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Dude...IDK why he uploaded Version 0.0.7b (he probably said why in Discord), but we're at Version 0.1.3b. Why not play that and see what's new? And, why did you follow me?

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seriously, pls read this if you aren't a longtime fan or haven't read it already.
in fact, tl;dr: aewvs is long, has some bugs, needs some dedication (mix up gamers is doing multiple 5 hour streams on youtube but instant major spoilers so don't even visit the channel until you're truly ready), needs some creativity, makes you very good at maths if you're dedicated, has tons of secrets and lore, has multiple levels and is anything but child-friendly in both aspects. also check out the christmas curse dlc and the discord server. the server would explain a lot if you have questions. but even more spoilers...if you're not careful, i mean. i'm pretty sure there are many but the founder doesn't seem to think so.

Thank you for visiting this game. This message is intended for people that are new to Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski; specifically, people that have had past experience with Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning (or even Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski itself, but an older version). It is meant to provide information about what to expect from playing the game. You're welcome mrdrnose.

So, what's different about AEWVS compared with BBIEAL?

At first glance, it just looks like a fan remake of BBIEAL and it's concept: there's a math teacher, there are notebooks, there's a detention/punishment room, there's a janitor, soda is good, chocolate is good, et cetera. A fangame, if you will. The main "difference" is that there are more mechanics, more school rules, more notebooks, more violence and generally just many more things to make the education "advanced". If you've watched any of the big YouTubers play some of the very first versions of the game, you'll know that it really was one.

That's the problem, too. AEWVS is over a year old, but since it stood out, it gained attention too early. It didn't seem to be much other than just another fangame to be tossed back, but it's not anymore. It still starts roughly the same way as BBIEAL, but it starts following a much different and longer story, with more levels, more subjects and a lot more branched-out lore-related deep secrets to find, and starts becoming - and even does become - something one of it's own.

And since I need to address this...YES, IT IS ACTUALLY OFFICIALLY A FANGAME, BY DEFINITION. But you know what? That doesn't matter. At all. Don't judge AEWVS solely as a fangame of BBIEAL, the nostalgic edutainment horror parody that got over a million downloads and it's own Steam version in the works. AEWVS doesn't even have that atmosphere in general. It is definitely worth playing (or replaying, if you don't have the latest version), regardless of whether you've played BBIEAL already or not, though there are some things certain people have to watch out for, which will be detailed just in the next section.

What are some things I should be aware of when I start playing AEWVS?

Firstly, unlike BBIEAL, it's not a "clean" game. Its pretty messy, actually. Here's Viktor's scrapped warning about AEWVS:

"Hello. Thank you for playing this game. But I should to warn you before you click play button: game contents loud noises, fast brightening lights, violence, swearing, offensive language, weird speech, weird English, crooked Photoshop, high-poly super mega HD graphics, and spooky moments. So, I warn you. Click "PLAY" button, and let's studying together, because knowledge is power."

Basically, the main thing to be aware of is that the game is intended for mature audiences. Don't get me wrong, 10 year olds probably play this, and personally I think that's fine enough.  But something that's unlisted to be aware of is the, um, sexual references. I didn't know how else to say it, but there are quite a few moderate sexual references throughout the game. Another unlisted thing you should probably know is that parts of the game are connected with satanism. So if you're a Christian like the person that created BBIEAL, you should know to prepare for satanic content and stuff. To be honest, I don't even understand the views of religious people but whatever. Oh and it has memes.

Content warnings out of the way, the game is intended for highly dedicated, creative and strategic players that are okay with lots of trial and error and always try new things, and are also good at analysing and considering hints. Plus, if you're not already a natural at quick, repetitive problem-solving already, the game will make you one. The game also has quite a bit of RNG, so please take that into consideration. Overall, the game really is advanced education,  letting aside the fact that it doesn't fully teach students about subjects (in fact the curriculum is rather shallow).

The game also gets updated regularly, so always come back and check for more updates. (If you've played AEWVS before, but at a much older version, try to see everything in a new light with a fresh perspective. A lot of things that may not have made any sense in an old version will work or make sense in a new one.) Yes, the development is slowing down, but we really are trying to encourage him to keep building on the levels. It might have even come to a halt had I not suggested making a Discord server to bring the community's remnants back together, so you should probably join that. Be careful though, because since it's a realtime general community chat room with new posts on the regular, people have started to become a lot more open and be weirdos. (I said that before by the way, but I said something else "deterring.")  Basically, be ready for literally anything, OK?

