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Read this, newcomers. If you want me to stop, negotiate. ...Please. I'll see if I can get MrDrNose to put some of it's points on the game description. I'm not even going to be ambiguous about it anymore...I think I'll just kind of say it straight. I want players to really know what they're doing without just watching their YouTube videos, facepalming and watching them move on deciding it's too difficult or out of the norm. And believe me I want to push it in.

MrDrNose there are some things you should do before the next update I've written at the bottom.

So, the character roster is nearly finished. All the characters from AEWVS besides Robot Santa/DedMoroz_20k have been drawn at least once. Spoilers will be shown in the reply and there are minor spoilers here but they stay on point so I think they're safe for players of any kind who know anything about AEWVS and BBIEAL.

It's TestDithered, 1st Prize, Arts and Crafters, It's a Bully, Playtime, Gotta Sweep, Principal of the Thing, Professor Baldimore, Angell, Helpscreen, Viktor Hugo Strobovski, Marzia "Sin Brazos" V@@@@@@@@, Alice Loiza Freudenmacher, Head Teacher Laura, Mr. Cleany-Clean, Grandmother, Erie the Great Librarian, Mr. Mix, Phonty Phonograph, Puppet, Doggos, Priest, Gregory, A, FAD, AB, F, W, the large and small Gingerbread-Men, Party Playtime, Party Gotta Sweep, Principal of the Party, Party Baldi, Dark Ronald Viktor, Natural Viktor, Evil Viktor, Tiara-Possessed Alice, Cat Laura, Gardevoir Laura, Evil Laura, Evil Cat Laura, Mega Gardevoir Laura, Hurt Cleany, Jenny Erie, Homer Mix, Evil Mix, Cat Phonty and Smile Wolf. Still have Cloudy Copter, Chalkles and F2 left, as well as a few other forms and costumes.

Here are some notes.

  • TestDithered was pretty much the only character that was actually dithered, since I wanted to stay true to his name and after trying to dither Baldi, it never worked out. He didn't look right.
  • 1st Prize was pretty much fully replicated from the original sprite, but I don't know if I'll have to do it again so it can have it's wheels in line with the floor and not just be flat like the other characters.
  • Principal of the Thing was actually wearing a dithered yellow bowtie this whole time and everybody just thought it was a fat neck, according to Micah. So I decided to actually go and do it. When I first did him, there was no way I could've even got a fat neck on there to begin with.
  • Viktor got some shades added to his shirt which you may have seen before.
  • Laura has the most forms of all, with a normal and evil version of the old, new, cat and costume designs.
  • Mr. Mix was done back when Angell had no ears. Well, that changed.
  • Phonty was going to be redone and have the new one added, as well as the active version of the old one, but I tried extracting files from AEWVS with UModel and it didn't find any game files. I tried some earlier versions, and guess what? It did recognise game files for the older versions. What's going on there? Anyway I think the wiki has one, but I'll have to get to that in a bit.
  • Apparently only four characters from BBIEAL had party decorations, except for It's a Bully who had "THIS IS A PARTY" written next to him which I ignored.
  • Natural Viktor had some sort of volcanic-style pattern, and yes, I copied it accurately. It has so many subtle colour changes that thanks, you'll hate it when you try and look. Just hope I don't miss any when I make more sprites for it in the future.
  • Evil Viktor had his axe altered, in case you've ever seen it. I think you did when I showed you all that teaser where Viktor was snoozing with his clothes and axe on the floor and Angell was sitting with a bag of chips using a notebook. So I think that one works.
  • Tiara got some of her tentacle claw things redone, so now they look smoother and better. So glad I did that.
  • Cat Laura was never taken out the game so far, and she was even used instead of the normal one in some places, so I decided to just go and do it as well. It was kind of quick.
  • Laura had her heads with and without the headset fixed.
  • Mega Gardevoir Laura's dress was redone again and fixed. I think it looks better now.
  • Smile Wolf had no progress done. But now that I think the source image only has his head, I think I'm free to just go and fill the rest of it in. I have to do the side view before the front view so the dimensions are consistent. Found some wolf models I'll try to copy.

