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You like to studying? You want to increase your math skills? In this game you need to solve few mathematical examples, and their level increasing with every example.

Math teacher Viktor Strobovski will say what to do. Listen him attentively and do what he say. But don't do mistakes, Viktor don't like mistakes. Nobody like mistakes.


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Alpha 0.0.6-a (64-bit) 150 MB
Alpha 0.0.6-a (32-bit) 131 MB

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hey. I really like this game, even though i have no guts to play it alone, i easily get scared by jumpscare. Viktor is my favourite here but mr. Mix scares me the most with his evil face hah. Despite all, I really enjoy this horror, glad I finished high school so not gonna face any maths anymore. Anyway, here's a fanart from me, because i'm really lovin' this game.

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What should one do once they've collected 10/10 notebooks? I've searched for the last one pretty hard but coming up empty it so far. I've nailed down my strategy so far but no idea where to go after that. It wasn't in the few places I'd assume it to be.

go get the 11th notebook. then get to the exit. easier said than done by alot tho.

Is the 11th notebook spawn random?, since that's what I'm having trouble with currently.

What's the song that you use when the game starts? It sounds kind of medieval and i really like it.

Clockwork Orange - Overture to the sun


I found that in the main menu (when their is play button) that if you hover your mouse over around the top left corner of the room you will play a Mr.Mix minigame.

(Warning, LOUD sound)

Deleted post

You need to complete all notebooks with any difficulty, but i suggest to enter with "boi" difficulty, find black key and knife, and save them in belt. Then enter with "default" difficulty and complete Albert, then You see what happens. And this will be easiest way to complete math.

Thank you so much!  I was going to try to complete braniac difficulty and see if they would appear after I got 8 notebooks or something.  I thought this because Strobovski goes silent on book 3 and I thought they would appear later rather than being the same the whole way or something.  I owe you one!

Deleted post

Wait, if I beat the game, they appear when I play next round?

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Eyy this update made the game way better in so many ways! You certainly outdid yourself mrdrnose! Also, that game over screen is horrifying, guess we really know what Viktor does with his victims now.

sorry if this is a stupid question but if im not mistsaken the new update said it added moe characters right? if so where and what are they? i cannot find any of them if they do exist.

New characters are exists, but they not on default level. I want to release some patch, it makes easy level actually easy.

thank you for reading and responding to my comment. i have one more question. would you consider adding the new characters to the default and easy mode of the game?

Under default level i mean math level. And with patch i will add 1 character to default and hard difficulty modes.


No. NO.

But yes. This exists, and I will have no part of it.

im sorry but honestly. where the hecking heck heck is the next update

Update is ready now.



Hi, i just want to know what Mr. Mix is saying while hes carrying you to the cauldron. its too distorted and all i can hear is something about hot sauce.

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I know right! I hear, "You are a terrible chef, I shall punish you. YOU WILL MAKE GOOD HOT SAUCE!" That's what I get out of it!

I know that when he catches you he says "you so terrible chef. i should to punish you, and punish is...BOILING IN THE CAULDRON!" then he says something else i cant understand.

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ok so with our information lets make a complete sentence. you are a terrible chef, i should to punish you, and the punish is... BOILING IN THE CAULDRON! I SHALL MAKE YOU MY HOT SAUCE! which i think is very close to what he actually says

edit, i watched a video of it, and i think it actually says I SHALL BOIL AND COOK YOU IN MY HOT SAUCE. not quite sure. but i think were close


  ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \ Hello~

Hope you don't mind, but I gave the game a try and even made a video on it. I honestly like this a lot better than Baldi, but I also found it to be much more difficult too.

Most of the trouble I had was really with just the math problems since I had to keep re-clicking on the answer pad to answer again. It was stressful compared to Baldis since the questions were longer and numerous, so I just intentionally got them wrong to get through.

I like that this isn't just a complete reskin of the game. The game is clearly intended to be dark and creepy with its narrow hallways and npc design. I found the smaller sized rooms to be too much of a disadvantage sometimes though. (Especially the one map with the dog portrait  at a crossway) 

Overall, cool game. I prefer it over Baldi's in some aspects. Too spooky for me to play again on my own whim though. Good job on it~

Thas a good video

yo whenstis teh next update? i want grammar lessons


Maybe tomorrow, or after other day, I do not know. We'll see how it goes.

does this update hold new subjects?


