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You like to studying? You want to increase your math skills? In this game you need to solve few mathematical examples, and Viktor Strobovski will say what to do. Listen him attentively and do what he say. Difficulty of examples increased with each right answer, so don’t do mistakes, Viktor don’t like mistakes. Nobody like mistakes.


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i changed all game sounds to pingas 379 MB
[FIRST BUILD]Alpha 0.0.1 (Ancient one) 75 MB
[LATEST] Alpha 0.1.0 474 MB

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Sh*t. I reenacted the Viktor/wastebasket glitch that Fierydeath mentioned on Braniac twice, shaking even, and as soon as I solved the notebook in the two-door classroom, he broke free  and glided his arse  Ice Mario-style to the restroom, after just ONE STUPID NOTEBOOK!!! What a shame. I was actually hoping to use this glitch to get back at Viktor for his unfair acceleration and velocity increase in Braniac, where getting any 10 wrong answers (even if they were only the last question of each notebook) is the equivalent of him catching you with the rusty knife on any mode. I would try to beat it glitchlessly, if only using Albert on Braniac could still get you the braniac achievement, but I heard you cannot get the achievement for using Albert in that mode, so I'm screwed until something better is updated on braniac.

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Have you tried both ways BTW?


Viktor is the best teacher

Yes! Exactly!

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Here, I came with a screenshot.


He was shaking this time around, which I don't remember seeing last time. Also, last time, he was stuck on the trash bin you see on the left, I think. Something may be altered because yeah, last time I got four problems wrong and three notebooks collected. Now I got three notebooks collected and the minimum wrong (3)--

Way to jinx it. I mean I just took the screenshot when he in a second escaped the trash trap. Seriously. Why does he not simply phase through them like me? I'll try with the previous circumstances again (3MN/4VS). Still wondering the two things I posted earlier then deleted to put them here:

1: Whether mrdrnose keeps a list of ideas from the comments section somewhere physical/digital so he doesn't forget or have to repeatedly scroll down

2: Why the heck the textures are fine in-game but when I extract them with UModel everywhere there should be transparency is lines of extended colours

Also, AbsolLover66(6) was the only one who gave me her opinion on what I should do (either take the advantage of the bug or wait until a patch) which was do what you want.

Not realated to anything here but i found this while browsing that "side" of youtube again

just thought I'd share it with yall

Alice in the door aisle; because doors are her thing:


Guys! Another YouTuber responded to the e-mail!






He got about 8000 subscribers, so yeah.


You know, mrdrnose has a real knack for making teachers that fit with the certain subject of a level.  Like honestly, Viktor, Marzia, and Alice all fit amazingly well as the teacher of their subjects.  Alice's appearance and voice seem like a history teacher and also work extremely well as a teacher for not having a mask on like Viktor or Marzia.  Viktor and Marzia also have amazing voices/looks that fit for math and language teachers.

Speaking of voices so much, a lot of the charm of this game comes from the text-to-speech voices, that is why voice acting would ruin the game a bit.  If there was voice acting for the game, considering the kind of game this, you would be dying and hearing their opening voice a ton of times over again.  The more you would hear the voice acting, the more mistakes/problems you would be hearing in the opening lines, becoming more and more apparent, as well as the more annoying, these things in the delivery become.

Imagine a minor voice crack or a stutter during Viktor's lines while doing brainiac mode, imagine listening and realizing this mistake after attempt 3, imagine then listening for it the next times that you die or restart, imagine it becoming more and more apparent every time you restart until it gets agerivating to listen to.  With text-to-speech, this problem was overcame, intentional or not.

This might be really random, but I kind of want to help you make the game a bit, Mrdrnose.  If you aren't Mrdrnose, I don't want a ton of other people to start volunteering to do this same thing now after I asked this, as it might ruin the experience for you or something.  Anyways, I have some experience making maps in Unreal Engine, and I want to maybe help you create the layout for level 3 with your guidance (not including teleports to secret areas or adding properties of objects) and the you add whatever properties, secrets, notebooks, teleports, or whatever you desire afterwards.  I could also just correct mistakes in the translations, if that is all you need.  I am not the best in making things, but if you are going to be busy all the time I might as well do something while you aren't making the game.


Thought of this.

Imagine playing the audio-lyric clip every time Marzia breaks a door.


I can only imagine Helpscreen screaming his heart out with overstandable chaotic music.


