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Before you walk off thinking that this is just another Baldi clone, listen to what I have to say in the description.


Welcome to Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski, inspired by Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning.

Give this game a chance at least.
Yes, the gameplay is very similar to Baldi's Basics: Collecting notebooks, defending yourself from crazy teachers with the help of sodas, no running in the corridors during the lesson, SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP.

But if you're still a fan of Baldi-like games and love horror and challenges, this game is just the right thing for you!

Difficulty levels have been added. You can decide how hard this challenge will be for you.
For new players, we suggest the difficulty "Boi".
You can also play the “Lil puss“ difficulty. It works like a trainer mode. You can explore the map without being chased.

The game will be a lot of fun, if you take your time to understand everything and don't give up on it just because you died a few times.

Also, there’s much more to this game than just collecting notebooks and escape.
1. You can try to reach the second level by playing through the first one.
2. There are many achievements to get and secrets to find, such as alternative and secret endings, and much more!

The game is still under development, so stay tuned for updates!
New levels, new characters and more explanation of the lore will come up, soon.

Also, join the AEwVS Discord server. The link is down below.





🦃AEwVS Discord server🦃

👧 AEwVS amino👦



💸Donation Alerts💸


Don’t trust the Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski Wiki | Fandom. There are false information about some characters.

But you can always add right information 👀


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i changed all game sounds to pingas 379 MB
[FIRST BUILD]Alpha 0.0.1 (Ancient one) 75 MB
Beta 1 (covid infected) 291 MB
[LATEST] Alpha 0.15_c (64-bit) 465 MB
[EXPERIMENTAL] a15R_8c2_64.zip 466 MB

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I cant load the new versions? I downloaded them and it says "No cooked content found" help me out here please

I just thought: You also shouldn't be able to get DCoins from Lil Puss notebooks. You could just play that all the time. Or if you repeatedly just collect the first notebook and restart. It's probably better if you actually try.

I'm that type of person that loves "losing time" in games, and tbh, even doing that in Lil Puss is super boring, you gotta be real obsessed to do that shit.


I absolutely love and adore this game. Im just wondering, why are all the Levels unavailable in the store? Also, how do I play the Mr Mix mini game? Been searching for it for ages.

Even though MrDrNose rigged everything so that almost anything can be done by strolling around and farming DCoins, there's still a few restrictions to it, so you'll still have to beat the levels fairly, besides the rest of it. Also, I think the minigame didn't get carried over to the new main menu, so you'll have to purchase the mix map from the store.

How do i purchase it from the store? All levels just say unavailable, I have played a lot and saved up lots of DCoins. Sorry for being annoying, im just really interested in this Mr Mix mini game.

(1 edit)

I see you've added a donation site! That doesn't help much though, because we could always donate through Itch. That's why I suggested Patreon, or literally anything like it. We could have incentive to donate, or something, and then it would be a big long loop for both of us.

See what I mean FireyDeath4?


Okay, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

I banned him🗿

(2 edits)

I actually think that all you did was eliminate some of his posts. He's still there.

Yeah, I don't think he realises what spam is. Urgh, I hate talking about people like I'm just talking about how silly they are to their side. It's why I addressed the person as "you" sometime earlier. (Yeah, you.) Same thing happened to me, like I was just a silly annoying wally on the sidelines LOL.

Well, I'll look into the elevator thing now, it could be caused by cookies or save data but it just doesn't work, and I hear someone on Discord is having the same problem

Call me ageist, but I feel like the spammers on this page and some of the hyper amateurish wiki page makers are x <= 12 or 13, because the way they write and what they write is what I expect of kids that age. 12/13 year olds should not be trusted with writing a wiki page.

Well it's okay, I don't see them vandalising the wiki all that often

The wiki literally has so little activity that I can keep up with it in Special:RecentChanges and Special:WikiActivity

(8 edits)


MrDrNose, I hate to say this, but...

You are absolutely stupid LOL

Please fix this before anybody of importance knows. I think we should still implement the following measures on the Store (remember) to prevent people from blitzing the game and finding everything in it purely by farming coins out of their rights because the Watcher (that means you) is rather a fool who considers money to be something important - as if it above the intricate realm it has created. Although, I think you need more funding (please, get Patreon or something, Argemia - perhaps for random things, such as the models you make, or whatever you want the rewards to be) and would be otherwise happy to give you all those coins if they could be used as real currency. You need something for this game to either fund or incentivise and I personally have downloaded it like over 10 times without paying so much as a cent since I don't have the online money. I'll summarise those points here:

