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For everyone who thinks this is fangame: this is not a fan game, this is not a fan game, this is not a fan game, this is not a fan game

normal people welcome 😊❤️


You like to studying? You want to increase your math skills? In this game you need to solve few mathematical examples, and Viktor Strobovski will say what to do. Listen him attentively and do what he say. Difficulty of examples increased with each wrong answer, so don’t do mistakes, Viktor don’t like mistakes. Nobody like mistakes.





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Don't trust to wiki


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i changed all game sounds to pingas 379 MB
[FIRST BUILD]Alpha 0.0.1 (Ancient one) 75 MB
[LATEST] Alpha 0.1.3 178 MB
[LATEST] Alpha 0.1.3b 193 MB
Alpha 14-x3 New Year special (experimental) (32bit) 420 MB
Alpha 14-x3 New Year special (experimental) (64bit) 442 MB

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The end of the series about my theories of Viktor’s past and the past of some other characters.

Warning! It contains some spoilers.


Well I'll succumb to it if you don't tell us what it is!

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Aaaaaaaaaaaayou know what? No worries...

I deleted only duplicates🗿


MrDrNose, i have been following this game for a year. It is amazing, fantastic and really fun to play. It took me 50 hours to beat it and i am glad it did, please get motivated to develop this. I love this game and would love to follow it until the end.


You can check Discord and Twitter if you want to see whatever he's up to. He should really do more livestreams even though I'm not the kind of person to watch things like that. Unreal Engine seems to lag so much that I doubt he'll do it though. He should get Patreon or something. Also, if you're in interested, you can read my revival plans in order to make AEWVS popular again.

He's/She's already in Discord, there's someone called "Noli" in it. Same profile picture.

I know PopSoda's already there. I think. I guess they just like to make a bunch of public statements. I just hope MrDrNose reads all the comments.


Holy Gods! The fights in the comments are hilarious.

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Now you're following me too? Darn. Anyway, I wouldn't call these conversations "fights". You can participate if you want.

I am not following you, i just found all the "conversations" about a non existing Rick Astley game very silly and fun to read.

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Well you did follow me on Itch

Deleted 12 days ago
Deleted 12 days ago
Deleted 12 days ago
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Main theme of the game goes like : Viktor viktor viktor, storg. Viktor strobonvskiy, viktor stribog viktor strong, viktor's no strobovski, viktor is strobovskiy. Viktor strogonovskiy (repeat). viktor strowon stronodog. Viktor molokowskiy.



Wwwwwwwwwwhat? ???

snooPINGAS usual i see

Oops I signed out by accident but I got a new account is viktor and alex

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(This was the message too.)

There is not an update on this game 

(2 edits)

Well, not since Version 0.1.4b: New Year's Special, which was released two days or so ago.

Also, why did you suddenly go and follow me? Personally quite tired of people following me despite my sheer lack of content, which makes everything quite messy, but that's besides the point.

I said there’s no update on my game is only a New Years special and anniversary on this game and don’t be an 5 year old screaming 

Freeze off

I think there's a contradiction there...

Absolutely not

Coincidence, anyone? 

I say yes. You can check for some intel from MrDrNose to see if it was indeed intentional.

Wasn't Alice made before that claw girl? 

IDK, which Alice?


*sigh* what's up?

I still Viktor Strobovski 

You moron 

You baby face 

Get those pictures off now 

Deleted 13 days ago

If you say one more thing that's either spam-looking, doesn't make any sense or isn't contributive or productive, we will report you. Not sure why you hate us but there are some decent reasons to do so. I don't think you've figured any out yet though. At least tell me why exactly you say these random and repetitive things, or whatever comments you posted in particular.

Ha I got an idea I can get my friends to kill you with my axe you stop your fiction to me

Prove that you are a real threat rather than just a weirdo on the internet then, shall we?

(5 edits)

(This was the notice for newcomers that's now at the top again.)

Uh stupid robot you idiot 


How many times are you gonna say that?

Also, if I was a robot, the message reposting would be consistent and unchanging. The message changed quite a bit yesterday and we also usually have details about the below comment at the top.

Also, tarwills are a myth.

Damn I love your replies.

Don't know what's go great about this one. I've made quite a few replies and comments which I was considerably more proud of and were quite wittier. This was just probably a basic reply.

Don't ask me for examples. I forgot them all.

Well I guess I was excited by the fact there was a new update that I just said that. "Lol".

I signed out by accident my new account is viktor and Alex 

Did you forget the password to your other account?

