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Wait, I want to say something.

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"And here's wikia about game. So, if You have something, add it to wikia:"

Do you know what's FUNNY???


Because the administrators are lazy/inactive (including now me, the biggest contributor), JohnnyHarden made up the middle names and there are a few idiots on the wiki, you tell everyone not to trust the wiki when your actual wiki was so open and unprotected, random hobos could go and vandalise it. Also it was low quality. And you told us to run it ourselves while it was OFFICIAL.


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I have also a suggestion for a new foreword:

For everyone who thinks that this is just a fangame: This game was inspired by Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning, but it has a lot of features which makes this game a lot different. So give this game a chance. Don’t miss something great!

P.S. This game is still getting updated.

I have a suggestion for a different description:

You like studying? You want to increase your math, language and history skills? In this game you need to solve a few examples, and the teachers Viktor Strobovski, Marzia V. and Alice Freudenmacher will say what to do. Listen to them attentively and do what they say. The difficulty of the examples increases with each right answer, so don’t do mistakes, Viktor doesn‘t like mistakes. Nobody likes mistakes.

That's just the old description, but with the three levels added in that aren't even the whole game.

Yeah, but you said that we should change the description so it doesn’t sound like just a fangame with only one level for mathematics. And that’s what I did. I mentioned that there are other levels as well.


You should change the description so it doesn't sound like just a fan game with one level for mathematics. And about the wiki, I was getting too lazy to moderate it properly. If much or at all. I need help from better people. Bye!

I have a problem with the 0.1.3 update.

Ok, so today, when I wanted to play Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski and try again to beat the Language level (I already beat math in all difficulties without Albert and math Boi mode with Albert), I saw that my computer deleted 0.1.2 version of AEwVS completely (the file I extracted and the zipped folder), and since I can't re-download older versions, except 0.0.1 and 0.0.3 (at least I saw them there, though I don't want to play them, mainly because they don't have the Language level) after the latest update is released, that left me with no choice but to download 0.1.3. However, 0.1.3 version of AEwVS is not fully downloading and I'm only getting partial downloads, which means I can't play the game again (at least not any time soon).

This is not the first time my computer deleted this game. It also did that with 0.1.1, but I didn't then have issues with downloading 0.1.2 like I do now with 0.1.3. My computer usually only deletes the extracted files, but it does sometimes delete the zipped folders, like it did today.

My computer also deleted AEwVS Christmas Curse two or three months ago, but I couldn't play it anyway because computer wouldn't even let me open the zipped folder, so I decided not to do anything about it, or even download it again until I find a fix for this and also find a way to stop my computer from deleting my games (And yes, I know I should've written about this earlier).

Can someone please help me find a way to fix the 0.1.3 update download problem?

I kid you not, when I loaded this page, you had posted it FIVE. SECONDS. AGO.

Ok. Do you know how I can fix the issue? Because my computer deleted 0.1.2 version of the game and when I downloaded 0.1.3, it didn't fully download and instead, I got those 3 partial downloads: 013j (1). 7z, 013j (1). 7z.dqax3ia and 013j (1). 7z.4ubjgqd. I had to press the download button like 3 times, and it didn't download. The new zipped folder didn't appear and I can no longer play the game (except 0.0.1 and 0.0.3, which I don't want due to the fact that there is no Language level in those versions, and that's the one I tried to beat before I got the issue).

I don't have 0.1.2 or 0.1.1 because my computer deleted both of the zipped folders on its own each time the update was available (and would sometimes do it when it was not, but then it was less of an issue because because I could just download them again).

I didn't even have to do anything (I only ever had to delete the game once). They just disappeared on their own. Because of this, since 0.1.3 won't fully download, I'm stuck with 0.0.1 and 0.0.3 (at least for now).

My mum said that Norton Antivirus could be to blame, but I uninstalled it three months ago for deleting another game that I also like to play (that other game later got deleted by my computer as well, but there is a mobile version of it, so I don't have to keep reinstalling it now, unlike AEwVS)

I have NO idea.

