"Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski" alpha 0.0.6-b patch

Small patch with few fixes and changes. Also added super easy mode and something else.

>Super easy mode

>New item

>Main menu boards
>Smile Wolf position
>Albert's ghost spawns in all difficulty modes
>Mr.Mix call delay
>Changed level

>Viktor's default ending speech
>"Default" level subject spawn
>Grandma's audio
>Cleany's hud
>School rings positions
>"Double Death" (when few characters kills player in one time, animation plays few times)

New fix of the game:


>Mr.Mix minigame

>Trash cans in menu
>Sound of super easy mode


>Main menu boards


Alpha 0.0.6-b (32-bit) 131 MB
Jul 20, 2018
Alpha 0.0.6-b (64-bit) 151 MB
Jul 20, 2018

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MRDRNOSE, I have something very important  to tell you! For some reason, whenever MR. MIX asks a youtuber to spell "GUACAMOLE," every youtuber I've watched play your game spells it "GUACOMOLE" with an O, which is COMPLETELY INCORRECT, as there's NO SUCH SPELLING of that word with an "O"! IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE AN "A," NOT AN "O." You need to fix that typo and inform your players of this misspelling to avoid further confusion between grammer nazis ans spelling amateurs. Also, explain to me what the sanity bar is for, and how come it only drains when staring at a certain dark corridor through a certain window, I saw this in one of Neurobew's newest ae/w/vs videos, I think it was the one where he shows the new death scenes? Is staring at that particular  window the only way to drain your sanity,  or what also triggers insanity, what purpose does insanity serve other than shaking your screen, and WHO DO I HAVE TO ASK TO UPDATE THE FRICKIN' WIKI, BOTH THE OFFICIAL, AND FANDOM AE/W/VS WIKIS

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I've got an idea, in the end, make Victor sprite more scary (victor evil side), with the epic music that will sounds great. 


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i was like, "o i am dead" when is see the last notebook. WTF Victor.

Ps : Maths is life

Just made it to last notebook, and wow, I'm going to need to think of a different strategy to solve those.