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You like to studying? You want to increase your math skills? In this game you need to solve few mathematical examples, and Viktor Strobovski will say what to do. Listen him attentively and do what he say. Difficulty of examples increased with each right answer, so don’t do mistakes, Viktor don’t like mistakes. Nobody like mistakes.


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i changed all game sounds to pingas 379 MB
[FIRST BUILD]Alpha 0.0.1 (Ancient one) 75 MB
[LATEST]Alpha 0.1.1 476 MB
Alpha 0.1.1 (w\o copyright content) 156 bytes
Alpha 0.1.1b (experimental) 476 MB

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Hello again!

I have another announcement.
It's in the same caliber as the one I previously gave you. Lol. So, if you want, don't waste your time hearing it and just try and guess what I did, because it's obvious.


P.S. Oh wait, last time I said "I'm gonna see what's new in the History Level"...it's seriously been that long since the last update. Oh well. I've had enough, as I said in my previous comment.

P.P.S. Other people can see my posted announcements. You'll probably really like them lol

If you have questions or if you want to chat with the community, join our discord server!


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(*checking BBIEAL Kickstarter*)

(*sees an update catching my eye*)

(*watches it*)

(*sees an AEWVS video and watches that*)


(I suddenly realise I've for the past few days played BBIEAL more than AEWVS since I never won BBIEAL before and AEWVS's lack of new events+content is getting tiring.)

I'm tired of these two games being so far apart. I'm tired of BBIEAL getting all the attention and AEWVS slowly dwindling away both through the creator and the community, AEWVS being such a brilliant game and all. You know, I might even be tired of BBIEAL and AEWVS being so far out of each other's leagues that they barely seem to fit together. I mean, think about it: AEWVS is both more and less serious than BBIEAL. It's more serious, because mrdrnose was like "LOLS are you trying to be evil??? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, NOPE, I'M gonna make a school that does more than assault their students: murder them! And also have deep secrets, lockers of organs and body parts, rooms of cut corpses, and staff that ALSO kill their students!" Aaaaaaand it's less serious than BBIEAL because the staff are, for a bunch of "demons" (don't know if/what they are), SO informal. I mean, they swear, screw around with a bunch of "dirty" (as they call it) concepts, screw around with memes and mock Baldi. Seriously. Well, that doesn't really help, because if mrdrnose goes on like that, if the game DOES get noticed, there's bound to be one or two people that aren't going to respect him. But, it's as if mrdrnose KNOWS that mystman12 - a guy that got his real name established while mrdrnose didn't - is getting very far ahead, since making the new BBIEAL is his JOB now. Which mrdrnose absolutely can't do, since there's a lot of copyrighted content, along with the original concepts. Which means he's trying hard to take down Baldi in a petty attempt to catch up with him, since for whatever reason, his game development is slowly grinding to a nigh halt. I mean, AEWVS was released on 9/6/2018, already with three characters. By just 15/8/2018, mrdrnose was establishing the start of the History level aaaaaaaand...? He's still going now, on 17/3/2019. And back to AEWVS and BBIEAL being far out of each other's leagues - by the way, AEWVS is always doomed to have a smaller community than BBIEAL, no matter how far they get. BBIEAL is family-friendly and it's jokes are nice and reasonable, but AEWVS is just going crazy and having a weird community. Well, there are some kids on this community working together to help that, but that's pretty much...well? Not only is it not really working, but it's just...well...off. Don't get me wrong, I think AEWVS is something to be appreciated at some level at least. But really, there's just something about how the game has all of these kinda, um, dirty things that just sort of ruin the game's privilege of having a partially-child community.

Well anyway, I've had enough. AbsolLover66(6) by the way probably didn't receive any other replies to her emails to the YouTubers about coming back to the game. I'm sick of these two games being so terribly and unfairly unequal, and starting from today, that's going to CHANGE! And I'm gonna make sure of it! WE'RE GOING TO MAKE BBIEAL AND AEWVS EQUAL.