Did the same thing with Viktor in one of my How to make Advanced Education not scary videos. XD


Quick question:Is there a difference between the Soda and the Muffin effects? You know,besides the Soda's crappy range?

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No. Except how muffins leave nothing behind and sodas leave cans behind.

And how one of them's a drink and one's a food.

Don't forget, the muffin looks freshly-baked while the soda looks like it's been there for a while. Not to mention the muffin has chocolate, egg, flour and milk and maybe butter in it, and the soda has more carbon, lemon juice and berries.

Also, the muffin reflects more green photons than the soda and the soda is fully packaged. The muffin doesn't have metal in it.

Wow! This sure looks refreshing!


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Just an idea. Instead of Memes, there should be actual history questions in the history notebooks. For example...

Question: What happened in 1666?

Possible answers: The biggest barbecue in the world, The Great Fire of London, Satan was born, The pestilence has killed a few people, The hottest summer in all of history

Question: When did the First World War begin?

Possible answers: 1916, 1947, 1914, 1939, 1802

Question: Name one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence.

Possible answers: Benjamin Franklin, Jeffery Woods, Thomas Livingston, Adam Johnson, Robert Roger

Question: What ended in 1945?

Possible answers: The world, 1944, Viktor‘s life, The second  World War, The dictatorship

You know, like really easy questions everyone should be able to answer. And they get harder and more complex with every notebook.


For me, I would like to think that every history tablet/notebook has a different topic, and memes is only one of them. There could be one with Youtuber history, videogame release history, cartoon history, movie history, murder report history, biblical history, classical world history, famous engineers and pioneers history, space history (like the bitch scientist who rejected Pluto as a planet, whatever the f*ck his name is, could be a history question), companies and brands history, species discovery history, and even alpha build version and finders/ completers leaderboard history from the main menu of this game of AEWVS (like devon9141 found hell school first, Vivanator was first to beat math and unlock language, zombieskull13 was the first to find the secret blonde blocky pointed chested virtual woman in alpha 0.0.9, Albert became existent in alpha 0.0.3,  Alice Freudenmacher appeared in alpha 0.0.7, and this game was published in June 09, 2018.) And these history questions and topics will not be in the same order and these questions will not be the same every time. There will be more than 10 questions of each topic in no specific order, probably 15 or 20 at least, and you will only be provided with 11 of them, the 11th one being the glitched question..

Okay, that's a better idea. 🤔😅


I think that the History subject should be replaced by Geography,and the questions would have a world map pointing out a country,and you would need to identify the country's name. This subject would be way less alienating and it wouldn't require you to know a bunch of useless facts,which is my biggest problem with the Grammar and History subjects. And oh dear,I don't even want to know what will be the questions in the Biology subject...


I thought of Biology notebooks showing diagrams of body parts and other stuff; you would have to identify parts by matching the correct vocab term. Made visual awhile back.

LOL look you idiot, Pluto was only a planet because our technology was bad at the time! When we sent satellites to space you know what we found? HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF INTERSTELLAR BODIES JUST LIKE PLUTO. Pluto's apparently not a planet because it's too much like a moon or an asteroid. There would be tons and tons of unfairly undernoticed, unimportant and unknown because all the children going to school would think "why the hell do we need to know about all these freaking stupid pointless planets when we can learn about Venus or Jupiter?" such as Ceres, Eris, Makemake, Haumea, ninety thousand three hundred and seventy seven Sedna, fifty thousand Quaoar, ninety thousand four hundred and eighty two Orcus, four Vesta, twenty thousand Veruna, twenty eight thousand nine hundred and seventy eight Ixion, one hundred and twenty thousand three hundred and forty seven Salacia, Triton, thirty eight thousand six hundred and twenty eight Huya, (84522) 2002 TC302, (55637) 2002 UX25, (307261) 2002 MS4, ten thousand one hundred and ninety nine Chariklo, seventy nine thousand three hundred and sixty Sila-Nunam, (202421) 2005 UQ513, (208996) 2003 AZ84, four hundred and twenty thousand three hundred and fifty six Praamzius, (225088) 2007 OR10, sixty five thousand four hundred and eighty nine Ceto, V774104, (229762) 2007 UK126, 2010 TJ, one hundred and forty eight thousand seven hundred and eighty Altjira, one hundred and seventy four thousand five hundred and sixty seven Varda, (90568) 2004 GV9, (145452) 2005 RN43, (42301) 2001 UR163, Pheobe, 2012 VP113, four hundred and seventy one thousand one hundred and forty three Dziewanna, (523794) 2015 RR245, (62676) 2004 FD04, (15874) 1996 TL66, (55636) 2002 TX300, 2014 UZ224, (84922) 2003 VS2, (119951) 2002 KX14, (145451) 2005 RM43, (120348) 2004 TY364, 2004 XR190, (303775) 2005 QU812, (24835) 1995 SM55, (120178) 2003 OP32, 2006 QH181, (455502) 2003 UZ413, (144897) 2004 UX10 and (230965) 2004 XA192 (based on a random Google Search I did of dwarf planets). See? Those planets sound like absolutely random stools, right? Oh and by the way, I made one up, AND I'M NOT TELLING YOU WHICH ONE IT IS!!! But you know what? They're probably worth as much as Pluto, more or less. Pluto should at best be a discovery that stood out and was known to everyone before we found tons and tons of STUPID planets LIKE Pluto. So, you have no right to tell everyone they're female dogs when YOU'RE the pussy. Now go away.

