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this game is good lol

the q key doen'st wark con sumbadi tel mi to wark????????????????}??

this game explains its state in just the dev log

i played this even though it's not the full i still had fun so i suggest on making the full version or baldi's basics version with this engine

why fatal error appears

you need a good pc like 8GB Ram

no school

It feels quality

Does it also assimilate it

Can I repost all the critique you said about this game here

Magnificent. 🤌✨

Плиз добавьте в тестах русский язык, на английском хрен пайму ((((

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Right, I made a painting for you

(Original painting)

This is what happens when you drink drinks NOT in the halls

(yes I really did just spend a few hours teaching myself to paint on a 56×56 canvas)


Looks quite cool ey
Perfect example how abibazr paintings would look like hh


OMFG! This is so amazing!!!!!


I am a fucking idiot. I do not wish to talk about it. Game looks really promising tho!



You had fun as i can see lol
Yeah the game is in deep prototype so theres no gameplay but sandbox stuff.

And i recommend to read info\controls\etc to understand whats going on


After I checked this page I felt really stupid lol. But for what it is it was great! Definitely not what I was expecting, but I sure am going to follow this project!


Hello Mrdrnose, is there a chance if you can make the game available in 32 bit computers ?


Ill try to make it 32 bit but idk, ue4 disabled 32 bit by default and i dont know if itll work

ok then thank you ^^

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So far, so good!



oh                     my                              god
this is so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool