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There's a mistake in the tutorial level: to combine items use "Middle Mouse Button" and "E" instead of "R"


1. Before you walk off thinking that this is just another Baldi clone, listen to what I have to say in the description.


Welcome to Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski, inspired by Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning.

Give this game a chance at least.
Yes, the gameplay is very similar to Baldi's Basics: Collecting notebooks, defending yourself from crazy teachers with the help of sodas, no running in the corridors during the lesson, SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP.

But if you're still a fan of Baldi-like games and love horror and challenges, this game is just the right thing for you!

Difficulty levels have been added. You can decide how hard this challenge will be for you.
For new players, we suggest the difficulty "Boi".
You can also play the “Lil puss“ difficulty. It works like a trainer mode. You can explore the map without being chased.

The game will be a lot of fun, if you take your time to understand everything and don't give up on it just because you died a few times.

Also, there’s much more to this game than just collecting notebooks and escape.
1. You can try to reach the second level by playing through the first one.
2. There are many achievements to get and secrets to find, such as alternative and secret endings, and much more!

The game is still under development, so stay tuned for updates!
New levels, new characters and more explanation of the lore will come up, soon.

Also, join the AEwVS Discord server. The link is down below.






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👧 AEwVS amino👦


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Don’t trust the Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski Wiki | Fandom. There are false information about some characters.

But you can always add right information 👀


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i changed all game sounds to pingas 379 MB
[FIRST BUILD] Alpha 0.0.1 (Ancient one) 75 MB
Beta 1 (covid infected) 291 MB
??? 404 MB
[RECENT] Alpha (64 bit) 545 MB

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have you uploaded it yet

No, be patient.

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500 Dcoins in one day without hackin

So when you Upload Where is Available for download 

I just Completed BRANIAC Mode Heres my Proof to those who think im lying

Of course. It was so easy, it was honestly a letdown. Viktor doesn't move quickly while being silent anymore. In fact, he is easily outwalked.

Now hopefully I have the opportunity to upload Version 0.15 right about now.

Ok Thx. also quick question what do Negative value keys do

They give you money to purchase them rather than take it.

Also In one day Ive Already got 231 DCoins

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Remind me to give you the older versions TODAY

never happens

Lol. Speaking of which i was going to ask about Version

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There is something wrong with my game I lost access to language and history and now I can't advance can someone help

Edit: my Save Data Was Corrupted So I'm starting Fresh and hopefully I'll be able to unlock the gems and necklaces level. Wish me luck :( 

(1 edit)

Can some please Have a Method of getting a lot of Dcoins (Besides From Grinding which I don't have the time to do because I don't have much patience for that kind of stuff) because I just want to a Test maps to get all of the Gems And Necklaces 

what show/film you prefer Doctor who or Game of thrones?

this morning i lost some of my weight cause i don't want to be chubby

and i can use the microphone its aint my problem

i feel i acting stupid like viktor strobovski i get in a bad mood a lot i think i have loads of problems

Many Theories, No Proof. Dinosaurs roamed the earth for 160 million years until their sudden demise some 65.5 million years ago, in an event now known as the Cretaceous-Tertiary, or K-T, extinction event

1: There IS proof. You're just hearing the facts and not going to their labs where they do advanced analysis.

2: This isn't Twitter. This is a comment section for a game. Don't talk about yourself unless you have something related to say (in this case, AEWVS).

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stop being an idiot on me i don't talk to ememies i an tough guy

and i Am Claude Speed

HA tricked you i can talk and grunt 

(3 edits)

i just a little bit shocked i went back in the server i just little worried not crying just don't want to talk about it i started to kept my mouth shut can't grunt too i just don't wanna talk anymore

You don't have to use voice chat.

.- .-.. ... ---       -.-- --- ..-       -.-. .- -.       .--- ..- ... -       -.-. --- -- -- ..- -. .. -.-. .- - .       .-.. .. -.- .       - .... .. ... .-.-.-

please reply to my comments I just want all the Necklaces And then that's that

I'm getting desperate because I want all the Necklaces with the gems in them

I want a modded version for this game where u have unlimited DCoins

(1 edit)

i just don't want to go in the server anymore because i don't play the game no more then trevor messaged me that he left the server bless him 

Bless you, i understand that you aren't interested in the game anymore, that is fine. Everything is fine!

i feel fine now on discord those users won't even bother me and my friend Trevor anymore

i got no idea what to do

Hello, the links for downloading older versions disappeared, can you put them back please ? Thanks, your game is cool !

(1 edit)

What you are about to see is an actual meme that MrDrNose has shared on Twitter and Discord.

That being said; MrDrNose, I never thought I would say this to anyone, but you have succeeded in making a literal internet meme horrifying. This scenario shows that death really is mercy in many cases. Congratulations.

(There are some hidden spoilers ahead but honestly they aren't even relevant.)

(Please play the actual test map for the noise.)

Now, to clarify, it wasn't all that scary for me, but it was a very unsettling experience nonetheless. I also knew about the existence of this test map way back long ago, and just dismissed it as a bit of a random memetic monstrosity. But when I used things to stay alive amidst the chaos, holy heck, it was a peaceless bloodbath. There was just a sense of isolation, mutilation and dissonance everywhere. And there was literally nowhere else to be except in the air and on that platform with those creatures.