So here are some things you should do before the next update:

  • Bring back normal Laura and make the cat costume optional or something.
  • Get rid of the Christmas tag, as well as that extra game tag. We get it lol. And make the homepage dark again, like it used to be.
  • Find a way to only make Versions 0.1.4 playable to people who've found the secrets, with a password or a detection mechanic or something similar. I've made some suggestions in the New Year's Update post.

It was so quiet here...until people started posting and breaking the silence. Oh well. At least it's not so quiet now, I guess.

somebody send me this for viktor strobovski film 2020

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*sigh* What are your plans now...?

And who's even making the movie?

Oliver Phelps is playing as me you know him from Harry Potter was playing as George Weasley Oliver Phelps is going to be me

You can stop blocking me and suit your fuck up

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Major deep spoilers ahead.

Log in before you scroll down or just go and read it.

So here's the rest of them.

Here's some more notes.

  • Angell had her hair pushed back, since it covered things up, and she also has a fold in her dress now. I figured we needed somewhere to hide the Belt artifact.
  • Follower is now pretty much complete, and I think I did pretty well. Basically I shrunk it, made the colours completely monochrome and filtered them. But I had better plans than that, oh yes.
    I also went and drew an oval under it, drew a squiggly line over it, took away the oval, filled in the line, and then started adding the meticulate colours by hand. And it actually blends in really well! So I think self-teaching really works, but it's taking a while, actually. Like, it's been 5 years now. oh my gosh.
  • Watcher has the least amount of colours of all of the characters, and I'm not going to take it away until there's another Watcher design to draw. So it'll stay for now.

There's another character anyway. Nutcracker.

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Is Nutcracker the character

And yes I am aware of the mechanical orb and cat.

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I found Smile Wolf. I think.

It's strikingly similar to the existing Smile Wolf sprite and I couldn't really find another one like it.

So now we've found Viktor, Marzia, Alice, Laura, Cleany, Granny, Smile Wolf, Gregory and Watcher.

Your secrets aren't gonna stay hidden for long unless you never release those Blender models and we never get access to all the sources LOL.

You should have another somewhat creepypasta character like Mr. Mix. But of course not one of those blatantly straight ones like Jeff. Just maybe something to balance out all those new Blender characters you've been making.


I just recently played the new update and I gotta say... props to you for making this game still scary even though I have played it many times now lol. As the title says, the scares never do stop!

Thank you very much for coming back to this game! I hope you keep trying to beat math, because the game continues with language after that. And there’s dozens of secrets to find and achievements to get. You might as well could join the Discord server, if you want. Link is above. viktor strobovski movie 2020

If this is not a fan game why is this Baldi but scary

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It actually is, if MrDrNose is at all a fan or indifferent to BBIEAL, according to definition. (There's no need to argue with that if it proves to be a good one, people.)

And I know it has too much in common with BBIEAL but after a while it gets pretty unique. Generally I'd say it's more serious and in-depth than BBIEAL (although it also isn't sometimes because Viktor is canonically a memer like MrDrNose).

But MrDrNose said dozens of times that he isn't a fan of Baldi. He just got inspired by it.

Hmm...I don't really know if I can take that in but I guess that's fair enough.

It's not Baldi but scarier. If this was Baldi, it would be, well, Baldi. It would be just another mod, but it's not. somebody send me me this for viktor strobovski movie


You don’t Even care 

Try again... IF YOU DARE 

boo Baldi is more better than you

okay normie🗿

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I'm fairly certain that that's a largely inaccurate reaction of the average person conforming to the norm.

Also, what is it with you and that statue head? It seems like it's the new AB

As the comment - so the reply 🗿🗿

And which statue head?

