"Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski" alpha 0.0.7

Hi there,  alpha 7 is here. In this update  added subtitles to few characters, tutorial level and few new things.

Full changelog:

>New items
>3 new characters
>Item creation
>Cleany on second map
>New item property
>New death screen
>New achivements
>Few subtitles (not all characters)
>Camera pitch input
>More dumb hints
>Tutorial level
>Language ending
>Bunker exit

>Second map
>Tapes locations
>Magnet-locked doors
>"GET" window code
>H-teacher restricted items
>Doggos walk path
>Phonty appearing
>Phonty walk speed
>Marzia's AI
>Achivement system
>Language overlay
>Language sprite
>H-teacher size
>Staliking camera texture
>Chairs not have collisions
>Difference between school rings
>Lower footstep volume
>Main menu
>After-breath run

>Sounds reset when player not in radius
>Math notebook error delay
>Soda spit delay
>Bunker void door

>Items animation

This alpha can contain glitches, and if You found some, write here.


[OLD] Alpha 0.0.7a (64-bit) 431 MB
Aug 15, 2018
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.7a (32-bit) 411 MB
Aug 15, 2018

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pls add this as one of the songs played by the pink alarm 

I don't know, it might be copyrighted.

actually, I made the song.

Oh, I didn't realize xD