Can't you just change your password with an email if you forgot? Or did you just not specify an email address? Either way, memorising passwords is quite useful but I suppose it doesn't really matter this time since you didn't have much going on with your other account.

Deleted 18 days ago

Don't spam with giant letters

I know Viktor Strobovski was born 29th February 1975 in Scotland 




yes ur rigth

You spelled right wrong so shut up I hate having a dirty jacket and incorrect questions and the robot doesn’t like me 

u fool i know where ur live


I’m Viktor Strobovski I hate having a dirty jacket 




can you please shut the fuck up viktor strobovski looking clone account bitch lmao

Rick Astley is a singer he sanged never gonna give you up in 1987 and he’s 53 born Feb 6th 1966

Uh stupid robot you idiot 

Viktor Strobovski was born in February 29th 1975 in Scotland you bitch


Amazing Game!!

the rest of the world: 🅽🅾🗿

(3 edits)

Oh so you are here. Hope you've read everything...some people really want to say something to you. There's a question about ABIBAZ and a list of suggestions for AEWVS down below. And a few other concerns.

Anyway, stop giving up and accepting how AEWVS is just going to be seen as just a generally bad game by everyone. I don't care how many sins ArcadeSins (or whatever equivalent) would give AEWVS if it did an entry about it, it's good.

Oh and I think you made the right choice by temporarily retracting Version 0.1.4a. It gives people free access to spoilers and potential game-breaks. Wait nevermind (._.)


Hey, Mr. MIX_UP_GAMERS! Here's your worst nightmare!

Cake abomination 🗿🗿🗿

Third is the best one

"normal people welcome 😊❤️" Thanks for welcoming me Mr. Strobovski!

Oh i am waiting hard for the reconstruction to end, anything new happening?

IDK. Check Discord if you have it.

what is the music called when get chased by marzia v at the end?


Version 0.1.3+: Wrillez Basics: Discordia

Version 0.1.2–: Trinchetto - Overture To The Sun


(1 edit)

Hello again everybody. Now I know you're all reading this without sending "read" messages since I ended up watching myself in the latest stream. Still conflicted on whether I should be subscribed. Anyway, I was going to do Smile Wolf but I couldn't find any decent pictures of wolves crawling on Google Image Search. Here's what it currently looks like. Oh and if anybody knows the source image to Smile Wolf, let me know. I'm pretty sure there is one.

My method for drawing a lot of sprites is to just draw a box or a quick sketch, and then chisel and append as I please until it looks good/accurate, something that wouldn't really be practical when drawing on paper or things other than digital. That's the benefit of doing stuff on the computer. Anyway, I wanted to do something for Christmas, and then it hit me: Let's draw the Christmas Curse characters! That'll have enough time! So I did. I drew their costumes which they wore like they went to a costume party or something. Actually Christmas-related costumes would've at least made sense. Oh, and I'm in Australia and some of you are still even on Christmas Eve, so I've got quite a headstart. Though, it seemed like I had a lot of free time this time around. Usually I do, but I'm busy with other things in that time. I suppose if I just stop doing whatever other things I do, I can get quite a lot done. Anyway, here you go. Oh and I did a few other sprites so stick around.

So remember when I said it felt like all of my sprites are just big enough to fit all the details in? Yeah, well...I think I lied. Jenny Erie, like Librarian Erie, is touching all 80 pixels between the floor and ceiling and was absurdly difficult to draw. I had to considerably extend her head and shrink her body just to fit her eyes and antennae(?) in. I might have enough room but I might be cutting it pretty close, and the tiles and everything are even disproportionate so yeah. The Gingerbread-Man also ended up quite large since I wanted to fit all the details in, so he might even be almost as tall as Angell right now. Didn't check.

I did some other stuff with Laura. I did one without the headset just in case, and I also did something quite strange. Remember my suggestion about two other Bad Endings in AEWVS: CC? Well, I decided to look things up and do what I had in mind. Here you go.

(Here's the fixed one:)

I put the original one for Evil Laura there which I did a while ago since I never posted it. Also I kept the original costume just in case, though I think the recoloured one is a lot more fitting. And I tried 5x5 eyeballs but they looked rather big and weird even though they were more accurate. Guess I really didn't have room.

I had a different method that worked quite well. Rather than starting over and making unique sprites like MrDrNose did a few times, I just decided to go and do over the original sprites.

Was I going to say anything else...? I don't think so. Merry Christmas.

Really nice idea for Laura bad ending design.

Head teacher tell that man to shut up

He is immune since he has made Doggos and Smile Wolf.

