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There's a mistake in the tutorial level: to combine items use "Middle Mouse Button" and "E" instead of "R"


Deep within an interdimensional schoolhouse a young girl finds herself in an unfamiliar place, her first teacher standing before her. Her name is Angell, and she is in danger.

Embark on a journey across multiple floors, where its inhabitants are largely unfriendly towards outsiders. Solve tasks and discover secrets as you journey deeper into the strange school you have found yourself in. Escape Viktor, dodge Marzias attacks, and survive Alice until you find yourself in a place stranger than any before. What is the Pap station...?

AEwVS contains an ensamble of colorful characters and places, each with their own unique function and gameplay. Cook with Mix, find books for the Librarian, just don't get caught by those that would do you harm.

There are many secrets and easter eggs to be found in this strange world, some providing lore and others useful items for your journey. Can you find them all?

AEwVS is an in-development game being made by a single person that you can play for free. Enjoy hours of fun, scares, and exploration, with scaleable difficulty levels. Want a bad time? Play on braniac mode, where everyone is out to get you and the questions are not simple. If you enjoy a more casual approach, you can disable the faculty moving while you're solving questions and play on easy. Run around in puss mode to explore the school in the light without danger while the star teacher, Viktor, sasses you. Can you get all the achievements?

Join the discord for more fun, where there's an active community waiting to accept new players into their midst. You can even ask the creator himself questions about the game! Will you join?"

The link is down below.





🦃AEwVS Discord server🦃

👧 AEwVS amino👦


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🧠EternityDev Wiki🧠 <-- help the wiki by expanding it with new information OwO


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for some reason i cant move

Mouse sensitivity is 0. Change it. Q to pause.

The new description is pretty good.

Yeah I know what you're doing mate


I really hope game will be upgraded in future

guys i found laura colored version

we did alre--oh what's the point


i wanna return to this game but it hasnt been updated in almost a year

(2 edits)

Still working on GD, although he said something about it would happen soon

and they're still talking about it on Discord

and I'm still working on adding stuff to this thing (spoilers for AEWVS)

I did some coding on Twitch, but it's been two weeks and all the videos are gone (I might just do another stream again soon though, I added quite a lot of stuff since then)
(EDIT: I mean since the current version (the Revelation) - still stuck on trying to do smoothing with delta time)

Anyway yeah, still missing stuff around here


yeah ik im on the discord, i just havent seen much dev on this from him


yeah, just relax man, the update will fly to you on discord through several pings, just play a different game, make a mod, go outside, do anything

Dallas, Minnesota, Dakota, indiana... Now Metropolis...

Did you get the coronavirus spread or something?

(1 edit)

Nope just bad cough.. just saying trash things

Why ya sayin trash things muh bro?
(4 edits)

Alright guys it's been a week, AEWVS returns to the grave

lol you can take the dirt off now...⁽ᶦᵗ'ˢ ⁿᵒᵗ ᵃˢ ᶦᶠ ᴵ'ᵐ ᵍᵒⁿⁿᵃ ᵘˢᵉ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ᵒᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵘⁿᶦᵗʸ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵃᵏᵉ ᶦᵗ ᵇʳᵉᵃᵏ ᵒᵘᵗ ᵃⁿᵈ ᵃˢᶜᵉⁿᵈ ᵒʳ ʰᵃᵛᵉ ⱽᵉʳˢᶦᵒⁿ ⁰˙²⁹ ʳᵉˡᵉᵃˢᵉᵈ ᶠᵒʳ ᵗʰᵉ ᵈᶦʳᵗ ᵗᵒ ᶜᵒᵐᵉ ᵒᶠᶠ’ ᵒᵒᵒᵒʰʰʰʰ ⁿᵒᵒᵒᵒ⁾

Gosh damn it I broke my freeking promise already because I was caught up and my laptop cord broke for a day

Oh well I hope to make up for it severely

(still doing that by the way, don't you worry)

Yo Yo


bih yeeted lmao



Deleted 28 days ago

ams advert



your post is advertising Albert’s magic schoolhouse(ams)

oh ok :)

I Can't play nowt i Been Drinking lot of Beer..

(1 edit) (+3)



ffffffffffffffffhahahah wut lol


I don't know how to reply on this.

Not that stupid Thunderstorms in Minnesotan Weather....

(1 edit)

god has arrived

Ah something is Acting more like Mark Ronson is...

(1 edit) (+2)

Yes hi lul

Anyway, AEWVS is officially dead.