That one

Oof you mean emoji

Yeah, but this is a bit different emotion

They added an onion emoji but it's not in the all devices yet

Deleted 1 day ago

Do you want to tell us why you think Baldi is better or do you just want to leave a useless comment?

yes I do,

1. This game is just a rip off (or fan game).

2. Baldi's BASICS feels like the nostalgia of the 90's while this game is just 90's but it feels like a sonic exe 3D game 

3. Baldi has more fans

4. More YouTubers play Bbieal than Aewvs 

5. This game is just copying Baldi (like I say in 1.)

6. This game is impossible at least Baldi is giving a easy start ("baby steps")

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1. Yes, while it is, indeed, somewhat a ripoff amalgamation, it's also so much more than that.

2. I don't think this game is "just 90's" (like, some of the things featured in the game are way too new) and I've played a Sonic3D.exe game and let me tell you, it is nothing like that. It's even slower than AEWVS, despite being more simple AND forcefully lowering the resolution. Have you played many horror games other than Sonic.exe? You know, in this game, you're actually the shining light of hope, while in Sonic.exe, you're the one being attacked and played with for no more reason other than a devilish god's fun. And in the meta sense, too.

3. Yeah, and Sonic has more fans too. Looks like Baldi ripped off Sonic too, but that was actually quite original.

4. What do you expect from such a game of any kind? I'm also trying hard to neutralise that. Version 0.0.1 (the first alpha) was so new and different, but also what you'd expect of a generic "fangame" of it's kind that they played it once and ditched it for more trendy and important things to play. As it's been abandoned, MrDrNose kept going at it and piling stuff onto it to push it closer to completion and make it the best game it can be. As for the plans to bring the game all the way back to relevance again, I have ideas.

5. I know, the gameplay premise, notebooks, math teacher, grey rule enforcers, sweeping janitors, vending machines, quarters, soda, chocolate and stamina are pretty much all the same, which is why even newcomers judge it to be so similar (that's pretty much what they show you at the start). I'm not even going to count the amount of things that aren't, especially the part where Baldi "dies" bloodily.

6. This is ADVANCED education. I've played this game for so long that every time I play it, I blitz the arithmetic and see the part where you pick up the calculator and press the buttons as detrimental (apart from in the overly difficult questions). I can beat the Lil Puss and Boi modes without one.

God, stop calling this game a rip-off. A rip-off are those stupid mobile baldi amalgamations. This game right here is a masterpiece.

(1 edit)

OK...I think there's something we don't get.

I was supposed to keep it away from everybody about how really the only original things are the layout of the game as well as some of the Blender models and other things. All the other graphics and soundtracks are either copyrighted, stock or searched, with some edits on some of them. So I didn't even say anything last time I talked about AEWVS under a similar comment and you said a thing. Anyway yes, it still is technically an amalgamated rip-off, but honestly I don't care about that. I just try to say and argue things as they are, regardless of whether I care or not, and I'm pretty sure that's the case here.

Pretty much the only real original sound file is the Watcher's line in Christmas Curse, and as for the 26 characters, only 6 or so of them weren't based on or taken from anywhere. Just imagine all those people and soundtracks mashed together in a somewhat coherent way.

After learning how undone the game was in this way, I got past that anyway because I seem to always get over things. Remember the first time I saw Viktor "without the mask" as well as the rest. And yeah, those games are probably bigger ripoffs since they just mod it and put random characters in that pretty much make it cringy for the same reason (like come on, why be seriously involved in a silly mod by a young person when you have a much more important role to fulfill? Characters are hopeless nowadays.) and also barely do anything to make themselves as deep, unique or even thousandth-bothered as AEWVS.

If you don't get my point yet, try and be specific, I guess.