  • Nothing is of negative value and you will not offer me money to free you of your..."bads".
  • Secret items are not for sale.
  • Maps that are a part of the main game itself are not for sale.
  • Outright tips and hints are not for sale. If you need information about how characters behave, hide them somewhere other than right over the counter.
  • Information about things cannot be sold until you have already dealt with them.
  • You can only buy helpful items for your loot box once you beat a level, and you can only use them in that mode and lower.
  • When starting with loot box items, you cannot play the game and get achievements for other endings than the ones you've already done.
  • Maps with potentially spoiling content cannot be unlocked until you've beat associated levels and found associated secrets.
  • General random things such as the "NUTS" graphics are okay. (You could have a certain amount of achievements rather than DCoins before you can unlock miscellaneous privileges to add a sense of reward, though.)
  • Since you now get one DCoin for every notebook you collect, take away the DCoins found randomly on the floor. Although, you could give us more DCoins for harder notebooks and increase the prices of some things in the Store.
  • Create an achievement for every secret to replace the DCoins hidden in them, even with ambiguous names and images.
  • Laura is finally free of her cat costume. (This one isn't as pressing, but you might want to do that when you're done. Spend DCoins on bringing it back or something.)

Watcher, how could you hope to get rid of all these keys when you have unlimited stock? It'd be better you abandon your store lol. You also seem to have unlimited DCoins. It all defeats the purpose. For more serious matters, refer to the above paragraphs.

While I'm at it, you still haven't fixed this yet. But the notebook in the ninth room was gone when I checked, and the elevator doesn't work. I lost.

A language notebook will unconditionally spawn here, independent of the others. It's exclusive to Lil Puss, though, so don't complain.

First - no u

Second - shop glitch has been fixed in experimental version, secretive items are ridiculously expensive, main levels are not for sale

"Information about things cannot be sold until you have already dealt with them" this is pretty difficult to make, i need to make a lot of variables for this and it easily creates a mess, I'll just raising prices

And i don't understand the elevator glitch

Yeah I know I'm stupid but you get the point

Anyway, I include the clocks and RF map, and any others that can be accessed normally in a like way. And it shouldn't use too many - you should just be able to put them for sale once an associated secret or achievement or accomplishment has been found or done. I assume I was referring to characters, secrets and some items. Not too many though.

I tried using both elevators in Lil Puss prior and subsequent to the chase initiation but neither of them opened.

(4 edits) (+1)

“There is hammer,saws,toxics and dangerous stuff which can harm living things


— 5 hours ago, by A FANDOM user

That is a good question, actually...I think some of them are absurdly easy to kill (nevermind the ghosts and whatnot). Like Viktor. Actually, it might be because the staff are actually not evil for some reason? I mean the Christmas Curse was inexplicably confirmed canon, and only Viktor, Laura and the Gingerbread-Men were really kind of...bad at times. Maybe Angell just doesn't want to and would rather kill herself than the staff, since she can be brought back and has died probably millions of times by now. But still, it makes too much sense. Just why? The whole thing WOULD be significantly more simple if Angell would even just injure some of the staff into incapacitation.

Even so, I agree with probably a bit much of the stuff in the below video

— FireyDeath4, a few seconds ago (edited)

Yeah. I’d say, too, that Angell is more of a pacifist. But I don’t think it would be easier if she tried to injure people. If Angell got into actual fights, she would most likely die. And I don’t think Angell knows Viktor’s weaknesses. Or the weaknesses of the others, if they even have some.

It doesn't matter since she can mess with time and learn forbidden things before redoing whatever she wants, but okay.

Actually there’s never something like the protagonist or the player having control over anything that happens in the game because there will be something that stops them: the script of the game. You can’t control anything that happens or expand your abilities except you cheat.


A little something I made.


that’s cool

Thank you. ^^

can you send me AEwVS characters who’s based off please see who played as AEWVS characters 

(1 edit)


We'll add a few sources but they're generally: a bunch of stock photos of people we don't know, Blender-generated painted mesh, text-to-speech voices (some of which are based on other people we don't know), and I think MrDrNose himself.

yeah i still know who you are but whatever

I’m Evan Tylerton 



I made my own erie model

Deleted 6 days ago

I think you seem to have forgotten that this is a comments section rather than a chat room. Lol

Deleted 6 days ago

We had reasons to ban you. If you still don't understand what are those reasons - we'll definitely won't unban you.

And don't spam here, if you continue post nonsense I'll ban you *again*

Deleted 5 days ago


I don't really think you do. Like you just gave us 200 characters describing yourself and then reposted the large cropped picture of a thumbnail with Viktor in it.

I don't think you seem to realise what's going on...

Remember all those pictures you post? What's their point in this comment section?

Deleted 5 days ago

How is that even relevant...?

i don't frikn know.

(1 edit)

So in one of my successful runs on the language level, Marzia stole and swallowed my cross. After I got the tenth language notebook and unlocked the elevator to the history level without pressing the button to go up to the third floor, I went searching through trashcans looking for SCP - 4002, when I stumbled across my stolen cross in one of the trashcans. So apparently, Marzia's pyloric sphincter acts as a portal to a random trashcan. I guess that means Angell's chewed up corpse winds up in a trashcan as well.