RIP 2018-2021

Someone help me so I have the will to bring it back to life, because I don't want to let such a thing I dedicated myself to fade away nearly so easily. If this doesn't become something you could use to pass even ONE high school exam, I'm going to do a thing. Like, uh...hmm...I'm going to  eat olives. Raw. And...uh...I'll...high kick my face 100 times.
Look I'm going to make a promise, which I stopped doing since I kept breaking them.
I promise to contribute to AEWVS every day when I have the opportunity.
Really, I've stalled enough watching Omori videos, doing homework and doing other things so much: time to actually stop wasting time and get back on track. I believe in you!

no screw AEWVS it's over

and don't worry you can go play baldi's basics plus is new update


*sigh* I'd rather wait until the end, when I can experience everything at once and not waste so much time

oh come on look you know i hate AEWVS cos he make me feel cursed and mrdrnose get quit by AEWVS because he can't make more new update again

(1 edit) (+1)

Well, he's almost done with GD, so AEWVS development might probably be next

Also if it makes you feel cursed, that's probably the point. (I mean, it is driven by a curse that accentuates the characters' negative qualities. And also it has

loud noises, fast brightening lights, violence, swearing, offensive language, weird speech, weird English, crooked Photoshop, high-poly super mega HD graphics and spooky moments. As well as some convolution, memes, some satanic themes, and some new adult themes and references that I turned around and got over because, like, why even bother with it. I can't let all that ruin my experience here)

(feel free to tell me which ones you're having issues with)

Come back when you feel like you're okay enough to resist or counteract the curse.

no is not this game is super scary because you tell me say loud noises, fast brightening lights, violence, swearing, offensive language, weird speech, weird English, crooked Photoshop, high-poly super mega HD graphics and spooky moments

and i can't play because mrdrnose he's a worse person and i love baldi's basics cos this is best game in the world and FUN! is a best person also Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered will coming soon

now i hate mrdrnose he's a worse person and is get quit by AEWVS

(1 edit) (+1)

yeah fortnite is a fun game

no fortnite is not fun game

Quick thing if You Live in Minnesota leave because there's a fire warning And I Leaving getting to Indiana it's not a Joke i can See on my Task Bar if You Live there leave the Air is Poor

(1 edit)

oh hey king

what your talking about?????

(1 edit)

Alright here?, Well It's a Snap for me..

You is just a Bunch of Work

I don’t think you The Expect Of LSPD

Deleted 29 days ago
(1 edit)

Your mouse sensitivity is probably 0.

Oh...now I see why AEWVS needs to be updated soon lol

That also happened to me, and when I found out I was like (-_-)




Hello, I Hope you Doing well if You Find goods then Put classic smooth rock during game without a Video


Happy anniversary to Aewvs :-)


hhhhhhh...WHAT??? YOU GET TO SAY THAT TWO...no THREE DAYS AFTER THE FACT??? preposterous

well I guess that means it's fine too, BRB


Sorry for being late.

Okay well happy anniversary I guess.

yeah that's probably all you're getting and I'm sorry
oh well you'll probably get a bit more later


Alright here?, Well It's a Snap for me..

(17 edits)

Sometimes I wonder why I feel like I'm missing out on something for every event that happens, even though I don't celebrate anything that's been scheduled anymore.

Why does everything feel so empty when everyone else is having a good time over an absurdly trivial specific occasion?

They're all doing things in their celebration. They want to make the days special. What exactly do they do to have more fun than they normally do, though?

Why are other days discriminate? Why can't we feel so good everyday?

If humans didn't exist, every day would be another normal day. The fact that everybody else seems to be celebrating about something so abstract, and so irrelevant to nature, is confusingly bothersome.

Why would it feel so bad to celebrate a randomly chosen time? For existing? Are people so egotistical as to want special recognition beyond the acknowledgement that they exist?

I can't explain why celebrating about nothing would feel so disheartening.

Is it because something more notable would be left unacknowledged?

Are we just afraid of things transpiring in vain?

We are all going to die, after all...

Existence is a living hell.


People don't think too much, they feel, they want to be happier, so they just wish everyone else a happy "insert thing here" day. They have multiple things going on with their day so they don't waste as much on the celebration of particular events as you think. It's not new year or anything.

With AEwVS 3rd anniversary, people just noticed today is the day, and people who play the game a lot were like "Yay! This game is so great I am glad it's third anniversary for it. This is awesome!" and they go on with their day. You aren't missing out on anything, you are just not adapted to receive pure bliss from things like that because you find them trivial. It all depends on your perecption. Everyone lives in different realities, theoretically, because they perceieve things differently, and you don't just choose to be happy or not, sometimes you just mess up your dopamine perceptors until you can't get pleasure from performing challenges or tasks that would otherwise make you happy, from different things.

"Why does everything feel so empty when everyone else is having a good time over an absurdly trivial specific occasion?"

It's like childish bliss of not knowing any better and celebrating over the smallest things. I envy it.

"They're all doing things in their celebration. They want to make the days special. What exactly do they do to have more fun than they normally do, though?"