I would probably just refresh my computer and if that doesn't work, I would look into my computer. Unfortunately, I can't look into yours, so if I can't have the computer I won't be able to know what the heck is going on. Also nobody trusts no-one with each other's computers.


Update: I have been told to try system restore. I haven't actally done it yet, but all the restore points (except the one I saved today) were done on the dates when I did have AEwVS, and it was 0.1.2. However, when I made the computer scan for affected programs on all restore points, it did not say that AEwVS would be restored. The 0.1.3 update still doesn't wanna download and the two older versions are still deleted.

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Okay, I just got a bunch of ideas for the game. Half of them involve incorporating old sounds for no reason and half of them are about organising all the achievements, as well as adding some new ones.

OK, so, I've heard one or two people on Discord want the old Marzia chase theme back. I remember hearing before in an Itch post that it had too much of a positive sound to it. Well, I forgot what I was going to say! But I have an idea! For that very reason, let's get the chase theme in Lil Puss back to Trinchetto: Overture to the Sun! Lil Puss isn't a true mode; it's just there to prepare you for what the subject and map of the level is going to be like. Consequently, Viktor says you're a little pussy and the whole experience doesn't have a negative feel. So it's perfect! Yeah, I forgot what I was gonna say again. Don't drag me away when I'm trying to have a mental script of what I'm going to say. For the true modes - Boi, Regular and Brainiac - you can just keep it at Wrillez Basics: Discordia.

Anyway. Also I think Albert's old digit voicelines should be brought back for Brainiac mode and maybe Regular mode. They sounded pretty nice but they got replaced for being intelligible. Well actually I should put it this way: They got replaced for being intelligible but they sounded pretty nice. What's also pretty nice is the sound the doors made when they opened and closed in the first version. They should open a bit slowly like that in Lil Puss mode too, except for during the Marzia chase.

Another soundtrack that should be brought back is that G-major version of Toreador March used for Phonty when the elevator didn't even exist in the Language Level. That should be put back too, because Terry Tucker's Orange Clockwork is also too positive know... Well anyway the Language Level is supposed to be the one that's very dark, gloomy and scary. And besides, Phonty already played that music during the Christmas party thing. Why do Phonty and Erie even have any plates. I think he should play his current theme in only either Boi mode or Brainiac mode, can't decide.

Okay, that's done. Now for my idea about the achievements.

So the achievements are all pretty cluttered and randomly-placed, right? Well, they should all be sorted into groups. I also have more ideas for achievements so here's what we should establish.


First off, the endings: Math Endings: Normal, Albert, 666, Lil Puss Language Endings: Normal, Mathematical, Lil Puss

So all the endings on true modes should all be ranked so the difficulties mean something. If you complete an ending on Boi mode, it'll give you some bronze-coloured achievement. If you complete one on Default mode, it'll give you some silver-coloured achievement and if you complete one on Brainiac, you'll get a gold one, you get the idea. (If you didn't realise, by the way, if you've already completed an ending and complete it again on a higher difficulty, the achievement will be replaced accordingly. There's only going to be one slot.) Lil Puss obviously isn't going to be ranked.

Next, the secret progress. There should be different achievements or ranked achievements for how close you get to finding the deepest secret of the corresponding level. There should also be other achievements for finding side-secrets like the Mr. Mix minigame, that skull in Smile Wolf's hideout that says "albert skull" in the game files or the wasteland of terwills.

Next, all the dumb ways to die: Viktor, Cleany+Viktor (rank up), Marzia, Cleany+Marzia (rank up), Alice, Laura, Mr. Mix, Phonty, Doggos, Insanity (Painting, Smile Wolf, Grandma, Puppet, Phonty, Priest), Fleshy, AB, Electromagnet

Next, the random things. Those can stay. Can't think.

