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I'M BACK!!! 

And have returned to say. Level 2 is difficult for me, I don't got a map for it, marzia is a bit more difficult to tell where it's compared to viktor, the art room is nice I like it and phony, but jeez did marzia makes me scream from opening a door.

Also, does any one have the map for level 2, I could use it.

Another thing, the dog enemy can only be avoided if you are completely still and wait for his music to recede (even so much as turning while standing will make him kill you, so release the mouse as well). Also, during the late game when Marzia's faster, stand near doors leading to the corridors and listen for any clicking sounds (which is Marzia walking and approaching the door) and heavy high pitched breathing (like the breathing sounds Marzia makes at the start of the level) coming from the other side of the door. If the breathing is very loud and you hear no more clicking, that means she's door-camping right behind the door (don't open it), so if you are trapped in a class room or blocked from entering the next corridor, throw a flash bang at the door without opening it to scare her away temporarily. Always write down the language notebook number codes on a piece of paper in order from the first code you find to the last one you find (NOT IN NUMERICAL ORDER, you need this for the elevator in the final chase), always listen for sounds and never forget to rewind Phonty or else he will kill you as well (I beat the level 3 times before and I have only one video to prove it. Go check in out on my channel "Pluto Neon")

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Blue rooms may have only math notebooks, lime green rooms (and the red room at the bottom with a 9, which is only accessible after collecting 9 language notebooks) may only have language notebooks (you only need all the language notebooks to beat the level, screw the math ones), the pink rooms may have both or just one notebook, the pizza room also may have a language notebook sometimes and the red key room may have only a math notebook and a few flash bangs which can be used against Marzia (both rooms can only be opened with a blue key from the blue key room), the animal crossing room is Viktor's starting room, the music note room is Phonty's room, violet circles are vending machines, and the cream rooms have nothing interesting in them. You start from the bluish gray area adjacent to the elevator and the punishment room. One more thing, avoid the opening the door to the red room at the top of the map (there's a cursed painting inside that room).

Made a subreddit.

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Some questions. Would like some answers if you can please.

-When did you have the initial idea?

-Do you plan on adding a big story like the whole thing with the rusty stuff? (trying not to spoil it)

-What's your whole process summarized in creating each update?

-What is your favorite character besides the teachers?

Thanks in advance.

So I managed to lure Erie into her room...Basically I just ran around counterclockwise when I entered the library, looking for doors, and fled into her room before she As it turns out, unlike in Christmas Curse, the stripy background doesn't pull itself up in parallel. Erie just phases her head through the wall. We should get the stripes to pull the top of the door up again or just make a taller door. Also, as it turns out, she didn't care. She just did the usual aaaaaaaand complained to Angell in first-person about things not going her way as the manager of the library when in reality nothing will go her way until she halts her job either by getting distracted or by leaving the library for a bit. Anyway. There is a screenshot of her about to phase through the upper wall with no choice but to exit the dead-end. Programming-wise.

Target of last update was adding of that photo1 item. These doors should showed when someone press some button, like player presses the one button and then shelves will move and shows these "secret" doors. And door size will be different.

is the room literally all you added

Yes, room and photo. After long period I'll return to develop. I had too much work and i couldn't work on it, but i opened engine again and started working👀

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Hello,  mrdrnose.

I feel like there is something you should know...
It'll only be quick.
By the way, I'm gonna get closer, and closer, and closer...
So, be careful.

BTW I'm gonna see what's new in the History Level :P


Thank you, now I'll remember how to do it lol)

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What do you mean...?

Have you forgotten how to use the programs or something? LOL

I forgot effects sequence)

I see nobody understand that photo, ok then.


I'm having way too much fun with photoshop. I've always wanted someone to do this, and now I did this. Please comment down below.


Oh god, there are two of them!😆


I added one WIP thing on third floor. And it's "experimental" because i didn't open project too long and idk what i changed last time))))) and i'm little bit busy now so full update didn't come out, but i opened the project and starts working on it. Slowly, but still work))


I found the thing first! I'll now be on the finders list!

