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"Help! I'm stuck. Could you lend me an axe?"

Also, I'm gonna do something big in a few.

Me: "Nope!" 😬 -takes Viktor's ax and runs- XD

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I finally managed to collect all 10 Language Notebooks on "Boi" mode and that son of a $#!@% MARZIA killed me!


I know the pain man. I can't even count how many times I died trying to beat it. It is totally worth it though. It feels amazing when you finally do it

Just try a few more times and you can do it. Never give up!


OMG OMG OMG OMG, i finally beat it thank the lord. I beat language!! Im so happy guys :D


My whole body is shaking and im crying.

Here is pic of level


AEwVS can gives unforgettable emotions)))

My big Congratz to You🍾🎂

U goin' 2 the leaderboard)


Thank you so much! Thank you for this amazing game. I also apologize for my outbursts and stuff. The language level was really tough. I feel really happy and accomplished now though. Totally worth it!! :)


Congratulation, zombieskull! 👏🎉🎊


Thank you guys so much for the congrats. You are all awesome. I love being a part of this fantastic community! And Thank you to the man who made the map layout for language that helped me a TON. I'm sorry Idk who made it but you know who you are.


MIX, me, and Devon.

Okay, I got every letter right and walked the longest way, so Marzia had to break a lot of doors down (which appearantly slows her down with every time) and I still couldn't put in the last friggin code in time. The last code has to be 0 or 10, otherwise Language Lil Puss seems impossible to me. This is kinda sad, because I think if I get this far on Boi difficulty, where I can actually use the shortcut, I could finally beat this level.


Maybe I can help. First I go to the area where the 9 door is and collect any Language notebooks there (It's easy to know which rooms there in thanks to the map here) and I put the codes on a separate online notepad so when I go back to wind up Phonty I can also put the codes in the elevator. Once I collect the 9th Language notebook, I go back and enter it into the elevator and wind Phonty for the last time.  That way during the final chase I only have one code to remember and enter into the elevator. I also collect any Flashbangs and stamina items just to be safe.

I was talking about the Little Puss mode. Thanks for the hints, but I got my own strategy (kinda). Right now, I think I have to change it a bit, because Headteacher always lets Marzia out of the first corridor since the last updates.


I've beaten "Lil Puss" mode with no trouble. Just enter all 9 codes into the elevator before the final chase. It's just that in some playthroughs some Notebooks spawn in rooms that are locked.

And as of this update Marzia can now open doors.

I entered all 9 codes. I guess I'm just too slow for this game... Yeah, I noticed that sometimes the notebooks are in the locked rooms. Really? Marzia opens doors by herself now? Great, now I have to change my entire strategy...

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Mrdrnose, you should add more sentences in the language Notebook , we have the same, it becomes too easy for the players.

We should begin with sentences like that in the first and second language Notebook : 

The dog will eat his croquettes

A car is being washed by my father

To be a good student I listen


Marzia has bought all the watermelons from the store

Work in a good mood, to work better

Mr.Cleany picks up the garbage

Doggo plays with children

Granny makes a cake and eats it with his family

Viktor cuts the cake with his ax

The Rose is Red and Wonderful

etc ...

After Marzia screams (HOW DARE YOU !!!!), sentences that were simple and normal become more complex,glaucous and  the last sentences have no logic like"IRAKEKFDJOIFEJFZOHURZFPO¨DSOHFUI¨ROZRIEUHRPËOZROJ ZFP"

Sentences after the 2nd Language Notebook  : 

Mr.Cleany pick up your body again.

You can't escape Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovsky

You can't run but you can give me your legs, it's the parts i prefer

When you will die !!!


The principal torture to the death

The dog will eat his babies

To be a good student I died

Granny makes a cake with the organs of her family

Children are devoured by Marzia

Work in suffering, for work better

Granny plants hes pick in your skull

Doggo devours childrens

A car crushed puppies

Before Marzia kills you, she eats Watermelons

If you feel bad, kill yoursel

Viktor cuts heads with his ax

The Blood is Red ans Wonderful

The more we collect notebooks, the more the sentences become glaucous.


I would have to politely and respectfully disagree with you. I think language is hard enough as it is. If anything i think the level needs to be nerfed in some way


yeah, but add more differents sentences. 


oof 7 edits

I wanted to add new sentences, and i know what i will add) but these long ones is too long, notebook line has a limited amount of letters.

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ok, cool

I'm getting close. Just collected 8 language notebooks on "Boi" mode and without Viktor's help before you know who killed me.


Some ideas for Marzia‘s chase theme (yes, it’s all from Silent Hill, but that’s just because Marzia reminds me of this game so hard)

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So cool, that's really well. I hope mrdrnose see this.

