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AEwVS now is paused and wont be updated since it is hard to make big updates. It's quite glitchy, not finished etc

I have another project i made recently "UDAGame", i spend a whole year on it and i will appreciate if you give it a try, it has alot of content, secrets and hours of gameplay so consider to check it out

UDAGame game page What about AEwVS - i plan to make a remaster after i get $300 a month from Patreon
The project im working on right now is ABiBaZ:R (Alex Basics is Biology and Zoology: Remastered), it is quite difficult to work on it but im doing okay lol, please support me on Patreon so i can make more content in the future: Patreon

>>Attention 16+<<

This game and content contains violence, mild gore and blood, and suggestive\dirty elements
in short game\server is 16+ children hecc off :gunbreather:


Deep within an interdimensional schoolhouse a young girl finds herself in an unfamiliar place, her first teacher standing before her. Her name is Angell, and she is in danger.

Embark on a journey across multiple floors, where its inhabitants are largely unfriendly towards outsiders. Solve tasks and discover secrets as you journey deeper into the strange school you have found yourself in. Escape Viktor, dodge Marzias attacks, and survive Alice until you find yourself in a place stranger than any before. What is the Pap station...?

AEwVS contains an ensamble of colorful characters and places, each with their own unique function and gameplay. Cook with Mix, find books for the Librarian, just don't get caught by those that would do you harm.

There are many secrets and easter eggs to be found in this strange world, some providing lore and others useful items for your journey. Can you find them all?

AEwVS is an in-development game being made by a single person that you can play for free. Enjoy hours of fun, scares, and exploration, with scaleable difficulty levels. Want a bad time? Play on braniac mode, where everyone is out to get you and the questions are not simple. If you enjoy a more casual approach, you can disable the faculty moving while you're solving questions and play on easy. Run around in puss mode to explore the school in the light without danger while the star teacher, Viktor, sasses you. Can you get all the achievements?

Join the discord for more fun, where there's an active community waiting to accept new players into their midst. You can even ask the creator himself questions about the game! Will you join?"

The link is down below.


♥️Patreon♥️ <-- $300 per month and AEwVS:Remaster will be real OwO



🦃AEwVS Discord server🦃

👧 AEwVS amino👦


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[OUTDATED] Alpha (64 bit) 860 MB
[OUTDATED] Alpha (64 bit) (math level ending working) 896 MB
[OUTDATED] aewv_alpha 0.desdes.zip 435 MB
[RECENT] aewvs 0.0.aea.zip 433 MB

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никит, я сделал на тебя реакцию, ты доволен? к концу стрима будет реакция!!!


Hyped for AEwVS Remastered

Yo, congratulations on 300 Patreon dollans, I patiently expect AEwVS remastered

Noli when you come back Noli ple

Noli is social experiment quintessentially omnipresent but never on discord.com/channels/[Million dollar

Noli when you come back

Sorry I do not plan to come back to Discord in the near future, it makes life harder. On YouTube, at most 1 more year

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I agree

I am like the worm from Toy story 7


My favorite paintings in the game

You are puny, little, tiny, weeny, meager, futile, worthless, teeny, boring, foolish, pointless, minimal, wretched, gloomy and pitful!

What do you suggest?

Its a joke friend!

That is poor tact unfortunately

Viktor Strobovski RAP today!

I think, i hope.

Go for it show the Education community your songwriting capabilities

It is cancelled for sad :(

Go for it show the Education community your not songwriting capabilities


Let us know

I could never guess why, what a fiasko
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I Gave Her Everything She Took My Heart and Left Me Lonely I Think Broken Heart’s Contagious I Won’t Fix, I’d Rather Weep Who Am I? I? I? Fraid to Let Go You Decide You Decide Gonna Let Me Know Suicide if You Ever Try to Let Go, Uh I’m Sad, I Know, Yeah I’m Sad, I Know Ow - Viktor Strobovski

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Alright so remember when it took me a week to confirm this place was dead?



Can not enjoy the delights of this discord.com community even if it was in my interest

l know this is the wrong place to type this but...

Noli, l hope you are having a good break. 

How have you been so far?

Feel relaxed?

Andrew86Games will not see us for some years because his parents learnt about discord so he won't active unfortunately... He has also taken a break from YouTube.

l really hope l can contact you somewhat, EVEN from itch.io. Stay safe.

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Hello Chris! I am happy to see you here.