First off, there was gonna be an update in a few days, I don't know how long it's been. But anyway, to start with, we need mrdrnose to start working on the game more again. So if you're a big fan of AEWVS, a part of this community and have a stable life and income, I implore you: donate some more money to mrdrnose. His job isn't to make this game - mystman12's, on the other hand, is. So we need to support mrdrnose.

Second off, spread the word somehow. I actually have no idea how we'll do this, but the big people have only played this game when it was new, another generic fangame of BBIEAL. Since it wasn't very good, they left it! It's such a pity they didn't come back for the updates. Well, it's brilliant now, so we need to restart the word. If you're reading this, by the way, AL66(6), you should probably check your emails and send some more.

Well, suddenly I have no other ideas which abruptly brings this comment to a cringy halt. But everybody here and in the other community needs to support BBIEAL AND AEWVS! We don't deserve to have such an underrated game enshadowed by the decently-rated, I guess, game. We need this to change! So, pls, do everything you can to get this game closer to level with BBIEAL. Oh, and about ABIBAZ, the game inspired by both, just leave it off to the side, I guess. Once that game existed, almost everything about it got too complicated to think about. Just, help us.

We're all that we have here. Sigh...

Oh, and remember, I started playing BBIEAL, because there wasn't much else to do. Just trying to get to filename2 which is a pain of a job since there's no way to completely incapacitate Baldi, except with possibly the alarm clock. Also after just 4 notebooks he's at you faster than your walking speed.

(1 edit) (+3)

Alice face swaps can be savage too.

lol this page is getting very cluttered

All of this is creepy XD in some weird way


Have some more!

You, sir, are an utter weirdo.


Face swaps. From me. Deal with them.


This isn't something of the main AEVS but a fan game sometime made of it and requested I do. It was alright Tho could use some fixes. Also praying it here as this is a fan game of a fan game. 

Revenge is not as I saw it.... | Advanced Education: Fit of Rage

(1 edit)


I knew it. Guys, I know how to get the Icecream:

You have to run for a split second. That way the Head Teacher will think it was an accident. She'll still punish you to make sure you don't do it again, but she'll also give you an ice cream to make up for it. Now to test it!

EDIT: I think it works the same way a Fully Chocolate Muffin does: give you unlimited stamina for 10 seconds, and then return it to normal.

(1 edit)

Alright, I can confirm, THE ICE CREAM EXISTS.

(BTW I always take screenshots when I do or find something new to post about the game. This way you can know what I mean better!)

So I didn't keep track of what happened, but basically, I ran for a split second in front of the Head Teacher to get myself punished. (Free ride.) After she punished me for ten seconds she said "sorry" about something and gave me the ice cream. I didn't keep track of what could possibly have caused her to do that (like whether it was lesson or break) (also the volume was down and the TV was on), and I also didn't test it to see what it does because I was in the middle of seeing if I could get the smart boi achievement by doing all the language notebooks first, freeing both Marzia and the school, and then doing all of the math notebooks in the end of the epilogue. But I got eaten by Marzia anyway when I opened the door to go back out so...yeah.

I'd be very interested to know exactly how to get the Head Teacher to get you one or exactly what it does, but seeing the circumstances here, I don't think I'll get another ice cream for a loooooong time. (Like, I've played AEWVS for A G E S , so it's pretty much as long as Alex gets himself locked up).

I'm making a Livestream trying to complete Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski

you can join if you want.

oh ok

So I decided to--

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait a second.
Am I saying this twice in a row and on multiple occasions?
Sigh. Whatever.

So a while back, I decided to try and find out what happens if you attempt to do the 666 ending in the Language Level with the math notebooks. So I did. Lots and lots of time was wasted...kinda.