(I think I was gonna say something else but I forgot after I typed the list of dwarf planets.)

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Anyone know what the new achievement is i cannot seem to figure out what it is, i have tried to find it for like 2 hours. Also what is new in this update because i don't really see anything different in this update. Especially in history


More subtitles, new sentences in language level, more differences between language level difficulties. Those are the bigger things I can point out.


Yay, strawberry, my favorite flavour!!!

Also, I've tried dying to Grandma and Smile Wolf, and I gave the librarian porno comics again for the second time, but no achievement for those. I swear, if this new achievenment so happens to be braniac language WITH MATH, I quit this game.


I would prefer chocolate donuts. 😋  Wait, wait, wait, that old woman can kill you now?! 😲 Wth?! D: And yeah, could be possible that you get this achievement, if you manage to deal with a Brainiac Marzia AND a Brainiac Viktor at the same time. Holy sh**. 😅

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Grandma partially drains sanity now like the priest. FieryDeath4 just mentioned it yesterday.

Oh, okay. Good to know.


This achievement is easy to get. No brainiacs required.

Oh, soz. I was typing my comment before I saw yours


I first thought you had to die in a certain way by a certain character, because of the skull, nope...

Hint: New players might find this achievement by accident in math level.


I haven't tried to look for the new achievement yet, but I think you should be a little bit more exact with your hint about getting it, as it seems a little bit too ambiguous.

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This is why ambiguous achievements are really bad.

If you don't know what it is and it's hard to find, you could spend years and years trying to look for it and get it. Seriously.

Here's just a few absolutely random ideas of what it could potentially be:

1: Reach Baldi

2: Finish Brainiac Language + Math with every solvable question/space correct

3: Finish Lil Puss Language + Math with every question/space correct on the first try everytime

4: Make a mix of two/three/four random items only the developer knows (the game has well more than 2 heptaracted items at this point: maybe even about 2 octaracted! We take that number and square, cube or tesseract it and that's how many combinations you'd need to check. Maybe even all together.)

5: Make the God Pigeon or whatever

6: Make a skeleton of the bones

7: Watch every tape (good luck! I found and watched seven a couple weeks/months ago and posted the videos. They were LONG. Then there's a lot more than that in the school. Oh my god.)

8: Use every item (except the pizza)

9: Give the Librarian every book

10: Find something really, really obscure

11: Open the microwave or something

12: Activate the ritual somehow (pentagram's already marked out)

13: Use a soda/muffin in the bathroom

14: Use a flashbang in the closet

15: Finish all eleven notebooks/ten elevator codes with the teacher really far away from you or really close to you

16: Make a mix of two/three/four random items, but also MIX THOSE WITH CERTAIN OTHER RANDOM MIXES (googologists behold and rejoice!)

17: Find a secret in a random wall/floor

18: Die to everyone that can kill you

19: Hack the game in some way so it notices

20: Write your ideas on this list


I like cookies and cream better tbh i mean look at this crud


Hey, this just came to my mind. Is Thanksgiving only celebrated in North America, or do other countries around the world celebrate it as well, or something similar to that? I'm just asking out of curiosity since our community consists of multiple people of different nationaities, and Thanksgiving break is coming next week for me, 5 more days of schooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. 


In Germany it's called "Erntedankfest".