I am having a good break and I am more relaxed, I hope to come back to more fun moments with friends as well as creating YouTube videos.

I feel bad about Andrew’s loss but I hope it is is for the better, restrictions on Discord giving him more time to work on GDWWS, you know optimism, although projects alone are harder.

I hope if we are still alive he comes back in the community stronger after those years. I disagree with his parents decisions because I think he is of enough age to join safe online communities, especially communities that promote creativity and career (game development)

I understand it might feel lonely and tormenting with less people to talk to and inability to reach friends, but the reason I took a break was because of stress/some anxiety I had, particularly these reasons:

Fear to log onto Discord expecting what people’s responses could be to my messages

General awkwardness and low quality (mostly joke) conversations from my side


Responsibility over all messages I get and not knowing how to respond

Fear of strangers

If anybody asks why I left, send them this. I hope you understand, that is really all see ya!

Hi Noli... uhm heh sorry for bothering again, l and others would like to ask you a last question...

A lot of people have been saying that you will be gone for 2 months and other for 1 or 2 years.

Do you know what to confirm? It's fine if you are unsure of what to say.

Regardless of my question, l'm really happy to hear of you feeling relaxed and ready for more action.

l agree Andrew might have a chance on work on his game even though l don't think this will help hm due to school starting in September...

l hope your break will make you beat those fears you had...

Past things, forgotten things they say! :D

(1 edit) (+1)

I am not sure. Most likely a little less than a year. Ranging from 4 to 9 months. I too like Andrew need to begin working on school, school is difficult to grasp with so many hobbies


Days are going by so quickly, I lost count of days, only knowing by checking the taskbar. Responsibility comes closer as childhood gets further and further away each day. What feels like 2 months to someone feels like a week to me. You cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube and each day I come closer to adulthood. That’s why I am unsure of when I will come back, it might feel long to others but just a transitional moment to me, it feels like July/June just began. Forgive me if I lose track of time and not come back, I will try my best

yay the old versions are back

Wait, do you know how to download older versions? I'd like to know how to. Thank you.


All of the old versions were back on this page for  a few hours for some reason but it's gone now.

But u can still download them here:https://baldi-guy.itch.io/v-s-a

Oh, thank you.


Ми славимо край Придністров'я,
Де люди пишаються тим,
Що дружбою, ладом, любов'ю
Навіки пов'язані з ним.

Прославимо наші заводи,
Широкі лани і міста,
Тут чесно працюють народи
На благо Вітчизни труда.

Через доли і води
Пронесемо ім'я
Ми Республіки свободи,
Хай живе тут народів сім'я.

Ми славимо рідні долини,
Красоти Дністра берегів,
І нам не забути билини
Про подвиги наших батьків.

Прославимо всіх поіменно
Полеглих за наш отчий дім,
Де пам'ять загиблих священна,
Вітчизні співаємо гімн.

Через доли і води
Пронесемо ім'я
Ми Республіки свободи,
Хай живе тут народів сім'я.

Через доли і води
Пронесемо ім'я
Ми Республіки свободи,
Хай живе тут народів сім'я.

hyped for alpha 1.4

(1 edit)

there now! Check the recent comments there is a link to a14

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Source code: https://mrdrnose.itch.io/aewvs-old-project-files Password: ViktorDeezBallsGaming

(2 edits)

Tell the EternityDev Discord Server I did what the entire mod staff apparently could not do:
Make a separate channel just for Brocks (and other potential weirdos) so we can have them fit in very nicely and not necessarily disrupt conversations with the rest of the community

Be ware awake while sleep at night they might be near you might not hear the worst you fear wild Brock at foot of your bed throws a Rock onto your head run run it’s no fun he’s creeping you’ll be weeping


If anyone's having an issue with the movement controls (WASD) not working, I found a solution!

Here's my fix for the movement bug:

  1. Start a new game
  2. Press "Q" to bring up the in-game pause menu
  3. Click "Controls"
  4. The game doesn't  seem to think the movement keys have been bound yet, even though it says that they are. So, even though they say they're bound to WASD,  just pretend that they aren't bound to anything, and rebind them manually to WASD:
    1. For "Move forward", click the corresponding "Bind Key" button and press "W".
    2. Do the same for the other three Move keys. (NOTE: For some reason the movement keys seem to be the only ones that need rebinding, so don't bother rebinding the rest.)
  5. Resume the game. The controls should be working now!