Good job) and what you think about it?

Loved the easter egg reference/crossover inside it! All I wonder is how can Erie even fit through the door?


This is the second time I've ever tried doing a photoshop outside of my Graphic Design class, and also the second time I've ever done an AEwVS photoshop. I'm not too proud of the top one.

Can someone help me?


Okay, I'm gonna try to be like Devon9141 as best as I can for a moment and propose a new character concept I've been thinking about for a while for you all:

Name: He's a Thot

Sex: Male

Age: ???

Species: Giant Cat

Occupation: Thug/Delinquent

Debut: History level

Mechanics: He's-a-Thot will stand in the middle of a random corridor, in front of the elevator and other random outside doors, and over notebooks. He serves as an It's-a-Bully counterpart and tollbooth. His toll requirements are a little bit more specific: give him a total of 75 cents to pass, a lighter with a flash joint, sour sauce and cheddar chips, or a staff key. If you give him one of these items/combination of items, he will take it and glide away somewhere else (not teleport) and stay there idle to block that area (he will go to a vending machine first if you give him the 75 cents). Beware, do not touch him without anything good for him or pull out a knife in front of him, or he will chase you and kill you with his bigger knife. Also, avoid giving him the lighter w/joint, as this will make him go away for a while until he realizes the joint is fake, then he will come after you like Mr. Mix and try to kill you for deceiving him. Head-teacher will drag him away only 4 times if she sees him with his knife in his mouth (he takes it out when you approach him, but he doesn't chase you right away until threatened or touched without being paid.) After the 4th time he's punished, he will come out of the punishment room and hunt you down with his knife tucked away from sight and kill you upon contact. He tends to avoid the library, but only prior to hunting you.

Background: He's-a-Thot has been the school's inhuman delinquent and bully for a long time before the protagonist was even registered to the school, probably when the school was actually populated for once. He never attended class, he always loitered in the yards and empty classrooms to enjoy his contraband and count his money and food that he stole from his classmates. One day, when he escalated the upper floors to skip class and avoid the staff, he stumbled upon the 3rd floor and became trapped up there, as the exits and the elevator were all compromised upon arrival, so there was no way of getting down. He met Ms. Freudenmacher up there, who was very surprised that her first student came to her class so early. Ms. Freudenmacher told him to solve her history notebooks before he could be dismissed to his next class, but He's-a-Thot refused, and proceeded to take out his food and drugs in the foyer. Ms. Freudenmacher has asked him if he would mind sharing, but being the jerk he is, he rudely opposes to the idea. Alice never scolded him to finish his assignment, but would not let him leave until he's done so. Still omitting his job to solve her notebooks for days and weeks on end, Alice would kindly provide him with snacks and drinks to keep him alive and well, but this doesn't make him any nicer to her. He's-a-Thot wanders around the floor's corridors and makes the history level his new home. He stumbled across Erie, the Great Librarian, who was actually in a good mood at the time and asked him if there's any book he would like to check out, but he wasn't interested in any of them, except one that Erie always held in her claws: the Rule34 Comix Book. Being a boy of an adulterated nature, he stole the book for himself, read through it until he got done with it, and hid it away without even returning it to its rightful owner. Meanwhile, without anything erotically entertaining to look at, Erie's testosterone (or estrogen) levels started to build up very high, taking a toll on her personality and making her aggressive. Now He's-a-Thot just loiters around the floor out of boredom, hoping someone else will arrive so he can rob them.




Best character ever, especially the name

It got a little quiet around here. If you have questions or if you want to chat with the community, join our discord server!


yeah just tryed that and it works 

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it doesn't crash (which is good) it won't let me record my game play that's it everything else is perfect and my PC is programmed to record games that I see that are good and I have the game opened and playing it's just not letting me record like I can in the old game

Try recording it with a recording software. It works for me.

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Ok i just got this 0.1.1 update from a person in my comments on youtube and im trying to start a recording of the game but it wont let me at all (but i can record the original version). What can i do to fix this? 

