"Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski" alpha 0.0.2

New update is here. In alpha 0.0.2 fixed lot of glitches, like missing room, charaters intelligence. Also added lot of new content.

Full changelog:

Added: new items, more math notebooks, 5 characters (1 - main, 1 - special, 3 - other), map continuation, plant types, interior stuff, main ending.

Changed: examples, some parts of map, notebook, soda item, doors.

Fixed: decision in notebook not count with enter, chef can't open doors, head teacher intelligence, some parts of map, player speed, notebook.

Also new content, that i forgot.

Alpha 0.0.2-a

Fixed: removed cheat muffins.


alpha 0.0.2-a 80 MB
Jun 12, 2018

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i cant download this version anymore!! i really want to test out the dev console, but i cant download it. download link for 0.02?

i really want to play this game but it always says fatal error devs if you read this please fix this problem

Ты же русский? (•>•) (Are you russian?)

Да, русский. Кто же ещё мог придумать такую фамилию)

Просто мало русских кто игры нормальные делает, даже если уж и пародии. Респект тебе)

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Quick question!
The last notebook has division in the calculations. However when I type a decimal result the game considers my answer wrong. Am I supposed to answer these wrong, or is it a bug?
Also I want to mention that it is REALLY kind of you putting my name in the menu. It means a lot, since you made a game that I truly enjoy exploring and playing.
Edit: Also there is a glitch where the loud noises of the woman with the scythe don't fade and get stuck sometimes.

With division look at "truncate" number, it shows how many numbers needs after dot. And i will fix Granny and Mr. Cleany, if i can resurrect my HDD

Oh makes it sense now!!
I totally overlooked that part of the UI, since I was panicking. xD
The Granny sound effect bug isn't something that happens all the time, but it has occured to me 2-3 times so far.
Damn, that sucks... I really hope you will be able to get back your files!!

About the crashed HDD thing, you might be able to get back your engine/content files from the exported game. I know that it is possible to do that with UE4 games, if your game is made on this engine. If i recall correctly you hav e to unpack the .pak files using the unrealpack.exe from the engine folder. It isn't guaranteed to work, but if the game runs on ue4 it is worth a try.
On another note I'm stuck on the 11th notebook. There is an ending right? xD

I found what 90% of projects is on place, only engine disappeared with few garbage projects. I will add alpha 0.0.3 today or tomorrow. 0.0.2 alpha was so glitchy

I'm glad most of your project is intact! It would be a shame to lose your source files.
Will the new alpha add content or it is going to be mostly fixes of 0.0.2 alpha?

With division look at "truncate" number, it shows how many numbers needs after dot. And i will fix Granny and Mr. Cleany, if i can resurrect my HDD

Oh man, this one is much more difficult than the last update. Is there a way to avoid the chef when he grabs and cooks you? That keeps happening to me every 7 minutes into the game and I feel helpless. Also, thank you very much for adding me to that thank you list on the main menu!