"Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski" alpha 0.0.5

Hi! Alpha 0.0.5 is here. This is not so big update, but fixes some broken things.

>Main menu chalkboard
>Note hints
>█ed █or██t
>Sounds to closed doors

>Main menu
>Artifact №2 changed to Belt
>Player interface

>Main menu mouse input
>Mr Mix activate zone
>Notebook difficulty without Albert
>Item puckup interface name
>Ceiling texture
>Some map parts
>Cleany's grab
>Low res. textures
>Navigation mesh

████ █a██ ██l█ █o█ ███a█i██ a███o██.

█o█ █ill █e█e█ ██ow t██ █r█th, i███r█al █r██t█r█. ██is █am█ ██ █ur██d, ██n'█ play ██, ██st ██let█ █n█ █o█g█t █b██t t█is █a█e. █o██t█i█g █a██en█ with █y █i██. ███p █e.


[OLD] Alpha 0.0.5 (32-bit) 92 MB
Jun 28, 2018
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.5 (64-bit) 111 MB
Jun 28, 2018

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it was because it is 64 bit now i had the same problem

(1 edit)

There is a huge massive bug or glitch where on the 5th question. If you click check very fast on the last question, it glitches causing Mr. Strobovski to think you got more than one question wrong from a single question. That means that if I click check on last question a thousand times, Mr. Strobovski will move at the pacing of a thousand angry rage boosting speed.

This is a huge problem if I get trigger happy and just want to end the last question very fast or if I'm in a rush and panicking. I know it's not intended to count as multiple amounts instead of just one on the last question per notebook.

Of course, I suggest keeping it as an option that can be set or changed from the main menu for others to see how fast Mr. Strobovski can hypothetically move if a player got every single answer wrong on all 10 notebooks.

The 64 bit version worked!!! I don't know whether or not it was you, unreal engine, or my windows, but it works now.