What happening actually? program can't record, game crashes, if it crashes, what kind of error? Or something else?

What are you screencasting with?

And is the game running but not the screencaster?


I don't know if anyone else has found out but I was put in punishment on math level and after the headteachers dialogue she said sorry and an ice cream showed up in my inventory, has anyone else discovered this? kinda hoping I found a secret or something.

I never had that before, but I guess that happens when Headteacher THINKS that you broke a rule, but you actually didn’t. I don’t know, for what were you put into the punishment room? What did you do?


It was running I believe, maybe littering, but it happened twice now. Makes me think that maybe she' possessed?


Maybe it switched from lesson time to break time in that exact moment. I think in break time you’re allowed to disobey the rules. I don’t know, did you hear the bells? Or did you stop running or did you pick up the trash and put it into a trashcan, before she got you? Because otherwise this behavior is actually very strange. 😅 I will try to get that now, too, because I want that icecream. 🤔😂 Oh, and one more question: Were you playing the old version or the new version?


I can't really remember all how it happened just that the ice cream seems to be about as good as a cookie maybe and that her tone of voice when saying sorry changed as well sounding sad. It was the latest version


Behold, the Truly a sight to behold!

btw if you look closely you can see Phonty trying to get in. He and Puppet would've got in by now, but he's stuck in an "OPA" sign that spawned when we got Marzia to bust down a door. Great construction work for us.

i didnt know you played marble marcher

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Grammar fanatics: "You're"

People those fanatics look down upon: "Your"

mrdrnose: "You"

-People who make that kind of joke because they think they're so good at making memes

By the way, we have a bit of a problem (and currently, it's only fairly small). We're starting to have a bit many foreign students coming to the school. This is a problem because those students that enroll will become confused and clueless as we can only teach students in English and, recently, Русская. This means that we cannot teach these students how to behave, spell or even read/listen properly, causing the consequent anger of the staff to induce an unprecedented number of deaths. That leads to more corpses to clean and dispose of as a result of our impulsive bloodlust. Now since this problem is currently small, we can still get the Janitor and a few collaborators to clean these messes up. The Janitor, however, is more accustomed to scooting around the school at high speeds, golfing/hockeying litter into trash baskets as he passes by than bagging bodies, sending them to large bins, hideouts or storages and mopping up flesh, blood, organs and whatever else remains. Recently though, information about our school has been shared and translated to a Japanese website. This may lead to what begins a low increase of Japanese students attending the school. The school's information board is written in English, but there are usually a select few students that don't seem to care, despite speaking another language completely. Anyway. Yeah.

We know you must continue to expand your curriculum with Miss Alice, and even have reminded you to do so as you continue to ship small additions to the school instead. However, it would be somewhat...well...appreciated (I couldn't find a better word) if you, Laura, could do something simple.

All you need to do is accept the offer of me getting a few students who speak English and other languages to contribute by sending you translated transcriptions so that the staff may use these transcriptions to assist foreign students who would not understand otherwise. You may or may not oblige but I suggest that you best finish renovating the third storey first so that Miss Alice may finally have the chance to graduate other students.

All you need to do for that is let me get a bunch of English-speaking not English-native AEWVS fans to send you translated subtitles so you can just pop them in the game and poom! We're all set!

But, let's (actually me) be honest. I probably only said all that because I got disturbingly annoyed when this one Chinese guy didn't know how to spell and got eaten by Mr. Mix and then Sivil000 made a Japanese Wikia for AEWVS that I don't want him/her to wasted all a bunch of his/her time on because (s)he asked me whether they should just scrap it and it would suck. And of course not even Marzia's unnervingly fast metabolism rate can prevent her from consuming so many students that she gets fat. If they even bother or manage to reach her. Anyway. Yeah.

Oh, Sivil000 liked that, by the way.