Well, yesterday, I booted up the game again, and I played a few times. At some point, I'd gotten closer than I ever did with a close call on Marzia and an even CLOSER call on Phonty (his bar was like just a couple pixels away from the left side when I got to him). Eventually I got to the last math notebook and guess what?

Nothing happened. So now I'm gonna have to remove the possibility of the 666 ending from the Language Level in the Wikia. Wouldn't it be cool if we had a second 666 ending in the Language Level that's a continuation of the first one?

yeeeeeeeeah I think we have too many ideas for mrdrnose to even try to keep up with. At least I did this one a while back when I made the edit, lol.

(2 edits)

So I decided to look up the trivia for Laura (HT) on the AEWVS Wikia aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand...

I found out who she really is.

(Now I can't stop imagining that she is just that person, but cursed and now stuck at Viktor's school.)

(1 edit)

hey could you change me to beating it legit because i beat it without that one glitch i used, thanks.

So I found a NEW Character being a ghost student  wandering around the cafeteria and also I found Gregory.

Also I found A HUGE secret where you can play Mr Mix's minigame and also during the game I heard the Watcher in the backround.  In order to get the Mr Mix's minigame all you need to do is hover over a dot on the title screen and it redirects you to the game.

I also went into Mr Mix's slaughter chamber which was....weird. The slaughter chamber is located behind Mr Mix's station and has many dismembered students.

And went into the Albert area (red room). I will try to finish the game soon!



use my strategy to help you


So I've finally decided to compile every idea and suggestion for AEWVS into a blog post and I'm finally done enough. (It took like a whole day. And it's probably still gonna be going for a while.) So if anyone posts any ideas on Itch or Discord, it's gonna end up in here. I haven't started retyping a lot of the ideas, but I've decided it's ready to share because every idea and suggestion so far is there.

Make sure to check that link every day or week or so to see what's new or something. And look in general, I guess, to see what you could do to the game to make it better. I recommend general things, not "forcing" (you know?) things like storyline, teacher and character suggestions. Though I did have a point about the subject branching, kinda.

(In case you noticed, yeah, I know. It's kinda cringy that I copied this from my Discord post.)


Heeeeeeeeeello lols

If you're doing a Geometry Level, it should have:

-Randomly generated sections

-Non-Euclidean sections, traps and other stuff

Lols that's probably all I wanted to say. Don't forget my other ideas and other people's other ideas!

(1 edit) (+1)

I don't think a strategic game like AEWVS should have a completely random level which could sometimes be impossible or too easy.  Also, Mrdrnose shouldn't focus on other levels until he finishes making the history level.  You should remind him when he starts working on it again.

why cant i play older versions

I'm having a bit of a problem with this game. I downloaded it in January and my computer won't let me play it.

First, when I tried to open the game, Windows Defender thought it was a virus. I didn't know what to do at first, but then I was told that I have to press "More info" and then "Run anyway" (pressing "Don't run" will delete the game (I did that with another game before since I didn't know how to allow it to run) and pressing the close button will do nothing. "Run anyway" will not show up unless you press "more info").

After I pressed "Run anyway", a pop up showed up, saying that I need to download DirectX Runtime in order for the game to work. I downloaded the latest version. It said the only feature of DirectX Runtime that won't work is the Bing Bar (I don't know what that is, but I hope it isn't something important since it said that if the computer allows Bing Bar to work, it will get viruses).

After I downloaded DirectX Runtime, the game still wouldn't work. However, the pop up that showed this time, did not tell me what to do next. It just said I can't open the game. I decided to wait a few days before trying again.

However, I waited too long. A few days ago, I decided to try to play Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski again and I noticed that it was gone (along with the other game I downloaded).

Also, I have a 64-bit laptop running on Windows 10.

Does anyone know how I can get Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski to run on my computer?

Also, I have a picture of the error message, but my phone won't let me post it here.

Ok, I'm now writing this on my computer. Here are the screenshots (except the DirectX Runtime pop up because it no longer shows up):

Do you have any antiviruses turned on? Absolutely any? Not only windows defender?