But what about if you give her a food item? Actually, wait...

Well I think the code was just copied over from Laura's, where the items she confiscates are immediately transferred to a random trash bin.

Sigh. When she grabs an item, it goes to her. Then Cleany grabs it and puts it in a trash bin. That's the more logic way.

Marzia don't swallows not edible objects, you van feed her with cookies or muffins for example. Cleany just stole cross from the floor

wait! How you make us to download AEwVS on iPhone App Store and create a joystick for mobiles that will be a good idea 

(1 edit)

It seems like once you've determined a console, you won't be able to port it easily, and MrDrNose doesn't really want to do that work because it'd be a waste of time and AEWVS is still rather unpopular. Like, I thought the Discord server would have 1000 members by now at least, but no. It STILL only has the 200 community members.

That being said, you and we can't.

Tomorrow I just going to wear a suit and my mask with gel on and you going to find out I look like 

Deleted 6 days ago
(8 edits)


I know who you are on Itch and the stuff you've posted.

Please, intrigue me; why do you make such seemingly random posts? Like, for example, this one? Why are you always arguing with people and stuff?

I've seen the people clearly tell you what you're doing wrong. Why are you...unable to take it in?

People are annoyed with you because you're so insistent on your views (such as Viktor's birthdate, which is clearly for Argemia to decide, if ever) and you just post random things. You just try to make people listen to you, always think you're right and, sometimes, barely even talk properly.

In fact, look at a recent post you made right here. You don't even seem to know where or what you're talking about. It seems like you wanted to stop being banned from Discord, but did you even know where you were posting? It was literally a year-old post just about people discussing what teacher they personally didn't like from AEWVS - nothing to do with you. And Cheesers2019 isn't even an active user on Fandom anymore! Don't you see? Doesn't it make less (or more) sense to you now?

You also made three seperate posts in this comment section talking about Discord and how the people don't like you and how "you're" a "bad teacher". You should be able to tell that this isn't a chat room - one should be enough. Yes, the people don't like spamming. But the main problem lies in the things you post at random - like the link above, about Blackhall. Why did you come to the AEWVS comment section to post a picture of Blackhall? It doesn't make sense and isn't relevant to AEWVS (the game) (or anything about it). This is what the people don't like.

What can I do to make you see what you're doing to make other people want to exclude you?

Your reputation started here, and I can still recall what you said in each reply based on context. It seems like now you realise for some reason you're doing something unfavourable, after getting kicked out of Discord multiple times. You just don't even seem to know what it is, really.

That's where this reply is going to try to patch it up. But you still need your help, so try to explain what's going on when you make the posts people don't like - or even just deduce which posts people don't like first.

Deleted 6 days ago

I never said you were worst

I was just trying to point out some stuff.


(This is not in the game) Helpscreen when someone skips the tutorial.

Already did some other random stuff, so, here's your GREAT BIG SPOILER ALERT!

I ended up making the most messed up screenshot of AEWVS, and oh boy, this is going to be the most exciting thing in a while lol

Yep. Messed it up all the way. It should all be in the picture

In fact, you know what, actually? The first person to make a picture messier than this one gets a PRIZE. Just tell me what AEWVS-related prize you want and you can get it when you're done.

Anyway, here's a few other random things I did

This is epic

I want to see if you can get the Albert and Lil Puss endings at the same time in Version 0.1.5 but unfortunately I already got both of those achievements so there you go.

I also got myself on the edge of reality

Spot the difference.
I considered making a run for Albert's skull and/or the door, but the thing is, the game crashes as soon as you try. Could we do it with developer exploits?

I mean obviously nothing's gonna be behind the door and I'm just gonna fall into the abyss and respawn. But what about the item?

Oh, yeah, and Albert was present at the time, so I was going to introduce him to his skull, but he disappeared just like the others too. Maybe something special should happen! Like, if you have Albert on hand, maybe you can dive in and see what's through the door or about the skull! The Store's more pressing though.

how’s it a big spoiler alert 

(2 edits)

There are multiple secrets in it.

Things are called "spoilers" because they "spoil" the sense of mystery, suspense and terror from not knowing what comes next because people are casually talking about it and it suddenly happens that, whenever a spoiled person goes to see said secrets or future plot, those feelings are gone.

Also, generally, the more you see or think about something you're not used to, the more you get used to it.

People seem to really like adrenaline rushes.

Anyway, the post contains multiple secrets of AEWVS in it.

(8 edits)

All of my achievements were gone while using Version 0.1.5b. great, more bugs urgh lol (hold on a bit, I'll make some backups, and yes I know about the file transfer)

Anyway, the heck? I just clicked on the Discord app on my new computer without signing in or anything, and I immediately have access as a guest.

