A downloadable gd


This game is still in progress and will be released on a new page soon.

🔱GD is a game where you mine and explore🔱

Explore the depths of procedurally generated caves full of treasure, passages and surprises, exploring and finding new wonders as you carve your way through GD.

Your adventure will not go unimpeded, however, as there are monsters that guard these caves.

For those feeling particularly brave, try and fight the various bosses in the game for powerful equipment and loot, or avoid them and try to snatch the scraps they guard.

Above ground, you can build your house and furnish it as you like. Grow a garden, or make your very own maze, it's all up to you.

GD is a work in progress game that the developer has been working on for months. Expect new updates as you play, full of either fixes or content.


W A S D [Q E] - move
Mouse \ left arrow key \ right arrow key - look around
LEFT SHIFT - run \ additional button
Left CTRL - crouch \ crawl
Left ALT - slow walk \ additional button
SPACEBAR - add mark \ beacon \ dismount
LMB \ Up arrow key - attack \ use item on object
RMB \ Down arrow key - use selected item
TAB - open full inventory
0-9 keys - inventory quick slots
C V \ Mouse scroll wheel - scroll inventory
R- drop item
Escape - pause \ exit interface
X - big map
ALT+F4 - exit





🦃Discord server🦃

💸Donation Alerts💸


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So this is no more AEWVS I'm Done now, you know why Because AEWVS It's Over Because Can't Make New Update Once Again, So Now I'm Done I'm Leave This Place, So Goodbye Guys 👋😊



it's looks like doom by screenshots, i have a question what "GD" Means?

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Probably "Gem Digging"

it's the only one I thought of all this time other than "Game Demo", which is not the case since "GDD" meant "GD Demo"

"graphics doom"

"gave dexploration"

"game development"

OH MAYBE "Going Deep"

lol maybe it was "guess dummy"

ffffffffffffffffff "go die"

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Oh I know what it means

"God's Divinity"

Watcher: yes, this is much more entertaining than that school with that girl

(me: understandable, have a nice day.
...wait a minute...what if I discouraged him? Whatever it's up to me now, see you later)

lmao, Well "God's Divinity" is more probably cuz in AEwVS Have some biblical references Like The Player's Name, Anyways i Talking with you in walls :)

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i'm so sorry about i call you suck and i call you worst person, i promise i will not say something bad ok i'm so sorry mrdrnose


very good


havent actually played this yet as im not an advisor, excited to see whats to come out of this

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Certified strategy to make people play your game

(Adapted from a real doctor by a kid who's gonna die from fourth-degree burns)
  1. Start developing another game people will really like
  2. Associate yourself with the game so they become more interested in you by making it look like your central focus
  3. Keep them hooked in for a while (some months/years)
  4. Get tired of making that game and start developing the actual game
  5. Keep going until people get tired of waiting and yearn to know what you're doing, but make sure it isn't so long that they screw it all and ditch you for the time being
  6. Release the game so people can see what you've been working on
  7. PROFIT!!!!!!

I know I just typed out everything you may inadvertently be doing, but nonetheless I accept this psychological manipulation technique that is completely harmless :D

note: guys this is not a very loaded post, take your time mister


Oh, almost here, I'm really curious about this game.

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Hah, no download button :P

Eh, ah well, I have stuff to doooooo in the meantiiiiiiime...BRB

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Congratulations on publishing GD! I am VERY proud of you Nose!

This game is a doom-like cave exploration game with a lot of complex features, items and gameplay strategies in it and random map generation. Can't wait for it to get recognition it deserves. May I design a GIF for this page to showcase gameplay if you hover your mouse over the thumbnail on itch.io?