Ernte DANK fest. You guys must be getting lit.

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„Dank“ means „Thanks“. 😅


Bro if dank means thanks in different languages my life is a lie.

I’m sorry, bro. But that’s how it is.

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I've a challenge for all AEwVS fans who have completed the math level. I want to see if there is a living soul who can beat braniac math, WITHOUT muffins or chips, WITHOUT the magnet, WITHOUT sodas, and WITHOUT Albert. If you can do that, mrdrnose has to make an ENTIRE ROOM dedicated to you(if he wants to of course[shortcuts are allowed]).

I don't think you can make a challenge and give something only the developer can provide as an prize. And I'm confident he won't do it,since it would be way too much work.

Welp, just a little idea that was in my head for the longest time. 

i did it a long time ago with a glitch lol

I don’t think this is even possible.

It may not be... but why not?


Do you mean the muffins designed to be more effective than sodas?

Well, NO HACKING isn't on the list, so, see you in the matrix! >:D

I think this is doable on Boi or even Default. Personal challenges sound fun as a way to make playthroughs interesting.


Alice and the player be like:





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Hey,I got the game some weeks ago,and I just can't beat the first level. I was able to get 8 notebooks three times and 9 once,but never got the last one and the extra one. I know how to use most of the items (I don't know what the melon and the tape does),got the Artifact Belt (Not any artifact though),and I try to find all notebooks before starting collecting them. Can anyone give me any hints to beat the game? I want to beat the level in default mode right off the bat.

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Right, well...

If you come across any chips, keep a hold of those. Also keep a hold of one or two chocolates and maybe a soda. Also, in version 0.1.0, Mr. Mix now gives you doughnuts if you help him. I assume they're really useful stamina foods. I haven't tested how long they'll last but they're probably at least worth as much as the chips. I advise that you take the Blue Door Key to the VCR/Tape room to check if there's a notebook there, and when you're done, drop the key. Whenever you find the magnet, keep it in your inventory. It'll be very useful to prepare yourself for Viktor's onslaught. There are five muffins you're certain to find: four in the locker next to the Rusty Knife located on the other side of the caféteria and one in the front left side of the Rack Room. There'll be one on a random classroom table and one in a random trash bin too. By the final chase, I'll want two chocolates/chips/doughnuts, one muffin and one magnet. I don't know if I'll use the muffin. But when I'm doing the tenth notebook, I'll want a magnet on the door. On the fifth question of that I'll wait until Viktor gets stuck at the door and then finish the tenth notebook's fifth question. Then, I'll take the magnet, and run off during his speech (he won't kill you when saying it). I'll use a school shortcut along the way and look out for a second magnet on the floor on the first corridor from the school's entrance. I'll put one magnet on the door Viktor will come to and the other one on the classroom door behind me. So Viktor will have to break down two doors. If you're not good at math, pause just before using the last notebook and get your calculator ready. Then suddenly go for it. You'll need to get all five questions right - you can't go on until you get the question(s) in question right. The fifth question will be just like the others this time. Then, you win. If you want the ending where you find out one of the school's major secrets, come back for further tips.

About the melon: I really, do not recommend using it. If you're found by anyone using it to gain stamina (except Granny/Mr. Cleany), you'll die. Because, the knife is, like, one of the things they'll just go and straight-up kill you for. Plus, you'll be running. If the Head Teacher sees you you're absolutely screwed for sure.


Thank you. I knew that there can be a notebook in the VCR/Tape room,what I don't know is if there can be a notebook in the cafeteria rooms that are locked with the red key. What is possibly my biggest problem with the game is that I'm struggling to find all notebooks in the school in any playthrough. Sometimes I will only find 6 notebooks in the entire school and then I go look around for the other ones until Viktor finally catches me out. You didn't explain me what the tape does,but I realized I didn't clear out that I was referring to the Duct Tape,not the VHS. And also thank you for giving me hints to when to use the magnet,I've been hesitant to use since I could easily die by taking the magnet with Viktor waiting for me. I tested the donut,is pretty good.

There are no notebooks in the cafeteria. Here’s a map.

That's because whoever said tape is more effective than muffins lied. Tape's only useful for generating infinite matter, repairing broken lockpicks and making a large sticky mess.

