"Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski" alpha 0.0.8b

Centuries and ages later, it finally came ...

In short, I do not have enough time to spend it on creating large updates for a small amount of time. I can fix glitches for 1-7 days, but not making new content, it takes a lot of time now. that's what i managed to do

>Granny camera rotation angle
>Unknown double pause glitch
>Player continues walking after pause
>Player continues walking after notebook picking up
>Opening notebook and pause at the same time
>Puppet can cill player in notebook
>Magnet can be used on "9" door
>"9" door can be broken
>Elevator sliders saving
>Opening elevator sliders and pause at the same time
>Blockade desks items spawn


>When combine-ready item added to belt
>Disappeared doors
>Marzia melon petting death glitch
>Player continues walking or running when gives book to Librarian

>███ ██████
>Brainiac notebook spawns on start


>Cauldron moved to lunch room
>Mr.Mix catch zone

>Watcher subtitles
>New test main menu element
>New door type
>H-Teacher "Staff only" echo

>"Convicted Flesh Soul" from ███ ██████
>███ ██████ player interface

If You found glitch - describe it in comment section.


Alpha 0.0.8b0.6 439 MB
Oct 06, 2018

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Mrdrnose I've found some bugs.

Doors that teleport back to the start of the level just place you somewhere else.

In the Language level when you collect the first Math notebook, the ambiance music just stops and you also can't pause the game.

Can't grab some items in the pentagram room or the server maze room.

Thanks for log.

I fixed doors, items in server room and ambience with pause. I upload patch soon.

(1 edit)

One new bug, one edit to old bug, took some fixed bugs off  old list. Haven't explored recent version enough.

(New) Other:

  • TV not working with video tape or game console. Missing something?

(Old) Minor:

  • Chef Mix can be carried around by Mr. Cleany, it apparently wasn’t invisible duplicate mix.
  • While playing Chef Mix’s minigame, you can trigger action keys while spelling words (been around forever, no harm if it still exists).
  • Doggo reacts to the player tilting their head up and down, but not side to side. Bit weird.
  • When Mr. Cleany touches a magnetized door and leaves, it plays the demagnetized sound and eventually takes the magnet off.
  • Smile Dog is active in Lil Puss mode.
  • Can spam-click incorrect answers in Lil Puss mode and make Viktor’s voice overlap when doing notebook. More overlap during first notebook intro.
  • In Lil Puss mode, Viktor uses his normal intro at the start of the level (others mentioned this).
  • Dropped items can float in mid-air when placed on solidish-still characters, character needs to move away to demonstrate floating properties. Ex: Viktor or Chef Mix, others?
  • Throwing an item away while it has a green circle retains a green circle, craft air again.
  • Rust labyrinth, language level completion without Viktor, and Lil Puss completion achievements don’t work (been around for awhile).
  • Achievement picture and descriptions in test menu aren’t aligned properly. Ex: Spilled soda achievement says in the description “get curse from Mr Mix”.

(Old) Major:

  • Can place magnet on the sides of doors (watched a video over this). Now it disappears once placed.
  • My quick edit. Possible to get behind doors without opening them, Mr Cleany involved. Thanks to someone else's reply.
  • Opening doors sometimes drains your sanity, even if you aren’t looking at something sanity driven (might be my computer, added it incase).
(1 edit)

The Game Console is in 2 pieces. One in the Dead Clown room (Pizza room) and the other's in the server maze room across the hall.

Already knew that, otherwise; I wouldn't have added this to my bugs list. Guess I'll try interacting with the TV again.

Mrdrnose! I can't download alpha 8 a for some reason! Everytime I click on "Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski" alpha 0.0.8 36 days ago, and I go to downloads, IT KEEPS SAYING ALPHA 8 B 0.5, AND I DON'T WANT THAT BUILD!

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Just a quick glitch, I don't know if it is intentional or not.  You fall off the map when you enter through the teleport to the woods in the History level.

(1 edit)

I don't know what you did, but the player's speed had been changed and it makes the game feel odd (everything feels smaller, in particular) and it is too easy to run away from enemies.