Oh, and you can't get the Priest achievement anymore. That being said, you should remember my idea to bring back the death by insanity. You should just have more sanity to start with so it takes more insanity to die.


P.S. I'm tired. Did I lose the plot at some point?

Alright. My favorite game.

(I'm not random person btw I'm Yuri on Youtube and Discord)

And the Wikia?


I beat math Brainiac without Albert 

is it because of the cheat (x2)

Yes, though I still had trouble because of Mr Mix.

I will be streaming the new update of AEwVS in 50 minutes!  I will post the link here when I start.  I hope I can see you there!

Привет Дарья Плотникова👀

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Actually, it's very normal to at first think "this is a fangame". And it basically started out as one! But the point is, today, saying that AEWVS is a fangame of BBIEAL is like saying Undertale is a fangame of Earthbound. Believe me or not, IT ACTUALLY STARTED OUT AS ONE. So, yeah! People with that mindset are actually pretty normal. We just need to bring them to the dark. Kind of a play on words there. Bye!

P.S. I think you can get rid of that game tag now.

Okay, so I don't know what to say at the header but BASICALLY I've figured something out about Baldi. Something unsettling. Though from the surface, not as unsettling as anything Viktor did.

I've figured out recently (after watching a playthrough of BBBB (Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash)) that Professor Baldimore is a groundbreaking quantum physicist, because he knows what his universe is made of and can screw with it. (Didn't know where I'd say this, but in Baldi's universe, the idea that the universe is a simulation is canon.) Not just in a meta sense, but Baldi actually in general knows deep quantum physics. Why do you think everyone in the school is able to teleport around? Well, I suppose we kinda know now, everyone has a version of the Teleportation Teleporter. But not just that: why do you think the school is able to transform? (So far, it's only created and destroyed walls between the exits and the secret rooms at the top of the caféteria.) It's because there is some kind of control centre somewhere that allows matter to exist, decompose or be reformed. The kind of thing you'd find in quantum mechanics...OKAY, that was redundant/overdone, you get the point. But actually, I've come across a subject that highly references quantum physics before in Baldi's math questions. You know those infamous questions in the You Can Think Pad™ where the numbers are overlapping and everything? Well, it would actually make a lot of sense. The basic structure of the sum is A+(B×C), right? That's true of all renders of the sum. It doesn't make sense at first but think about this. You know how, in quantum physics, you can keep a bunch of particles at multiple points in space at a single time? (Until you put a photon on one, and then it's only there where it was "seen" and disappears from the other location.) Well, behold! It now applies to mathematics. Baldi's introduced some very interesting new numbers that are like that: they have multiple values at once. Except without all the complication of photons. It's just that they seem to be just glitched and make no sense, because it's not only a rare topic, but it's been demonstrated in a very...overstandable manner. I mean, it's simply hard-to-read, though correct. So the better way to display numbers like that is with ampersands, like 2742&4819. These are superpositious numbers. Let me just give you an example of a sum with  superpositious numbers:

5&3 + 2&9 = 7&14&5&12

Obviously if you do sums with multiple superpositious numbers, you'll get an answer with even more values. At first I thought it was just similar, but I guess now it directly relates to quantum physics and mechanics. mystman12 said he wouldn't alienate people who don't know information so he'd have a lot of logic-based subjects, but HA! Baldi is actually alienating his students as seen here. It's funny, because he also alienated his godfather, mystman12, and someone that's not him figured out Baldi's secret. (Actually, I should tell mystman12 this. If he goes on without knowing the logic behind Baldi's new mathematics, it might really be something meaningless.) Anyway, yeah. Baldi must deep down think that "basics" are the key steps to understanding and controlling the universe before you. Like, LOL.

Anyway. The thing is, when Viktor was creating his Brain-Upgratonator v0.49, trying to take inspiration from the You Can Think Pad™, he didn't actually understand what the sums were. He just thought it was all an excuse to become angry and start pursuing his students. So he made actually nonsensical sums: sums that never finish loading and never display properly, hence having to be rendered a different way every frame. Why do you think Albert can't answer them? He also made it fair upon you in Lil Puss mode and in the eleventh notebook, so he must really know how nonsensical it all is.

