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Happy 1st Anniversary. Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski is 1 year old now. Thanks Mr. Obvious.


Happy 1st Anniversary


Happy 1st anniversary, everynyan!

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Up to today, which is 9/6/2019 (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY), AEWVS has been etched SO deeply into my mind that I've had at least 15 dreams in my life involving multiple elements of AEWVS. And that's not counting the one I had today...

Oh, and yes, I counted. Kinda.

Deleted post
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How dare you. BEGONE!

I have better things to do.

K. Whatever.

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Thank you for visiting this game. This message is intended for people that are new to Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski; specifically, people that have had past experience with Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning (or even Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski itself, but an older version). It is meant to provide information about what to expect from playing the game. You're welcome mrdrnose.

So, what's different about AEWVS compared with BBIEAL?

At first glance, it just looks like a fan remake of BBIEAL and it's concept: there's a math teacher, there are notebooks, there's a detention/punishment room, there's a janitor, soda is good, chocolate is good, et cetera. A fangame, if you will. The main "difference" is that there are more mechanics, more school rules, more notebooks, more violence and generally just many more things to make the education "advanced". If you've watched any of the big YouTubers play some of the very first versions of the game, you'll know that it really was one.

That's the problem, too. AEWVS is nearly a year old, but since it stood out, it gained attention too early. It didn't seem to be much other than just another fangame to be tossed back, but it's not anymore. It still starts roughly the same way as BBIEAL, but it starts following a much different and longer story, with more levels, more subjects and a lot more branched-out lore-related deep secrets to find, and starts becoming - and even does become - something one of it's own.

What are some things I should be aware of when I start playing AEWVS?

Firstly, unlike BBIEAL, it's not a "clean" game. Its pretty messy, actually. Here's Viktor's scrapped warning about AEWVS:

"Hello. Thank you for playing this game. But I should to warn you before you click play button: game contents loud noises, fast brightening lights, violence, swearing, offensive language, weird speech, weird English, crooked Photoshop, high-poly super mega HD graphics, and spooky moments. So, I warn you. Click "PLAY" button, and let's studying together, because knowledge is power."

Basically, the main thing to be aware of is that the game is intended for mature audiences. Don't get me wrong, 10 year olds probably play this, and personally I think that's fine enough.  But something that's unlisted to be aware of is the, um, sexual references. I didn't know how else to say it, but there are quite a few moderate sexual references throughout the game. Another unlisted thing you should probably know is that parts of the game are connected with satanism. So if you're a Christian like the person that created BBIEAL, you should know to prepare for satanic content and stuff. To be honest, I don't even understand the views of religious people but whatever. Oh and it has memes.

Content warnings out of the way, the game is intended for highly dedicated, creative and strategic players that are okay with lots of trial and error and always try new things, and are also good at analysing and considering hints. Plus, if you're not already a natural at quick, repetitive problem-solving already, the game will make you one. The game also has quite a bit of RNG, so please take that into consideration. Overall, the game really is advanced education,  letting aside the fact that it doesn't fully teach students about subjects (in fact the curriculum is rather shallow).

The game also gets updated regularly, so always come back and check for more updates. (If you've played AEWVS before, but at a much older version, try to see everything in a new light with a fresh perspective. A lot of things that may not have made any sense in an old version will work or make sense in a new one.) Yes, the development is slowing down, but we really are trying to encourage him to keep building on the levels. It might have even come to a halt had I not suggested making a Discord server to bring the community's remnants back together, so you should probably join that. Be careful though, because since it's a realtime general community chat room with new posts on the regular, people have started to become a lot more open and be weirdos. (I said that before by the way, but I said something else "deterring.")  Basically, be ready for literally anything, OK?

That's all you need to know! If you haven't noticed yet, they also have a Christmas Curse DLC, so go check that out. Also if you've seen the wiki about it, please help moderate it again so we can get back mrdrnose's trust on it. (Only canon content in articles please!) The comments will now be displayed below. If there's any above this one, this post will always be deleted and reposted at the top. Bye!

I don't think I can finish what I'm doing in time for AEWVS' anniversary

Also I have an opinion: every year, AEWVS should have a different event like the Christmas one since you obviously managed to pull that one off in just a month or two. Keep expanding the History Level's map though, that's the main thing.


im interested in developing the game for you

Hear that, people? We all wanna chip in. Because we also have a bunch of requests and concepts lol and plus, even without them, screwing around on UE4 with the laggy blueprints is probably already going to be too much for him

I'm done. I'm not doing this anymore.

What are you talking about?


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You posted something I imagine you're posting everywhere that's nothing to do with AEWVS. So, I advise that you leave as soon as you can before all of the other AEWVS fanatics come to yell at you, screaming about Viktor and all his stupid memes.

Also, that wasn't really a comment. I understand if you need to advertise, but seriously. This isn't the right place mate.

EDIT: Huh...It turns out you literally signed up 3 hours ago only to post on AEWVS, of all pages. Really, dude? Just because AEWVS has artifacts, it's truly relevant?