"Why are other days discriminate? Why can't we feel so good everyday?"

ikr, we want to live by years, and it's easy to set a day for something in that year. If every day was your birthday, it wouldn't be special, if every day is different and has it's own holiday, that makes it more, fun, and special. That makes it matter, that day stand out.

People set their own limits for themselves. They play games just for that, put themselves in limits for tasks to accomplish, people just wanna be happy you know, you want it too.

"If humans didn't exist, every day would be another normal day. The fact that everybody else seems to be celebrating about something so abstract, and so irrelevant to nature, is confusingly bothersome."

dude like.. Art is abstraction. By that logic all of internet is irrelevant, to nature. Why does anything matter, you breaking down everything to serotonins, dopamins is not seeing the bigger picture. If you are going to go to school and study numbers and history, celebrating a new year coming shouldn't seem that wrong.

"Are people so egotistical as to want special recognition beyond the acknowledgement that they exist?"

Are you egoistical for creating entertainment, are you egoistical for wasting your time on playing entertainment. "boohoo but humans only want to pleasure themselves for those serotonins", EVERYONE does. We exist for this reason. You are egoistical, I am egoistical, you are not an alien. 

mister this wasn't a query

okay i just saw question marks so i thought it was

(1 edit) (+1)

I could not have been less impetuous typing that given literally any amount of time if I didn't wake up  yet again and somehow feel like fresh.

To be honest, I kinda felt incredibly antigenki anyway before I wrote that...I think I perked up so I'd better do a thing

Antigenki? That sounds like my username in an alternative username. Could you explain what that means?


is no more new update AEWVS?


Nah I wouldn't say that, but obviously you're not gonna know unless you go on Discord

I've seen like two other websites that look pretty much dead, but have active Discord servers that are practically thriving

And he's still working on GD. He doesn't really plan to ditch AEWVS for good, but the emotional payoff for developing and releasing an update for some of the members of his community just isn't worth the sheer amount of time and effort it takes to modify all of these blueprints and more (for both him and his computer) as opposed to the ones on GD which is a simplified old-school* game with more creative opportunity

Those are just Angell's blueprints from the middle of last year.

if you want to have a shot at developing aewvs go right ahead m8

*Guess he got tired of new-school.


aw man you know what SCREW YOU FIREYDEATH4 >:(


If only that could be the case.


can you stop i have to go

(1 edit)

Only true veterans remember Viktor and Alice's middle names and Marzia's nickname without looking it up (or checking the replies) seconds within reading this comment

Anyway yes you may have noticed I don't comment here when I go live anymore because I can imagine it's a pain in the butt for both of us. "Oh look, it's that weird stranger, getting in our way again, cluttering up the comment section with the repetitive garbage and doing more boring coding for a fangame again which totally has spoilers all the way"

Will only comment about Twitch on this page any more when I come up with highlights you should see. Otherwise, follow me and don't waste your time. Like, say something in chat or something, or just get outta there...

lol i don't think anyone cares about spoilers anymore

(2 edits)

What, and that means they don't care about AEWVS anymore? No I not having that!

(experience now dulled by prediction)

3 years of sheer vanity? Unacceptable.*

*people have wasted bigger time than that

btw what was the marzia old nickname?

Marzia Sin Brazos

(1 edit)

I didn't know you weren't a veteran of this game

gerara hiyah mistar, go play sum moar aews content

You are FireyDeath4, we HAVE to know!

How do I Find the Old AEwVS Version I've seen on YouTube how Launched on and Viktor comes out From the dark, How do I Find that Version?


I think it was dropped in Version 0.7. Earlier versions sacrifice quality and content for nostalgia and style. And there are probably a lot of serious exploits you can do with major bugs or features that were in some of the different versions, so don't go messing around too much.


I'm really curious about new gd game

There's probably nobody around here who isn't

including MrDrNose


Excluding Exlecius lmao (or whatever their nickname is)





what just happened why is not make new update again like 1 year?

(1 edit) (+1)

(Ah, come round to miss AEWVS already?)

Well AEWVS development became tedious for a number of reasons (convolution, lag, demotivation, monotony, etcetera) so he wants to work on a game he thinks is far more fun instead: GD. Which probably stands for "gem digging" or "game design" or something. It's a Doom-style game about mining.

Here's a link if you want to see if it gets unlocked for a brief period of time. Alternatively you can go on Patreon and become a heccin ch0nker for like $5 (USD) to go on Discord and play unreleased demos like AEWVS, Alex' Basics: Scrina's Sensors, Canned Dog, GD, and whatever else he's doing.  If that doesn't work, you'll have to become a mega chonker for three times that price, although the only extra benefit is a pass to the advisors' channels in Discord so you'll probably just have to pay $5.


i don't want to pay $5. ಠ_ಠ

(1 edit) (+1)

Well, just follow MrDrNose and check that link regularly.

