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For everyone who thinks this is fangame: this is not a fan game, this is not a fan game, this is not a fan game, this is not a fan game, this is not a fan game, this is not a fan game, this is not a fan game, this is not a fan game, this is not a fan game, this is not a fan game, this is not a fan game, this is not a fan game, this is not a fan game, this is not a fan game, this is not a fan game, this is not a fan game. I hope they understand

For normal people welcome 😊


You like to studying? You want to increase your math skills? In this game you need to solve few mathematical examples, and Viktor Strobovski will say what to do. Listen him attentively and do what he say. Difficulty of examples increased with each right answer, so don’t do mistakes, Viktor don’t like mistakes. Nobody like mistakes.





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Don't trust to wiki


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[OLD] Alpha 0.0.3 77 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.4 (32-bit) 87 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.4 (64-bit) 106 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.5 (32-bit) 92 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.5 (64-bit) 111 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.6 (32-bit) 129 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.6 (64-bit) 149 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.6-a (64-bit) 150 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.6-a (32-bit) 131 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.6b (32-bit) 380 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.6b (64-bit) 399 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.6-c (32-bit) 392 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.6-c (64-bit) 412 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.6-d (32-bit) 401 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.6-d (64-bit) 421 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.7a (32-bit) 411 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.7a (64-bit) 431 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.07b (32-bit) 412 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.7b (64-bit) 431 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.7-b2 416 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.7c 417 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.7c2 417 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.7c3 417 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.7c3.1 417 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.8a 426 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.8a2 430 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.8a2.2 438 MB
[test]Alpha 0.0.8b 439 MB
Alpha 0.0.8b0.6 439 MB
i changed all game sounds to pingas 379 MB
Alpha 0.0.8b0.7 469 MB
[FIRST BUILD]Alpha 0.0.1 (Ancient one) 75 MB
Alpha 0.0.9c 470 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.1.0 474 MB
[OLD] Alpha 0.1.0 474 MB
[OLD]Alpha 0.1.1 476 MB
Alpha 0.1.1 (w\o copyright content) 156 bytes
Alpha 0.1.1b (experimental) 476 MB
Alpha 0.1.2 479 MB
Alpha 0.1.3 178 MB
Alpha 0.1.3b (experimental) 193 MB

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Thank you for visiting this game. This message is intended for people that are new to Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski; specifically, people that have had past experience with Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning (or even Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski itself, but an older version). It is meant to provide information about what to expect from playing the game. You're welcome mrdrnose.

So, what's different about AEWVS compared with BBIEAL?

At first glance, it just looks like a fan remake of BBIEAL and it's concept: there's a math teacher, there are notebooks, there's a detention/punishment room, there's a janitor, soda is good, chocolate is good, et cetera. A fangame, if you will. The main "difference" is that there are more mechanics, more school rules, more notebooks, more violence and generally just many more things to make the education "advanced". If you've watched any of the big YouTubers play some of the very first versions of the game, you'll know that it really was one.

That's the problem, too. AEWVS is nearly a year old, but since it stood out, it gained attention too early. It didn't seem to be much other than just another fangame to be tossed back, but it's not anymore. It still starts roughly the same way as BBIEAL, but it starts following a much different and longer story, with more levels, more subjects and a lot more branched-out lore-related deep secrets to find, and starts becoming - and even does become - something one of it's own.

What are some things I should be aware of when I start playing AEWVS?

Firstly, unlike BBIEAL, it's not a "clean" game. Its pretty messy, actually. Here's Viktor's scrapped warning about AEWVS:

"Hello. Thank you for playing this game. But I should to warn you before you click play button: game contents loud noises, fast brightening lights, violence, swearing, offensive language, weird speech, weird English, crooked Photoshop, high-poly super mega HD graphics, and spooky moments. So, I warn you. Click "PLAY" button, and let's studying together, because knowledge is power."

Basically, the main thing to be aware of is that the game is intended for mature audiences. Don't get me wrong, 10 year olds probably play this, and personally I think that's fine enough.  But something that's unlisted to be aware of is the, um, sexual references. I didn't know how else to say it, but there are quite a few moderate sexual references throughout the game. Another unlisted thing you should probably know is that parts of the game are connected with satanism. So if you're a Christian like the person that created BBIEAL, you should know to prepare for satanic content and stuff. To be honest, I don't even understand the views of religious people but whatever. Oh and it has memes.

