"Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski" alpha 0.1.3b (experimental)

This is a small patch taht fixes few glitches, and also added new door breaking effect for Phonty, new door breaking effect for Alice, changed main menu and added something interesting :eyes:. That's all i remember imao sorry i accidentally removed my list :tears: :tears: :tears:


Alpha 0.1.3b (experimental) 193 MB
May 03, 2019

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Wait...are you telling me, that the last update was released nearly a third of a year ago?

I mean, it was a few months, but...oh...

oh come on

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By the way I have a better idea for the button positions. (SPOILERS Y'ALL!!!) There should be two buttons where you want the shortcuts to be, three in each of the secret rooms, and then five in the RUST labyrinth. The place where Fleshy is is hardly a labyrinth, and besides, new players who aren't used to the map are a lot more likely to come across the buttons too early. They should also only appear if you've already finished Albert in a previous run and completed the Math Level.


"If you want to remove your art,
Twitter: @Mrdrnose1"



The people have to find the secret room first. What the heck.

"If you want to add art,
Send author's picture and nickname"

Oh! No wonder people would reject their art from your room! because other people will upload their art without their permission!


Also there should be more general painting rooms and more secret painting rooms. My first instincts after being a third spoiled were to sweep the Language Level first (I didn't even bother going to the Math Level until I got two-thirds spoiled.) and check the absolutely empty room in the Bunker and find a way into the room with tables stuffed onto the super-secure door in the ritual room. (It's kinda unrealistic how you can't break doors on your own or move tables and chairs.) Just having a secret room with an organised long hallway in such a random place seems so weird and arbitrary (and in the PR of all places!). Anyway, yeah.

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Just outwitted Erie with an oversight I kept in mind. You know how Alice slashes doors to pieces and they don't work anymore? Well, that pissed off Erie when I started going in and out of the library repeatedly when she wanted me to get books and try and throw me out of the library. If you go to any supported door, stick the magnet to the doorframe and stay close, Alice is definitely going to break it. VERY useful for getting into secret rooms. That means either there needs to be certain doors Alice doesn't support, or she needs to do what she used to do and just pull the magnet away from the door. Or there needs to be another way to keep you out.

Also, do you think you can create a screen crack effect like the one in Tattletail Kaleidoscope (but fixed to the screen, not dynamic) in UE? A little bit like this one I guess https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iw32vbFEjEI

(yeah it's for an alice jumpscare idea) (if you can do that I guess we can try it) (if it sounds reasonable lol) (oh yeah and a lot of the lines are gonna be horizontal obviously) (so many parentheses. sigh)

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Wait, Alice breaks doors?

also did you copy that text from Discord :thinking: 🤔

Actually she destroys them. And I didn't copy this text, just a joke :antibreather:

Okay. Well, guess I'll see for myself what you did