Should that be fixed, or...?

Anyway, well, start doing some references and screenshots on the Wiki then, everybody! I think they'll need it at this point, since people don't know what's real or not. I won't really be using the server anyway considering, um, I don't really know what to say but you know.

Deleted 6 days ago

Are you ok my guy

(2 edits)

I don't really know. You haven't been here to meet this person. He made various accounts and never made any sense.

(Yeah, you up there. You were Jeffy earlier. And you were also Leatherface, Rick Astley, and a bunch of other weirdos from at least five other accounts. And you always spammed with references to random characters, large letters, swore a lot and never held a sensical conversation. Still don't know what's up about it, but I guess that's that...

I hope you eventually tell me what and why lol. Please.)

Deleted 6 days ago
(2 edits)


You still have not come close to my house. Had you taken up my advice, I would be dead by now. Or you would've posted things that made sense and told me why.

*sigh* anyway, uh, just,

Track my IP address, and, I don't even really know what else to say. I guess I'll just wait for you to do a thing. Just settle down and...do a thing.


P.S. You're not in trouble by the way. I'm just a little disappointed. I mean you didn't stay true to your word when you said you'd come over here with an axe, and, not many of your replies followed through

Deleted 6 days ago
Deleted 6 days ago

Okay. Okay.

Ever thought to ask why?

Seriously, do it next time you want to rejoin.

they won’t let me go back on the server on discord on AEwVS cause they motherfuckers

(2 edits)

(When you do the update that removes the levels from the Store, I hope you give me a refund for those coins I spent. And I hope other main-game maps, such as the RF, are removed too.)

Literally beat the Language Level on my first try and guess what?

The door didn't wait to open.

Anyway, I also have a bunch of other random experiments to talk about. It's not much, but here are a few...

Spoxy + Attack + Elevator = Glitchy Havoc

I once did dodge the whole attack entirely without getting hit once (and yes, I did get past the attack area at a time or two).

Also, there's a room in the third storey that transports you to an endless, inescapable loop. The trouble was, I literally watched Alice (and the entrance) vanish before my very eyes.

Smile Dog + Lil Puss = More Broken Bleakness

By the way, the game doesn't do anything when I open Map4.

Sorry, I ran out of things to say already. You are dismissed.

Remember what I said in my posts though, it helps for development

(4 edits)

I know I've made way too many posts by now (and I still have some more up my sleeve) but I want to ask:

MrDrNose, why did you make the Store?

(Newbies, please read this if you want to know what to refrain from doing for the best experience. I think.)

The things that you sell in it mean that no real effort has to be put in the game. You just have to wander around, farming DCoins with your transtemporal relayering powers and your biological ability, by getting achievements and literally wandering around. All you have to do is wait.

Want to beat the game? Get 40 DCoins and buy Map3. You'll instantly have access to the WIP level, History.

Want to hire the Watcher to gather the school's secrets for you? Farm DCoins. Watcher doesn't care. You won't even have to die (unless restarting necessitates/counts as dying).

Want to spend much less time obtaining the school's secrets? Go to the Store and ask for a hint for much less DCoins. The chances are, they'll tell you exactly where and how to obtain it for you to just do what they told you to do, which would take considerably less time than farming DCoins. Or, better yet, buy a cheap untitled map with ALL of the secrets you need in them.

Want to get all of the achievements you can think of? Buy some items for your loot box. If you buy enough items and hints, you will be told exactly what you should do to do anything, and, with just a bit of practice, blitz the game.

Want to do this without even wandering around, farming DCoins? Perhaps you might be able to farm a specific number of coins, search for that number in the game files, and then replace all instances of that number with 1000000000000. You'll break the game either by succeeding and prevailing or by corrupting the save data as the game knows it.

With the Store, no matter how unskilled you are, you'll always slowly-but-surely progress. Every DCoin you snag is a step towards having victory handed right over to you. Honestly, I think it's less pain, less gain. Once you play the game like this, it will lose it's intrinsic value and become rather worthless in a sense, because everything you do will become much less of an accomplishment. It's like playing an idle game (though I believe the real strategy in idle games are in speedrunning it, since it basically works the same way: the more you wait, the closer you get to victory, but if you spend your money more wisely, you'll get closer faster). Without the Store, you are forced to progress on your own, which may result in the repeated loss of your progress multiple times, but you'll slowly learn and have a chance to really accomplish something of your own volition without just knowing exactly to simply spend a bit of time and then succeeding, as though it were all done automatically.