Content warnings out of the way, the game is intended for highly dedicated, creative and strategic players that are okay with lots of trial and error and always try new things, and are also good at analysing and considering hints. Plus, if you're not already a natural at quick, repetitive problem-solving already, the game will make you one. The game also has quite a bit of RNG, so please take that into consideration. Overall, the game really is advanced education,  letting aside the fact that it doesn't fully teach students about subjects (in fact the curriculum is rather shallow).

The game also gets updated regularly, so always come back and check for more updates. (If you've played AEWVS before, but at a much older version, try to see everything in a new light with a fresh perspective. A lot of things that may not have made any sense in an old version will work or make sense in a new one.) Yes, the development is slowing down, but we really are trying to encourage him to keep building on the levels. It might have even come to a halt had I not suggested making a Discord server to bring the community's remnants back together, so you should probably join that. Be careful though, because since it's a realtime general community chat room with new posts on the regular, people have started to become a lot more open and be weirdos. (I said that before by the way, but I said something else "deterring.")  Basically, be ready for literally anything, OK?

That's all you need to know! If you haven't noticed yet, they also have a Christmas Curse DLC, so go check that out. Also if you've seen the wiki about it, please help moderate it again so we can get back mrdrnose's trust on it. (Only canon content in articles please!) The comments will now be displayed below. If there's any above this one, this post will always be deleted and reposted at the top. Bye!

I JUST KNEW I WOULD FILL UP THE WHOLE PAGE WITH SPAM. Lol, that's what y'all get for not listening to me! (Maybe. I forgot what happened exactly (and I can't check now) but yeah.)

Anyway, it looks like you didn't clean up after you moved AEWVS: CC to another page, so, change the graphics back to how they were before, and...Take the "Christmas" tag out of this one. Also, it's pretty obvious now this isn't a dumb fangame of BBIEAL. Well, I mean, it actually is, but it's pretty independent now and doesn't necessarily need a direct connection to BBIEAL anymore. So I think you can take that tag out as well.

Anyway, bye!

OK so I have a few questions...

1: Why did you upload all of the AEWVS versions? (Somebody already did that in a link in Discord, by the way.)

2: Do you plan to keep them there forever or have specific times where all versions become available?

3: Why did you upload Version 0.1.0 twice? (I bet my life it was a mistake)

3.5: Also, why is there Version 0.0.9c but not Version 0.0.9? (Turns out I have both in my folder)

4: Did you read what I said at https://mrdrnose.itch.io/v-s/devlog/79440/advanced-education-with-viktor-strobovski-alpha-013b-experimental

5: is there anything new happening (stupid question, probably)

HOLY COW, I just got jumpscared by Viktor, Cleany and Granny all at the same time.


(1 edit)

Itch.io seems to have updated the layout.

Well, I don't like it, because now there are deleted posts between EVERY. MESSAGE. And all of them are of that message I always repost. Somebody help!


Hey look! More of head-teacher's kind, plus h-teacher herself!

(2 edits)

You found them from Admerex Edsa, didn't you?

Well, time for another Google Search...

i bet if the people that have Viktor and Laura's original, non-photoshopped bodies came across AEWVS, they'd be laughing SO much and make us look like even bigger losers. dang it

Wait, there are TWO versions of Laura's original sprite? Oh my flipping god...who edited these photos???

Welp. I found them.

Thanks to Google's reverse image search. I don't know why, but I'm starting to think I should not have done this. (And no, not just the Viktor quote.)