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Here's another strategy:

- don't collect any other items except sodas (and 25 cent coins), chocolate muffins, fully chocolate muffins or chips, magnets and the blue key

- first, collect the two sodas from the trashcan in the punishment room and from the room next to it

- ignore the notebooks in the corridor where the bathroom and the punishment room are for now

- !!! Go to Mr. Mix NOW, believe me, it will save your a** !!!

- hurry and watch out for Viktor at that point, then go to the area past Mr. Mix's kitchen

- collect all the notebooks you find there

- lure Viktor into the dead end with the two classrooms and the vending machine as far as you can, then run all the way back to Mr. Mix's kitchen (if you have one, use a fully chocolate muffin once your stamina is drained, or maybe you get lucky and Headteacher sees you running and drags you all the way back very fast. This will give you a lot of time.)

- !!! Go to Mr. Mix one more time, just to make sure !!!

- quickly collect all the notebooks from the corridor with the bathroom and the punishment room now

- then head to the area with the school garden

- !!! now you should look for chocolate muffins and the magnet, just in case you don't have them, yet !!!

- first, look if there are notebooks in the rooms near the school garden

- then walk further to the dead end and collect remaining notebooks

- now, if you have all the notebooks at that point, go to the shortcut of this area (it's the tiny room next to that one single locker)

- !!! wait, until you see Viktor, then go in that tiny room and leave through the door on your right !!!

- !!! hurry on your way to the very first classroom, you will find a second magnet on the floor, if your inventory isn't full, grab it !!!

- close the door that leads to the area where Viktor will come from with one of the magnets, it's the door on your left

- go into the classroom close it's door with the other magnet you may have

- then get your calculator, hurry with solving these examples

and the win will be yours!

Oh, and one more thing:

- press Q to pause the game

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you. I go to Mr. Mix frequently,and I know that Q pauses the game. I'm not really confident of using this strategy though,since the punishment room notebooks will make me a very easy prey for Viktor,so getting them too soon or too late is nearly certain death.

It’s just that I win all the time, when I use this strategie, except Mr. Cleany-Clean messes things up for me. And when you come from the area past Mr. Mix‘s kitchen, you really have a lot of time to collect the notebooks in the corridor where the bathroom and the punishment room are.


Fine,I'll try it. And now that the player recieved a speed buff,this strategy have a bigger chance of working.

For some reason, I couldn't take off the gas mask... 😕 And I explored the third level a bit more.


My first thought:

Choose an EMPTY SLOT before trying to take it off!

Okay, I will try that. Thanks.


I guess Viktor got lost somehow. XD 😅


Baldi's Basics but Baldi kills u



Noooooo it has different characters too. Actually, it's completely another school. And Baldi's only found as a cameo in Level 2 (Language).


This should be Alice's chase theme




No. It sounds for like Marzia's final chase theme when you have Viktor on your side waiting in front of the elevator.


Yes! XD


I want to read this XD

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lol i just realized that you are Dutch. And yes, I would love to see what my Russian homicidal teacher is keeping from me.


I would love to read about his youthful sins. XD


I want to see the story of when he severed people's heads to put them in his collection.




Black humor, brah.


Got one pretty recent entry (P.S. it's long and you already know everything)

