"Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski" alpha 0.1.1

>Cleany start moving on language level immediately
>H-Teacher speed
>Door "9" opened in "lil puss"
>Marzia + mask game freeze
>Console exit causes background music muting
>Marzia can run during his speech
>Some items positions
>H-Teacher freeze
>Pine Forest fence collision
>Cleany "resist" action appear but Cleany not grabs the player
>Cleany "resist" action not appears
>H-Teacher speed

>Item physics
>Item positions
>Cleany "resist" bar
>rebind (controls) menu much more comfortable

>New items
>Some sense for cross
>New achievement


[OLD]Alpha 0.1.1 476 MB
Dec 02, 2018

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>Marzia can run during his speech

Marzia is a boy, ya know

Of course.