You know, Mrdrnose, instead of focusing so much on the minor insignificant details like the floor and wall textures, the voice lines, and the secrets in places like the past levels, you should probably focus more on expanding the history level's major architecture (more corridors and rooms that add to the notebook hunt, but not short-lived secret rooms), populating the empty history classrooms with copy-and-paste desks, chairs, wastebaskets, podiums, junk, and blackboards, as well as random common items in the classrooms, adding paintings to barren walls, providing Viktor's spawning room and a few of his notebooks, 2 or 3 new history notebooks with a new topic like Youtubers, historical and recent murders, science discoveries, US/World history, AEWVS update history, etc., you know, things you can do rather quickly in a short time span, but adds a more notable and significant change to the level's atmosphere and gameplay. If you can complete at least half of the recommendations I provided, the history level would already feel greatly different. If you're having trouble planning what the map layout should look like, try using the filled rectangle tool in Windows Paint to draw out your bird's-eye-view ideas for your maps (like how MIX, Devon, and I sketched out the top view of the entire language level). Don't worry about the Math and Language levels; they're already great as they are (except Braniac math) and we can all agree.

(1 edit)

That's literally what I was trying to tell mrdrnose all this time!

See, even Pluto Neon gets the idea! Oh, EDIT: AEWVS is local to Russia, not the USA. So you might wanna...yeah.


Hello, nice to meet you!

I am very happy to meet this game.
I especially like Viktor and Albert.
Recently I finally cleared the math level, but after all it is difficult.
The second stage linguistics level is also difficult, so I can not clear it yet ......

With all my gratitude, the fan art I drew.
Thank you for the nice game. I like this game very much.
I look forward to future updates.


Wow, you're good if you just came here. To this place.


Thank you!

I have read all the notices of your latest comment.
Very kindly.


Yeah, well, it's for everyone new here so they don't just see the game for what it used to be since it still has a lot of parts of what it was.


I'm happy waht you like it 😁  also very cool arts! you can upload them in descord #arts channel👀 (there's a big amount of different artists btw)


Thank you!

descord has never been done, and I am Japanese and sorry for the awkwardness 💦
For now, we have posted fanart on the #fanarts page.
I hope it's not wrong ... but I'm really sorry, thank you again!

Oh boy...somebody did a LOT with AEWVS in Japanese lol

AEWVS seems to have been secretly popular in Japan.  It's great.👌✨

Deleted post

would you do an APK Version if you could

What just happened...?

(1 edit)

Yay! Another new version! But is it a patch or just another experimental version just like Version 0.1.1b?

oops wait forgot to check the development log lol

(1 edit)

I bet you my life and all my belongings that if mrdrnose saw this on Discord, he would react/respond with an Antibreather emoticon

I hope it doesn't take up much of the screen. but of course iphones have an extraordinary resolution

(1 edit)

So I was just in Brainiac mode, accidentally getting the sixth notebook example wrong and thinking "screw it, let's get the rest wrong" when the notebook just got reactivated but the game thought I was still in the overworld. So I got trapped in the notebook screen with no mouse. By the way I only got 1 wrong (until I did this one, when I got 6 wrong) and yeah. There's a bug. Hope it's patched! Bye!

Wait, this got updated 1 hour ago. What was the update that happened 1 hour ago?

Deleted post

You need to calm down about the "sexual crap", calling the community cancer when we were obviously messing with you isn't going to convince anybody to play it (to some extent we were).  It is similar to inserting an unnecessary curse word or insult in an argument while the other person is starting to change to your side, it is deterring and doesn't help your case.  You can also just not mention it, but we haven't said anything sexual since you left.

(2 edits)

I hope you didn't.


Fine! I'll change it! But you

EDIT: I did change it. But don't mess up ok lol

(1 edit)

Wide screens don't like AEWVS.


Sorry to interrupt you FireyDeath4 but im starting a stream playing aewvs for first time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WhbyHPaZAI


Got here when you posted 18 seconds ago.

Dang, I'm feeling too lazy to start moderating the wiki again. It just started getting pretty boring for me.

(4 edits)


You could've just gone away to #nsfw-roleplay earlier...what the heck is wrong with you

Anyway! I just had the idea to create an introduction to AEWVS from people who've been experienced with BBIEAL! To let them know what they're actually in for! That way they won't just glance at it and go, "oh, there's the notebooks, the math teacher, detention principal, there's another broom carrying janitor, same soda again, more chocolate, ugh, they think they're so great just because Viktor still comes after you when solving more difficult notebooks and the other teachers also kill you? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeehhh it's just another fangame. Bye!" Especially if they've seen it played by a popular YouTuber before when it was literally just a fangame. You're welcome.