9/6/2018: Librarian was pissed as usual. A new student came to my school to study. I greeted him and told him to go to the classroom to use the notebook to do a few simple math tests, and while he was there, I told him a few tips and facts. But then on only the fifth question he had failed helplessly. Angered, I picked up my axe and told the student that what he had done was a mistake, slowly pursuing the student in vengeance. In shocked fright, the student went over to the next notebook. The fifth answer was wrong. Time and time again, the student would get this one question wrong on every notebook, and I was slowly leaking out my self-containment, coming towards the student faster and faster. Every time the student did this, it was like a rusty knife in my head. At some point, I cornered the student, coming towards him slowly, to take his life. But he took something else. He took SODA. He shoved all of the sour, carbonated liquid right into my body in a last-ditch effort to defend himself. Despaired, I couldn't just stand there with my jacket dripping in soda, so I told him to stay there while I go to the bathroom to change. He, of course, didn't, and kept doing this despicable, overstandable and confusing behaviour. I don't think I will ever be able to truly forget that blasted event; especially since the student was getting more desperate with every anger I claimed. After he collected 7 notebooks, I'd had enough and decided to cheer myself up by spicing things up and creeping ever-so-silently towards the student so that he might drop his guard and fall to peril at some point. But he eventually found a large, silver magnet some student left in the plain open on a table, and thus, during his notebook pursuit, he could have certain times to flee as I'd be unable to get in and he would hear me. And it was annoying when he used it. Flustered, I struck the door with my axe, but it at first did no good. But I kept going, trying to reach the student. I could see him in the window; he was waiting for me to break in so that he could duke me. But I couldn't wait forever. I struck and struck, when finally, the door flew across the room. But instead of duking me, he threw a muffin straight at my face. I felt blantly disgraced; my jacket was dirtied and messed for like the third or fourth time. I cursed, and stormed out of the area to clean myself up. He eventually came to find the "final" notebook. He sealed the door and carefully did the sums. He was at this point very frightened, half-waiting for me to come over there and make a noise at the door. And when I arrived, he came to his senses and finished. 12 examples wrong. As a teacher I felt extremely violated. 12/50 is almost equal to 1/4. That's nearly a quarter of all of the questions I had provided to him, completely and utterly failed, and he still stood there, living his wormish life. However, I had a mind to give him one final test. I felt that I realised why the final example of each of the notebooks had been failed. It would help us in both ways, because I would still have a chance of taking vengeance, and the student would be absolutely pushed to what I believe was his limits. So, I placed a notebook right where it all started, and told him that there was one final test to carry out. It was probably, like, the hardest thing that white-ragged dumbface had ever heard of. Upon hearing this, he just ran like there was someone right behind him with a knife in hand. I, however, was a little slower than the student, and plus, the student could use the school's shortcuts. It was a time where the doors simply wouldn't open for me, for whatever reason. He came around the room and threw the magnet right at the door, blocking me out while he got to work, trying to be sane and completing the final tasks. He could not proceed at all without getting them right. Thanks to an obscure mind trait called "QUICK MAFFS", the student quickly realised what everything meant and started adding everything up at a rapid pace. I eventually came to the door. It had been blocked out. I felt lingering disappointment swell inside me, but I wasn't going to be stopped until one of us had finished our job. He was practically at the last question a little while before I broke in. Just as I was about to claim my Viktory, the student threw the notebook at me and cowered under the desk, shaking in horror. I looked over the answers, and felt everything inside me darken drastically. The shadows had cut deeper into my head than down the surrounding walls. It was like a rusty fork in my head. Defeated, I let the student go. He collapsed onto the ground to gain some rest and try to calm himself down. Truthfully I felt that I needed that too, so I just sat down until the student got up and walked to the exit. I suddenly remembered my responsibility and quickly grabbed the student before he could open the exit door. He was horrified when I told him that his time of studying was far from over. Even though the universe's existence relies on mathematics - which I find quite beautiful - there were still many, many Earth-based subtopics for him to study. He would soon be taken over to Marzia to improve his communication. For now, we would wait a little while.


Hi! I want to ask for a little help. Since a while now, when I start the game, the player just won't move! Did anyone had the same problem? How were you able to fix it?

Have you tried talking to Helpscreen or pressing W/A/S/D?

I went through the whole tutorial like 2 times a long time ago, and, I'm a WASD player, so...

No playing anymore I guess.

Is there anything wrong with the key binding?

Also, if you haven't gotten very far yet, why not consider just purging all of your save files and starting again. See if anything helps.

About the key bindings, I'd be honest with this, not sure if this is a problem or if it's normal, but when I click the "Controls" button, I get this...qNothing appears, just a black line with a "DONE" button attached to it.

This happened with the alpha 0.0.9 of the game and I got the same "Player not moving" problem. I got the new version just today and this problem continued. I don't even know...

OK, why not just purge all your save files (and maybe back them up first) and see what happens.


FireyDeath4, thank you for telling me the items that you need for entering the bunker!

Seriously, that's it?

BTW there's a bunch of items hidden in the Bunker :D

(1 edit) (+1)


Guess what?

We all know Viktor used to get stuck at a trash bin at the first corridor on Brainiac mode. And now, it's patched.


You know the four small classrooms on the way to the courtyard? I gave Viktor the soda, and HE GOT STUCK AT A TRASH BIN RIGHT AT ONE OF THOSE DOORS!

So...I need your help with a moral dilemma. Do I not waste my time and swiftly thwart Viktor and acquire the achievement of Braniac Maths, or do I stall until it's patched so Viktor can't get caught and I can spend all of my pointless time playing fairly? I mean, I was only gonna have a little taste of Brainiac before I moved on and poom! I found something glitchy. And, why does he get caught on trash bins anyway? You're supposed to be able to walk right over them! You could walk atop a bed of trash bins without your feet leaving the floor! So why does Viktor have a collision with those?