You know I actually do appreciate this thing. If I didn't, I wouldn't feel outcast and lonely enough to make an entire comment detailing plans on how to make this game more popular. This is, like, quite underrated, and it's been nearly 2 years. You know, for a game that took only a few months to work on in the start it's surprisingly deep. Anyway, I don't really know what else to say. *sigh* It's like I'll never be able to think of the right thing to say to say my peace. I've tried saying a lot but I'm still apparently in the wrong here. And I can barely think because this mobile's making the text box really narrow so that doesn't help. But like why am I just never getting anywhere? Do you think I bother to care about all the dumb and confusing things about AEWVS as opposed to all the good things?

Like we even argued about the spoilers when I said a lot of things were very well-hidden and should stay that way for good reason. Players shouldn't even know the characters even exist before they become suspicious, and they should be led to do that on their own, not have the community show them everything or anything and ruin the suspense and oblivion (though, to be fair, MrDrNose evidently barely cares how well he hid them either, so he does he I guess). Those were very good secrets but nobody cared.

I don't even really know what to do or say anymore but like, *sigh* just...don't, like...

(sits for 8 minutes in silence)

OK I know I'm supposed to say something but I've pretty much run out of things to say. Please tell me I've said all my points successfully. I've read this comment several times trying to see if I missed anything. I don't really want to keep doing this. I just hope I can get to an understanding soon...

You know what? If you only care about the popularity or originality of a game and don't appreachiate ones inspiration, creativity and work, stop commenting on this page.

Know what I’m more better than you this is going to scare you 

Well you clearly lied...

Seen that before anyway.

i did not lied

Well I don't think that actually scared anybody here...

(1 edit)

If you're a newcomer, read this. I'm not exactly sure how else to get them to know what's going on and generally what AEWVS is like besides doing that. To be honest, I think I'll be lucky if people read the top comment, and I make sure I keep putting it before all the others so that people read it before the rest. It's supposed to behave like a pinned comment, not a piece of spam I have to keep shouting every time anyone has anything to say. It's why I put some information about the below comment on top of the comment before I even get to the call for attention. I have some questions for MrDrNose, so if you're reading this, I have two questions, both of which I think I know the answers to but I want to confirm. The first is more significant.

1: Do you think my general understanding of the premise and gist of AEWVS is correct? (It's in the notice.)

2: Are you at all a fan of BBIEAL?

Alright, anyway, now for something completely different. By the way, I won't just leave you here with only somewhat unrelated stuff, so some more AEWVS sprites will come later. Anyway, here you go.


So yes. I only had Watcher, Gregory and Smile Wolf to go, all of which sounded quite tedious, so I decided to just screw it and do some BBIEAL sprites. I did the first six characters in the game. It's a very cursed thing to do to break multiple characters out of their default poses, but it's not like other people haven't done it before, so I think it's fine. Now, I know SO many other people have done them before, and really this should be on their page (and it will be, but I don't think it's even going to matter because of the amount of random things users post there, so why even bother until I get to the fanart?), but I'm trying to nail them all down, especially since I'm the only one ever to do any AEWVS sprites besides...uh...well, there's MrDrNose, AbsolLover666 and whoever made every single one of the base sprites. Um... By the way, I think some of these guys are way too obsessed with Undertale. Stop it with your Sans and genocide crossovers and do something different for once
Anyway, Arts and Crafters looks disproportionately large, but I checked the height and stuff. Baldi also has a height fairly similar to Viktor's, so that's good. I'm not sure how I'm going to measure Cloudy Copter and Chalkles, and also getting 21 answers wrong and 4 doors reached is quite hard since losing him is just as so. In fact, I measured Playtime and the Arts and Crafters on YouTube even though there is only ONE Art and Crafter which makes absolutely no sense, and A&C was very difficult to do since the sprite had no dithering at all and also the videos reduced the quality of the motion. Generally, it seemed like A&C was twice the height between the ground and the eyesight line. Also I know Gotta Sweep has gotta be skewed instead of straight, but I'll probably get to that later, if at all. Now, I'm not even a 90's kid, but replaying BBIEAL after a while was actually quite nostalgic somehow. Seems like anything can be nostalgic if you leave it for a while and then come back to it and look at it the way you looked at it when you first played it. You know, Mystman12 specifically made a rule in which only Baldi is allowed to end the game, which is why all the characters are so...clever and unique. Imagine if it was the same in AEWVS, or other characters in BBIEAL also did it if you made them too angry.