Yup. I think „Screamers revenge“ fits her best.


I imagine her screams.


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Alice (Chase theme) : 

Alice (Final Chase Theme) : "N0!!! PL34S3!!! D0N'T L34V3 M3!!! D0N'T L34V3 M3!!! 1L'L D13 W1TH0UT Y0U!!! 1 D0N'T W4NT T0 60 84CK T0 831N6 4L0N3 46A1N!!! 1 W1LL K1LL Y0U 1F 1T M34AN5 Y0U'LL 5T4Y H3R3 W1TH M3 F0R3V3R!!!" by Pluto Neon

This theme represents both the sadness and the addiction of Alice to the player. It's like you run for your life and in the same time, you feel bad for Alice. It's the perfect theme for me.

Yes! Those are both very good choices for chase themes for Alice. I love the part of Slender: The Arrivel when you’re in this mine and there‘s just this goosebumps causing music once you‘re chased, and the noises this little kid makes are just terrifying.


Found the song of the final chase with Marzia

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I hope he will change the song, it does not represent Marzia, this song rather gives off something positive.


Its supposed to be a chase music for Marzia, to get the players adrenaline running.

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yeah i know, but it's like a funny chase theme, we need for me a creepy final, chase theme i suggest this : (If you have idea,  help me find another final chase theme who represent Marzia).


I guess this works...but do remember, AEwVS is a horror/comedy game, and the game likes to balance out horror and comedy. For example, the characters are trying to murder you, but they tend to be silly and weird at times, like Marzia with her watermelon obsession and Viktor forgetting about his objectives because someone threw a muffin on his jacket.


that's true, but the end should be horror.

You begin with something comic which is gradually transformed into horror


My adrenaline is already running during the final chase, and it’s not because of the music. 😅




How do you know?


The new menu says Marzi V******** when you go on language




I'm sure everyone knows this, but did you know that in the "Boiling in the Cauldron" death screen there's a third unknown person with the Headteacher and Mr. Mix. At first I thought it was Alice, but the legs are far too detailed to be her. (Also, the fact that she says people rarely visit her too)


thats marzia

There also too detailed to be Marzia's either

hmmm let me (a streamer that im watching) investigate


no, thats actually marzia xd


It seems that MIX read this and purposely died by Mr. Mix to see who it could be in his latest stream. He too says it might be Marzia and seemly found someone else hiding in the death screen.

Yup, it‘s definitely Marzia on that screen. I wonder if Alice even gets food...


That is 100% marzia. The legs are the same. Compare them.


Mrdrnose, where does Marzia go while you are in the bunker?  I need to know asap!


IDK but you yourself somehow told me that when you go into the Red and Rusty rooms, Viktor just wanders as close as he can to the doors that you entered. So I think Marzia does the same thing.


I made different face expressions for Alice as well (got inspired by the post of Pluto, I have no idea how I should make the face sprite for Nightcrawler Alice, though). Now I just need to create the second level map and the events that are going to happen there. I will also add more endings to my fan game. Shouldn't take long before it's ready to get updated. And I hope that I get more feedback than last time, and that some more people actually play this game. I'm just doing this for you guys.

I'm live streaming AEWVS v0.0.9, come watch me live at:


Made stuff on a slide in post. Marzia mechanic related.

Basically: Distance and volume you can hear Marzia change depending on how fast she's currently going. Faster means more noise from a further distance.


  • Walk - Think Boi difficulty, only 1 wrong character, not looking at Marzia. She's stealthy as usual.
  • Pace - Think Boi difficulty, 6-8 wrong characters, looking at Marzia. Gives herself away slightly when moving at this pace at all.
  • Sprint - Think Boi difficulty, 18+ wrong characters, looking at Marzia. Can easily detect a mile away, especially looking down long hallways.

Picture Piece: Cuz y knot?

My partial attempt at making Marzia tolerable in language level. Specifically the "running down a long hallway and not having enough time to look away" situation. Doesn't necessarily mean you can always look away in time, just gives a better chance.

Don't know if there's a way to perfectly change noise radius and step volume based on precise numbers, not just intervals/levels. Or is this in the game already?

Other issues include: Marzia around corners late-game, soft-sounded door camping.


I wonder what is the maximum average number of codes you can input into the elevator during the final chase before Marzia catches you, because I don't want to risk going all the way back to the elevator very late  in the game after 7-9 notebooks and risk an ultrasonic Marzia ostrich charge with Doggos encounter at the same time. I hope you can put like 4 or 5 codes maximum in the final chase of boi mode.

