"Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski" alpha 0.0.4

Hi, alpha 0.0.4 is here. I am add some interesting content, alternative walkthrough, few changes and fixes.

Change log:

 >New items
 >Little corridor
 >2 new characters
 >New location
 >Alternative walkthrough (same ending)
 >H-teacher's echo
 >Main menu chalkboards
 >New pictures
 >New picture secret
 >Door signs

 >6 achivements

 >Mr.Cleany's A.I.
 >yͬoυͤ cᵏαɴͨ coͦˡмᵏpleͨтeͥ αᵖlвᵏerͨtᵒˡ
 >Other textures resolution
 >Easier ending
 >Some map parts
 >Main menu interface
 >Removed pillars

 >All doors can be opened

 >Interface input
 >Truncate number is visible
 >Math division
 >H-teacher movement
 >Fear's postprocess
 >Alarm and Cleany glitch
 >Viktor talking after wrong answer
 >Viktor's image in notebook
 >Removed some trashes

Also things i forgot.

And here's wikia about game. So, if You have something, add it to wikia:



[OLD] Alpha 0.0.4 (64-bit) 106 MB
Jun 24, 2018
[OLD] Alpha 0.0.4 (32-bit) 87 MB
Jun 24, 2018

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i cant download the game, it keeps saying there isn't an app associated with it

it works now im soooooooo happy

Um I believe the download link doesn't work, only allows 0.03, not 0.04

it dose work i have alpha 0.0.4 so i dont know what your talking about

mb just checked, thanks for the reply :)

your good sry for my attiude


The door with the door key sign behind mr. Mix doesn't open when using the door keys. Is this supposed to happen?
Also Mr. Cleany starts moving before answering the first notebook. In my case he sweeped Viktor away.
Other than the above I really like the additions in this version!

Few doors needs special key that can founded on level.
And about Cleany, i'll fix it now. He is becomes really annoying.

(1 edit)

Oh ok, it makes sense now! He isn't as annoying in this version, but when he sweeps you somewhere before the first notebook he gives you a really generous head start.