"Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski" alpha 0.0.8

Hi! Alpha 8 is here. In this version i fix few glitches, and added new gameplay mechanics and new character.

Full changelog:

>Item combining system
>Muffin hits player
>Item zero location
>Language level Viktor jacket clean froze glitch
>Marzia 9th door breaking
>Marzia can't kill while trying to treat her
>Doggos collison
>Alice can't appear in higher door
>Cleany can grap player\npc through walls and doors
>Items can stuck in trash cans if it was dropped when player stands in trash can
>Phonty's handle not moving while game is paused
>random event
>No boom-boom in bunker
>Marzia notebook explain subtitle radius
>Bunker ambience
>Toilets and sinks rotation
>Clock arrow counter-clockwise moving

>Subtitles system
>Phonty music
>Player can't drop items while in Head Teacher's hands
>History map
>Stamina bar substraction and adding speed
>Doggos forgetting delay
>Math notebook sounds

>New items
>New character
>New mechanics
>New achievements
>Evil Alice subtitles

>Alarm clock from first level
>Red arrow above the trash can

(Settings and keybindings will be in next patch\update)


[OLD] Alpha 0.0.8a 426 MB
Aug 30, 2018

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You need to change the recipe for the nuclear pidgeon, people not from my livestream found it out through comments on the homepage.  You might also want to delete parts of the comments that say what to do to get it.

how do I get rid of the mr mix curse?

You just need to close and reopen the game.

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can you add my song as one of the music played in the pink alarm?

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Found in alpha 0.0.8a2.2, check new section.


  • On math level, items spawning on desks near barricade are unreachable (others mentioned this).
  • On math level, there’s a safe-spot when standing behind a desk. Classroom with brick white walls, 9 desks plus notebook desk, 1 of 4 rooms. Close to garden area.
  • Freek-a-del’ka subtitles visible when not in rust labyrinth, rare occurrence.
  • Finishing Chef Mix’s minigame just before break acts as if you didn’t talk to him. He’ll request help just after you helped him.
  • Granny can sometime spawn far from the player, behind walls, taking a really long route..
  • Albert opens doors that are magnetized. What a hero…not really…
  • Albert sometimes says a number on impossible math questions? Or am I hearing things? Brainiac?
  • On language level, you can get Viktor to break the “9” door. Phonty might be able to do the same with proper planning.
  • On language level, Mr. Cleany get’s stuck when placing trash down that long hallway with that dog picture.
  • Phonty feels like standing next to the player instead of killing, happens when you stand by a desk, other things involving tight spaces.
  • On language level, elevator pause glitch. May affect future levels if elevator’s reused.
  • During Marzia chase sequence, collecting last math notebook freezes you in place. Plus, no point in having math notebook spawns at that point.
  • During Marzia chase sequence, Marzia won’t kill player when watermelon piece is within range. She has to the eat watermelon piece first or until player leaves radius to kill.
  • During Marzia chase sequence, if Marzia is in the “scared” state after last language notebook has been collected, she won’t go into chase mode.
  • Can edit characters in language notebook that shouldn’t be edited, can add blanks to (had fun with this).


  • After getting a wrong answer on the math level, doors don't unlock immediately. You need to wait for Viktor to say: "You should have not done this." Possibly affects other main teachers.
  • Viktor can kill the player through the door when a neo-magnet's placed. May affect other main teachers in future.
  • Chef Mix's minigame can trigger when he's not in the cafeteria. (Invisible-duplicate Mix!)
  • Showing Chef Mix a dangerous item while playing his minigame makes death sequence and minigame happen at the same time. Double dialogue included.
  • Getting caught by Headteacher can create double dialogue, if close to the punishment room.
  • Headteacher (evil appearance) will sometimes not throw you in the cauldron. Just hold you near it.
  • When Headteacher (normal appearance) is carrying the player for holding a dangerous item, she can possibly trigger Mr Mix's minigame on her way to the cauldron.
  • On the language level, Headteacher didn't react when standing in a staff only room, one with delicious pizza. (Could affect other rooms on language level)
  • Mr Cleany can get stuck when placing trash in an unreachable spot. Ex: Behind warp door on language level.
  • Marzia get's stuck if she can't reach the melon piece. Similar to the one above.
  • Marzia thinks the melon piece was dropped when the player switches item slots. Causing her to do nothing after sprinting over.
  • Marzia help subtitles can't be seen when working on first language notebook.
  • Marzia can't open doors anymore. (Must be a solution to the "9" door breaking, turn it into a gate instead?)
  • Marzia doesn't sprint at the player when you stand in a trashcan.
  • Marzia's softlock when killing player holding a watermelon piece. (Others mentioned this) 
  • Librarian will check regular books during the time-span where no book was requested.
  • Librarian won't kick you out right away when taking to long to find a regular book. You're stuck in the library till then.
  • Librarian can check books while you're being carried out of the library. Double dialogue if timed.
  • Librarian interaction while walking or running causes weird angle plus movement.
  • Librarian doesn't react to other rules. Ex: No making stupid noises, no eating, no drinking.
  • Librarian clips upper-body in a corner block, next to the door with stairs.
  • Making the Librarian truly happy while it's moving causes the movement sound to play non-stop.
  • Gas mask freezing the game. (Others mentioned this)
  • Putting the gas mask on while wearing a gas mask isn't good for your health. Traps player in gas mask area.
  • Air meter is spazzing out.
  • Double-death, usually by main teacher death, then insanity death
  • Language level, trashcan inside wall... (Just a weird thing on purpose?)
  • Language level, not all walls have ooze here and there.
  • History level, player can clip the elevator when standing between both elevator gates.
  • History level, floor doesn't become dark right away, can see this if you hit "return" quick enough once finishing first history notebook with one wrong answer.
  • Throwing a flash-mine in a bear trap destroys the flash-mine completely, no metal plate.
  • Bear traps (when spawned) and flash-mines (when thrown) float or clip through the elevator.
  • Items float when placed on bear traps, non-disarm items.
  • The library has a missing corner wall. Also, missing roof in hallway below library.
  • Possible to sneak back into library once kicked out, precise timing needed (very minor).

Take your time working on the next update, we're not in a rush, no worries. Awesome game as always!

Thanks, for the help

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Hi guys,what music would suit Marzia when she hunts the player:


>No boom-boom in bunker sorry this is the best line in the world

Whats that even mean?

i honestly dont know.