If you're going to have such a store, I recommend the following things:

  • Secret items are not for sale.
  • Maps that are a part of the main game itself are not for sale.
  • Outright tips and hints are not for sale. I still stand by my ideals that experimentation and finding and reading the cryptic pieces of paper is the best way. If you need information about how characters behave, hide them somewhere other than right over the counter.
  • Information about things cannot be sold until you have already dealt with them.
  • You can only buy helpful items for your loot box once you beat a level, and you can only use them in that mode and lower. (So if you beat the Math Level normally in Regular mode, you can only use items in the Lil Puss, Boi and Regular modes.)
  • When starting with loot box items, you cannot play the game and get achievements for other endings than the ones you've already done.
  • Maps with potentially spoiling content cannot be unlocked until you've beat associated levels and found associated secrets.
  • General random things such as the "NUTS" graphics are okay. Although, to add a sense of reward, you should have a certain amount of achievements rather than DCoins before you can unlock miscellaneous privileges. Because, you know...
  • If it's feasible, have a better way to collect DCoins than just strolling around and picking them up. I know you can get them for entering secret areas and achievements, but otherwise there needs to be a bit more of a challenge than merely surviving and waiting in order to obtain them LOL.

Before then, anyone playing the game should limit theirselves to these rules in order to create a greater sense of fulfilment and accomplishment. I can already tell that MrDrNose doesn't give much regard for his deep secrets, considering that some of them are all over Discord and YouTube and Twitter, and as a result have leaked into the main game by some. I'm looking at you, onion face. If you don't play the game honestly before using the overly convenient Store, you probably can't be bothered with it much and as a result, aren't really dedicated to it in the right way and may not be a true fan. Either that, or you want to know everything about it, for judgment or general information collecting, which is quite understandable but, come on, you get my point LOL.

I just hope you all take these things to heart, because, well, I did. It struck me as suspicious the moment I first looked at it (probably in MUG's streams before I even got around to downloading the game).

I have a few other general questions and random things to say but they can wait for now.

(1 edit) (+1)

He removed map1, 2 and 3 from the store in the Advisor versions, you'll see it when he'll drop a new update. 

I was...actually planning for him to read this comment in a bit

Well, that's a start

(4 edits)

As it turns out, Lil Puss did hold all 10 math notebooks. The tenth one just spawned in a random location rather than Classroom 0011, like in Brainiac mode. It was on a table it wasn't on before.

The hidden notebook H0race was missing might've been in the middle of the courtyard.

Anyway look at this

I swear, the item combination function is broken. And yes, I did try remapping and rebinding the keys.

Also,why would this happen for no reason?

(Like, literally, I was just stacking mice and it happened out of nowhere.)

Wait, how'd you get to the Tutorial level again? I thought that got removed or something, but I guess I just can't find it with the new menu.

Buy the Tutor map. Simples

(2 edits)

You have to pay to unlock the tutorial level? That seems kinda broken. Not to mention the fact that you have to look through a list of obscure map names to find it, so new players won't even know it exists. I hope he at least makes the tutorial level part of the game in a later update.

(1 edit)

There's also the secret minigame that didn't get carried over. There are various maps that can only be accessed from the old menu, besides the new menu's store, since they didn't get introduced.

Well yeah, I think it should be above the Math Level in the selection screen, and also a bit updated.

But I think the store alone is already too broken for new players or other players who might think it's fair. In fact, come to think of it, you can LITERALLY PURCHASE UNTITLED MAPS WITH ARTIFACTS IN THEM FOR AN EVEN LOWER PRICE, AND EVEN LESS EFFORT. I'll have to update my comment now...

I mean, I guess you have to go through all the different untitled maps to find out which ones have artifacts in them. But still that shouldn't be a thing.

(11 edits)

So I was in Lil Puss Language again...



Since Lil Puss Language was, like, no better, I went to the Bunker myself, took the Gas Mask, got everything I needed, and was finally about to play the PlayStation game when guess what?

The Gas Mask just as yet takes you nowhere.

*friend* is gone.

Well that was a waste

*sigh* I also got 9 notebooks but the same thing happened again, only this time I couldn't open the door to where the last notebook was. No matter what I did.

The ninth language notebook was in the backroom (Doggos' hideout), but I didn't really check the rest (i.e. the ones in the room with the painting or the ones in the classrooms among the two other diverging paths).

After dying to "an onion" that is so much of a meme at this point that even the game doesn't even take it seriously (you should switch the achievement and game over screen names), I found out what was really going on. ...The game is broken.

Oh, and Marzia had so many mechanics already (progressive speedup, flash repulsion breaking doors to closet, watermelon attraction breaking doors, sight-induced speedup, waiting at doors), so I don't think she really needed a tongue, especially one that would hinder her progress in the final chase. (She stops moving when she uses it.)

Perhaps Viktor and Alice should have more mechanics too. I think

I found the 10th language notebook in little puss mode in the green room to the right of the 9 room. I had plenty of time to reach the elevator, since I wasn't locked in.