That's a normie advice, but try to redownload it. If it won't work then i will come up with something else.

Or try to run with administrator. A better idea perhaps would be to redownload it, and extract it into a different folder. The files might be corrupted so try to open it in a different folder on your desktop. Last ideas i would have is to download this, (it is just a driver) https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework-runtime/net472. Or "DirectX". You can also try to download your graphics card driver, to do that search on your windows search bar "Device Manager", and  click on the arrow on the "Display adapters" and there you will see your graphics card. Like this,

After doing this, i will need you to tell me what is your graphics card, And also try using "DriverPack Solution" Just download and uncheck every program that isn't a driver. That's all i could do, Also try using CCleaner.


It got a little quiet around here. If you have questions or if you want to chat with the community, join our discord server!



I watched the stream

I managed to find Smile Wolf and Gregory.  Also managed to find the secret belt artifact in the rust maze which took me 3 hours.

If you want to find Gregory he is by the left window in the forest and disappears once you get too close. Also the Smile Wolf is located by the barricades in a inaccessible corridor by Mr Cleany Cleans office, and slowly reduces your sanity if you look at him for too long and can possibly kill you. 

Also if you are wondering how to get to the Rust Maze you need to leave a few pieces of paper or foil in front of the door and wait for Mr Cleany Clean to take the trash away which will open the door upon contact. This will allow you to have access to the secret room.(If you have the belt already you do not need to do this) You need to go left and enter a room behind Mr Mix's Kitchen and open both lockers with a crowbar (you might need multiple) and then you will receive the Artifact Knife. You will need to go back to the room with the Knife (But avoid the Headmistress as she will kill you on sight if you are holding the knife). Once you return to the secret room you need to open the right door with your Artifact Knife and you have arrived at the rust maze.  Now you need to avoid Freek'A'Delika and retrieve the Artifact belt in the middle of the maze, and once you manage to get the belt you can save the Knife in your belt.  Also you need the blue key to access the corridor with Albert's Limbs.

LOL I'm a bit late to this......



I'M BACK!!! 

And have returned to say. Level 2 is difficult for me, I don't got a map for it, marzia is a bit more difficult to tell where it's compared to viktor, the art room is nice I like it and phony, but jeez did marzia makes me scream from opening a door. 


Also, does any one have the map for level 2, I could use it.


Another thing, the dog enemy can only be avoided if you are completely still and wait for his music to recede (even so much as turning while standing will make him kill you, so release the mouse as well). Also, during the late game when Marzia's faster, stand near doors leading to the corridors and listen for any clicking sounds (which is Marzia walking and approaching the door) and heavy high pitched breathing (like the breathing sounds Marzia makes at the start of the level) coming from the other side of the door. If the breathing is very loud and you hear no more clicking, that means she's door-camping right behind the door (don't open it), so if you are trapped in a class room or blocked from entering the next corridor, throw a flash bang at the door without opening it to scare her away temporarily. Always write down the language notebook number codes on a piece of paper in order from the first code you find to the last one you find (NOT IN NUMERICAL ORDER, you need this for the elevator in the final chase), always listen for sounds and never forget to rewind Phonty or else he will kill you as well (I beat the level 3 times before and I have only one video to prove it. Go check in out on my channel "Pluto Neon")

(1 edit) (+1)

Blue rooms may have only math notebooks, lime green rooms (and the red room at the bottom with a 9, which is only accessible after collecting 9 language notebooks) may only have language notebooks (you only need all the language notebooks to beat the level, screw the math ones), the pink rooms may have both or just one notebook, the pizza room also may have a language notebook sometimes and the red key room may have only a math notebook and a few flash bangs which can be used against Marzia (both rooms can only be opened with a blue key from the blue key room), the animal crossing room is Viktor's starting room, the music note room is Phonty's room, violet circles are vending machines, and the cream rooms have nothing interesting in them. You start from the bluish gray area adjacent to the elevator and the punishment room. One more thing, avoid the opening the door to the red room at the top of the map (there's a cursed painting inside that room).