EDIT 2: Just looked up the email and it's apparently on "Scam Survivors"? Sigh, just...go leave and watch some videos on YouTube about people prank calling scammers. Before the people just come and threaten you with stupid memes while you just do nothing in response looking like a stupid loser. Seriously, it's not a good thing to happen.

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Looks like Angell's going on a big adventure! :D the way, i'd imagined you'd think this is fanart. well no. it's not fanart. don't put it in the game as fanart, i mean. if you want fanart, i could make some much better fanart in a few.

I completely forget what I was supposed to say, but consider this a teaser for something, I suppose. I don't know. But it's definitely taking me way too long to do since I have limited access at totally random times.

Also, if you read this, pls tell me what the heck is going on right now.

it's been 7 months since i last played this game x.x there are so many new characters, i'm so confused. i hope i will have time to explore all

Soooooo...(checks version history) Version 0.0.9?

Also since Version 0.1.1 is listed, I recommend you play that before going to Version 0.1.3...

9 more days until the anniversary of AEWVS!!! You know what I propose for a future build? RADAR MODE!!! It'll be a special reward cheat for beating the language level, and ONLY FOR BEATING THE LANGUAGE LEVEL. Radar mode is an optional mode available in all 3 levels where there will be a map of the current level the player is in, on the top right corner of the screen, showing the player where the characters currently are, in the form of identical red dots without specifying which dots are which characters to make it a little less obvious who each dot represents. Radar mode can be useful for better predicting Mr. Cleany-Clean and Marzia's paths and locations at different periods of time for when the player decides to scavenge for notebooks afterwards without the radar, as well as helping the player watch out for stupid jerk Head Teacher and silent stealth Viktor, especially in Braniac mode. It can also be used to locate the priest and die to him, at least when the death achievement or sanity mechanics are re-adjusted. Anyway, this cheat is just a reward for great progress and completion, not something available from the start. If it still seems too overpowering and easy to obtain and abuse, how about the player having to obtain a certain amount of achievements, probably 18 total, in order to unlock Radar Mode. I got the idea of Radar Mode from the radar cheat in Five Nights at Freddy's 4. Tell me what you all think of this special cheat reward down below. I hope Mrdrnose reads this and replies as well.

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I never beat the Language Level with the math notebooks before, mainly because I thought it was overwhelming. Of course, I didn't wear any headphones to listen to Marzia with, so yeah. If you're going to have the Radar Mode, you should really complete the level(s) 100% first. That way you can't cheat, or make it just as worth it as completing the level genuinely. oopswaitholdon

OK, look. Having a Radar Mode for AEWVS would be inexplicably unnecessary. I mean, for one thing, why would Angell just have psychic powers for no reason? Sure, she can time travel (as far as she goes at saving and loading at "checkpoints" - the Belt's completely immune to it though), but why would she just suddenly get psychic powers to overcome the quantum-based RNG in the game? Also, if you had Radar Mode, that would make the level unnecessarily easy. AEWVS is all about strategy-planning, exploration, curiosity and problem-solving, and if you could suddenly just have a Watcher's-eye-view of the realmic vicinity for no reason, that would kinda ruin it. Besides, one cannot experience great reward without great suffering, and I'm pretty sure Angell's entire life is supposed to hold true to that. So if you're going to have Radar Mode, you need to 100% the game as it is first, having done absolutely everything and found every secret. Then you might be granted some developer perks such as screwing around with the console, watching the map and disabling a bunch of sounds, NPC's and scripts. If that sounds like too much, you can progressively get more privileges with a bunch of restrictions of course - like being unable to get achievements while cheat mode is on.

Deleted post

Just sat there for eight consecutive minutes waiting for Phonty and holy hell dude, it made my heart pound for some reason. Ah dang, forgot to take a screenshot! Look at all the rubble...

...wait a minute, why doesn't he just walk directly towards you breaking ALL the walls?

Anyway I have another glitch for you

This is what happens if you stick a magnet on the side of a broken door.
Don't do that.




Technically, it is a fangame! So was Undertale (hence why it has enough similarities to make a game theory about Sans being Ness)! Got a problem with that?

Really though, please get back to me if you do have one.

Welp, seeing where we are here, I guess that means technically, Advanced Education is a fangame of Sonic's Schoolhouse! Wait, no. It's a fangame of evolution itself! But evolution was a fangame of science and probability...It all wraps back around to mathematics! Maybe you were a fangame of your...mother? Nevermind actually...don't take it personally, I mean you can all be decent people. But I'm just saying, since I'm guessing you didn't want to get back to me, so don't take this as accurate assumption.

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OMG, stop downvoting his comment. I know, AEWVS is SO brilliant and different, but of course people realise having a math teacher, that uses notebooks, and pursues at intervals, is going to practically be a ripoff of Baldi. But you never know...

Viktor might be doing that to put Angell off guard...after she fights a metapotent entity. Hmm...wait. Come on, it's obvious that's not gonna work. I mean, Viktor of all people should know how powerful Baldi is. So fighting a supernatural entity controlled by a powerful overwatcher is definitely going to be easier than fighting a metapotent entity that is actually quite a match for her and knows quantum mechanics while Viktor doesn't really.