(1 edit)

Yeah I found 10 and that wasn't counting the one IN the 9 room

In every run so far, there was a Language notebook in the closet (dog). So I tried skipping that one, but the door still wouldn't open until Marzia did it.

Wonder what happened if I...GO UP MR. CLEANY'S LIFT

It worked but nothing of much interest happened apart from breaking the cinematics lol

Did you know that in language, there is a classroom that can only be opened with all 3 colored keys, red, blue, and black? There are 3 overlapping doors with yellow, blue, and red handles. It leads to a useless classroom with nothing interesting except flipped and stacked desks and chairs. Hardly anything useful except a few generic items. I only checked it in little puss mode, maybe there's something more interesting in it during the chase modes. When you reach the 2nd half of the level (the area past the server room and the gross pizza room) look for a single door with a yellow handle and have all 3 colored keys with you (not counting the history level's forest key). It's one of those classrooms with only one way in and out. 

I already found that...

736 characters and a post spent on that lol

Did that just update 

What's even the point of having elevators in the janitor's closet? And not to mention there's also two elevators in the math level that don't even do anything.

Uh, well, I guess it's for Mr. Cleany-Clean to get between the levels on his own. I think the other elevator in the Math Level (the one behind the picture in the greeting room) leads to the Language Level, since instead of arriving at what I thought was the entrance door, now you arrive at the elevator.

Deleted 6 days ago
(4 edits)

This is Viktor's base sprite

It's not clear what person this is. Sites containing it seem to show that it's free clipart.

I assume Viktor (the tarwill) changed into that form after seeing it somewhere on the internet (he likes memes after all) (canonically)

(oh but also there's a server room)

All the other characters except for the 3D ones are like that though, so, I don't really have much to say about them

P.S. I think I know who you might be based on your posts lol

i not viktor I’m jeffy 

that’s me jeffy

I know. You just asked me who "played as Viktor".

well I don’t know jeffy dosent know 


OK, WOW, I am SO glad I changed over my school laptop. Now I have Windows 10 and the game is running as smoothly as ever without all the background stuff I hardly use and only downloaded once to use one time running in the background, and best of all: I can use applications that require new devices, like Visual Studio!

Anyway, there's something rather wrong with the Lil Puss mode for the Math Level in Version 0.1.5. It seems like everything's back to normal, like you just changed the notebook mechanics, despawned the teachers and did literally nothing else crucial, like taking away the items, black-locking some of the doors, taking away the random events, and the rest. So here's some of the adventures I got up to while Viktor just calmly followed me and my shenanigans all the way, while messing up his jacket several times in the process. I have so much to say about the new update, and so far I've only played the Math Level. So for now I'll start with this. Expect many more posts soon.


Okay, so this happened yesterday, but I didn't get to finish my post in time and the first thing I needed to do was save it. So I did. The first thing I noticed was that none of the items were gone, and all of the yellow doors were NOT blacked out. I decided to see what's up, and, you know, I might regret this.

Oh, hello there! *war siren*

So the first thing you should be taking away is, uh...All the items and events. And locking the doors. So, I just waved at Viktor and at all of a sudden, as if on cue, the war sirens just started blaring. Apparently I played in just the right way for the RNG simulators to exactly tell that something was wrong.

Anyway, that was probably the least of my concerns.

Yep, the snake thing's still roaming around. That's why this comment was sponsored by:


Have you ever had a problem where bugs, insects and reptiles such as ants, cockroaches, spiders, geckos or snakes with potentially deadly bacteria, viruses or venom would lurk in the walls of your facility, leading to the contamination of electrical pathways, infrastructure, or endangerment to you, your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues?

Don't you just wish you could rid the building of these vile and harmful creatures, and permit only authorised species into your area, such as humanoids and domesticated animals?

Then you might just need the Pest Control and Reptilian Infestation Squad! (Note: We do not deal with other wild animals, such as mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, other invertebrates, plants, fungi, bacteria and viruses per se, other eukaryotes, other carbon-based lifeforms, possessed/mutated objects or trusted organisms, ghosts, other paranormal entities, or otherwise anything else living, sentient or otherwise emotionally distressing or counterproductive that could be infesting your home or workplace, contrary to what you might have thought in the last paragraph; however, we can refer you to other companies better suited to the above.) More on PCRIS later.

So, anyway, speaking of mammals, I'd got 9 notebooks, and was pressing all the gallery buttons. In the meantime, I'd decided to go and eat every rat I could find. And, well...it didn't do me any good, to say the least. Very thirsty, and I almost felt like I was going to vomit because of the nausea and the raw mice I'd just eaten. I could barely line up with anything interactive just to do things since I had to keep balancing myself (never fell over though, which was great), but once I'd eaten only three I realised my stamina bar was maxed out for the rest of the run, and I don't really know why. Might be a bug. Didn't really trust the school drinking fountains though; might have germs. Possibly potentially very lethal germs. Bold of me to say, considering that I'd just eaten like 10 raw mice. But hey, at least I'm a MAD LAD NOW

You probably won't believe the lengths people go to to get on a single subreddit for social gratification. Not that I need that to be satisfied with my self-certified madness...SPARTA!!!!!!