When I tried last time, it felt like you could do it with 2-3 numbers left during the final chase. But if you have to put in 3 numbers, it can be very, very close.


I was able to put 2 codes in during chase on Brainiac difficulty. Not 0 or 10...

With the limited number range, I think it's possible to put 5 in at once on lower difficulties. Key door shortcut and quick fingers needed.


In Lil Puss Language, I don't think Marzia should be mad if you solve all of her notebooks correctly.

Also, everyone refers to her as Marzia Sin Brazos all the time. Do you wanna just keep it that way and make it canon?


i am agree, what mean "Sin Brazos" ?

"Sin Brazos" means "without arms" in Spanish. Was it Spanish?


And today we reached 100 followers. Great anniversary)


Great anniversary ! 


And now, we see a scramble of the century, battle of two titans, two temigods! This will be an unforgettable sight! Are You ready?!

Marzia VS Baldina

Who is Your schoice? Select Your fightet XD


Wat da fack is a Baldina? Marzia is definitely going to win. She can swallow a human body within two seconds.


Baldina gave me cancer.




Marzia is the best 

Marzia is de queen. XD All hail Marzia!

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Thanks for updating again, you've improved Granny's jumpscare.

I suggest you add a jumpscare for the kangoroo animatronic, like Five Nights at Freddy and one for the  manekin who does not stop chasing the player.

Besides, I advise you in the future to improve the graphics of the manikin and Marzia. Even if i love them, i know you can do better than that.


Kangoroo? Maybe Doggo?

And graphics needs more time to wait.

Anyway thx for these comments, it really helps me, thx for support)

Keep up the good work and do your best to improve the language level! You should definitely try to make the final chase with Marzia really creepy.

It's a canine, not a kangoroo XD


ah xd


Why didn't Viktor stop Marzia? I wanted that achivement... 😢


Viktor must be disappointed that you played the language level on Lil Puss difficulty. So he just left during final chase...

Oh. That makes me sad... 😢


I didn't mean it like that...


I know. 😅 It's also funny because I could imagine Viktor being like that. xD


I will fix thad door and doggos glitch, and i add difficult achievements for langiage level. Today i can't, i really busy.

But for lil puss achievement exists, before getting 10tu notebook, enter other nine, then get 10th notebook and quickly run to elevator and enter 10th number.

Also when Marzia breaking doors, she slows down.


2 math notebooks usually spawn in Doggos room, I haven't seen them in the past several runs. Not even once.


Two? I usually only find one. 🤔


I think the spawns are broken.


Maybe 🤷‍♀️


When you throw a muffin at Viktor and it misses


That happened to me once, when I had 9 notebooks. Luckily I had a second muffin to throw.

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mrdrnose, (yeah i know i'm a big talker :x), have you plan for Marzia ?

I do not want to be a stalker, tell me if you're fed up

"Plan for Marzia" is what i will add in future?

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yes, i mean project for Marzia 


I want to add achievements to every lsnguage difficult modes, add interior to doggos room, do something with bunker, and add some secrets to language.

Cool, but you need to improve Marzia mecanic when she is near the player and Marzia final chase mecanic. 


yeah I definitely agree Marzia needs some changes

mrdrnose, is it possible that the notebooks in lil puss mode in language level can sometimes be in the rooms you can’t enter, because you need the key which doesn’t spawn? If so, it would be better if you just leave these doors open.


Oh, and Doggos can spawn and kill you as well in little puss mode, in case you didn't know.


I will fix it and doggos, i will open these doors.

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OMG I just realised something...

Viktor Hugo Strobovski = VHS

Marzia Sin Brazos = MSB (not as sure)



Well Marzia's name is made up by Saucy Jack, it's not an official name.

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My god, I KNEW I saw MSB before! But Marzia's official name doesn't look like it's gonna be Marzia Sin Brazos.

it stood for megalo strike back...


Noice 10/10

fukin' 0str1ch furry

I'm cringing so hard...

I lost my gas mask and can't put ones in my inventory, how can I get them back?

Try downloading the game again?

Didn't work, rip me, I don't know what to do.

You just can't put items to belt? Or can't get items from belt?

I can put items in the belt, but they don't appear in it next time you load the map.

I will see what i can do. I don't touched belt logic, this is strange.

I was wondering what music did you use for level 3 with alice


This music from Pilot Red Sun, it not final music and it can changed.

Can you please tell me what Viktor's final chase music is?


I want to know, i tried to find it, i use different programs that can recognize music, but they don't have that sound in data base.