Anyway, since you all seem to insist on Laura remaining in her cat costume, I did that as well. Seriously, I think she should really go back to normal sometime soon...

Oh, right, and I also did Tiara months before I even knew her name.

There's kind of a strange trend in AEWVS where more females have personalities and leading roles over time than males. I think. It's very evident in the Christmas Curse event where they're pretty much acting like a pack of lions. Laura, Erie and Angell are all doing stuff while meanwhile Mix, Cleany, Phonty and Viktor are just hanging out in the Cafeteria/Dining Room just not even doing anything. I mean, Viktor is working but he's as good as absent in the somewhat empty room until he miraculously knows all the decorations are in place. Just as miraculously as he always knows where you are - as do all the other characters.

There might be something else I want to say, but either way, I've forgotten it. There's kind a problem with me when I'm doing these posts. I just abruptly run out of things to say and end it. Remember last time. Urgh. Maybe it's just that I put all the details at the start, or something. I was going to talk about my plans for the curriculum but the tables don't look too appealing anymore. I just don't know. I wish I could have a smoother exit transition.

(4 edits)

Right, once the spam is gone, hopefully we can still get people to get what AEWVS is really about. The notice is here. I probably won't stop until you find a better way or MrDrNose does it.

In hindsight, I think I realise what's happening is that not only is it that I don't like people to be misinformed or out of the know, but I want to connect everything together and get in as much information as possible. Since I have ADD summarising is a nightmare.

if this is not a fangame why is it so much like baldi but better in being scary?

(1 edit)

The only thing this game has in common with Baldi is collecting notebooks. It’s not a fangame, because MrDrNose is not a fan of Baldi, he was just inspired by it. This game has multiple endings in both levels, a third level is being in development. There’s a lot of achievements to get and secrets to find. The challenge to get everything in this game is big enough to keep you going for months. Also, this game has awesome music. And yes, it’s way scarier than Baldi, which makes it a great, but sadly underrated horror game. Oh, and MrDrNose is working on 3D sprites for every character.

Advanced education with Viktor Strobovski is more better than baldis basics 

(1 edit)

Wait, that doesn't make sense either.

--Hope you all got my point at least...


Great, I’m trying to get people to play this masterpiece and you just have to destroy everything with you big ass, useless responses. Also, could you stop putting you stupid AtTeNtIoN nEw PlAyErS message at the top all the time. It’s not just annoying me anymore, it’s pissing me off.

(3 edits)

That was annoying you the WHOLE TIME and you didn't tell me?

Welp...this is just the problem with being in oblivion for a long time...aaaa

Anyway it's pretty relevant and anybody who doesn't comment won't receive a reply from you, which means they won't get what AEWVS is about and they'll just probably ditch it (and I've seen a few videos unnoticed by the main community) so...I guess I'll cut most of it out, but if you don't like it, you should probably just get MrDrNose to make a more specific description. This isn't a standard fangame and without me or you, nobody's going to tell. Also I don't really care if MrDrNose gave up on it...

By the way it's supposed to act like a pinned comment rather than something I have to repeatedly shout every time anyone says anything.

Oh, right, and, I just can't take it when people make such wrong assumptions, though one of them is still in pending. I'll get to that in a bit.


By masterpiece, you mean Viktor Strobovski? is it that good?

Yes, you should definitely check it out!

(1 edit)

Okay. SO!

Hello again peeps. It's been a while but I did a bunch of things with the sprites again while you were gone.

Firstly, this weirdo.