That's all you need to know! If you haven't noticed yet, they also have a Christmas Curse DLC, so go check that out. Also if you've seen the wiki about it, please help moderate it again so we can get back mrdrnose's trust on it. (Only canon content in articles please!) The comments will now be displayed below. If there's any above this one, this post will usually (hopefully always) be deleted and reposted at the top. Bye!

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Hey again...Barely anything happened in a while but guess what I did?

I found a way to climb on the furniture!!! >:D

Climbing on furniture is an ideal strategy for outrunning the angry, altitudinally-incapacitated teachers - if only it were for the capability to JUMP! So you might be wondering, "how the heck did you manage to get up there?" Well, it only works with using the sick beds as a ramp, so if you're pretty much anywhere else, you won't be able to climb on anything, since even using the sick beds doesn't get you anywhere except for the top of You'll have to run up to the top of the bed and ledge grab onto the table by foot, but be careful because you'll run for a bit after you get there and usually just land on the floor, so, yeah. The limitations of the game honestly make me question Angell's humanity. I mean, not really, but the game just acts like she just stands there in an A-pose while moving.

I'm pretty sure I was going to discuss another thing, but I forgot, so...yeah.

I Don't Know

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Just because people don't show any signs of knowing what's going on doesn't mean they don't.

Only idiots assume others.

Also, the figurative distance between BBIEAL and AEWVS, quite frankly, discomforts me.

Haven't really played this game in a while, has it had any really big updates to it recently?

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No MORE updates

He wants to buff it for a few months

Again (obviously)

If you've played Version 0.1.3b, you're all caught up. I haven't really used it much either since I have a lot to do. Have to bring the comment back up, it's kinda late


Hey, Zombie Skull!  It's been a while since I've last seen ya around here!

Anyways, there actually hasn't been an update for AEwVS for several months, so I don't think it will be updated for quite a while.  You will probably hear a lot when a new update is released, but you never know!

Hey Mix, been a bit since i last been here. Kinda got busy with a lot of stuff and the game wasn't really updating much and i came back hoping there would be more but sadly it seems there is not.

If you had $1000 would you rather give it to Micah and ask him to make that painting of Viktor laughing an actual poster in BBIEAL after the Kickstarter and rewards thing already ended, or give it to Argemia and see if he works on AEWVS more often?

This is my best attempt at sanitizing Dark Freudenmacher, 90% cleaned of blood. The eyes were very difficult to clean.


just realised that actually said "Dark Freudenmacher"

That looks really weird

No wonder she practices blood facial spa treatments. Also, I've given her a ton of nicknames at this point, it's hard for me to decide one to stick with.

Eh, I'd just call Alice's alter-ego by it's actual name.

Also, I think she also has darkness, not just blood.

How can you enable developer's console in 0.0.2?

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I know, strange huh?

It's Me Again!


Huh? I don't understand

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OMG LOLLLLLL what--don't tell me you decided to change your mind so all those conspiracies and plans I made for post-AEWVS are suddenly applicable again...dang...

Oh and you could've made it clearer by making it cancelled instead of on hold...I can't tell now

Well...just in case, tell me some things you'd like to have to keep making AEWVS, because I don't even imagine you get paid very

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So! Remember the time I first drew Erie?

Yeah I did say I had to redesign it, just like mrdrnose did for the last 13 times.* As soon as I drew that, I knew it was going to look terribly out of proportion as soon as you looked at it from another angle - or even just the front. I mean look. Anyway, I redesigned it, and it looks much better now. Can't believe it took me this long to notice how she has two claws on her right hand, not three. Oh and by the way, I didn't actually take that long to do it. I just had a lot of things to do. This endeavour started, like, what? 4 months ago?

yeah im a person of consistency. Oh, and you do NOT want to see what it looks like against an unclarified background.

