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I still waiting on the reply I only a 12 year old kid in the U.K. I waiting mor reply’s of me not the voice actor George on AEwVS ask me mrdrnose


Did you played advanced education with viktor strobovski I saw it on YouTube I thinking that I just British kid almost an teenager

I beat it back in 2018, i also beat the language level. It was a lot harder, i even made a guide for beginners on how to beat it.


It’s not a fan game everyone thinks it is 

But it’s not

Hello guys!

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okay normie

I don’t know who was viktor strobovski 

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So, I dunno why everybody suddenly left, took away all of the decorations and closed up the school, and left me and Viktor in it, who looks fed up about the party and is being a bit aggressive for some reason, but...oh well. More food for me, I guess!




Creator: (makes christmas version of AWEVS)




My thoughts exactly.

I question mrdrnose's decisions.

To be honest I've found myself questioning a lot of his decisions lately purely out of obliviousness towards his intentions, so, there's that...

By the way, he decided it was canon for whatever reason so the characters could...temporarily get rid of their evil. The characters somehow feel right when they're behaving decently and without malice even though that's not normal, since they have such personality and are somewhat memorable and likeable, but've seen through that.

Still...we don't even know the whole truth and for all you know, the entire faculty might have some possession or higher secrets going around relating to the Watcher which there are a bunch of theories about so there's that.

It still confuses me as to why a cast of characters with deep connections to Lucifer, Satan, Hell and such would celebrate something as holy as Jesus Christ's freaking birth to this day. In fact, they're supposed to hail the ANTICHRIST. Seriously.

Still, I'm curious as to whether there will be more events like this, but even after straight-up exclaiming that the History Level* should come before everything else like all the little details, odds and ends (such as new items and mechanics being introduced), apparently mrdrnose didn't listen. Lol.

*By that I mean the expansion of the map and plotline for that storey, such as adding in notebooks, classrooms and other locations.

It seems that the cracks won't all load sometimes, like they are no where to be seen. Anyway here's my take on it, I do like it, except for the decoratathon 

To Late for Christmas...| Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski: Christmas Curse

Remember closed door on start? It opens with black key) other part of school, you know?

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Left door on 0:35

Two other cracks in here. Amount of cracks is 10

I saw this update in my feed and I thought it was the normal version.  Almost cried because I have 5 or 6 more hours of school.  Please wait for me!

AEwVS: Cursed Christmas V2


>"Before ending" Erie not decorates last tree
>"Before ending" last silver ingot (now spawns only one silver ingot and one crack)
>"Before ending" button turns on in beginning

I think this version has too little changes to be classified as a "Version 2". But meh.

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Boy, am I glad no-one read this comment. I counted it wrong.

(I fixed one of my mistakes, but I didn't know how to rewrite it, by the way.)

So for no reason I decided to go and see who would attend the Christmas party.

There are 11 seats, and Erie isn't sitting on one. So let's count how many people have attended during the decoration:

Viktor (1)
Mr. Cleany-Clean (2)
Mr. Mix (3)
Phonty (4)

Laura (5)
Erie (6)
Angell (7)

(The characters are acting like lions by the way. None of the males above do anything but wait around at the table while the females are going around decorating the school.)

We know Marzia and Alice eventually arrive. That means there are three spots left. Here is a list of candidates:

Smile Wolf

Albert, Fleshy, Antibreather, Gingerbread Man and Follower are totally ruled out because otherwise we'd have truly fourth-wall-breaking content like the kind of thing Hwang Ponimator does. Absolutely everything would grind to a halt just so the cast can have a Christmas party before going all Antichrist and killing each other again.

Well, Grandma, Grandma was the first person on my mind while thinking this up. Grandma doesn't seem to do much in the school, but she sounds like an important family member so she's definitely taking a spot. Out of the rest, Priest and Helpscreen seem to be the most likely to attend the party. After all, the Priest probably has multiple connections with God and Jesus and other holy antisatanist deities, and Helpscreen is another fellow teacher who is a tutor. But the Priest is a character you can only see by opening a door and being lucky for a split second, and Helpscreen teaches the game as a whole, being on his own and probably oblivious to everything else that's going on. I once had a thought about how Helpscreen (or Laura) might be the final teacher of the game, there to test you on either everything, or a highly specialised field.

No, not DJing.

(wait actually that would really work for Helpscreen lol casual guy)

Anyway I think the Priest is the one taking the last spot. After all, the Christmas Curse is CANON. And the rest (Puppet, Doggos, Smile Wolf, Gregory) are just random characters and obstacles in the game that have probably just as much meaning as the drawing of the pig on rollerblades from Antichamber on a message that says "some things don't have a deeper meaning". I mean, Doggos and Smile Wolf not only lack a knowable occupation in the school, but they kinda lack personality and backstory. And the other two...are...well, it just wouldn't make sense. They're both too poor and shallow for the story. Angell is too but at least she's actually freaking OP.

I let the gingerbread men take all the trees and put them in the cracks.

There should be a special fifth ending that occurs if you ruin Christmas because you didn't fill any cracks and/or allowed the gingerbread men to prevail. Like the 666 ending, or the Head Teacher ending up sentencing you to death because you ruined everything. Bonus points if you have four alive gingerbread men in your inventory and make Erie sad as well. (Actually, you probably have to make her sad so she doesn't spawn infinite trees, and to ruin her Christmas spirit.) By the way it should probably happen as soon as there are less than 16 trees left available.

Also it will be very easy if you don't talk to the Head Teacher before you're ready. Or maybe it could be so that Erie doesn't do trees and the gingerbread men don't spawn until you've talked to the Head Teacher, and after that you're able to select gingerbread heads and bodies and combine them to recover them.

Also, I found out that it is that all living gingerbread men become inanimate (as if they were in your inventory, but on the ground) if all trees and decorations are gone.