Yeah I know thanks for that

I'm actually not. Here's some intel. Though, I'm not sure what much this weirdo can do.

So you're not immune to me? I can annoy people if I want but that's just plain boring and doesn't really serve any purpose. I don't listen to kids telling me to do things either, so yeah.

Instead of looking for a crawling wolf, try searching up crouching big dog, or crouching husky, since they kind of look like wolves. You might have better luck with that.

@MrDrNose!! Did You Unfixed My Game!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

What happened? Did something happen with Version 0.1.4a?

(also, that version contains a lot of expositions, spoilers and broken alpha content)

(3 edits)

I just saw myself on this page in MIX_UP_GAMERS' video. Now I feel quite uncomfortable. The feeling should subside in due time. Don't even know why. I used to fear looking at myself in mirrors and reflective surfaces all around me. Now I feel uncomfortable being watched. Oh maybe that's it. Uh...? Maybe it's also something else too? Guess we all get used to things. I'll edit this comment when I get used to it. See you all.

I have no choice but to get over it. I'll be facing myself within again to retrieve information.

Deleted 33 days ago
(1 edit)

Well I'm pretty sure the Pingas version was built around Version 0.0.9 and is not getting updated, and is now obsolete. Deal with it...

Oh wait, do you want to request a new, revised one? If only all of the versions were contained within the same file...That would save a lot of space and keep all updates consistent


Okay Thanks For Letting Me Know

(2 edits)

Well...hello again. It's been a while...

Just finished Smile Wolf's head. Yay. Smile Wolf is probably going to be the most tedious character in AEWVS to recreate, since we can only see his head and he's VERY detailed. So I think Smile Wolf's going to need the most creativity out of all of them because I have to look up what wolves look like when they crawl and make up his entire body by myself. And it might even be based off of a dog. You know, it kind of looks like Angell could fit in his MOUTH. Think about that. No wonder staring at him is enough to make her completely insane.

It feels as if all of my sprites are just big enough to fit all the details in.

It's almost Christmas now. Like, literally 10 days. Seems like the AEWVS announcement was released a little over 3 months ago. I feel completely lost and hopeless, like life just has no point. Maybe I'm just tired. Either way, I've barely done anything this year. I seem to be just doing less every year. I haven't been trained to do any schedules thanks to our sleep disorder and homeschooling, and I'm going to have to do some stuff. I wish I could control time. I mean that in the classical sense, because controlling relative time sounds absolutely DANGEROUS. I know everything I do is going to end up all for nothing, so like what. Yeah, I think I'm just tired. Urgh.

I guess I'll just come back soon. Bye!

Yep I think I feel a bit better now. Guess I was just tired.

Also beautiful.



(3 edits)

Well now, if you didn't know about the rest of them (mostly Viktor, Marzia, Cleany, Laura and Watcher) already. Yes. Look at them all. No wonder mrdrnose wants to make Alice (again) in Blender. Seeing this honestly gave me quite a shock even though it shouldn't have because yeah.

If you haven't noticed, pretty much the only assets original in later AEWVS are the Blender models he made by himself. Don't really know what to say but it's not all bad I guess. I just...don't really know what to do lol. Guess I'll get used to it in a couple days.

(stares back at pictures) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

if you wanna let them know go to discord


Updated broken aewvs invitation link🗿

Okay. Will tell.

If only you'd scrolled down to see the 9 comments posted since the one about Alice...

(1 edit)

Hi. We found more of your secrets. Come have a look.

Hey MrDrNose! ROBLOX Disabled My Roblox Account! Please Leave a Dislikes In Roblox's Videos?

(2 edits) (+1)

Hello again. You probably shouldn't advertise like that unless your content is AEWVS-related...

Also, you're asking a favour, so he probably won't do it unless you're friends. Also he claims to visit Itch once per month because of Discord, so...yeah...

(I know I said something here. He'll probably come back around in a while.)

Anyway, I hope you asked them why they did that. Maybe you can get some closure or help. You probably also shouldn't retaliate, because you'll be a hater. And if you are, what are you doing on there anyway. Plus dislikes won't help or even do anything, so why bother. Oh, and, Roblox is for kids, so if you posted full-on AEWVS content, don't be surprised. Later.


Being savage is kinda fun actually when I think about it.

You know what, Argemia?

Get a Patreon account.

Get a Patreon account, I tell you. Or something similar.

I don't think people pay for this game anymore, and we need to give something back. So help us help you help us all perpetuate the cycle of reward. If you want.

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