Anyway, there's something I want to talk about quick. I've started to notice that Erie's quite an out-of-place character in AEWVS for three reasons:

  1. Erie doesn't like Viktor, despite him, Erie and/or Helpscreen seemingly representing mrdrnose in some way. Kinda wanna know if some of them do.
  2. Being a librarian just doesn't suit her. She may have a librarian job, but it's clearly a pain and also something totally not her niche. I mean, she doesn't even read any of the books. And no matter what book you give her, she shreds it anyway. Why can't she just shred all the books at the library herself?
  3. If you've seen mrdrnose's Twitter or social media where he does random stuff about Erie redesigning herself and doing random things post-game, you'll see how casual, and, dare I say, unsuitable for a horror game she is. (I don't even remember the way I was going to say it to begin with but there. This is my main point.) She's not scary or terrified or anything. She's just an angry robot that chokes you with her claws, demands you around and then swears at you once she's done with you.

Now that Erie's already in AEWVS and established connections with Phonty, Alice and some others, the game just wouldn't be the same without her. She needs to get more involved or do something that's actually scary or sad, or at least have darker secrets or an unsettling journal in her room. Also another point I couldn't think of any way to say properly.

I still have some questions (not just about your random choices I want to be endarkened** about, mostly about all the redesigns and other odd things), but you know what? I think I'll just wait for you to get back to me. Bye!

*DISCLAIMER: I didn't count.
**As opposed to enlightenment. Actually, come to think of it, I meant it in the same vein.


Today is a great day ayy lumo👽👽👽

won't ask

(dubiously checks Twitter)

Nevermind I see why. Also I don't.

Are you going to continue the modifiable version of your Alex Basics In Biology And Zoology videogame?


hyped for alpha 1.4

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Here's some more offensive posts to make you even more pissed about everything. ...Maybe. Oh and I'm not just saying that because you don't approve of my decisions, or because Erie (privately(?)) advocates R34.

So, just how many times did you redesign Erie over the course of AEWVS?
Because I literally just did this but I think I'm gonna have to as well.

The disproportion of literally everything kinda worries me but oh well. I did my sprites pretty much larger than many others I see around (Level Up's Baldi sprites are still way bigger though - like, disproportionately big too) but even so, there's still seemingly so little room for facial details. what the heck.


Original Viktor, Marzia, and Cleany images:

Hey wait...What about the (ugly) Puppet? I doesn't seem to reside anywhere and it also has way too many additions so I imagine it would be insanely painful to photoshop lol

Updated 2 days ago? What changed?

I think it's when he removed all the OLD versions.

also he shortened the fangame notice


Not an Fangame

Deleted post

From what I understand here is that you say that mrdrnose‘s game is not good enough, so you want to „remake“ it, aka steal mrdrnose‘s idea to make your own game. Right. You know that this is not cool, don’t you?

Deleted post

Dude. Just no. You can make a fan game, but don’t steal the whole game just to make it „better“ without the developer‘s permission.

Deleted post
Deleted post
Deleted post

Dude, Mix up gamers played through the game in his streams. Of course it contains spoilers. Stop complaining about spoilers in gameplay videos or streams. And we have a spoiler channel on the Discord server. So if you don’t click on that, you won’t be spoiled. And what do you mean with „about as dangerous as Undertale“?

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(how is it now)

(it's literally just something quick i wanted to say under my breath)

I'm not complaining but thanks for the feedback. Please delete your comment now because I'm gonna try to fix it and I don't want this to be awkward forever.


1: I'm not complaining

2: AB is enough already

3: they're literally everywhere

How exactly is Antibreather only a spoiler? That’s a character. As long as you don’t say where it is, how you can find it and what else you can find in its place, it’s not a spoiler. A spoiler is if you spoil an ending or situation that happens. But saying the name or showing a picture of a character is not a spoiler.

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I suppose because if people know about his existence and can't find him, they'll know something's up and start looking for secrets. They're supposed to come about it naturally. Like, the secrets are really well-hidden if the community isn't spoiling it for everyone and I'm pretty sure they're more rewarding if they don't just go on giving out hints upon request.

In fact, now that I think about it, these comments are spoilers sooooooooo

Deleted post

Here's my recent video of this game. Not much of a fan of how the menu is laid out but it's been awhile lol.



