well we all know that

Apparently he had to cater to the YouTubers who cover dozens of games every month and simultaneously have a life


круто надеюсь проект будет развиватся !!!

Мне тоже.

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