Made a subreddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/strobovski/

(2 edits)

Some questions. Would like some answers if you can please.

-When did you have the initial idea?

-Do you plan on adding a big story like the whole thing with the rusty stuff? (trying not to spoil it)

-What's your whole process summarized in creating each update?

-What is your favorite character besides the teachers?

Thanks in advance.

So I managed to lure Erie into her room...Basically I just ran around counterclockwise when I entered the library, looking for doors, and fled into her room before she caught...me. As it turns out, unlike in Christmas Curse, the stripy background doesn't pull itself up in parallel. Erie just phases her head through the wall. We should get the stripes to pull the top of the door up again or just make a taller door. Also, as it turns out, she didn't care. She just did the usual aaaaaaaand complained to Angell in first-person about things not going her way as the manager of the library when in reality nothing will go her way until she halts her job either by getting distracted or by leaving the library for a bit. Anyway. There is a screenshot of her about to phase through the upper wall with no choice but to exit the dead-end. Programming-wise.

Target of last update was adding of that photo1 item. These doors should showed when someone press some button, like player presses the one button and then shelves will move and shows these "secret" doors. And door size will be different.

is the room literally all you added

Yes, room and photo. After long period I'll return to develop. I had too much work and i couldn't work on it, but i opened engine again and started working👀

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello,  mrdrnose.

I feel like there is something you should know...
It'll only be quick.
By the way, I'm gonna get closer, and closer, and closer...
So, be careful.

BTW I'm gonna see what's new in the History Level :P


Thank you, now I'll remember how to do it lol)

(1 edit)

What do you mean...?

Have you forgotten how to use the programs or something? LOL

I forgot effects sequence)

I see nobody understand that photo, ok then.

I understand it.


I'm having way too much fun with photoshop. I've always wanted someone to do this, and now I did this. Please comment down below.


Oh god, there are two of them!😆

This is cute.


I added one WIP thing on third floor. And it's "experimental" because i didn't open project too long and idk what i changed last time))))) and i'm little bit busy now so full update didn't come out, but i opened the project and starts working on it. Slowly, but still work))


I found the thing first! I'll now be on the finders list!

Good job) and what you think about it?

Loved the easter egg reference/crossover inside it! All I wonder is how can Erie even fit through the door?


This is the second time I've ever tried doing a photoshop outside of my Graphic Design class, and also the second time I've ever done an AEwVS photoshop. I'm not too proud of the top one.

Can someone help me?


Okay, I'm gonna try to be like Devon9141 as best as I can for a moment and propose a new character concept I've been thinking about for a while for you all:

Name: He's a Thot

Sex: Male

Age: ???

Species: Giant Cat

Occupation: Thug/Delinquent

Debut: History level

Mechanics: He's-a-Thot will stand in the middle of a random corridor, in front of the elevator and other random outside doors, and over notebooks. He serves as an It's-a-Bully counterpart and tollbooth. His toll requirements are a little bit more specific: give him a total of 75 cents to pass, a lighter with a flash joint, sour sauce and cheddar chips, or a staff key. If you give him one of these items/combination of items, he will take it and glide away somewhere else (not teleport) and stay there idle to block that area (he will go to a vending machine first if you give him the 75 cents). Beware, do not touch him without anything good for him or pull out a knife in front of him, or he will chase you and kill you with his bigger knife. Also, avoid giving him the lighter w/joint, as this will make him go away for a while until he realizes the joint is fake, then he will come after you like Mr. Mix and try to kill you for deceiving him. Head-teacher will drag him away only 4 times if she sees him with his knife in his mouth (he takes it out when you approach him, but he doesn't chase you right away until threatened or touched without being paid.) After the 4th time he's punished, he will come out of the punishment room and hunt you down with his knife tucked away from sight and kill you upon contact. He tends to avoid the library, but only prior to hunting you.