Anyway, Baldi is one of the best fictional quantum physicists.

A moral/point is: No matter how great Viktor is - no matter how satanic, inhuman and evil he is...just DON'T underestimate Baldi. That's what y'all have been doing in your fanarts, but Baldi is much more powerful than that. Baldi is close to completely in control of reality and filename2 is just an example of his victims - by that I don't mean people he's traumatised like Playtime, but people who know what he's capable of and have tried to mess with him. Corruption is the very consequence of attempting to defy Baldi. Sure, he may not be the type to unleash everybody's organs and turn the world inside out so that Hell and people's organs are surfaced, but he can control reality, and filename2 is the closest anyone's ever got to thwarting Baldi. Angell might be able to but of course she never listened when filename2 told her how to get rid of Baldi. After all, she's the type to save everyone, to bring people to the light. That's why people don't delete BBIEAL.

(wow actually...Albert is VERY like filename2. Both of them have known the truth, but have been broken.)

The games might be very dark, but in the end, everything is in the light, right?

Whoops I forgot to mention the new random map generator that's going to be in the full game


I just made Viktor "Cyra" Strobovski in Robloxian High School (bored): 

(not accurate because f you)

Description stuff and middle name came from the AEwVS wiki (except evil)

I don't know if i should make Laura, Mr. Mix or Mr-Cleany Clean, tbh idk if they are gonna be accurate because i have to find the hats and clothing

(Name made in spaces because roblox hashtags)

What do you guys think of it?

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Sue me, or don't.


This is so weird XD But good job 👌🏻

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People like you make me lose my mind...what are all these pictures you're posting??????

(of course, they're WEIRD. Buuuuuut you get the point.)


I really like the new description. It might be that AEWVS took inspiration from Baldi’s Basics, but Baldi’s Basics is nothing compared to Advanced Education. So yeah, it’s true. This is not a fangame!


He should probably remove the insult, though, it kind of deters me each time I see it.


Yeah, you’re right.



Just had a random thought...

BBIEAL and AEWVS are kind of like Sara Is Missing and Simulacra since one of them is satanic and the other one is meta. Boy, just you see what happens when they come together...!

But unlike "simulacra" and "Sara is missing" nobody needs aewvs

Except aewvs fans

The fact that you responded to me makes me cringe.

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Oh, and nobody truly needs anything. The things we wish to gain and seek are just added bonuses to our pointless, eternal existence. Besides, with that attitude enrealised, nobody will ever be or have been a fan of AEWVS.

No wonder your game isn't popular LOL
You just...don't want it to be :/


Baldi's Basics got a birthday update. 

I wonder if mrdrnose will update Advanced Education with a Birthday Update on it's birthday...


This is meant to be a silly follow-up to my previous planet-AEwVS characters post. Prepare to be weirded out and expect the game being ruined to some people. I'm sorry, but I'm bored and I'm having way too much fun with Photoshop. This photoshop is not meant for any malicious intents or slanders, just satire, period.

I love it. It's very nice.


is it because of the cheat

I Tried to get them all but its impossible because of these 2.

Yeah I saw that as well... I think there's a reason why its like that

(2 edits) (+4)

So I just realized that unintentionally, all of the speakable main/secondary character of AEwVS characters (including Angell the protagonist) is very closely associated with a certain planet. The inner planets (not counting the moon) are the reoccurring commonly encountered characters, while the outer planets (and Pluto) are those who only appear in a single level and are more distant from the player in terms of hostile encounter and proximity to the school entrance. I really wanted to put Phonty on the list, but I just didn't know where to put him, maybe as Chiron, since it's between Saturn and Uranus.