In some ways, the new update was good. It allowed me to measure the Priest who otherwise just kept teleporting everywhere and never just stayed where I wanted him, even though I made him kind of longer because he looked like the size of Angell when I was done. Discerning his face thingy was a nightmare but whatever, I did it anyway. He actually doesn't look too bad despite being a worse character than Doggos, who only has a look and a certain behaviour, and that's it. At least Doggos had a discernible personality and a soundtrack! Anyway, I also did a bunch of other stuff. I made the Gingerbread-Man smaller. It might still be jumbo-sized in terms of culinary size, but at least I maxed it out without taking away any details. Also I forgot to decorate their feet so I did that too.

Anyway, the other thing I did is in the reply which has spoilers, so I'll continue there.

So yeah. Um...wshwshwshwshwshwshwsh...I only have two characters (and two other unfinished ones) left to go before I finish all the default front views of all the characters. I'll also do some ones from BBIEAL when I'm done and then I'll do some stuff. Oh yeah, and now I have to do Robot Santa/DedMoroz_20k who I think is just for fun and shouldn't really be all that serious or canon since generally I just feel like Version 0.1.4b is a mess. Which, of course, it is, since it's "unplayable", an alpha, and just hasn't been polished, you know. So, um, yeah. Bye! Yeah I couldn't think of much to say.


(Like, big time. Read the notice above (when I post it).)

Anyway, so I also did the Follower, which I have plans for other than to just shrink it, purify the colour channels and staircase the colour curves.

I didn't really like it's flat bottom, so I decided I would curve it. I also figured it has blobby things at the bottom, which I'm working on now.

Finally managed to play this bit. It was really fun! But I didn’t find all of the new stuff, because I had no idea you can just try typing other things. I thought you had to find a way from the Untitled3 map to the other Untitled maps. Anyway, I’ll record this again once I’m with my friend again. This version only works on her computer, since mine is crap. It has a bad graphic card and it’s also pretty old. That’s why this version isn’t running on my computer and I can’t just record it at home.

Oh, I thought you watched some of M_U_G's streams. Whatever, they were pretty long anyways. 5 hours and stuff.

I wanted to experience this myself and didn’t want to spoil myself.

(2 edits)

Wait, hang on...

(Spoilers, you've been warned)

Hey guys, I think - what if, Marzia was mostly just a walking stomach mouth and that mask on her head was just to adorn her with some humanoid looks? Or her head was just so she could see, smell, listen, think and communicate? In fact, mouths are mostly for eating, and we only communicate with them because our mouths happen to be quite variable in it's range of phonemes. Why does she really have a mouth?

What if she's an artificial/experimental lifeform?

Anyway, now for something different. You know that random door in the middle of the massive ground in the Untitled2 map? You should try breaking it. It keeps going around and around trying to get out of the floor but only moving on the X and Z axes. It's really fun!

1 347 848135


The end of the series about my theories of Viktor’s past and the past of some other characters.

Warning! It contains some spoilers.


Well I'll succumb to it if you don't tell us what it is!

(5 edits)

Aaaaaaaaaaaayou know what? No worries...

I deleted only duplicates🗿


MrDrNose, i have been following this game for a year. It is amazing, fantastic and really fun to play. It took me 50 hours to beat it and i am glad it did, please get motivated to develop this. I love this game and would love to follow it until the end.


You can check Discord and Twitter if you want to see whatever he's up to. He should really do more livestreams even though I'm not the kind of person to watch things like that. Unreal Engine seems to lag so much that I doubt he'll do it though. He should get Patreon or something. Also, if you're in interested, you can read my revival plans in order to make AEWVS popular again.

He's/She's already in Discord, there's someone called "Noli" in it. Same profile picture.

I know PopSoda's already there. I think. I guess they just like to make a bunch of public statements. I just hope MrDrNose reads all the comments.


Holy Gods! The fights in the comments are hilarious.