Hey Mrdrnose. Congrats on your game getting featured on some pretty big youtube channels such as GTLive and Markiplier's channel! Also just a thought, could you add some numbered hot keys into the game? You know, 1, 2, 3, 4 could be used to select items as a secondary option then using the mouse wheel. I'm suggesting this because right now I'm currently using a laptop, and scrolling for items using the track pad is a b***h enough on its own. Hope you read this and consider my hot keys recommendation, because I really want to beat your game (and I can't do that by scrolling with my track pad for items, as you already know).


Thanks! And i'l add hotkeys to slots.

But if that big channels can found things like Albert, RUST or Freek-a-del'ka, this will be more interesting and funny. I hope someone can find other secrets like this.

Hey, thanks for replying to my comment! I'm glad that you're gonna put those hot-key shortcuts into the game, so maybe I'll be able to beat it next time but who knows¯\_(ツ)_/¯. And also, I agree that those channels should try to find those secrets, just to see how they would react.


Its Baldi's Basic with skin mod


yeah. sure. you know the chef is totally in baldi, you know albert is totally in baldi, the rooms of freaking hell are totally in baldi, theres totally 11 notebooks in baldi, totally the idea to splash the soda on the jacket is totally in baldi you know the whole idea of more subjects is totally in baldi. YOU ARE SO WRONG! THESE ARE ALL THINGS THAT ARENT IN BALDI. ITS BALDIS BASICS WITH A SKIN MOD SURE I ACCEPT THAT. BUT ITS SO MUCH MORE!

There should be anti impossible mod for this

It's possible, but it takes a ton of math skills and knowing Viktors location and how close he is when doing a notebook.

Is the game in any way inspired by Viktor from LoL? Probably just a coicidence, but the voice is similar to his, plus the name, and the russian accent.

dude awesome game!! Im planning on doing a lets play on this game! Although there is 2 things. 1 whats is the music to the main menu called? 2 the games math is super hard! Im just a kid and when it puts up math like that its really hard, and the fact that viktor still moves is even harder! Please consider adding a kids mode. But other than that, its baldi and more!

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hm... so... heres a sentence from ur description

Math teacher Viktor Strobovsky will say what to do.

so is it viktor strobovsky? or viktor strobovski?

just a question

update the game soon also

add grammar


edit - they fixed it! thanks for listening to me


He's from a different country and judging by the way his English writing is, he's probably just learning English as we speak. So at least have some consideration that the guy can't speak English well.


I managed to get to (all ?) the secret areas and complete Albert's body!!
The belt artifact is a life saviour honestly. Also the monster with the mechanical parts is one of the creepiest enemy designs I've ever seen!! Once again Mrdrnose just nailed it!
This game is full of secrets... I won't be surprised if there is more to discover. Definitely looking forward to an update!

Deleted post

oh helll noo ooo ooooo

Here is my latest video, enjoy!

Good game I hope mods come out for this game


Your game is a lot of fun and REALLY scary!  It was so fun, I decided to make a 6 hour video trying to find secrets in the game.  I'm not going to upload that to the internet, but I decided that I would upload the segment where I found a secret room and a secret item called the "first  arm", both of which I think nobody has discovered.

It was really annoying to get to the room, and I'm pretty sure that there was an easier and more conventional method of getting it, but I'm still proud that I found it.

I love games with hard-to-find secrets, but I feel like they're going to be the death of me.

Im pretty sure you are the only one so far to find secrets in the game i searched up secrets for the game and no one else done this Good job for finding this

He may not be the only one to find them as others found secrets but didn't put it in their youtube title and might be within the video itself you have to browse to confirm.

So no, he is probably not the first one as the game also tells have a section listing all youtubers who found secrets in the game so far of the latest update.

Deleted post

dude I really love your game, it really creeps me out for some reason, the atmosphere and sound is really good!! love it!! keep it up!

bruh ur thumb nail made me think that there should be a mod for baldis basics but all the charactors are from this game


thats what we call clickbait!!