I know it seems redundant, but that actually fixed it for me.

wont let me walk also happy brithday

(1 edit)

I was having that issue too, but I just managed to figure out a solution!

Here's my fix for the movement bug:

  1. Start a new game
  2. Press "Q" to bring up the in-game pause menu
  3. Click "Controls"
  4. The game doesn't  seem to think the movement keys have been bound yet, even though it says that they are. So, even though they say they're bound to WASD,  just pretend that they aren't bound to anything, and rebind them manually to WASD:
    1. For "Move forward", click the corresponding "Bind Key" button and press "W".
    2. Do the same for the other three Move keys. (NOTE: For some reason the movement keys seem to be the only ones that need rebinding, so don't bother rebinding the rest.)
  5. Resume the game. The controls should be working now!

I know it seems redundant, but that actually fixed it for me.

omg thanks!!!


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*sigh* Welp.

This was my time; why didn't I use it? Why didn't I take the utmost advantage of it and at least have any celebration. I literally did nothing about it for a whole day. And I kept doing heck-all about it for days; weeks!

Is it over?

I don't think I fully grasped that there was anything to begin with.

Do I just not care?

I like to believe I care but I kept doing nothing. I fell once again into the trap of insisting something go my way. I spent every moment being probably about to do something, without being proactive.

I could have been the one to actually do something...who the heck here has actually done anything of anything?

Why was it so important and yet so unimportant to be to really be involved and give you something?

The less you do, the less anybody is going to care.

And besides, I had all this time to do something and it's not even productive to ruminate about it anymore. That just makes everything worse than it already is. I have to do something, and fast. Time limits were my cue to hurry up, to do just about all the projects I make underway, but obviously they didn't work.

If they don't do that, what will?

If I just posted a simple verbal statement of acknowledgement, exactly the amount of people who upvote the post are going to care.

That's probably just going to be Noli, who would be there for 15 seconds and leave.

Can I still give you something after the fact?

Does any of this even matter?

It's not helping if every single person around is callous. We're at a point where we're getting nothing, until the other things are done. Or until people decide to collectively give him $300 so he can make the entire thing all over again, as a new project. Perhaps after the others he's currently working on.

We are going to die

If we don't do anything, I guess it's a sign that this doesn't matter. There's no culturally better way to collectively reminisce about something than to coincide with the day something was initiated on Earth (according to it's last relative heliocentric position) and perform a celebration.

And, well, since we aren't reminiscing about something...it seems like we don't care anymore.

Isn't it ironic that the very thing that's mainly supposed to just be fun, is bringing out so much chaos and despair.

Of course, this is all just my problem. All I had to do was something; anything. But never did it matter if I lost a few hours. When those few hours are all I have, it's too late anyway. When I have even more than three days, it hardly makes a difference since it's also probably too late anyway. When I have two weeks, that's negligible.

That's the extent of my temporal myopia and impulsive impetuousness.

But, well...I don't believe in memes really dying. That's just unfair, to have something widespread and entertaining only for it to dissolve into obscurity again. Why should I believe in this being all over now that a single day has passed?

I rely on myself feeling bad to try and be motivated, but that's just not enough anymore. It's not. I can probably say I've gotten to a point in my life where I've mostly just ceased to care. It's that feeling when you're spending every day just living and not actually doing anything. It's why doing things in life matter to me. It's something that transcends the useless arbitrariness of every passing day. It's what makes you feel like you have a life. It's what makes you feel like you really ought to do something because otherwise, well...you're just missing out on the very life you're living.

Anyway...I have no idea if I'll even try my best at this point. Because if I try, that isn't even actually succeeding (at trying my best). All I have to do is forget shortly and collapse back into stasis. All I have to do is be stuck in my own fog of temporal perception until everybody's gone off without me.

And if I ever do go back to them saying "oh here I did a thing" well why am I even feeling terrible about that??? Why am I. Why does that make me feel terrible.

I'm just never ready to do something with my life even though I want that to happen. It's sheer outright slackness.

I have way too high standards for being ready, but I don't really psychologically care enough to really be convinced at many points.

All I have to do is take action without being ready.

Happy 4th anniversary, Viktor, Angellica and you insidious curse. (`•v•´)


It's not saying or helping much but I am probably first or second most dreadful and despaired member of the community. You are not alone, I might be

Do they hate you because you act like Brock sometimes and make controversial statements like "early AEWVS was better and you can't even load the game page because you're a mod so you make meaningless art instead"

(1 edit)

That too + pretentious taste overcomplaining and cringy humor. 