The tutorial was serious (even though it's five minutes long before getting to the test) and it was just a bug that got patched this version...there I said it. Bye


Thanks for the reply dude but.... the end of that message wasn't really necessary lol

well your welcome. come back 4 moar feedback

Yeah, just ignore this dude. He’s a bit weird sometimes.

I really wanted to say that to the other YouTuber as well but I had enough and just decided to be a mad lad and said that's cool soooooooo yeah

Imma just post this here. Don’t say anything if you don’t have nice things to say or something... 


that's cool

I'm a savior. 





Just gonna leave this here.

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I recognise that glitch though...

I'm partially convinced no-one, not even Devon-WH47'5H15NUM83R, actually got through Brainiac without unknowingly exploiting at least one glitch. And that one, right there, might be one of them...

somebody please stop the trashbag collisions

What glitch? That brainiac run was done completely glitchless.

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Sigh. Well I'm pretty sure Viktor would've caught you by then or at least got stuck at the door if he didn't get stuck on the trash bin just before the classroom you were in while you were at 10/11. One time I saw him get stuck after getting a soda there and decided to try playing a harder level while he tried to escape the path barrier but I didn't really go and do all of it.

You know what actually, I'll go and recreate it just to be sure it isn't anything new.

How would you know? Also there was a magnet. He would have to strike it down first.

Also even if he was stuck, give me a break man. Him getting stuck prolonged me beating brainiac from 1 month to 3! 

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I know, I know. Just saying. I just knew because he was at the trash bin before the door when you completed the notebook, and he would've gone REALLY fast after getting all those problems wrong.

(5 edits)

Just tested it for the glitch, and it doesn't occur...well, at least with the following circumstances anyway:

-Version 0.0.7a, Brainiac Arithmetic
-11 examples incorrect (don't know if I need to get more wrong)
-Less than 10 notebooks collected at any point (don't know if the final chase behaves differently)
-Tested with <3 and >2 notebooks
-Used muffins (don't know if that affects it)

To truly test it properly, I'll have to recreate the circumstances you were in, but for now, screw it. I have better things to do. Bye.

Wow man, why are you so salty about it? XD

I'm not even being salty about it...

Yes, you are. You really want to prove me wrong that he got stuck and that I didn't legit beat brainiac.

Also, you ended your sentence with an obnoxious ending. " Screw it. I have better things to do. Bye."

Nope, not salty at all.

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salty /ˈsɔːlti,ˈsɒlti/ adj.

3: tough or aggressive.
"a salty campaign strategist"

  • (INFORMAL•US) angry or resentful, especially in response to a defeat or disappointment. "she was salty because I didn't go with her to her senior prom"

I'm not any of those right now. I'm literally just saying and you know what? I'm not that desperate. Can we just move on?

And by the way, if everything mattered to me less than they already do now (and I know life is meaningless and we're all just evolved worms, slaves of DNA trying to strive for happiness), I would just spend an entire semester bothering for the heck of it. I actually have better things to do than try to prove you wrong.

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I uncorrupted and saved Viktor and Marzia from the school's curse. I'm the school's messiah, not Angell. 

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I have no words.







Seriously, what the hell just happened? I...

I'm gonna go now. No time for explanations. Well actually, I wonder...What would happen to the rest of the faculty?

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I imagine Cleany and Head-teacher being reverted as well, but not Alice or Mr. Mix. I don't know how to help them. They look too far beyond being physically restored, if they ever needed to be in the first place.

pluto please send the original images

By the way, on a meta note...Did you use an image editing program or some kind of modder?

This was expertly made purely with Adobe Photoshop. I took a screenshot of the teachers, downloaded their original unedited human forms from Mrdrnose on Discord in the deleted-and-original-images tab (like how head-teacher had an original form), mosiac-pixelated the humans, matched their color tone with the atmosphere, and voila. I'm the messiah. I'm so happy I finally was given graphic design as a class for 11th grade instead of some stupid elective that I didn't even want nor asked for, like choir for the fourth time, or theatre-arts for the fourth time, or interpersonal-studies for the first time. It really paid off.

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I...I think this feeling is shock, surprise, awkwardness and apprehension...I feel jittery now.

Genuine Positive Amazement, or Amazingly Cringed-Out?

Neither, to be honest...

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