"Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski" alpha 0.0.7-c patch

Hoii, this is small patch for alpha 0.0.7, fixes wrong teleport door angle, stucking in the teleport rooms, and fixes other glitches.

>Marzia's ass can't get to the elevator
>Marzia's reaction to flash bang
>Teleport door wrong rotation
>Belt item door wrong teleport
>Stucking in black room from teleport door
>Viktor trash can glitch
>Art room wrong author

>Item sprite size

>New items
>Alice notebook test


[OLD] Alpha 0.0.7c 417 MB
Aug 21, 2018

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Can you make the Stamina recover slowly when walking and breathing?

why is there a movies folder with alot of creepy videos?

(2 edits)

I'll make tiny edits here. Section covers math, language, and history level.

Viktor slows down when you answer 30+ questions wrong. Scratch that, Viktor never stops moving at that number of wrong answers, which doesn't slow him down (Recently tested this).

- We already know about the Viktor frozen glitch on the language level.

- You can get Marzia to breakdown the "9" door and get a massive head start on the chase sequence.

- When the player's holding a watermelon piece, Marzia can't kill the player. She just follows you around.

- Marzia doesn't sprint when looking at her through windows.

- Marzia and Doggo got stuck when trying to enter the same door (rare occurance).

- Phonty winds down as you start the language level, before the player triggers Marzia.

- Phonty winds down while your game's paused.

- The Puppet/Mannequin drains your sanity while working on a notebook. Causing death.

- Doggo will sometimes kill the player when completely still (I did stop when I heard its music, as quick as I could).

- Mr Cleany is active during Marzia's chase sequence.

- Mr Cleany can sometimes grab the player through walls.

- Mr Cleany got stuck in a corner on the language level, that one room where the alarm clock used to be, close to the door that leads to an empty room.

- Headteacher will sometimes stand around and do nothing. Happens on the math level and the language level.

- Headteacher ignores alarm clock on math level (I assume it was to counter another glitch).

- Dropping items while being carried by the Headteacher causes them to defy laws of gravity,  floating.

- Dropping items on trash cans causes the same thing mentioned above.

- Duct tape piece + Broken lockpick = Duct tape piece x2 : Doesn't repair your lockpick (other combinations with tape do this).

- Interacting with a notebook and pausing at the same time causes the player to be paused while in the notebook. Happens with other things.

- Selecting an artifact to craft with and then putting that artifact in your belt leaves an empty slot with a green circle. (Crafting air!)

- Language level has a safe area in the storage room, stopping characters. Far end aisle closest to Phontys room.

- Elevator inputs aren't saved correctly. Ex: Slide the bar to 142, come back a second time, number displays 100 (biggest one for me).

I know the history level's a prototype; I'll still report some things.

-- Alice spawn and de-spawn loop when the clock strikes 12:00 multiple times.

-- Alice no longer spawns when you missed 30+ questions, and the clock ticks counter-clockwise. (Bear trap madness!)

-- Possible to step in two bear traps at the same time, happens when they're next to each other.

-- It's impossible (mostly) to escape a bear trap, even when tapping "E" while looking down. (Mashed for over a minute, nothing...)

-- MC progression isn't saved. Once leaving and returning, it's back to question 1. (Intended for future development?)

-- Bear traps appear in players view.

(Little suggestion: When you collect more history notebooks, make it harder by adding  more questions with more choices. First history notebook would have 5 questions, 3 choices each. Tenth history notebook would have 10 questions, 7 choices each. When more are added in the future...)

(Took awhile to type, awesome game!)

Big thanks! This what i needed, big glitch report. Without this reports i could test this game for weeks)

I got the 666 ending!  Though I'm locked out of all of the versions of the game and can't do anything else :( !  Would it be possible for you to make it so I can cancel out of this affect?  Like how it was possible to get rid of he save with Mr Mix?

(This is a repost from  the main page, btw.  Just incase you miss it.)