Speaking of that, look down at the massive hole in the restroom. You won't regret it (at least, once you've fallen both prey to cognitive dissonance and literally all the way to the ground and die, unlike in the Spartan culture of traditional botttomless pits you could either wall-jump out of or die of thirst or the Earth's searing temperatures in).

Now, at this point I'd checked all of the buttons, and it seemed that I'd pressed all of them, but the gallery wasn't open. So at this point, after finding out that the tenth notebook was NOT in Classroom 0011 after all, I looked for it in some of the other classrooms, and then I saw a pencil, which I did see quite a few times before (and unsuccessfully attempted to combine with paper), but I suddenly realised what it could've been for LOL.

No stabbing people with pencils in school. 10 seconds of waiting in the punishment room. You have 1 warning. Maybe you'd get what you want if you were to somehow successfully "MUG" Viktor...

After that, I realised I was having exactly the same problem as H0race (in the new version, too) after I swore that the tenth notebook was back at the first classroom, because mark my words, it definitely was there last time I played it in Version 0.1.3. I looked around to see if there was anything, going into the courtyard, and when I looked at it in the light, I saw the skybox panels cutting off the sides, giving away the fact that they were walls.

It's actually rather spooky. Is there something about the red stars/rings? Some meaning, I guess?

And then I decided to go into the RUST labyrinth to have a look around at the newly-lit room, mess around with Freek-a-del'ka, and then clip out of the wall in the corner to the right of the exit door with no collision, which to this day still wasn't fixed, falling into Unreal Engine's void and respawning back at the greeting room, with the ambience unchanged since I'd entered the labyrinth, leaving us both listening to the bit-crushed noises of the secret rooms' walls.

As it turns out, I missed the button in the room concealing Albert's secrets, and went into the gallery without Viktor following me because he was clearly designed to not enter the very room they've been keeping guard, and by the way, you know that in the locker next to the Rusty Knife, they also have four muffins, right? So now you have 13 muffins: one in the "closet" (I'm pretty sure the closet is the storage room and Mr. Cleany-Clean's place is the closet), one on a table, one in a bin, one in a locker, one on the floor near the two bins with "NUTS" Chocolade Bars in them, four in the locker and four in the gallery. Brainiac mode is starting to look SO easy when I consider my plans, considering that now, Mr. Mix gets angry faster, and to make up for that, is now slower than your walking speed, allowing you to "duke" him just as easily as Viktor. Follow that by stockpiling duct tape balls for landmining and a few stamina items (honestly, the nausea isn't even detrimental besides the fact that you lose a twinge of the Air bar, the screen rotates a bit and you walk a bit - anti-ripoff price to pay for a bug giving you infinite stamina, as far as I can tell), and it'll be an absolute breeze. But while we're at the topic of the room concealing Albert's secrets, can I tell you...Now the room that transitions you straight to the start takes you to another Bunker instead, and you exit it by entering the door you came through only to come out of the door that takes you to the courtyard. I think the door should have the Rusty Fork doing that, and without it, teleport you back to the transit area. There are now also plants in the courtyard that slow you down, too. Since Viktor can't go into the doors, he gets as close to you as he can - the other side of the wall, in the Cafeteria. Let me tell you, HE is the little puss for not smashing the window to get to me when he is perfectly capable of busting down doors. So while you're running through the courtyard, Viktor turns around and gets a bit of progress, unlike if you were to enter the other door before the update and get straight to the transit area. But where was I?

Looking for something to do now that the last notebook was nowhere to be found, that's where. After seeing MrDrNose's Twitter I decided to try it myself. So I went to the sick room division entrance, grabbed myself a scalpel, looked for one of the snakes and cut it.

They did not like that.

Which brings me back to our sponsor for this post: The Pest Control and Reptilian Infestation Squad.

So you have bugs, insects and reptiles infesting your premises, lurking in the infrastructure and causing distress? No problem!

Here at PCRIS, we're passionate about ensuring the safety and comfort of working people in their buildings. We are an international team of professionals who have done their research and come prepared for any like situation, unlike the above senseless amateur who has attempted to remove an infestation, uninformed and of their own accord, without any professional assistance.

This person did not even know that these were no snakes, but units of a spoxy, which attacks and wounds lethally when provoked in a violent or malicious manner.