These YouTubers need to read that, by the way. And completely play the game again.

I wonder what this glitchy hidden room could be? I caught a quick glimpse of it in one of Absol's streams of the alpha 0.1.3 update at 1:07:49, near the hallway behind the first classroom while she was being dragged to the cauldron by the head teacher (after being spotted holding a knife). It looks like one of the rooms from the bunker.

(10 edits)

(This post is a work in progress! I thought I might share it early. :D
When I finish, I'll ping you.)

So I've been trying to think deeply about how to expand the curriculum of this school, to give successful students an advanced understanding of how the world works and how to operate in it, and I've done some online research about what the core learning areas are. A lot of what I've been searching of them, entire learning areas, fit into others, and a lot of them seem to be circumstantial subjects, but that's okay.

I want the experience of going to this school to be wholly and genuinely rewarding in the long run, so that people have more knowledge, thinking and logical ability and creativity, which was what all schools were designed for, while also learning strategy-planning, basic survival skills and general "morality" in the way that it does now. I'm still considering my idea I posted a while ago about adding more branches of subjects to the testing, the more difficult you choose your tests to be, while introducing all branches slowly in Lil Puss mode.

After all, knowledge is power.

Here is a list of main school subjects I've decided on so far (the list is subject to change):

-MATHEMATICS: Basic laws governing all of reality, and one of the only non-circumstantial subjects since the very idea of temporality is merely just another thing in the realm of mathematics. Mathematics makes for very practical advanced knowledge.
Some important branches of mathematics include hyperoperation and general arithmetic, algebra, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, topology, probability, etc. Almost every one of those concepts have something to do with spatial ideas.

-SCIENCE: Circumstantial mathematics governing a particular universe...this one. Science is crucial to know how physics and other real concepts work, which is in turn crucial to know how to manipulate the universe to one's will.
I think the main branches of science are physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, social and formal science. I'm not entirely sure actually - I looked it up at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Branches_of_science.

-LANGUAGE: Communicative sets of vessels for practical information conveyance between multiple individuals. Language is used since it's impossible for us to express raw information (information without context).
The important factors of proper linguistic syntax are spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalisation and structure. I looked it up and don't have the foggiest idea why capitalisation isn't just another part of grammar, but I can assure You mrdrnose can't even do that. In my opinion, the most important languages to learn are the ones used by the biggest contributors to society in general, as well as Esperanto since that's apparently going to be the global and national language; but they should also deviate from normal written and spoken languages, such as sign language, Braille and body language (if the last one even counts).

-HISTORY: Past events concerning everything in the universe.


-ARTS: The expression of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.
Some important branches of arts include craft, painting, architecture, sculpture, literature, music, theatre, dance, etc. And those are just the main ones - all forms of style are considered arts to some extent, such as fashion and gastronomy.

-TECHNOLOGIES: give me a description first.
Some important branches of technology include oh what's the freaking point. I'm. Too. Lazy.
Here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fields_of_Science_and_Technology

-PARANORMALITY: (I thought it would be fitting for a place like Mr. Strobovski's school, where even SCP's exist. It would be a secondary pseudo(?)-science subject dedicated to the study of all the paranormal objects and activities.)

-PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Development in physical exercise. I imagine that PE will be the central focus at the climax of the storyline, when there are no other subjects in focus, and that it will test strategical survival. On an unrelated note, I imagine the last teacher will either be Laura or Helpscreen, specialists in something advanced, not really any particular subject.

There's also "humanities and social sciences", something that teaches subjects like history, law, politics, religion, economy, anthropology, and other things. I'm not sure how this kind of subject would fit into the school of AEWVS, but basically I think it's about the studies of general society. Not sure how that one would fit in, but maybe it'd have something to do with the lore.

Of course, all this probably sounds very overwhelming to just a small team of staff run by an indie curriculum developer, which is why I actually propose that we get help and assistance in expanding the school. Seriously, a lot of us should help build floors, expand the storyline, set things into place, do voice acting, multilingual support, and all the rest of it. We just need to be accepted so we can actually start helping with all of these things so that mrdrnose doesn't have as much tedious work to do.