Mr. Cleany-Clean: Mercury - Both of them are considered very swift and speedy. It is almost as if Cleany has his own wings like the winged messenger, Mercury himself. The Roman God Mercury is also the god of transportation, and what does Mr. Cleany-Clean do to you? Transport you, of course!

Viktor Hugo Strobovski: Venus - Despite being identified as a male, Viktor is shown to be charismatic, elegant, and extremely vain, like the Roman goddess of love and beauty, Venus. Viktor likes to see himself as "hot" as the planet itself, considering Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system. He is also the most popular main star of the game, much like how Venus appears to be the brightest star in the night sky.

Angell/The Protagonist: Earth - You know, because humans, life, death, videogames, chosen ones, the good guy (girl). I think you get my point.

Albert the Bear: The Moon - Albert acts as a benevolent follower of guidance towards Angell, owing a great contribution to her aid and watching over her with care, very much like how the moon follows the Earth instead of the Sun, and has owed great contributions to the Earth's life and nature from above watching over it. He is also the closest person - in terms of fraternal bonding - to Angell, corresponding to the Moon's great proximity to Earth. Albert also kind of looks like a moon if you think about it.

Laura/Head Teacher: Mars - Despite being a woman, her temper is shown to be very fiery and short. She's very reactive and she's as cold as the planet itself. She's fierce and a savage like a warrior, like the god of war, Mars. Additionally Laura also has a red-colored second form like the red planet of rage.

Mr. Mix: Jupiter - I consider Mix as an outer planet, since he isn't really necessarily interacted with as much as the other 1st floor main enemies, and he only appears in the first level, not appearing in any subsequent levels, making him rather distant, but closer in comparison to other outer planet characters. They both possess the largest bodies in comparison to everybody else. Much like the Roman god Jupiter, he is quite patient and merciful with other mortals, but only to a certain limit. Eventually, both of them lose their sense of patience and mercy and seek out to punish and kill for having their wrath unleashed. Another detail, ironically speaking, is that Mix has two Great Red Spots on his cheeks.

Marzia V@@@@@@@@: Saturn - She can be considered the second outer planet, since she's farther away from the school entrance and the starting characters from the math level, and she's the next character you meet after all the other math level planet characters. Saturn is associated with agriculture, and Marzia's favorite snack, watermelons, play an important part in the agricultural market. The Roman god/titan Saturn, or Cronus was known for devouring his own god children, and what does Marzia do? Devour children of course! Also, she has one of the loudest and the most startling and terrifying jumpscares in the entire game, as well as possessing one of the creepiest kill tactics out of everyone else. If you've watched Youtube videos over the sounds of planets, you'll know that Saturn has one of the loudest, the creepiest, the most terrifying, and the most unsettling sounds of all the solar system's planets, which suits Marzia perfectly. 

Erie the Great Librarian: Uranus - What do Erie and planet Uranus have in common? Both of them are seen as a total joke, especially in the eyes of Viktor. Erie/Uranus is located even further away from Marzia/Saturn and most of the other character planets, due to her occupation at the rarely-treaded third floor and her incapability of making very close friendly bonds with the other staff members, with the small exception of Alice Freudenmacher, but that will be discussed later. Erie is also a bit of an airhead, alluding to Uranus being the Roman god of the sky and the heavens. Uranus represents inventiveness, which can be implied to be a trait of Erie in the possibly implied creation of Scrina by her. Uranus is also regarded as the "Ice Giant," and Erie is visibly seen as giant in terms of height, and cold to the people surrounding her when she's grumpy. Lastly, Uranus represents homosexuality, hermaphroditism, and gender fluidity. Erie is often implied to be a homosexual by many fans, usually shipping her with Alice Freudenmacher, and she even has a Jenny-the-Teenage-Robot body pillow, implying she may have a waifu attraction towards her.