(1 edit) (+1)

Now you're following me too? Darn. Anyway, I wouldn't call these conversations "fights". You can participate if you want.

I am not following you, i just found all the "conversations" about a non existing Rick Astley game very silly and fun to read.

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Well you did follow me on Itch

(1 edit)

Main theme of the game goes like : Viktor viktor viktor, storg. Viktor strobonvskiy, viktor stribog viktor strong, viktor's no strobovski, viktor is strobovskiy. Viktor strogonovskiy (repeat). viktor strowon stronodog. Viktor molokowskiy.


Wwwwwwwwwwhat? ???

snooPINGAS usual i see

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(This was the message too.)

There is not an update on this game 

(2 edits)

Well, not since Version 0.1.4b: New Year's Special, which was released two days or so ago.

Also, why did you suddenly go and follow me? Personally quite tired of people following me despite my sheer lack of content, which makes everything quite messy, but that's besides the point.

I said there’s no update on my game is only a New Years special and anniversary on this game and don’t be an 5 year old screaming 

Freeze off

I think there's a contradiction there...

Absolutely not

Coincidence, anyone? 

I say yes. You can check for some intel from MrDrNose to see if it was indeed intentional.

Wasn't Alice made before that claw girl? 

IDK, which Alice?

Get those pictures off now 

Deleted 45 days ago

If you say one more thing that's either spam-looking, doesn't make any sense or isn't contributive or productive, we will report you. Not sure why you hate us but there are some decent reasons to do so. I don't think you've figured any out yet though. At least tell me why exactly you say these random and repetitive things, or whatever comments you posted in particular.

Deleted 6 days ago

Prove that you are a real threat rather than just a weirdo on the internet then, shall we?

(1 edit)

You never did. And I lack faith that you ever will. Foolish troll...

(5 edits)

(This was the notice for newcomers that's now at the top again.)

Deleted 6 days ago

How many times are you gonna say that?

Also, if I was a robot, the message reposting would be consistent and unchanging. The message changed quite a bit yesterday and we also usually have details about the below comment at the top.

Also, tarwills are a myth.

Damn I love your replies.

Don't know what's go great about this one. I've made quite a few replies and comments which I was considerably more proud of and were quite wittier. This was just probably a basic reply.

Don't ask me for examples. I forgot them all.

Well I guess I was excited by the fact there was a new update that I just said that. "Lol".

Deleted 49 days ago

Don't spam with giant letters

Deleted 6 days ago


Deleted 6 days ago

yes ur rigth

Deleted 6 days ago

u fool i know where ur live


Deleted 6 days ago




can you please shut the fuck up viktor strobovski looking clone account bitch lmao

Rick Astley is a singer he sanged never gonna give you up in 1987 and he’s 53 born Feb 6th 1966

Uh stupid robot you idiot 


Amazing Game!!

the rest of the world: 🅽🅾🗿

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Oh so you are here. Hope you've read everything...some people really want to say something to you. There's a question about ABIBAZ and a list of suggestions for AEWVS down below. And a few other concerns.

Anyway, stop giving up and accepting how AEWVS is just going to be seen as just a generally bad game by everyone. I don't care how many sins ArcadeSins (or whatever equivalent) would give AEWVS if it did an entry about it, it's good.

Oh and I think you made the right choice by temporarily retracting Version 0.1.4a. It gives people free access to spoilers and potential game-breaks. Wait nevermind (._.)


Hey, Mr. MIX_UP_GAMERS! Here's your worst nightmare!

Cake abomination 🗿🗿🗿

Third is the best one

"normal people welcome 😊❤️" Thanks for welcoming me Mr. Strobovski!

Oh i am waiting hard for the reconstruction to end, anything new happening?

IDK. Check Discord if you have it.

what is the music called when get chased by marzia v at the end?