Background: He's-a-Thot has been the school's inhuman delinquent and bully for a long time before the protagonist was even registered to the school, probably when the school was actually populated for once. He never attended class, he always loitered in the yards and empty classrooms to enjoy his contraband and count his money and food that he stole from his classmates. One day, when he escalated the upper floors to skip class and avoid the staff, he stumbled upon the 3rd floor and became trapped up there, as the exits and the elevator were all compromised upon arrival, so there was no way of getting down. He met Ms. Freudenmacher up there, who was very surprised that her first student came to her class so early. Ms. Freudenmacher told him to solve her history notebooks before he could be dismissed to his next class, but He's-a-Thot refused, and proceeded to take out his food and drugs in the foyer. Ms. Freudenmacher has asked him if he would mind sharing, but being the jerk he is, he rudely opposes to the idea. Alice never scolded him to finish his assignment, but would not let him leave until he's done so. Still omitting his job to solve her notebooks for days and weeks on end, Alice would kindly provide him with snacks and drinks to keep him alive and well, but this doesn't make him any nicer to her. He's-a-Thot wanders around the floor's corridors and makes the history level his new home. He stumbled across Erie, the Great Librarian, who was actually in a good mood at the time and asked him if there's any book he would like to check out, but he wasn't interested in any of them, except one that Erie always held in her claws: the Rule34 Comix Book. Being a boy of an adulterated nature, he stole the book for himself, read through it until he got done with it, and hid it away without even returning it to its rightful owner. Meanwhile, without anything erotically entertaining to look at, Erie's testosterone (or estrogen) levels started to build up very high, taking a toll on her personality and making her aggressive. Now He's-a-Thot just loiters around the floor out of boredom, hoping someone else will arrive so he can rob them.




Best character ever, especially the name


yeah just tryed that and it works 

(1 edit)

it doesn't crash (which is good) it won't let me record my game play that's it everything else is perfect and my PC is programmed to record games that I see that are good and I have the game opened and playing it's just not letting me record like I can in the old game

Try recording it with a recording software. It works for me.

(1 edit)

Ok i just got this 0.1.1 update from a person in my comments on youtube and im trying to start a recording of the game but it wont let me at all (but i can record the original version). What can i do to fix this? 

What happening actually? program can't record, game crashes, if it crashes, what kind of error? Or something else?

What are you screencasting with?

And is the game running but not the screencaster?


I don't know if anyone else has found out but I was put in punishment on math level and after the headteachers dialogue she said sorry and an ice cream showed up in my inventory, has anyone else discovered this? kinda hoping I found a secret or something.

I never had that before, but I guess that happens when Headteacher THINKS that you broke a rule, but you actually didn’t. I don’t know, for what were you put into the punishment room? What did you do?


It was running I believe, maybe littering, but it happened twice now. Makes me think that maybe she' possessed?


Maybe it switched from lesson time to break time in that exact moment. I think in break time you’re allowed to disobey the rules. I don’t know, did you hear the bells? Or did you stop running or did you pick up the trash and put it into a trashcan, before she got you? Because otherwise this behavior is actually very strange. 😅 I will try to get that now, too, because I want that icecream. 🤔😂 Oh, and one more question: Were you playing the old version or the new version?


I can't really remember all how it happened just that the ice cream seems to be about as good as a cookie maybe and that her tone of voice when saying sorry changed as well sounding sad. It was the latest version

Happened to me as well. :) At least twice for running and once for a prohibited item.


Behold, the Truly a sight to behold!

btw if you look closely you can see Phonty trying to get in. He and Puppet would've got in by now, but he's stuck in an "OPA" sign that spawned when we got Marzia to bust down a door. Great construction work for us.

i didnt know you played marble marcher

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