When I played the game on Boi once, Viktor also got stuck on a random trashcan, and I didn’t do anything. I just walked the way back and saw him glitching on that point. He couldn’t move at all. I kinda felt bad for him, but it was really funny. After that, this never happened again.

I can't seem to do it. What build version was it? Because he still phased through the trash cans in the latest build, even with the 4 trashcans near the 4 classrooms you spoke of.

Version 0.1.0 LOL

Nope, didn't work. Can you please explain how to perform this soda-can glitch more specific and elaborately?  Viktor keeps phasing through the trash cans every time I do it.

I dunno. I just gave him the soda next to the courtyard (locker rooms' side). I'm guessing I got 4 answers wrong at 3 notebooks.


Neither of you gave me your opinion on moral advice...

Well, in most cases it's better if you don't cheat. Like in online battle game, where you fight against real people who just want to have fun. And if someone always wins because he's abusing bugs or uses cheats all the time, then this is no fun for the others at all. But in a not multiplayer game, where some people take days to play through it on an easy difficulty it doesn't matter if you use bugs to win it on the hardest difficulty. As long as Viktor doesn't climb out of your computer screen, screaming "CHEATER" and then strangles you to death afterwards, you will probably be fine.

Sure, whatever. Guess that works too.


Can someone please give me a hint how to enter the bunker? Just hints please, I want to discover it myself.


Do you mean like the items you need?




Oh, it's just the normal (blue) door key and the Rusty Fork. {{SPOILERS}}

Ok, thanks.


Just got an idea. There should be bones in the language level that you can throw, and when you throw it in front of doggos, he will run after the bone and forget about you for a few seconds.



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When you come out of there...I will be here for you. I will be right there in no more than a few seconds, and I will take care of you.

But then that red unpredictable lore-inducing Minecraft-obsessed dumbface woman came to me and killed me. I was just gonna wait here until all three staff members came to the window to try and hunt me all at once and that stupid person did nothing she ever did before and came up to me and did a longer jumpscare than usual, and I died. Is this a feature of your new update? I'm not really fond of having to think about new things I am not used to, especially when they're ambiguous until I get to encountering them. I'm supposing that if you're in an unauthorised area that can't be reached except with teleporting doors, all such personnel present in the area will be automatically eliminated. That stupid poo poo pee pee blood woman is half as bad as Grandma. Is she just going to (only) unconveniently kill me randomly during the rest of the game or what?

Don't bother answering. Granny now makes you jump in fright. So if you collide with her for too long, you'll get a heart attack.

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Oh my God, guys! I did it! I finally did it! My heart is pounding so hard right now... Even faster than when I beat Viktor for the very first time. I think, I'm going to die. But I did it! YES!!!

How I feel right now:



I beat language without glitches or gas mask again today on boi difficulty, again! 11-9-18. Not once did I ever need a flash bang, nor have I ever sighted or heard Marzia even once during the search. I finally got the pink talk bubbles achievement, and best of all, I kept my language+math achievement as well from alpha 0.0.9 without even solving any math notebooks! My strategy was slightly different from the one I used to beat it the first time, since Marzia's velocity changed, which would change her distance from you from the previous build. If y'all want, I can make a No Marzia Encounter Guaranteed Shortcut Speedrun walkthrough run tomorrow, if some one can tell me how to add walkthrough subtitles to an uploaded game recording capture, since I will not use a microphone and drown out the game audio with my parents' obnoxious music and Netflix/Youtube audio. Even if you have beaten it already or are still confident in your own path, I can show you a faster and more survivable way of beating it in this build. I promise there were no gas masks or glitches involved, and Marzia seems a lot slower in the final chase as well; you can even put 7 codes during the final chase now if your clicking is fast enough and accurate, but I recommend that you stick to putting 5-7 codes into the elevator during the search before the final chase instead. So what do you all say?

A: Use a microphone somewhere quite quiet and put it in the audios.

B: Get Windows Movie Maker or something.

