"Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski" alpha 0.0.6-d patch

Hi!  Here's new patch, it fixes glitches and changed new content, and as bonus added few new things.


>Hint notes
>Few tapes on levels
>New items
>New pot plant types

>"Lil puss" mode is more better
>"Deafult", "Boi" and "Brainiac" modes is easier
>Albert's voice
>Phonty's bar ends slowly
>Correctly count of missing letters in language notebook
>Marzia's voise is quiter
>Tapes locations
>Locker opening mechanics (click RMB with lockpick until locker opens)
>Cleany's AI
>Doggos AI
>Doggos walk path
>Phonty's walk speed
>Doggos walk speed
>Second level
>Few doors on levels
>Viktor "jacket cleaning" duration

>Phonty's far distance kill glitch
>Pressing buttons in math notebook after finishing
>Pressing buttons in language notebook after check
>Viktor disables ambient sound
>Some items locations on map
>Some map parts
>Frozen Viktor on second level after using soda or muffin
>Mask location
>Bunker void doors
>Cleany can't reach trash can in punishment room


[OLD] Alpha 0.0.6-d (32-bit) 401 MB
Aug 01, 2018
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.6-d (64-bit) 421 MB
Aug 01, 2018

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Hi, it's me again, thanks for these new additions always so interesting and captivating, I hope this game is not over.

Otherwise, you should do a "story mode" where the game is quiet at first and then gradually, it becomes terrifying, and especially you should add more terrifying moments as the end with the epic music. The main should have his own way of killing, the game should be more alive for me, he must break the 4th wall, a bit like Doki Literature, it would be great, and it would make it even more terrifying.

I wonder if you gave up, questions about grammar, history, etc ... in the game, it would be good for part 2 of the game, (for me).

Otherwise, there are two bugs at the beginning of the game:

- the cinematics is not played

- the music at the beginning doesn't  appear

(1 edit)

can you put my new song as one of the songs played when you activate the pink alarm clock?

lol, that's hilarous