I see now why they are ascended memes. I still stand by my point that excessive memes are kind of ruining the rest of the main game though. This is the only one that not only doesn't add a sense of comedy like other memes (as it did when I just died every time I went on it rather than staying alive to witness this heck), but also became rather horrific. In fact, it would be difficult to tell they were memes if they were left in the main game, unless it was deeply studied and people found out it was just a misleading meme with no narrative purpose - and let's be honest, you probably really want them to remain memes. But the rest of them are just internet memes that are funny and make the game look like a joke.

So, just remember: Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski is a horror game.

More sprites will come soon. I'll just say what they are right here, because I want to post them in another post.

Did Laura's, Cleany's, Marzia's and Alice's sprites in the other seven angles. Mix has a bit of a side one and Viktor's not done. I changed Viktor's front view sprite a bit more, and probably failed trying to convert it to an odd number of pixels because it looks weird as heck. Did a few other things, and you'll like this one: I did Thiccobreather. Don't get too excited though, because that's going to be for a comic about that and the other meme characters. It's not even relevant to the whole breathing schematic at all. It's just an extended meme of the onion. Which by the way I ask that you consider giving more respect. I'm hankering a bit for an explanation of it's existence to see if it does anything or is purely a meme (which I'm 999‰ sure of). And in case you didn't know already, I did that torus thing. Which, again, you won't be surprised to hear there was an attempt at.

well my mom delete my old account MT1965 i created a new one jesus

(1 edit)

MrDrNose please get rid of or change how Konstatin IX works

Firstly, he can KILL you in the notebooks And that's just unfair. Because he is running so you end up dying because of that Cunt

Secondly, basically once he bites you twice your done because of blood loss. Please change this or Remove the blood loss function from him biting you.

Thirdly, he can get moved by Mr cleany clean. So if cleany moves him to the starting point, your done for.

Forthly, This is A Must Do, Disable him when your in notebooks. Because he can kill you and you cant do anything about it. I Failed Most of My Runs Because of that Son of a Bitch who bites the Fuck out of me when I'm in a notebook

Finally (this is not About Konstatin IX) can fix when you go into the greeting room on layer 3 when going to torus because every time we go there We fall into the Void and we get teleported back to the start. Making Going to torus Impossible.

Anyways that's it. If you get the chance please reply back


There is a Christ cross item on one of the shelves in the storage room past Phonty that can neutralize Konstantine for 30 seconds and stops him from moving and driving you insane. Hold the cross out and touch him directly for the cross to work. You'll know it works when you hear a low quiet "THUN" sound effect after touching Konstantine with the cross (The cross won't work when you meet Konstantine for the first time in a single run, standing upright; you have to get him to move by turning yourself around or backing away from him upon seeing him and wait for him to start moving for the first time before you can face him again for the cross to take effect.) The cross only works for 30 seconds each time you touch Konstantine with it, so be cautious of your surroundings and timing before you enter a classroom to solve a notebook. If you get chomped by Konstantine only a few times, immediately take out the cross and slowly walk away from him after he's been frozen in place. Do not run or you'll lose blood much faster. You may lose more than half your blood, but your blood will slowly stop spilling if your health remains undisturbed for about half a minute, then it will take about one minute for the blood bar to replentish and be fully restored.

Ok Thanks. This Really helped because i have seen the cross in the supply room but i never use it because i didn't know how to use it. Thanks For Tip. I will Definitely Using the cross if i can get my hands on it. Thx :) 

Also I Apologize for Swearing In my post

You should also have figured out by now that now that there's a blood bar, there will surely be items to complement it. That being said, a certain useless item now has a use.

I know There's A blood bar but If he Bites you More than 2 to 3 Times you wont be able to live Because of blood loss. and the Only Medkit Is in the supple closet By i Using Follow A Path i Created and your nowhere near the Supply closet

(1 edit)

Image result for Advanced education with viktor mr mix

Seems Pretty Accurate

Comment digging, are you?

Yeah he did explain why

Does anyone have version  


I was going to post a comment saying I was the Lord of Ages until I completely missed my opportunity to download Version It doesn't even matter anyway since I don't have all the developer test versions.

Fiery death can you have a Download For it on your itch.io page please. Because I had the version but lost it cause I got new pc

Hold on...

What are you going to do

Because you said Hold On

(2 edits)

Hey, what happened to Version 0.20? I didn't get to download it yet...will you upload Version soon?

Also, you're a bureaucrat now.

probably, the first notebook doesn't unlock the doors

in alpha 0.20 i'm only able to solve the first notebook but that's it, i can't go past any doors or anything. does anyone know how to solve this?

wait, it's not available anymore

I see, maybe the dev is working on it a little more

I made a second one, this one is with my real voice and face 

(1 edit)

Mr. Mix at free time from work

How did you do that

Also I changed My Name. My New Name Is QuIckSc0p34D4yz

Does anyone Have Version Because I had it a while ago but then I got a new pc. If anyone Has this file Reply to my comment and I will try find a way to get it from you (E.g Gmail or Google drive)

By the way what's the file ??? Because you can download it

(4 edits)

The earliest version of Alex' Basics: Scrina's Sensors.

It is very mere compared to what you see on MrDrNose's YouTube channel.

Ok. because i never seen it there. Thx



Oh, f*ck me.

An Armada Of Possessed Alice's

Can Someone Read My Response because Whenever I'm playing the language level The Ninth Notebook Doesn't Spawn or Appear And its Getting very frustrating because I want to Advance to the history level But If i cant Find the Ninth Language notebook to get to the 9 room then I'm stuffed or there is a bug in the game

(1 edit)

*sigh* okay look in Doggos' room

I hope any broken things get fixed soon but try there for now


I found out the the language notebook spawns in the doggos room all the time

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