I did not mean that I am hated, I meant I am most saddest/depressed member myself it is not anybody else's fault. It is not a role model for sure

That sentence made you sound even more foreign, haha


Happy 4th birthday to Viktor's Advanced Ed.


Oʜ ռᎧ! 𝓦𝕙🇦ȶ ᗩʍ Į 𝐠🅾几𝓃α ԃơ?



You know you can just embed videos, right

Is it normal what I can't change my game to russian language?

Это нормально что я не могу сменить игру на русский?


Насколько я помню это баг, в игре доступен русский язык

Хм, понятно. Спасибо.

(2 edits) (+1)

Подождите, вы действительно кое-что поняли?

ДАНГ Я так горжусь тобой ⊂( ̄▽ ̄)⊃

oh no, is he not Mr. Brock

fireydeath4 makes fool of himself part 9625813872

Всмысле? Я сама русская.

(1 edit)


ты тот, кого люди называли Броком?

Я сейчас в замешательстве, когда я, наверное, не имею права быть (つ﹏<)


I like to eat AEwVS




What the hell ??? i think that's a wrong message! i don't remember when i sent this

2022-05-13 19:46:39 UTC

-Comment timestamp tooltip


Time traveler: *hits rock* 

Baldi's basics:




Учурлары Тунец

Сайхан ах байна, би хүн авдаг

Я умоляю ваш пардон?

Sad that christmas curse is gone it was a good spinoff

Wait, what? No.

Ah, oh well I got the versions on the hard drive anyway


by evryon

P‍E‍O‍P‍L‍E‍, I‍F W‍E D‍O‍N‍’‍T M‍A‍K‍E I‍T I‍N‍T‍O I‍N‍T‍E‍R‍N‍ET H‍I‍S‍T‍O‍R‍Y‍, W‍E A‍R‍E S‍O‍P‍P‍I‍N‍G L‍O‍S‍E‍R‍S‍. That's pretty much a fact at this point




Ask the AEwVS discord, I am sorry I don't have a reddit account


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Go to satanic underworld portal

What the Zionist

Bad idea? 

It just isn't bad enough to be so bad after all

Well that's just digital vandalism :P

(2 edits)

victorious hugeousness stroboscopes

(lol i'm serious that's what a vhs is, it's hugeous and it's a victorious stroboscope because it flickers a moving picture)
(i'm so uneducated)
We Love Miragaz https://mrdrnose.itch.io/miragaz


Dang I really like the READTHISFIRST part XD

Who is da real Strobovski now

AEwVS forever

And Never to break

And Never to part

I Love AEwVS!

(5 edits) (+1)

Sorry...I just thought this was too funny


"He's not the main character but he is a creepypasta who joined the game"
More of my silly Discord server without actually joining it

Well i played this game it pretty fun but viktor with axe he scary loud jumpscare he is like dun tun lol also that ghost i got 9/10 i died i will try to complete again

Now I know why MrDrNose is making this game toddler easy

Honestly in my opinion I think BBIEAL and/or BB+ is harder :P :D

Show post...

Bruh who kicked me form the sever

The moderators

Show post...

*breaks phone*

Show post...

hey how do i comment on the discord sever

(im 8 but dont kick me cuz ill be 10 soon)

(2 edits)

You need to be a teenager before the internet police will even let you use a lot of services.

Now, the internet police are scared for two reasons. First of all, having access to messaging services as a child has a totally insane amount of risks. Children are just learning how to live life, so naturally they would need to be more trusting and sharing. Normally, parental figures would use these qualities to help their children learn and grow. Strangers on the internet, however, exploit them to make children do a bunch of things that they have no idea are harmful until it's too late. Here are just a few things strangers do to children on the internet:

  • Act harmless, or even pretend to be another child, try to befriend the children, and then suggest or tell them to give out personal information like their real name, home address, telephone number, personal photos, other numbers like social security and spending cards, and more. They could also ask them to call them apparently (they can see the phone number when they do). If they have any one of these, it's easier for them to search the internet for the rest of the information, and even those of parents and relatives.
  • Use the information to steal the children's identities, so they can pretend to be them and waste their money online, or do this to their friends.
  • Ask the children to do terrible things they have no idea is terrible you should definitely not look up at your age to see what they are, because, you really won't like it. I can assure you. I'll give you an overly simple example. Do you know about cyberbullying? Do you know how it feels when other people are mean? Imagine if they got you to send them embarrassing pictures (with you still trusting them), and then they sent them around to their friends and they're laughing at you on the internet for being such a fool. Well, they'll do much worse than this.
  • Try to meet up with the children in real life to do any number of things like steal whatever they have when they come out, beat them up, act like a bully, kidnap them, tie them to a chair in a truck and pressure them to share even more information (or get beat up again and again) or something, send them to very large, organised and abusive groups of bullies (such as cohorts and slave-masters), and more. Look, you WILL be shocked at how silly, childish, mean, violent and cruel adults can get. That really says a lot about our society.

They don't even have to talk to you. On the internet, there are records of everything you've ever posted on it (i.e. spying and data collection), and strangers can just quietly search for who you are with more and more information until they can just go and spend all your money. You do not want that. Beyond Discord, there are lots of websites on the internet that share your location with your posts. Adults are better at responsibility and self-defence, so it's safer for them to go there than children whose information and routines can be tracked by whoever can see the information.

Strangers aren't even the only ones you should be worried about on the internet. If you  posted something terrible online, even by accident, and even when you were just in a bad mood, people will remember that for generations to come. And they'll judge you for it. You'll have a worse reputation. If you want a good job, people might know what you did and think you're not fit to do the job, because you're dumb, moody, lazy, someone who has the potential to do bad things again, or whatever. Of course, you want a good job so you can get the monies to be comfortable on top of buying and renting survival items like food and house-shelter. Many other people who would give you important things could reject you for these things. Apparently if you joke about crimes (which people can frame you for), and you go to court, people will have to give your information to them. A number of other problems are explained at various articles I looked up about why exactly children need online privacy, which is why they have laws that make Discord and many other websites ban everyone suspected of being younger than a teenager.

You probably will want to control your information on the internet and have privacy when you grow up so you can have freedom and not feel oppressed. Look at me. I'm cringing about so many things I did when I was younger and I did a bunch of stupid things on the internet. Things probably could be a lot worse for me. Apparently kids don't even get to the formal operational stage, an important way of thinking, until they're twelve

The internet police are obviously scared because if children are harmed, that harms future grown-ups who will be important workers and social participants. Plus, just that "children are precious". But also, the second reason the internet police are scared is that if they are caught doing nothing about children's online safety and not setting out widespread laws and regulations to prevent these things, they'll get negative press and complaints from other people that would harm their own businesses. So even if they're just money-hungry corporate groups that run the place where other people interact and they just do some things, it would be in their interest to do these things.

Now I know you just went to the EternityDev Discord Server where there's probably a lot of active, trusted individuals, but even they have to watch out for people trying to trick them and other things. You don't know who you're talking to. Obviously a responsible person who knows they're talking to an 8-year-old would try to shove them out immediately. Because the bad people would suck them in, instead.

And that would be bad

If you want to comment on the server, just do it here in the meantime. You seem lucky to be here. Don't ruin it

Show post...

i wasnt trying to shove.

i was just helping

and doing some jokes

also, maruiso is the one that let me join the sever.

also ill be teenager soon.

Well, they didn't know you were underage.

If you're 8, that's like 5 years to go until you're a teenager. Go on a website designed for kids like Scratch or something (or get your parents' permission to go on other social media)

Show post...

i just joined discord to help every1s games etc....

And the internet police are scared you'll stick around for further conversations and be manipulated into all sorts of troubles mentioned above...

Just don't try and get you and/or Discord and/or it's members in trouble by going on there under 13

gonna play this game it looks a cool baldi fangame


Here hurry up and take this hazmat suit and this bulletproof vest and this suit of armour and this shot of panacea


what the problemo

Oh, nothing.

Just the creator decided "bald" is now derogatory for whatever reason, so calling this a fangame would be...just silly. And worth a crazy bunch of arsenals. (What denial)

Don't worry, you should be good now. Have hours of fun with this thing

(2 edits)

Things have changed so much...

It must be in it's nature. It will literally continue to do so until the curse is broken...

Iterations of Angellica

"Nostalgia", etymologically, is pain.

do I saw viktor strobovski WHERE IS HE'S BODY?!

Ah...he's fine.

You'll learn later

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