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Made small edit...went through language level difficulties to see what was different. They're more noticeable on current alpha 1.0.1

Blanks per Sentence Progression:

  • Lil Puss {all contain 1}
  • Boi {1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3}
  • Default {1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5}
  • Brainiac {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10}

Other Changes:

  • Math notebook difficulty and Viktor, similar as if played on math level. Was present in previous alpha.
  • Phonty winds down quicker on higher difficulty, Boi through Brainiac.
  • Doggos becomes active earlier on higher difficulty, Boi through Brainiac.
  • Marzia breaks doors down sooner after collecting a number of language notebooks on higher difficulty, Boi through Brainiac. Could be used to benefit your run...
  • Marzia footsteps and breathing become quieter on higher difficulty, Boi through Brainiac.
  • Steeper blanks per sentence curve mentioned earlier.

10th Language Notebook on Brainiac:

I was going to stream AEWVS today, but I think I will wait 1 more update as I don't think there is enough new content quite yet.


Viktor on Saturdays

Image result for masky

I love this! xD


update suk ill never play it


What is your problem dude




This is too good xD


Wut? XD


Am acting out my rage towards this fellow with the power of memes. 


Yes! XD

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Mrdrnose plz at me to finders and completion board




This is Viktor when summer holidays start. XD


lol in Marzia's notebooks it says that she enjoys big fluffy hugs


Mrdrnose you forgot to add me to the completion board for language, you also forgot to put me on finders list for the secret i found


Honestly this has to be one of the most difficult games I have ever played. I'm not upset though. I love the challenge this game give me, I just wish I was better at math. Maybe by the time i'm done with the first level I will be better and negative numbers.

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are you seriously that dumb

Look, first off, a quick tip to solve subtraction sums (let's start with +A-B=C) where the subtrahend is larger than the minuend (B>A) is to swap their positions (+B-A=-1C), do the sum, and then reverse the difference (+A-B=C).

Like...what if you wanted to work out 3-8? You swap their positions so you try to work out 8-3, and no worries, it's 5. Then you just reverse 5 and make -5, and poof! 3-8=-5! You know the difference between 3 and 8 is like 5. So if the larger number is the minuend (B), you know the difference is gonna be negative.

Also, what about an addition where the first addend is negative (-A+B=C)? No worries again. If it helps just swap them completely over (+B-A=C). Poof, subtraction is no different to addition except that it has negative numbers. Or if the positive addend isn't enough to make the sum not negative (-A+B<0), just go and swap all their roles (+A-B=-1C). Then go and reverse the sum.

Like -11+7 is... well, +11-7=4 so -11+7=-4.

Also remember, +- is -, -+ is - and -- is +. Basically if the operators are different it's minus and if they're the same it's plus. Like 5--7=12 and 9-+3=6. It's also the case when multiplying any two numbers: 4×-6=-24 and -5×-7=35.

Finally, remember your plus tables. Also, have you ever worked out 4+8×5=60 and been told WRONG??? We don't just straight-up go left to right anymore! You use the PEMDAS method. So do all the multiplying and dividing first left to right and THEN do the addition and subtractions. So, 4+8×5 is apparently 44. Anyway.

It's literally easier than squeezing one lemon...(well maybe it's just because I have dermatitis and minimal access to lemons)

seriously how did you not get the hang of it yet


Hey. Don’t call him dumb, okay? He’s giving his best.




I feel like calling him dumb is a bit far and mean. Yeah he is really slow and does have trouble with math, but i feel calling him dumb is kinda mean. It may not even be his fault. He could just be slow. And yeah he is trying his best which is all he can do of course


Um, Mrdrnose, I looked at the completer's board, and beside my name says (alpha 0.0.9 boi, default, braniac), but that doesn't make any sense. I've never beaten either level on default or braniac mode, I've only beaten both subjects on boi difficulty. You must be confused with Devon9141.  Also, you did not put what subject was it that I beat in that build, which was language on boi difficulty, 10-23-2018. When you have the time, please correct it to Pluto Neon (alpha 0.0.9 language boi) please.


I actually got goose bumps, when I heard the clock and then this creepy, whispering voice talked to me, saying: "It's... your... time. It... was... always... your... time. Just... think... who... you... trust... and... don't... hurry... come... to... your... freedom." This was onehundred percent Albert, because I saw a picture of his not completed body right before the game crashed again. But what does Albert mean by that? Will there be some kind of betrayel in one of the next levels? 🤔 Like, you have to decide: Either go to Viktor, who helped you escape on one floor, or go to someone who made it clear, that he/she really wants to kill you? Who knows?

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