"Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski" alpha 0.1.0

After a long pause it comes. In this update fixed and changed a lot of things. And also added few. Так же добавлены русские субтитры.


>Doggos can spawn on lil puss
>Enemies can spawn while language ending
>Phonty can kill through walls
>Some doors can't be opened in lil puss
>Overlapping subtitles
>MrMix player input during the speech
>Non-stop running after Mr.Mix visiting
>"Rust" ceiling
>Red Room ceiling
>Albert's room ceiling
>"Language without math" achievement
>Elevator can close when player leaves mask dimension

>Phonty chasing and music
>Diffucult-changable things
>Language sentences
>Doggos spawn
>Grany effect
>Wall liquid opacity
>Marzia chase
>Marzia chase speed
>Bind input (not sensable and not visible, just exists)
>Item eating logic
>H-Teacher AI
>Mr.Mix AI
>Bear trap closing speed

>Doggos crate
>Cleany english subtitles
>MrMix english subtitles
>MrMix text line appearing
>Bonus from Mr.Mix
>New items
>More fan arts
>New achievement

>Russian subtitles


[OLD] Alpha 0.1.0 474 MB
Nov 08, 2018

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Small list of stuff found on alpha 0.1.0:

  • Can spam "run button" and "move button" at same time when held still by Headteacher in punishment room. Allows you to move while she's giving her discipline speech.
  • Can't open normal-unlocked doors after escaping punishment while still punished. Need to use blue key.
  • On language lil puss, you can open the "9" door without collecting required 9 language notebooks.
  • On language level, exiting the TV game causes floor ambiance to mute.
  • On language level, I got all possible right answers on first 2 language notebooks and it didn't trigger Marzia for some reason. Rare occurrence.
  • "Sometimes dead is better" with blanks that involve quotation marks don't register as correct when filling them correctly. Only the quote marks.
  • Marzia won't open doors when trying to satisfy her watermelon addiction.
  • Marzia killing you in "9" room before final chase...? Weird camera angle afterwards.
  • Marzia walking towards "9" room during her before-chase speech. Seen on previous alpha.
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Holy mother of god...

"Difficult-changeable things"

"Granny effect" (fathomed)

"Wall liquid opacity"

"Marzia chase"

"Marcia chase speed"

"Bind input"

"Item eating logic"

"Head Teacher AI"

"Mr. Mix AI"

"Bonus from Mr. Mix" (fathomed)

"New items"

"New achievement"

Sounds like it'll take quite a really long while to fathom.


Arrest this man at once!

I'm on it.


Reported to admin.

Had no idea if I could report to police or what country to do it with so I decided to start with the report button and function in itch.io.

Doing gods work my man, great job!

Lol music is same but with other effect)