Yeah, I also tried finding it with programs that recognize music. But I thought you might know since you put the music in the game. 😅


This should play when you complete the full game

Yep XD

I wanted Marzia to come after me in language little puss mode... I should not have wished for that. XD I did not expect her to show up and hunt me, once I collect all of her notebooks.

I give up, its too fucking hard. There is so much rng and i always get so close i spend 15 or so minutes getting to the last notebook then i die to something stupid. Mr cleny clen pushing me into marzia. Mariza just charging at me in a milisecond down a long ass hallway. Marzia glitching and killing me when she was not near me during the chase. I can go on and on but i will not simply cause i am too tired to do so. I cannot beat this level. I cant do it. I give up.

Also there is too much RNG involved imo, there is no skill or planning because anything can happen and f you up


I can add notebook spawn by seed. And Marzia's sounds volume will depends on difficulty.


Thanks for listening. I apologize for the rant i had. I was very fustrated. That was after like 10 attempts and dying to the stupidest stuff. One of them was a glitch during the final chase


I feel your pain, man. Just never give up. You also told me to never give up and now there are difficulty selections, so I will definitely give it a few more tries!


Thanks absol :)


I made a face sprite for Alice as well.

I'm also going to make one for her nightcrawler form.


That one looks quite chubby, don't you think?

Alice is supposed to be about as thin as Marzia.

Nah, I don't think it's chubby. Looks fine to me. 🤔 Maybe I could make her arms a bit more thin


Me when I'm doing the math level for achievements and I see cleany charging at me about to push me into Viktor:

Image result for skeleton memes



This is scarily accurate

Deleted post

It is 1  minute long lol


I have nothing against the pussy mode, but I just had an illumination for its utillity in the game. The pussy mode is the original game before it becomes a horror game.

My idea is that we start the level normally, where a teacher presents the rules, everything goes well, except that the more we advance in the game, the more the teacher or we become weird (insult, threat), we see ghosts a bit like Albert who recommend that we escape as quickly as possible and the sets that change as and when. We go into another dimension, then we come back in our dimension, a little like Outlast 2. One of the events that I mentioned triggers every time we solve a notebook. After collecting all the notebooks in the original mode (pussy), the horror game begins.

For the other difficulty, I would simply put easy, normal and difficult (of course write your way). A bit like Outlast

You should honestly delete the drawings of your fans in the second level, and you put other things in the place, to see these drawings it would be enough to unlock the extra mode, after finishing the game.

Your game is fine but you should make it much more scary, if you want some examples do not hesitate to look at my latest comments, and the comments of your fans as devon who also gives good ideas.

I know you're the creator of this game, I have nothing to say about it, but these are tips from a fan, free to decide.

Good luck and I hope this game will have the glory it deserves

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In the game, it sounds like Viktor is intentionally babying you because he knows you aren't playing the real game. The questions are a bit more difficult, but it's just very relaxed. Then he tells you to puss off and get out of his school for being such a wussy. ALL the other staff members stayed away because they think "ugh, what a loser."

(1 edit) (+1)

I know, but it's an horror game,there is no point in this mode, it's a bit like Mojang who adds the polar bear while everyone wants new slabs in Minecraft. the players don't care, of course this is only an opinion. The game may be comic (a little) but it must be more terrifying than comic.

My theory is that lil puss mode takes place on a saturday, the teachers are just there because they still have a bit of work to do. And you're there because punishment or something? But the teachers are chill with you, because it's not even school, it's saturday! Maybe Viktor already drank a bit of vodka and that's why he's so chill.  😅

(1 edit) (+1)

If you want, but that's too cute. Because when you died in the game, you died in the game. So no Saturday.


I think little puss mode is good as it is now. It's nice to have a mode of the game where everything is chill, so you can memorize the map and think about strategies while walking around the floor with nothing to take care of.


I died to literally fucking nothing. I was doing the final chase and marzia was in running away mode cause i flashed her before last notebook and then out of nowhere i die she was not even anywhere near me she was running away from me. Im actually tempted to just give up. I cant fucking do it


Try it again but don't flash bomb Marzia, I think that is your issue.

And she can cut the road, it happened to me when i wants to finish the level. I was scared as F.

And she ignoring flash bombs and watermelons during the final chase.

Before doing 10th notebook enter previous 9 values, ane remember last value, and on map exists straight way to start, then run and Marzia will not cut rlthe road, then just enter last value, remember numbers positions, for example: 5 on middle, 0 and 10 on end and start.

(1 edit) (+1)

Mrdrnose, thank you for the update, for Marzia, when she gets closer to the player, we should hear her run, since she has heels and what would be the icing on the cake, it would be that she pursues a shrill cry or a sound of breathing (breathing of someone running) when she is a few meters away from us.

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