Okay, look. I know. This is technically a fangame. So? Why are you getting so offended? Is it because you're all insistent it's not a fangame? Technically, it is! But generally, it's not, really! I realise AEWVS is something of a bootleg, but it's a pretty good one, at that! It may not be in the running to be the most half-original thing out there, but seriously, it's brilliant!

Anyway! Don't downvote his comment!

I mean, now the "THIS IS A FANGAME!!1!!1!" is pretty much an opinion now. It started out as an fangame, but now it is very different. Aside from the fact that Viktor is like Baldi, Cleany is like Sweeping Time, and Laura basically gives you detention too.

is fleshy boi still in the game or was he completely removed?

If you mean the Watcher, then yes. He was completely removed, because MrDrNose wanted to redesign him.


I did the 666 ending 

very spooky ending

Yay! Sum more action!

I JUST KNEW I WOULD FILL UP THE WHOLE PAGE WITH SPAM. Lol, that's what y'all get for not listening to me! (Maybe. I forgot what happened exactly (and I can't check now) but yeah.)

Anyway, it looks like you didn't clean up after you moved AEWVS: CC to another page, so, change the graphics back to how they were before, and...Take the "Christmas" tag out of this one. Also, it's pretty obvious now this isn't a dumb fangame of BBIEAL. Well, I mean, it actually is, but it's pretty independent now and doesn't necessarily need a direct connection to BBIEAL anymore. So I think you can take that tag out as well.

Anyway, bye!

OK so I have a few questions...

1: Why did you upload all of the AEWVS versions? (Somebody already did that in a link in Discord, by the way.)

2: Do you plan to keep them there forever or have specific times where all versions become available?

3: Why did you upload Version 0.1.0 twice? (I bet my life it was a mistake)

3.5: Also, why is there Version 0.0.9c but not Version 0.0.9? (Turns out I have both in my folder)

4: Did you read what I said at

5: is there anything new happening (stupid question, probably)

HOLY COW, I just got jumpscared by Viktor, Cleany and Granny all at the same time.


(1 edit) seems to have updated the layout.

Well, I don't like it, because now there are deleted posts between EVERY. MESSAGE. And all of them are of that message I always repost. Somebody help!


Hey look! More of head-teacher's kind, plus h-teacher herself!

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You found them from Admerex Edsa, didn't you?

Well, time for another Google Search...

i bet if the people that have Viktor and Laura's original, non-photoshopped bodies came across AEWVS, they'd be laughing SO much and make us look like even bigger losers. dang it

Wait, there are TWO versions of Laura's original sprite? Oh my flipping god...who edited these photos???

Welp. I found them.

Thanks to Google's reverse image search. I don't know why, but I'm starting to think I should not have done this. (And no, not just the Viktor quote.)


You know, Mrdrnose, instead of focusing so much on the minor insignificant details like the floor and wall textures, the voice lines, and the secrets in places like the past levels, you should probably focus more on expanding the history level's major architecture (more corridors and rooms that add to the notebook hunt, but not short-lived secret rooms), populating the empty history classrooms with copy-and-paste desks, chairs, wastebaskets, podiums, junk, and blackboards, as well as random common items in the classrooms, adding paintings to barren walls, providing Viktor's spawning room and a few of his notebooks, 2 or 3 new history notebooks with a new topic like Youtubers, historical and recent murders, science discoveries, US/World history, AEWVS update history, etc., you know, things you can do rather quickly in a short time span, but adds a more notable and significant change to the level's atmosphere and gameplay. If you can complete at least half of the recommendations I provided, the history level would already feel greatly different. If you're having trouble planning what the map layout should look like, try using the filled rectangle tool in Windows Paint to draw out your bird's-eye-view ideas for your maps (like how MIX, Devon, and I sketched out the top view of the entire language level). Don't worry about the Math and Language levels; they're already great as they are (except Braniac math) and we can all agree.

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That's literally what I was trying to tell mrdrnose all this time!

See, even Pluto Neon gets the idea! Oh, EDIT: AEWVS is local to Russia, not the USA. So you might wanna...yeah.


Hello, nice to meet you!

I am very happy to meet this game.
I especially like Viktor and Albert.
Recently I finally cleared the math level, but after all it is difficult.
The second stage linguistics level is also difficult, so I can not clear it yet ......

With all my gratitude, the fan art I drew.
Thank you for the nice game. I like this game very much.
I look forward to future updates.


Wow, you're good if you just came here. To this place.


Thank you!

I have read all the notices of your latest comment.
Very kindly.


Yeah, well, it's for everyone new here so they don't just see the game for what it used to be since it still has a lot of parts of what it was.


I'm happy waht you like it 😁  also very cool arts! you can upload them in descord #arts channel👀 (there's a big amount of different artists btw)


Thank you!

descord has never been done, and I am Japanese and sorry for the awkwardness 💦
For now, we have posted fanart on the #fanarts page.
I hope it's not wrong ... but I'm really sorry, thank you again!

Oh boy...somebody did a LOT with AEWVS in Japanese lol

AEWVS seems to have been secretly popular in Japan.  It's great.👌✨

Deleted post

would you do an APK Version if you could

What just happened...?

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