"Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski" alpha 0.0.6

Hi there! In this update im add something BIG, and i don't say what. But there's a not secret changelog:

>You can escape from Cleany's hands by youself
>Something big
>New characters
>New items
>Some sence to "Sanity" bar
>New deaths
>2 new locations
>New ability
>New vitality bar
>Difficulty levels
>2 new death screens
>Slots hotkeys (1,2,3,4)

>Small part of level
>Smile Wolf's (or just Wolfy-boi) attaK
>Door open speed
>Albert ending
>Chef's speed

>Sanity bar goes lower than border
>Corridors and H-Teacher voice glitch
>Cleany's AI
>H-Teacher echo
>Ambience sound
>Main menu buttons


[OLD] Alpha 0.0.6 (32-bit) 129 MB
Jul 11, 2018
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.6 (64-bit) 149 MB
Jul 11, 2018

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Another bug  : Sometimes, when you run, the principal doesn't caught you.

This is not glitch, You can run in corridors during the break. But in classes she will caught for running anyway.

Also thanks for comments and glithches)

Otherwise you should write the instructions in the game, like the utility of the key "C", the story etc .

Hi mrdrnose, I love your game and especially I love the end (alert spoiler) with the epic music a bit to the "SAW", (kind Strobovski had planned everything), I do not know if I gave you an idea but your game makes me think of the universe of Saw, like there is a story behind all this, when the principal tells us: "everyone will know who you really are".

I hope you do the story mode, you see a bit like Slender Arrival, with increasingly stressful levels as you go through the game. We move from a nice world to a horrifying world .

Otherwise, there are also 2 bugs that I would like to report:

- Sometimes "the 10th notebook" is not found we will say 1/2.
- When the principal will catch us while we are solving problems, we can not move, and the exercise book disappears without it being taken.

Your game is amazing, it's not Baldi, it's another universe.