Or you could guess every possible password worshipping Thiccobreather and slandering Thiccochocker and see if anything works.

(by the way that's just for GD so you can see what he's doing)


but what about AEWVS is not make new update again?


Help us convince him that it's worth continuing and try to suggest some methods of making the process easier and less tedious. Also, he's working on GD, so you might have to decide to either let him finish that, or keep working on AEWVS before it just gets harder and less appealing than it already is.


(3 edits) (+2)

oh right, I forgot, you're Chinese...wait...HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BEAT MR. MIX AND THE LANGUAGE LEVEL???

always a disappointment when I watch videos like that on YouTube

This is the messiest comment thread I've seen in a while. (but then again, there weren't many anyway)



順便說一句,我希望你知道如何說英語,看在 Marzia 的份上。 沒有它,你永遠無法擊敗第二級。


(1 edit)


There are two other languages for Chinese, namely "Simplified Chinese" and "Traditional Chinese". What you input is Traditional Chinese. But Simplified Chinese is currently very popular in China.

Their difference:

ENG: Language

Simplified Chinese: 语言

Traditional Chinese: 語言

If your operating system cannot display these two languages, try Google Translate.


(2 edits)

0.13? I don't remember this version. Please check your spelling is accurate, for example, you can say: 0.0.9, 0.1.0 or 0.1.2

So 0.1.0 was very specifically the first minor update and all the ones that came before and after it were just patches?


(3 edits)

What's your Bilibili UID?

*space.bilibili.com/<your UID, write here>*

Maybe I can “关注" you.



Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope

Stop Stop Stop Stop




That's weird. Is there such a coincidence?!

The player is you, hanksssssssss-██




I keep opening the game and there only black screen and nothing

(send help)

Go to %AppData% (C:\Users\(GamePlay2909)\AppData\Roaming), back to AppData, then to Local, and then just hack away at the AEWVS save files until the game works. (C:\Users\(GamePlay2909)\AppData\Local\AEWVS)

If it still doesn't work, try downloading it again or go and download another version. Versions earlier than 0.16 use "STROBOVSKY" folders instead of "AEWVS" folders.

is the Game configuration file should be empty?

i just opened it and theres nothing

also im not a good hacker if you told me about not hacking then im russian and i dont know english a bit

(1 edit) (+1)

LOL KFC Thiccobreather on Nose's YT

There's A Hole the Roof race from the through


That is truly mind-blowing 


This is the greatest KFC Thiccobreather of All Time


can someone help me pls?

i have the folder called  ''100 rooms of enemies'', and what do i have to do with it? because there are only bps folders


ah, so the person who made the archive is a mario fan and accidentally included a mario hack rom, LOL, just ignore it, or play it if you want.

ok thanks very much

(2 edits)

How to be stupid in 10 easy steps:

  1. Become an autist
  2. Turn into a human neural network of all the stimuli you ever experience
  3. Not understand connotations or expressions
  4. Become homeschooled
  5. Watch and read people on the internet
  6. Start making your own posts on the internet
  7. Wait a year or two
  8. Get a better idea of how to be better
  9. Read your posts again
  10. cringe internally
  11. Watch my coding streams on Twitch (later, I did this time) before I do highlights without saying a word in the chat so you completely waste your time.

WARNING: There are now spoilers for both Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski and the pre-alpha prototypes of Animosity-Blighted Curriculum. Spoiler warnings and clarifications for any stream are here...

Who knows, maybe I'll finally break this dang curse after a week.

And I am going to do it again later! I'm not just going to throw it away again this time!


This is sad I have already done most of these steps

If I finally start my YouTube channel, a very important video I'm going to make is how to not be cringy...although, given a lot of the posts I made, it's not gonna help.

Looks like you better go through your entire comment histories and say stuff again...I know I will at some point


Hi, just wanna ask something, why does fatal error occur in PAP station everytime i cross the bridge, is it a glitch or not because of it I can't get further.

It's probably a glitch. I dunno if you can bypass it with...something...IDK...maybe the staff. It's beyond the bridge, but it's probably also in untitled52. There's stuff beyond the bridge, but mainly it's just a laggy-as-heck room with a mass of Froot Loops falling from a pipe. Which will probably be changed later after some versions. After Version 0.29 after a bunch of GD development.

Oh, I was playing in 0.26. It was fixed in 0.27, whoops.


I all over the place I been listening to DFM on a Internet radio I clicked more countries and go for Russia and DFM Russian dance I was Singing in the shower absolutely nuts 

absolutely nuts no doubt


how can i download old versions?




Oh good I was going to reply. Turned out well I stalled.


thanks very much

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