Anyway, this post isn't finished, as you can clearly tell, but bye for now!

(3 edits) (-1)

"And here's wikia about game. So, if You have something, add it to wikia:"

Do you know what's FUNNY???


Because the administrators are lazy/inactive (including now me, the biggest contributor), JohnnyHarden made up the middle names and there are a few idiots on the wiki, you tell everyone not to trust the wiki when your actual wiki was so open and unprotected, random hobos could go and vandalise it. Also it was low quality. And you told us to run it ourselves while it was OFFICIAL.


(1 edit)

I have also a suggestion for a new foreword:

For everyone who thinks that this is just a fangame: This game was inspired by Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning, but it has a lot of features which makes this game a lot different. So give this game a chance. Don’t miss something great!

P.S. This game is still getting updated.

I have a suggestion for a different description:

You like studying? You want to increase your math, language and history skills? In this game you need to solve a few examples, and the teachers Viktor Strobovski, Marzia V. and Alice Freudenmacher will say what to do. Listen to them attentively and do what they say. The difficulty of the examples increases with each right answer, so don’t do mistakes, Viktor doesn‘t like mistakes. Nobody likes mistakes.

That's just the old description, but with the three levels added in that aren't even the whole game.

Yeah, but you said that we should change the description so it doesn’t sound like just a fangame with only one level for mathematics. And that’s what I did. I mentioned that there are other levels as well.


You should change the description so it doesn't sound like just a fan game with one level for mathematics. And about the wiki, I was getting too lazy to moderate it properly. If much or at all. I need help from better people. Bye!

I have a problem with the 0.1.3 update.

Ok, so today, when I wanted to play Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski and try again to beat the Language level (I already beat math in all difficulties without Albert and math Boi mode with Albert), I saw that my computer deleted 0.1.2 version of AEwVS completely (the file I extracted and the zipped folder), and since I can't re-download older versions, except 0.0.1 and 0.0.3 (at least I saw them there, though I don't want to play them, mainly because they don't have the Language level) after the latest update is released, that left me with no choice but to download 0.1.3. However, 0.1.3 version of AEwVS is not fully downloading and I'm only getting partial downloads, which means I can't play the game again (at least not any time soon).

This is not the first time my computer deleted this game. It also did that with 0.1.1, but I didn't then have issues with downloading 0.1.2 like I do now with 0.1.3. My computer usually only deletes the extracted files, but it does sometimes delete the zipped folders, like it did today.

My computer also deleted AEwVS Christmas Curse two or three months ago, but I couldn't play it anyway because computer wouldn't even let me open the zipped folder, so I decided not to do anything about it, or even download it again until I find a fix for this and also find a way to stop my computer from deleting my games (And yes, I know I should've written about this earlier).

Can someone please help me find a way to fix the 0.1.3 update download problem?

I kid you not, when I loaded this page, you had posted it FIVE. SECONDS. AGO.

Ok. Do you know how I can fix the issue? Because my computer deleted 0.1.2 version of the game and when I downloaded 0.1.3, it didn't fully download and instead, I got those 3 partial downloads: 013j (1). 7z, 013j (1). 7z.dqax3ia and 013j (1). 7z.4ubjgqd. I had to press the download button like 3 times, and it didn't download. The new zipped folder didn't appear and I can no longer play the game (except 0.0.1 and 0.0.3, which I don't want due to the fact that there is no Language level in those versions, and that's the one I tried to beat before I got the issue).

I don't have 0.1.2 or 0.1.1 because my computer deleted both of the zipped folders on its own each time the update was available (and would sometimes do it when it was not, but then it was less of an issue because because I could just download them again).

I didn't even have to do anything (I only ever had to delete the game once). They just disappeared on their own. Because of this, since 0.1.3 won't fully download, I'm stuck with 0.0.1 and 0.0.3 (at least for now).

My mum said that Norton Antivirus could be to blame, but I uninstalled it three months ago for deleting another game that I also like to play (that other game later got deleted by my computer as well, but there is a mobile version of it, so I don't have to keep reinstalling it now, unlike AEwVS)

I have NO idea.