We, on the other hand, are an informed team that handles such a situation strategically. Our team stations appropriate pesticide sprays (or sedatives if necessary) all around the premises, clears the building, and activates them all at once, so as to attack the spoxy quickly, and with minimal provocation. Once it's weakened, then we euthanize it, and then excavate a nearby area so as to carefully remove it from inside or under the building. Structural repairs may be necessary, which can be performed by associated companies.

Spoxies are creatures with earthworm-like units. We deal with a variety of other pests, which include virtually all creatures classed under bugs, insects and reptiles, except for some larger or more difficultly dangerous species, which can be dealt with by more suitable international safety authorities. We have a large database of all of the species we deal with, all of which are put on our list, which can be viewed via the link(s) below.

Our services are available 24/7, worldwide and all year round. If you wish to book an appointment, visit our website, or call 1300-666-666, or our emergency number, 1666-666-666.

(Contrary to what you might assume based on the context of this post, the company is legally certified by U.N. officials, and PCRIS™ is not a "tradesnark" or "sloppyright". More on that, among other subjects, on our website.)

P.S. You have been killed by: Blood loss. SO, YOU'RE TELLING ME, WHAT I DID WAS AS WORTH AS IMPALING MYSELF WITH A SCREWDRIVER? A cause for a specific death, such as blood loss or insanity, would be nice, such as the causes of them and/or whichever finished you off. Lol...

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Guys, please help me.

Windows is preventing the new alpha from running on my computer, saying it's unrecognized and it'll put my computer at risk. Please help me and guide me in understandable words.

I really want to play this new build, but I need step-by-step advice from a pro to help me figure out how to open up the file.

ooooo three edits

Just give us the screenshot of your dialog box/screen.

This is what happened when I downloaded alpha 15 from itch.io directly on Google Chrome, then extracted the files from the zip, and executed it. My computer thinks it is a malware and doesn't even give me a "Run Anyway" option.And here's what happens when I try to download the new build from the itch.io app. It forces me to find a new app to download it and open the itch link, but there are no available apps as soon as I go the Microsoft Store. As of now, I'm currently stuck with the covid beta version that was downloaded automatically by the itch.io app.

The first thing I'd do is disable Windows Defender SmartScreen before playing AEWVS and reactivate it. And also change the Store search to "itch.io" and look things up on Google if that doesn't help.

Where do I go to temporarily disable it?

Actually, how come I didn't think of it before? Press the "More Info" button and you should be able to bypass it.


If you mean "android aewvs" 

Pc project is too heavy for mobile, i need to make aewvs from scratch for Android or ios, since aewvs is not popular at all i don't want to waste time on this

Hmm...So it's not just as simple as porting everything, unlike I saw in the UE editor...okay

Could you just post 0.0.1 on android?

1: 0.0.1 isn't even worth it just for a port.

2: Do it yourself or find a way to get the moddable/original file and do it yourself...or something...

or iPhone App Store with an joystick on


Nice update, I am interested in who BF, Oreichalkini Gata and Spoxy are. Does anyone know what part of the game they are in?

I think BF and Orelchalkini Gata will be in the next levels, they aren’t in the game yet. But Spoxy are the white earth worms appearing in the Math level.

Hm okay. Are the spoxy in the garden areas because I've never encountered them... Also, I saw audio and texture files for BF and OG so I just assumed they were in the game.

(3 edits)

The spoxy can be anywhere around the first floor. Look out for holes in the ground and on the ceiling. They emerge from there sometimes.

And BF and OG will be in the game later.


Oh are they those tentacle things that steal items and stuff? I think I've seen those. Also mrdrnose edited the wiki page and said that those things are actually Spoxy's limbs, so I guess Spoxy is some sort of entity that's attacking the school from the outside.

Yeah. It’s probably sitting under the school or something.

Wait, new update already? Kinda thought it was meant to occupy us while we waited but I guess we've already overthrown the...*ahem* coronavirus now, have we? If your computer's slow I'm not surprised it contracted it LOL

Hope you can get it to run normally in general

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Finally the new real update has been released this one isn't a joke like beta one and this has new things. Me and many others have worked on this I hope everyone enjoys this update.

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How is this beta any different from the early alpha versions? Apart from that it has... weird floating shapes

Beta is a joke. It's supposed to be like that.

Weird joke but okay

Everyone seems so monotonous about the beta, which worries me about this new update. I haven't played it yet, but I prefer to watch it from Mr. MIX_UP_GAMERS or Abs-lover's streams.



Even if it's inspired by Baldi Basic

Its still a rip off

But a good one

yeah woo so epic good okay epic beta ok.

(1 edit)

Wow beta 1 is so much fun I really enjoyed it! I wont spoil anything but lets just say I love the new style and look for the game! Here's a tip: press EVERY SINGLE button on your keyboard. Have fun guys it was really hard to beat with the new features.

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