"Christmas Curse" was moved to separate page:

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How to access doughnuts early (before creepy ending):

1: Prepare yourself for possible suicide

2: Get at least one stamina item (mandarin/chocolate/muffin)

3: Be one sticker away from finishing every decoration

4: Inititate secret ending

5: Go to between the cauldron and the wall (towards the gift room) to confuse Phonty and make him bust down the door to the gift room (bug/glitch)

6: Place down the last sticker so Mr. Mix unblocks the entrance to the delicious doughnuts

7: Rush away, go around the table to dodge Phonty and go to the end of the gift room so Phonty gets confused AGAIN and breaks the door to the doughnut room (bug/glitch)

8: When you're ready, get the heck out of there and run around the table again

9: Go to the doughnuts room and get confused because Viktor didn't even turn evil yet and mrdrnose says his outfit should be on the floor already

10: Unless you gave yourself enough time after swiping the doughnuts to escape just before Phonty gets in, prepare to die

11: Added bonus if you actually escape with the doughnuts early (eat one for more stamina)

Also if you do this and keep running away he'll survive the disappearance

What are actually those things on Erie's head? The TR Wikia says Jenny's things are pigtails/ponytails/whatever because I closed the window.

Maybe they are antennas 🤔🤷‍♀️

I think I might come back soon, what has been going on in Discord by the way??

Well, not much was going on, we did some roleplays about the christmas edition and some ships but other than that it got kinda quiet. There's also not much happening on the other server right now.

No, my parents died 2 days ago, and I still have grief

But still though, I like you


Oh no, that's very sad to hear. But you will get through this, I know you can! Stay strong!


Absol, are you done with the VILE Gacha, or not?

Sorry if I sound annoyed, I had a stressful day.

No, I‘m not done, yet. Also, people are worried about you. Are you doing fine?

I‘m done with the first episode now. If you haven’t seen it already, here it is. I hope you like it.


For those who don't know, the origin of the yakubovich painting in this game.


Who has the most best voice in the entire game? For me, it's Viktor with his beautiful male siren-like voice.


oh big same


Yup, Viktor has the best voice.

(1 edit)

Well, Marzia is to me.. So I guess not? )(PLZ HELP ME



I am really sorry for posting this, but am i the only one who finds erie really sexy?


Probably not XD


*S S S S S T T T T T O O O O O P P P P P intensifies*




Absol, I like you.

Well thank you 😅

Absollover66, I think I might not be back until later. There has recently been family problems, so I might not be posting often. Also, the WiFi is extremely glitchy, so I might not be posting for a whle, Absol, I want the AEWVS Roleplay server in your command! YOURS! You do what you have to do, but I want decreased amounts of messages and texts on the Roleplay sever. You may not want all of this, but I ask you not only as a friend. But I know if you have to do something, you must do it without hesitation. I want TheWhiteDragon, Cameron Shafer, Erie the Great Librarian, MrDrNose,  Karaja, and everyone else to know, taht messages should be sent very little, and not to have people send messages to VILE (Head Owner) UNTIL I get back. I ask you as a close friend, not just as a friend, please Absol. *) I KNOW YOU CAN BE A GOOD LEADER!

Ok, I will do my best.


(1 edit)

If there are any rps you are doing,  stop them until I get back, I don't want to miss out.

Sorry, I just read your messages. You dont need to create another server, you can just rejoin the old one and I can make you Head owner again.

Absol spread the Meassage about me going on different account to everyone else, TheWhiteDragon, Cameron Shafer, and MrDrNose/Erie the great librarian.

I will return soon in meantime however no rping no anything on server till I get back.

I will now be on different account, do not send the Head Owner anymore meassages, spread the work

thank you-Popperspens

Absol, Discord isn't working for me, so when I get back on, I will create another server, different from last one.


It is confirmed by Erie that the protagonist is a girl in the secret ending. Time to edit the wiki.

I think it was obvious from the very first time you see the game over screen in the original game that the protagonist is a girl. You also get to know H-teacher's and protagonist's name in other endings.

Also, if you look in the game files, you'll find a non-decapitated and non-dismembered sprite of the protagonist in the pose (s)he's in when (s)he gets cut open by Viktor in the game over screen. Can you find it???

No, I haven't seen that, yet.

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