Alice Loiza Freudenmacher: Neptune - The most distant planet and the most distant person from society and her colleagues. Beautiful as they both are, they both have a Great Dark Spot storming within them. Alice is hands down one of the darkest characters in the entire game like planet  Neptune itself, literally. They both also wear the same color, dark blue. Despite her loneliness, the closest thing to a friend she's ever had is Erie the Great Librarian, just like how the closest planet to Neptune is Uranus (Sailor Moon references anyone?). 

Helpscreen: Pluto - Even more isolated from everyone else than Ms. Freudenmacher is, Helpscreen takes the spot of Pluto. Neither of them are well-respected nor are they well-accepted much. Helpscreen's location is even more distant from the others', and it is questionable whether his hideout is even on school grounds (this makes his room seem like the Kuiper Belt of the school).

I still think Phonty should have made it somewhere on this list, but I just don't know where. If you have an ideas as to what should I have made Phonty as, maybe as Chiron, or if there is a character planet that you do not agree with, please comment down below. If you do think Phonty should be Chiron,  or another dwarf planet, or any other planet, please tell me down below.

I really like this post tbh! Characters and planets are perfectly fits))) 

And about phonty, if Uranus had recognizable moon like Eart's Moon, Phonty will fit.

(2 edits)

Dunno why but suddenly I imagined the ghosts as being the asteroids in the asteroid belt and Watcher as being...God, I guess. IDRK. Also there are bigger and closer dwarf planets than Pluto, Pluto's just the most famous one. And that leaves Granny, Smile Wolf, Greg, Follower, FAD, AB, Doggos, the Puppet and the Priest. Who all of them have no displayed personality or anything soooooooooo... yeah.

I'll be honest, I'm surprised you just randomly came up with this like this and probably not just get the idea for a bit of it and totally study the rest.

Wait, is the status STILL "on hold"?

Speed of developing perfectly fits under "on hold"))))))

That's where you should be wrong, because if something is "on hold", it should be totally paused while there's tending to other matters. You on the other hand, are probably working on it slowly but surely.

If you have questions or if you want to chat with the community, join our discord server!


I will attach link to description 👀


(2 edits)


Just asking, has anybody gotten 136 or 136+ in the 666 ending?

I have gotten 216 before realizing that you can't get them all


Opened history for tonight))

wth lol

Well then
(2 edits) (+1)

I found three bugs in the Language level that were in 0.1.1. and did not get fixed in 0.1.2.

1. Cleany getting stuck in the corridor.

2. Sometimes Marzia does not become angry. (This has already been mentioned by two other people)

3. Sometimes when I die or collect a notebook (but don't solve the problems yet), the cursor won't show up and stays in the middle. The only way I can fix this is close the game and it happened to me only in the Language level.

Good job!  I haven't experienced these issues yet, so I am glad you found these.

(1 edit)

I also think the third one is the most annoying, especially when I'm doing the notebooks (this happened to me once when I was doing a math notebook and twice when I died) because then it's impossible for me to solve the questions and unless I close the game, I will get caught by either Marzia, Viktor or Phonty (If he ever manages to activate. I had no problems with him so far, and i hope it stays that way).


I Managed to finally complete the game (With the Glitch) and finally unlock the second level! :D

Randomly stumbled upon a picture of Alice while going in the History Level

I saw that in the game files before I found this, by the way. Thought it was something to do with a future jumpscare but it's just a painting.

FTW's blind people out there


What a mess indeed.

Just got the 666 Ending, and jeez it was hard without doing the victor glitch

You don't even need to answer 666 for all 50 questions, just the glitched last example on each notebook, so you only have to answer 666 ten times.

So i just made it harder on myself for no reason, but it makes me feel better ._.

Wow, how fast! I was just playing it and this came up...

0.1.2 list of changes I found on my own

I don't understand what is even going on.

I am starting my Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski stream now!  Join me playing live at:


I will start streaming in 45 minutes, I will post the link to it here when I start.  I hope to see you there!


To Late for Christmas...| Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski: Christmas Curse

This is my take from it, it's still glitched up

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