Who is this?

it says on my itch app the game is not avabiale for windows

I haven't tried, but just go to the website version and download it there. The itch app attempts to open the game as if it's an .exe file. If the game opens some other way, then itch might not recognise it.

ok thank you

it works now thank you


I think that this game is so much fun! But for some reason it´s lagging really badly for me. Could use some help.

Who made the music for your game?

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Hi there, I know it's a fan game but I actually ended up liking it more than Baldi's Basics haha. To me everything felt a lot better, not to mention creepier. The map feels fleshed out, though at times I thought it was a bit too big, but that just increases the difficulty as you're never sure where a notebook will spawn.

You can definitely see the influence Baldi's Basics has on the game, but at the same time I believe that there's enough here to separate it from Baldi's, and have it really stand out as it's own game. 

I noticed on the title screen that you might one day be able to select different subjects, and I think that's a fantastic idea, and one I'd love to see happen. 

All in all I think this is more than just a fan game, you've taken the foundation of Baldi's Basics and given your own unique twist on it, one that I believe is scarier and a bit more interesting.

Hope you don't mind but I recorded a short let's of the game for my channel, I sadly couldn't complete the game but I enjoyed my time with it nonetheless.

Cheers and best wishes to you!


I've been trying to get this game running for 4 days now and I'm still stuck with the file 0.0.4rar which I can´t do anything with. Can someone please give me some advice?

You need WinRar program to extract rar file. Or there is other problem?

No, I think that there isn´t anything else, thank you! But where do I get that Program from?


Thank you again! 

You welcome.

mrdrnose when are you going to update the game


Apparently, there are people who don't understand what a fangame is in this comment section. So, let me say this. A fan game is a video game made by a fan based off of one or more established video games. You got that? I hope you did, because I don't want to see another "OH MY GOSH, THIS GAME IS A RIP-OFF OF BALDI'S BASICS!" It's not. It's a fangame based off of Baldi's Basics.


omg this is a rip off of baldis basics im just joking XD but i agree with you 100% people do need to learn the diffrence between a fangame and a rip off

Whenever I launch the game I get a "FATAL ERROR" message. What can I do to fix this? (If you recommend reinstalling it I already have).

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Sometimes your antivirus might block it if it does, scan the file first (it should say it is clean) then you can play the game

Hope this helped :D


This game was legit...

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^me whenever a new update gets released

also has anyone else seen the white hooded guy who appears in the window of the garden area? he slides out of view to the left when you approach and he's nowhere once you enter into the area, it's the place where you get the red staff keys with all the trees. I've seen him 3 times now and it's driving me crazy, I can't figure out if he's just there for spoops or what

If you attempt to stab him with a spoon, he starts doing the Harlem shake.

does anyone else get the music that plays before you get an answer wrong get stuck in your head if you have it can you please give it to me.

Clockwork Orange - overture to the sun

I cant download it i click the download button and this file downloads it was called 004.rar but nothing else only that no folder downloaded just that 

Just unpack archive using winrar archiver.

Baldi's Basic EXTREME mode basically.


An interesting game! It was a lot of fun! I'm live in Japanese!


Alpha 0.0.4 file succesfully uploaded.

And fixed few glitches with Cleany.

Both .3 and .4 wont let me play, it keeps having a fatal error, would that have something to do with me using a 64 bit rather than a 32?

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no, not at all, the 32-bit CPU only plays 32-bit windows files(unless it is a 64-bit running CPU on a 32-bit system, then, yes you can), not a 64-bit can run a 32-bit, because the 32-bit is an older version. the only difference is that 64-bit  handles large amounts of RAM more effectively than the 32-bit.

It's possible that there could be some sort of error along Windows that you are not aware off.  Try creating a new User on your windows computer and see if that user can play the game. There are different theories circulating why the fatal error is happening across many unreal engine aspects but it could be either how Windows deals with it or how unreal engine deals with Windows.

I'm also been getting the fatal error across all unreal engine games. I checked the unreal engine forums and many people have the same problem as us, the developer of the viktor strobovski game is trying to find ways to fix it but he can't fix it if he doesn't have the problem himself.

Awsome, thanks for the reply's, other Unreal game's arent doing that, just this one. I'm sure it'll be figured out eventualy!

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