I would probably just refresh my computer and if that doesn't work, I would look into my computer. Unfortunately, I can't look into yours, so if I can't have the computer I won't be able to know what the heck is going on. Also nobody trusts no-one with each other's computers.


Update: I have been told to try system restore. I haven't actally done it yet, but all the restore points (except the one I saved today) were done on the dates when I did have AEwVS, and it was 0.1.2. However, when I made the computer scan for affected programs on all restore points, it did not say that AEwVS would be restored. The 0.1.3 update still doesn't wanna download and the two older versions are still deleted.

(3 edits)

Okay, I just got a bunch of ideas for the game. Half of them involve incorporating old sounds for no reason and half of them are about organising all the achievements, as well as adding some new ones.

OK, so, I've heard one or two people on Discord want the old Marzia chase theme back. I remember hearing before in an Itch post that it had too much of a positive sound to it. Well, I forgot what I was going to say! But I have an idea! For that very reason, let's get the chase theme in Lil Puss back to Trinchetto: Overture to the Sun! Lil Puss isn't a true mode; it's just there to prepare you for what the subject and map of the level is going to be like. Consequently, Viktor says you're a little pussy and the whole experience doesn't have a negative feel. So it's perfect! Yeah, I forgot what I was gonna say again. Don't drag me away when I'm trying to have a mental script of what I'm going to say. For the true modes - Boi, Regular and Brainiac - you can just keep it at Wrillez Basics: Discordia.

Anyway. Also I think Albert's old digit voicelines should be brought back for Brainiac mode and maybe Regular mode. They sounded pretty nice but they got replaced for being intelligible. Well actually I should put it this way: They got replaced for being intelligible but they sounded pretty nice. What's also pretty nice is the sound the doors made when they opened and closed in the first version. They should open a bit slowly like that in Lil Puss mode too, except for during the Marzia chase.

Another soundtrack that should be brought back is that G-major version of Toreador March used for Phonty when the elevator didn't even exist in the Language Level. That should be put back too, because Terry Tucker's Orange Clockwork is also too positive and...you know... Well anyway the Language Level is supposed to be the one that's very dark, gloomy and scary. And besides, Phonty already played that music during the Christmas party thing. Why do Phonty and Erie even have any plates. I think he should play his current theme in only either Boi mode or Brainiac mode, can't decide.

Okay, that's done. Now for my idea about the achievements.

So the achievements are all pretty cluttered and randomly-placed, right? Well, they should all be sorted into groups. I also have more ideas for achievements so here's what we should establish.


First off, the endings: Math Endings: Normal, Albert, 666, Lil Puss Language Endings: Normal, Mathematical, Lil Puss

So all the endings on true modes should all be ranked so the difficulties mean something. If you complete an ending on Boi mode, it'll give you some bronze-coloured achievement. If you complete one on Default mode, it'll give you some silver-coloured achievement and if you complete one on Brainiac, you'll get a gold one, you get the idea. (If you didn't realise, by the way, if you've already completed an ending and complete it again on a higher difficulty, the achievement will be replaced accordingly. There's only going to be one slot.) Lil Puss obviously isn't going to be ranked.

Next, the secret progress. There should be different achievements or ranked achievements for how close you get to finding the deepest secret of the corresponding level. There should also be other achievements for finding side-secrets like the Mr. Mix minigame, that skull in Smile Wolf's hideout that says "albert skull" in the game files or the wasteland of terwills.

Next, all the dumb ways to die: Viktor, Cleany+Viktor (rank up), Marzia, Cleany+Marzia (rank up), Alice, Laura, Mr. Mix, Phonty, Doggos, Insanity (Painting, Smile Wolf, Grandma, Puppet, Phonty, Priest), Fleshy, AB, Electromagnet

Next, the random things. Those can stay. Can't think.

Oh, and you can't get the Priest achievement anymore. That being said, you should remember my idea to bring back the death by insanity. You should just have more sanity to start with so it takes more insanity to die.


P.S. I'm tired. Did I lose the plot at some point?

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