Version 0.1.3+: Wrillez Basics: Discordia

Version 0.1.2–: Trinchetto - Overture To The Sun


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Hello again everybody. Now I know you're all reading this without sending "read" messages since I ended up watching myself in the latest stream. Still conflicted on whether I should be subscribed. Anyway, I was going to do Smile Wolf but I couldn't find any decent pictures of wolves crawling on Google Image Search. Here's what it currently looks like. Oh and if anybody knows the source image to Smile Wolf, let me know. I'm pretty sure there is one.

My method for drawing a lot of sprites is to just draw a box or a quick sketch, and then chisel and append as I please until it looks good/accurate, something that wouldn't really be practical when drawing on paper or things other than digital. That's the benefit of doing stuff on the computer. Anyway, I wanted to do something for Christmas, and then it hit me: Let's draw the Christmas Curse characters! That'll have enough time! So I did. I drew their costumes which they wore like they went to a costume party or something. Actually Christmas-related costumes would've at least made sense. Oh, and I'm in Australia and some of you are still even on Christmas Eve, so I've got quite a headstart. Though, it seemed like I had a lot of free time this time around. Usually I do, but I'm busy with other things in that time. I suppose if I just stop doing whatever other things I do, I can get quite a lot done. Anyway, here you go. Oh and I did a few other sprites so stick around.

So remember when I said it felt like all of my sprites are just big enough to fit all the details in? Yeah, well...I think I lied. Jenny Erie, like Librarian Erie, is touching all 80 pixels between the floor and ceiling and was absurdly difficult to draw. I had to considerably extend her head and shrink her body just to fit her eyes and antennae(?) in. I might have enough room but I might be cutting it pretty close, and the tiles and everything are even disproportionate so yeah. The Gingerbread-Man also ended up quite large since I wanted to fit all the details in, so he might even be almost as tall as Angell right now. Didn't check.

I did some other stuff with Laura. I did one without the headset just in case, and I also did something quite strange. Remember my suggestion about two other Bad Endings in AEWVS: CC? Well, I decided to look things up and do what I had in mind. Here you go.

(Here's the fixed one:)

I put the original one for Evil Laura there which I did a while ago since I never posted it. Also I kept the original costume just in case, though I think the recoloured one is a lot more fitting. And I tried 5x5 eyeballs but they looked rather big and weird even though they were more accurate. Guess I really didn't have room.

I had a different method that worked quite well. Rather than starting over and making unique sprites like MrDrNose did a few times, I just decided to go and do over the original sprites.

Was I going to say anything else...? I don't think so. Merry Christmas.

Really nice idea for Laura bad ending design.

Head teacher tell that man to shut up

He is immune since he has made Doggos and Smile Wolf.

Yeah I know thanks for that

I'm actually not. Here's some intel. Though, I'm not sure what much this weirdo can do.

So you're not immune to me? I can annoy people if I want but that's just plain boring and doesn't really serve any purpose. I don't listen to kids telling me to do things either, so yeah.

Instead of looking for a crawling wolf, try searching up crouching big dog, or crouching husky, since they kind of look like wolves. You might have better luck with that.

@MrDrNose!! Did You Unfixed My Game!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

What happened? Did something happen with Version 0.1.4a?

(also, that version contains a lot of expositions, spoilers and broken alpha content)

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I just saw myself on this page in MIX_UP_GAMERS' video. Now I feel quite uncomfortable. The feeling should subside in due time. Don't even know why. I used to fear looking at myself in mirrors and reflective surfaces all around me. Now I feel uncomfortable being watched. Oh maybe that's it. Uh...? Maybe it's also something else too? Guess we all get used to things. I'll edit this comment when I get used to it. See you all.

I have no choice but to get over it. I'll be facing myself within again to retrieve information.

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Well I'm pretty sure the Pingas version was built around Version 0.0.9 and is not getting updated, and is now obsolete. Deal with it...

Oh wait, do you want to request a new, revised one? If only all of the versions were contained within the same file...That would save a lot of space and keep all updates consistent


Okay Thanks For Letting Me Know

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